Friday Favorites – Week 307 – Call For New Co-Hostesses – And Valentine’s Day Projects

valentine chalkboard

Hello everyone.  Today on top of posting some great features and linky, we have something else just as big and important, and that is a call for new co-hostesses.  If you've ever wanted to host a linky party, and especially if you ever wanted to be part of a co-hosted party, this may be a great … [Continue reading]

Take a Ride: Backsplash Tile for Your Bathroom (and other bathroom updates)

Bathroom Backsplash

 As I look through Pinterest and other sites on the internet, I am in awe of those the brand spanking new, sparkling and clean, and modern bathrooms I see.  As someone who lives in a older home, I can't help but be a bit green with envy.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my home and I'm thankful for … [Continue reading]

Stop Rising Energy Costs: Top Tips for Comparing Electricity and Gas Prices

If you want to save money on your gas and electricity bills, there is a very easy way to go about it. All you have to do is compare the different … [Continue reading]

Friday Favorites – Week 306 – Giveaway Winner and Brief Announcement

Friday Favorites Link Party

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so sorry this party is late! My dad had surgery this week, so I've barely been on my computer all week long, and then this … [Continue reading]

Vanilla Hot Chocolate and a Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Party

Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Today you are in for a treat...literally!  With the winter season in full swing and Valentine's Day right around the corner, it is the perfect time to … [Continue reading]

Mother Teapot & Cup Combo Review + Giveaway

Pavilion Teapot

Today I'm featuring the second prize included in this week's Friday Favorites giveaway.  The giveaway opened Thursday night and will close this … [Continue reading]

Gabrielle Handbag Review + Giveaway

Gabrielle Handbag

If you're a Friday Favorites linky party participant than you've probably already seen our current giveaway!  If not, please continue reading.  One of … [Continue reading]

Friday Favorites – Week 305 – With Pavilion Gifts Giveaway + Raspberry Recipes

Friday Favorites Pavilion Giveaway

Happy Friday! And welcome to a very special edition of our Friday Favorites party!  Recently Friday Favorites had its 300th linky party!  To … [Continue reading]

A Few Good Tools for a Clean House

Cleaning infographic

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and the decorations are stored in the attic or garage...hopefully!  Now is the perfect time to get your … [Continue reading]

Chili Tacos and Game Time with Progresso Chili

Chili Tacos

We've been watching some big games on tv, and there are still a few more big one to go!  And with the winter weather finally upon us, there's no … [Continue reading]