8 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Since having our son a couple of weeks ago, even the smallest of outings (ie – a trip to the doctor) seem like a huge deal.  (We haven’t even braved the grocery store yet.)  For the moment a road trip seems out of the question, but when we do get ready to travel, we will definitely be taking extra precautions and steps to ensure a safe and easy trip for our baby on board.  Here are a few tips for surviving a road trip. 

1. Check Your Tires – Check to make sure your tires have the proper amount of air in them and that the tread is good.  You may also consider taking them to a shop for a rotation.  Also, don’t forget to make sure you have spare tire in the trunk that’s in good condition.  (Find your perfect tires at TyrePlus.)

2. Routine Inspections and Maintenance – Check Your Oil and Change The Oil If Necessary.  Your oil should be changed ever 3 months or every 3,000 miles.  While checking your oil, you should also check the levels on your windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and antifreeze levels.

3. Get Directions – In today’s world it is very easy to put your destination in your GPS and be on your way, but before taking off, it is a good idea to look up the directions to your destination ahead of time.  Print out your directions so that you will have a copy of them (in case technology fails you).  You should also read over the instructions before leaving so you will have a good idea of what to expect on your journey and so that you can make to make any necessary detours and changes you wish to make.

4. Bring Snacks – Anytime I’m away from home for more than a few hours, I am going to be hungry!  Although you will likely make a few stops along the way to get food, it is always a good idea to bring plenty of snacks so that you can avoid overspending at rest stops and convenient stores.  A cooler of drinks is also a MUST!  And if you have a new little one like us, make sure your bring along plenty of formula and baby food for the trip.

5. Entertainment – Entertainment is essential for road trips.  If you allow your child to use mobile devices, be sure to install a few games for them to play. Also, download some movies for them to watch on your tablet or bring along a portable dvd player (if you don’t have one in your car).  It’s also a good idea to have music play lists for everyone, as well has headphones or earbuds. Read materials, puzzle books, playing cards, and other games may also come in handy.

6.  Comforts of Home – For long road trips, you may want to bring a pillow and blanket for everyone in the car.  It’s also a good idea to have everyone dressed comfortably for the trip, and make sure everyone has a jacket or consider dressing in layers.

7.  Health & Beauty Essentials – If you’re going on a trip, you should always pack plenty of health and beauty essentials.  Apart from your shampoo, toothbrush, and other bath essentials, you should bring along some over the counter medications (stuff for headaches / aches & pains, stomach discomfort, allergies, etc), as well as any prescription medications you need, and you should make sure these items are easily accessible in case a need for them should arise while you’re on the road.

8. Emergency Kit – You should never go on a road trip without plenty of emergency supplies.  Jumper cables are essential, as well as a flashlight, flares, a tool set, and a first aid kit.

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