Incredible ways to quit smoking in no time!

Smoking is one of the most overlooked vices.

Truth of the matter is that we tend to focus on things that have more visible effect. While doing that, we totally neglect smoking which has disastrous impact not only on health of smokers but also all others in their vicinity.

If you truly wish to eliminate this vice, it is best to change your routine because you see, smoking is a vice that create a mechanical habit. After a while you get used to having something between your fingers and even though you don’t feel like smoking, you will be at easy while you have a cigarette in your hand.

In order to quit smoking simply follow these actionable tips – I’m sure they’ll help!

1. Make a general plan

There is a good reason why most people are unable to quit smoking – they simply do not have a long term plan. Instead of focusing on cigarettes and trying not to smoke each and every day, you need to create a long term schedule where you can mark all the activities and changes you are willing to make in your life. Always remember that in order to quit smoking you need to change a lot of your habits and to start living healthier.

2. Remove everything that reminded you of cigarettes

Depending on how long you’ve been a smoker, everything is a potential hazard and can lead to relapsing. In order to be efficient, make sure to remove old pack of cigarettes and reduce intake of products that go well with tobacco (for example coffee and beer). You shouldn’t only focus on cigarettes but all other habits and rituals which were connected to them.

3. Slow start

Some folks prefer a slow start. That is also ok if it eventually leads to you quitting. Chewing gums, patches, e-cigarettes with vape liquid are all good choices. Although there are various methods that can help you with this, I always recommend e-cigarettes as the most efficient (according to my knowledge). Good thing about them is that they are really similar to the traditional cigarettes and they can easily be swapped. They are also a good substitution if you need to hold something in your hands.

4. Talk with your family members

It is not uncommon for several family members to be smoking together. This can pose a real issue if you’re trying to quit. In order to be more efficient and increase your odds of succeeding try talking with your family members. Ideal solution would be for them to stop smoking when you do. In reality this rarely happens so instead of that, try with some compromise. Ask them to smoke while you’re not at home. They should also smoke outside so you’re not tempted by the smell.

5. Do not start the process if you’re feeling bad

Quitting cigarettes is a process. You need to be on you’re a game in order to succeed. This means that you should be healthy, both physically and mentally. IF you’re depressed or unsatisfied with yourself in anyway, your confidence and will will waver and you will relapse sooner than later.

6. Get a hobby

As I already mentioned, smoking has a lot to do with mechanical moves: you’re used to having cigarettes between your fingers. In order to remedy this, make sure to find a hobby. Whenever you’re bored and sitting home, use something that will distract your hands such as fidget spinner or pen. If you wish, you can try with some craftsmanship or playing a guitar. Anything can help!

7. Get a pet

This might seem unusual but it definitely makes sense. Pets are a big responsibility especially dogs. If you get a small puppy, you will have even more on your plate. Among other, pet will constantly need walks and will want to cuddle. This is another thing that can pose a distraction and can help you regulate your need to do something with hands. On top of that, pets give you a fresh energy, energy that is necessary for anyone that wishes to quit a vice.

With these east tips, you will quitsmoking in no time!

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