4 Tips to finding the best wheelchair for an active person

Just because a person has difficulty with mobility does not mean that they cannot live a full life. Not being able to use their limbs does mean they cannot do physical activities. With the use of wheelchairs, people can now have a more active lifestyle.

To say that a person is confined to a wheelchair is incorrect, as with the use of a wheelchair, people with limited mobility can get out of the house, travel to other countries, and do physical activities and sports like hiking and basketball.

But in order to make the most out of the wheelchair, it is very important that the right type of wheelchair should be used. Aside from having different styles, some wheelchairs are also manufactured for a variety of purposes.

If you know an active person who will be needing a wheelchair soon, check out some of the tips below to ensure that they can still have that active lifestyle they want.

  1. Get a wheelchair that has durable material – in any investment you make, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. With your wheelchair, you want to make sure that it will last a lot of years despite the fact that it will undergo wear and tear, especially if the user is an active person. Usual materials for wheelchair include steel, which is strong but heavy; aluminum-magnesium alloy, and titanium carbon fiber, which is the lightest but most expensive.

  1. The wheelchair should be stable – another thing that is very much needed for a wheelchair user is stability, whether you are an active person or not. Because of limited mobility, some may have little to no use of their legs. If the chair is not stable, there is a possibility that in a little bit or rough terrain or in a slope, the chair may tilt, causing the user to fall. An injury may happen and would only make the user’s physical condition worse. If the user can sit comfortably in a wheelchair, maximum stability happens. Make sure the chair is the right size for the user, meaning the seat will not be too wide or too narrow.

  1. Consider what type of tires the wheelchair has – take note of the physical activities that the user would want to do. Do your research as there are different types of tires, with variations in size and material. There are some tires that have little shock absorption, and there are also sports tires that require less energy to propel it.

  1. Get a chair that is lightweight and foldable – if the person using the chair likes to go on camping and hiking trips, you would want a chair that is lightweight so that it will not require too much effort to bring it anywhere you go. A foldable chair is also convenient as it does not require a lot of space when placed inside the car. The KD Smartchair wheelchair has been manufactured with those specifications, so it is perfect for active persons who want to live their life to the fullest.

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