How Healthy Is Your Diet REALLY?

Do you ever find yourself sitting to make a list of groceries and feel stuck in a rut with your meal and snack choices for the week? You and about every other meal planner out there feel the exact same way. Whether you are conscious about your budget or about your diet – or both – planning meals requires a creativity that is difficult to come by when you already know what you like. Your diet is often impacted by your lifestyle, and the choices that you make for your meals and snacks each week is going to be influenced by the way you have to juggle your time. For example, if you are working shifts, you’re very likely to grab food as and when you can in the quickest and most convenient form. Microwaved meals and handy snacks are very popular among those who work long hours, as the time it takes to make proper meals for the day is often overridden by the urge to sleep. If you are able to take the time to make proper meals from scratch every day, you are putting your body in a position of energy, wellness and health. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of this and so convenience items are in favor.

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It’s not a secret that the more we develop as people, the more our food is developed to be healthily convenient. Think about the foods that are able to be made quickly and how the market for convenience foods and fast foods is always on the rise. People no longer cook properly from home as standard, because we want a good, filling meal now and do not want to wait. Processed foods are pumped full of chemicals and ingredients that mostly we cannot even pronounce. And yet, we continue to buy food that is of no real nutritional value for the sake of speed. It’s an unfortunate fact that there has been a rise in the need for bariatric centres and surgeons that specializes in gastrointestinal surgeries such as stomach stapling. As a whole, we are moving a lot less and consuming a lot more, which leads to obesity and diseases related to obesity. Diabetes, hypertension and rises in cholesterol are but a few, and when the doctor mentions heart disease, you can be left wondering what is the impact of arteriosclerosis? You can also be left wondering how it has an impact on your body. By being ignorant to the food and drink you are consuming on a daily basis, you are leaving yourself open to arteriosclerosis and these other diseases. It’s for these reasons that your health is so important, thus dietary education is a must.

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If you answer the question of whether you have a healthy diet with an absolute yes, there’s a few reasons here. Firstly, you could be fooled into thinking that your diet is a good one because you have your five a day fruit and vegetable allowance. Secondly, you could be fooling yourself because you don’t eat very much, it must be healthy – hey, low calorie, right? The thing is, the information on nutrition confuses a lot of people, especially as so much of the information floating around out there is conflicting. There are studies that suggest carbohydrates are bad for you, then there are opposing studies proclaiming that carbohydrates are in fact good for you. The same goes for fats, proteins and even some fruits and vegetables. Most people believe that if they are eating marketed ‘health foods’ that they are eating a healthy diet. However, despite the claims, this isn’t always the case. Those foods that claim to be low calorie or low in fat do have less fat, but only to be replaced by other chemicals and artificial sweeteners, which are worse than the fats you are trying to cut out. Processed foods and those loaded with artificial sweeteners like aspartame have the ability to affect your mood and your metabolism.

The trick to true healthy behaviour comes from looking at what you are eating and balancing that with your lifestyle. It’s about learning what is actually good for you, and if you are looking at food and realising that you cannot pronounce half the ingredients on the packaging, there’s a very good chance that you aren’t eating something good for you. The first thing to do when it comes to educating yourself about your food is to work out how your meals plan around your day. If you are a shift worker, then the answer is to be more organised. Instead of grabbing those microwaveable meals when you get the grocery shopping, you need to instead grab a slow cooker and start learning to batch cook meals. Doing this means using a day to make a freeze a week’s’ worth of food to take to work. You can still microwave these, but you’re microwaving food that is wholesome and made from ingredients that you can pronounce. Knowing your own health is important and a big part of that is asking yourself how you feel each day. Are you tired? Are you constantly suffering from headaches or muscular pain? How are your bowel movements? Each of these questions may feel intrusive and unrelated to your health, but they are the best ways that you can discover whether your body is at all healthy.

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If you are paying attention to the way certain foods make your body feel, you can ascertain with a fair amount of clarity whether your body is agreeing with certain ingredients. Taking your diet back to basics with a Whole 30 or Paleo approach is a great way to educate yourself about the food that your body should be handling. It should also start to reverse issues like Type 2 diabetes, raised cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Generally, a Whole 30 approach means going back to a caveman diet and eating food that has not been processed in any way. This is meat, vegetables and fruit in its original form to get you the vitamins and nutrients your body so desperately craves. Those bowel movements that fly from constipation to diarrhoea can start to regulate, the cholesterol building up in your body can start to decrease and your blood pressure can lower. If the food you are eating has the most minimal ingredients, you can guarantee that the colour and calories are real and not anything added at all.

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Healthy eating behavior isn’t just about your evening meal; it’s whether you eat breakfast and when. Breakfast is cited as the most important meal of the day, as you are breaking your night fasting with a meal and triggering your metabolism for the day. What you eat for breakfast is so important, and if you are living on snatched process foods to start the day, you can expect to be hungry by mid-morning every single time. The phrase ‘breakfast like a King’ is important, as your breakfast needs to be able to sustain you until lunch time or at the very earliest, mid-morning snack. Looking at slow-release energy foods like porridge, bananas and eggs is great way to get your brain going and your digestive system working in the morning, and a warm breakfast is often the best way to start your day. Healthy behavior when it comes to your food choices will have a long-term impact on your health and how you feel in your day to day living.

Being proactive in your meal planning is the best way to ensure that your diet is a healthy one, because you are going to ensure that you are eating the best food for your body. Batch cooking, planning ahead and taking lunch with you to work are three of the best ways you can stay healthy. There’s no need to buy in processed junk food, when you can make a perfectly good meal at home. Using days off to prepare meals may feel like a time-consuming task, but if you can guarantee to yourself that you are eating healthy, wholesome food that is home cooked from scratch, you are guaranteeing you won’t feel exhausted, sluggish and sick. You are ensuring that your body will be able to digest the right food and not food that is pumped with chemicals and preservatives. Understanding how you can make your diet a healthy one is how you can move forward into a new phase of your life. Your life does matter, and it can feel far better to answer a question about your diet with confidence, education and real foods, you can feel happier about what you are consuming.

Your diet is going to be written all over your body, so making sure you are eating foods that you can wear with pride in the form of glowing eyes, clear skin and energy is important! You are what you eat, so make sure you’re filling up on decent, healthy food instead of fake and processed meals. No one likes a faker – there’s no need for you to be one.


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