Turning Your Garden Into A Little Patch Of Privacy


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If there is one thing a garden is, that thing is a secluded sanctuary. A garden is our little slice of the great outdoors, our little piece of fresh air, wonder beauty and adoration, and it is our little patch of privacy. We don’t want people being able to peer in or over, we want our gardens to feel like they are just ours.

By getting a little creative, though, it isn’t hard to make an attractive boundary that encircles your precious outdoor space. And here are some ways you can get creative no matter what your needs are:


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The Great (Gorgeous) Wall

High walls are a great way to create some privacy, and going down the tight timber route will give you that extra edge; both modern and natural. A great way to add an extra little edge to this is to inlay some decorative tiles or have a strip of copper while incorporating some bamboo shoots and lollipop trees to add textures and colours that compliment each other. If you want to make it more of a feature wall, then why not hang some frames. If you are worried that your new wall makes your outside place a little, well, small, mirrors can offset that without any trouble.

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Really Pack The Plants In

If you want to create that private paradise while also having a garden that oozes with beauty, then your best bet is to really pack the plants in and use them as an all natural screen. If you have a big garden, then it could be trees that take your fancy, a mix of dutch elms and oaks would look amazing. Just beware that they are susceptible to disease, so ask those with decades of experience like arboristusa.com/tree-disease how you can prevent this. If you have a small city-sized garden, then try teaming elephant’s ears with the Japanese maple and bamboo shoots. The colours will make it even more of a paradise.

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Go Versatile With A Pseudo-Indoors

Getting yourself a garden room or summer house or gazebo, or whatever you want to call it, is a great way to create a little bit more privacy, while also adding a new focal point to your outside. Yes, your privacy has been taken inside, but you will also have a secluded area in front of your new structure that can enjoy without worry, one that will add to your party friendly garden. It will also give you a little hideaway to run off too when it all gets a bit much. If you wanted to take the privacy thing one step further, you could surround either side of it with living curtains; tall, airy and almost see-through plants that break away from traditional hedges. You could even have a garden on the roof of your summer house to stop those around you from peering in at your fun and relaxation.

Go Down As Well As Up

Too many people think you have to grow tall plants or add high walls in order to achieve the private sanctuary they want to achieve. But it isn’t. You could always dig down too. Sunken gardens were all the rage among those romantic Edwardians and if you have a well-drained soil and a high water table, well, it could bring a little romance to your garden too. As this article by gardensillustrated.com explains, it is all about the planning. Put in raised plant beds to compliment this too and just add that extra bit of scent and seclusion. Just don’t go with any plants that grow too thick, not without know where the sun comes from first.


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