5 Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipes You Will Love

Preparing a cookie dough ice cream is tricky and the FDA, who has banned all homemade preparations, declaring them unsafe to eat, emphasizes this fact. Luckily, they have approved the ones where commercial manufacturers use pasteurized eggs and treated flour.   To prepare an acceptable homemade … [Continue reading]

Fab Slabs Cutting Board Review

In the past I've done a lot of food posts, including several recipes for grilling and cooking various meats.  Whether your working with your favorite cut of meat or vegetables from the garden, you need a good cutting board!  Enter Fab Slabs. Their cutting boards are 100% handmade in Australia.  They … [Continue reading]

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Why Does ‘No Win No Fee’ Exist?

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Simple Ways to Relax at Home

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What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windows

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How to Take Care of Your Household

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Don’t Lose It When It Comes To Your Lifestyle: The Easy Changes And Savings You Can Make

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Cindy Karen Leggings Review

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