Hosting a Christmas Party? Here are Some Neat Favors & Fun Activities

In charge of this year’s Christmas party? No need to fret – there are plenty of fun activities you can introduce to ensure everyone has a good time. Whether it’s an adults-only party or you want to let the kids join in, you don’t need to spend much money at all.

A couple of years ago, I hosted a fairly large party in my small, single-story house. More people showed up than I had anticipated. Luckily, I had done a good job with the planning and had enough supplies to wing it. While space was a bit of a problem and my living room and kitchen were more crowded than I could have imagined, nobody complained. The activities I had planned were enough to keep everybody’s mind off of the clutter.

Here are some tips to help you keep all of your guests entertained, no matter how many there are:

Prepare supplies and favors – Go over the guest list and begin ordering the supplies. ALWAYS order more supplies than you think you will need. It’s better to have a surplus of food, drinks, plates, ice, candy, etc… than an insufficient amount. If you haven’t put together a guest list yet, get started ASAP. According to a post on, it’s best to begin inviting guests “at least three to four weeks in advance.”

Select the right favors – If your guest list is diverse, you’ll need some diverse wedding favors. Candy is always wonderful for those who love sweets. However, for guests who can’t have sweets, you might want to have some sugar-free cookies or healthy snacks on hand. Also, ask parents’ permission before handing out candy and sugary delights to kids. Goodie bags are great favors to give to anybody. They can contain ornaments, candy canes, fudge, measuring spoons, small toys, and so forth.

Sock guessing game – This is a fun game for kids and adults both. I tried this one last year and my guests really enjoyed trying to guess what all I had hidden in the socks. A long, thick thermal sock is recommended. Put all kinds of small items, like ornaments, pinecones, a candy cane, tiny reindeer figurine and other decorations inside of the sock. Tie a ribbon around around the top so that nobody can see what’s inside. Pass it around and give each guest 20 seconds or go to feel and inspect it. Let them write down their guesses on a sheet of paper. Whoever guesses the highest number of items accurately is the winner. Let them keep the sock and all of its contents as the prize.

Christmas Bingo – Bingo is a typical, fun game everyone can enjoy. There are colorful holiday Bingo cards available online for printing at sites such as Crazy Little Projects. Give out a nice prize to the winner of each round. Just to be on the safe side, have a couple of extra prizes prepared just in case the game goes on for more rounds than you anticipated. Gift cards to popular stores and photo framing gifts always make great prizes.



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