4 Tips for Buying the Right Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Fireplaces have for a long time now been the top expressive add-ons to any polished home set-up. They bring out ambience and a literal sense of warmth to the living space. Electric fireplaces have replaced the traditional wood. They offer a convenient way to introduce the heat of burning wood right in your space. In this case, you don’t have to worry about smoke or finding the best firewood.

So, when you’re in the market to find the right electric fireplace, here are some of the essential points you need to take into account.

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1. Space and Portability

The first factor you need to look at is the space in your house. You can either opt for an inbuilt one, which will require some concrete work to be set up where you want. Alternatively, you can go for the portable option, as it will allow you to move it around from room to room at your own discretion.

Inbuilt ones give you a sense of stability and completeness to your space. They are, however, more costly than portable ones, since you’ll definitely need a bit of rebuilding. If you have a traditional wood fireplace space, then a built-in electric option is the ideal replacement to heat your space.

2. Design

The variety of fireplace designs available can be overwhelming to choose from, but this need not be a problem. The rule of thumb is that simplicity should be considered over any fancy details. This, of course, should not restrict your adventurous side.

One cool design that’s bound to stand out is the flat linear design, which has a contemporary feel. The rectangular layout adds a dimension of depth and a feel of class to your space. The more traditional layout is also a win for most homes. This option actually encompasses the whole feeling on how a fireplace ought to look like. You can, of course, add a neat twist to it to make it stand out a bit more.

There’s also a big difference between fireplaces that need accessories such as electric rods and others that don’t. The wall mounts usually require fewer accessories as compared to the more traditional design of the fireplace.

3. Power Usage and Installation Procedure

All factors considered, this should be perhaps the most important thing to put in mind when shopping for reliable electric fireplaces. The more complex the set up, the more likely it is you’ll need a professional to install it. You also need to choose a vent-free fireplace that allows you to save on energy bills.

A professional will also ensure your device meets your house’s power requirements and prevent possible accidents. The good thing is that a lot of suppliers provide the installation for you upon purchase so you won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship. Also, most units usually come ready to assemble with timer functions and adjustable thermostat.

4. Installation Room/Location

A fireplace in the living room does not have to be similar to the one in your bedroom. The room theme also dictates the type of fireplace to go for. Generally, the fireplace adds a bit more or less on the whole feel of the room. You can get a fireplace with interchangeable media beds, such as logs, sea glass, stones, and river rock, to make styling a breeze.

Although the electric fireplace is a safe appliance, the controls and access should be kept as far away from children as possible. This means that if you are planning to install it in the little ones’ room, then make sure they have no way of playing with the controls and temperature settings.

The size of the room also plays a huge role in your decision. Linear in walls fireplaces go well for an extended length of the room and also don’t occupy much exterior space. The traditional fireplace design, however, requires a bit more space and you should consider this if it’s not already pre-installed in your house.

The most important bit about any proper home appliance including the fireplace is making sure it’s functional. So these four tips will ensure you get the most out of your fireplace while maintaining a sense of control in your home.

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