Sculpt a Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian interior design has been in many people’s homes since IKEA came along, but recently some people have become more enthusiastic about it. On top of enjoying their flatpack furniture, lots of homeowners are enjoying the principles used in Scandinavian design, from Swedish minimalism to the Danish concept of hygge. The bedroom is one of the best places to use Scandinavian design concepts. You can make the room bright, fresh and uncluttered for a look that works in any season. It keeps things bright in winter and feels cool in the summer. If you want to bring Scandinavian style into your bedroom, here’s how to do it.


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Let There Be Light

Having lots of light is one of the core principles of Scandinavian interior design. In dark winters, you want to make sure your home has as much light as possible, so it’s not dark and gloomy. Using shades of white and cream, as well as various neutral colors, will keep everything looking fresh. You should also concentrate on maximizing the natural light coming into your home. Mirrors and leaving windows clear can help. Artificial light is necessary too, and you should try to have several sources of light in each room. Think modern and slightly industrial when it comes to lighting fixtures.

Keep Things Clean

Scandinavian design is often all about functionality, which is reflected in its form. When you’re choosing furniture, think about clean lines and functional design. For your bedroom, you might want to look at some mid-century modern options and similar choices. You don’t necessarily need a fancy headboard on your bed or an imposing sleigh bed. Think about low, loft-style beds with a minimal look. Combining function for different furniture helps to keep things minimal. For example, there could be storage space under the bed.


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Warm It Up with Textiles

If you’re not careful, the light colors can leave your bedroom feeling too cold. But you can warm it up with your choice of textiles. Start with the bedding and add a beautiful duvet cover in a fairly neutral color. You can then add to it with a throw or bed runner. Choose a slightly more traditional Scandinavian textile pattern to set off the more modern look of everything else. Or go for some faux fur for a super warm and cozy look. Fleece is a soft and comfortable choice too, which can help to keep the chill away.

Natural Touches

Adding some natural touches to your bedroom is also a great choice for a Scandinavian look. Touches of wood, florals, and foliage will make the room look fresh and alive while offering it some extra warmth too. Wooden furniture will get you started, but you can also add some wood accessories and decorations. Living plants are great to have in the bedroom if you’re capable of looking after them. But if you want something low-maintenance, a cactus or even some fake plants will do.

If you want a Scandinavian bedroom, you have to keep things under control. Don’t go overboard with too much detail.


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