Finding Your Sky Standard – Relationship Insight and Fun


I always enjoy a good quiz or personality test. I recently found They have a quiz where you can find your sky standard.  More telling than a Zodiac Sign, your Sky Standard takes in to account your personal values, moral standards and understanding.

For example, I found that my Sky Standard is Cassiopeia L, which means I am individualistic, independent, and freedom loving.

Upon finding your Sky Standard, you can download a free avatar which includes a picture of your constellation and a Latin letter.

And then you can also have your spouse or significant other take the quiz to find out if he/she is your soulmate.  My husband took the quiz and he was  a Cassipeia I.  And together we had a compatibility of 93%. (Not too shabby!)

I liked this test, because it actually had questions that really say something about you, and there was a lot of variety in the questioning.  It asked simple things like, “What do you prefer to read?” and “Are you a night owl or a morning person.”  And then it also asked more serious questions, such as, “What is your attitude toward the death penalty?” and “Who do you have more contempt for?”

The Personality Test is completely free and the questions are very fun and interesting.  Go over and take it for yourself!


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