Fotor Review and Photo Editing Tools

As a blogger, it is very important that I have options for editing my photos and creating graphics.  Fotor is an online photo editing service that makes photo editing a snap!  Their free service allows you to design graphics and printables, edit your photos, and create collages. The service even has a free poster maker.

When it comes to editing photos for my blog or editing family photos that I will be printing out, I have a number of basic editing tools that I always use, and these are all available on Fotor:

  • Cropping  – It’s great for zooming in or cropping out unwanted objects.
  • Resizing – This is a necessity for my blog photos.
  • Brightness – My indoor photos always need a little brightening up.
  • Sharpness  – It helps to make those photos look nice and crisp.
  • Rotating – There’s nothing worse that taking the perfect photo, only to find it’s a bit crooked.  The rotating tool helps me straighten things out.

And when I’m editing family photos, especially the ones I will be printing out for the photo album and framing, I like to use a few of “Beauty” enhancements.  I use blemish fix, teeth whitening, and the smoothing tool.  These tools help to make the picture look nice, clean and professional without actually making any major changes to our looks or making the photo inauthentic.

And when I’m blogging, it is essential that I be able to add text to my photos.  Fotor’s application allows you to add text to photos, and you can also add stickers and frames.  These options are very helpful if you need to create unique banners and graphics or printables.

If you are looking for a new way to add some “wow” to your photos, check out Fotor.

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