Roll Out the Welcome Mat: How to Make Guests Comfortable In Your Home

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Entertaining overnight guests can be stressful, especially when you’re a busy mom who is running after kids, working part or full-time, and trying to keep up with housework. Some of the best memories are made when spending a significant amount of time with friends and family, and the hospitality of inviting someone to stay in your home and be part of your daily life is vital to creating special memories. Here are a few easy tips for helping guests stay comfortable in your home.


Create a Comfortable Bed

Not everyone has a guest room, but there are ways to create comfort even in your living room or office. These days great options of sofa beds are available, and the technology has advanced far beyond what it used to be when you woke up at your grandma’s house with a kink in your spine from the sofa bed. Take a look at some of the newer options available, and consider investing in a sofa bed. Many attractive options are available that fit different decor styles.

Sheets with a high thread count will make the bed feel luxurious, as well as a down comforter, which is perfect for the end of winter/beginning of spring. Get some new, fluffy pillows. If you have the space for it, fold out the bed and make it before your guests arrive, so they’ll have a welcoming bed waiting for them and be able to make the space their own. Use throw blankets to add pops of color on the bed and increase its appearance of comfort. If you’d like, you could even put mints on the pillows like a high-class hotel. By providing a space that’s their own, your guests will feel the freedom to unpack and have a rest.

Welcome Basket

Create a small welcome basket in your guests’ space to let them know that you care about their comfort. This is a great way to teach kids about hospitality as well. Before your guests come, sit down with the kids and brainstorm about the things your guests might like to help them feel at home. Things might include a few bottles of water, some snacks in case they get hungry during the night, ear plugs, an eye cover, an extra toothbrush in case they forgot theirs, pictures your kids have colored, mints, and lotion. Make sure your guests know that these items are theirs to use. If you want to get elaborate, you could even provide a guest robe and slippers. Whatever you do, enjoy it and your time with your loved ones.

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