Tips for Creating a Modern Rustic or Cottage Chic Bedroom



Having grown up in a house filled with antiques and country style decor, I have a natural love of all things country. Currently I’m in love with the shabby chic trend and also the modern rustic look.  One key way to get this look is with rustic looking wood furniture that shows the natural grain of the wood.  It is sturdy, and it has an antiqued look to it, but it still has a very modern appeal.

Start in your bedroom with something like the Indigo bedroom package; these packages include beds, chests of drawers,  and side tables that are made using traditional woodworking techniques and are very functional.

From there you can customize the look of your room to make it more modern rustic or more of a cottage chic look. Perhaps dress up a plain white bedspread with a few throw pillows, and hang some modern art on the wall, as in the picture above.  It is very simple and minimalist and has a great mix of country and modern elements.

Or choose  a bedspread featuring a contemporary design or fabric, with matching curtains, table lamps, and art for true mix of modern with just a touch of rustic.

And if you want something less modern, go with a traditional patchwork quilt, light colored or matching curtains, and perhaps some antique lamps or other pieces like a basin and pitcher set or an oil lamp.  Or go over to Pinterest and look up some of the Ball Jar projects or perhaps some burlap and lace projects they have and just make your own decor pieces!  These elements can help you create a very cozy room with a country cottage or even a log cabin appeal, depending on your preferences.


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