6 Ways To Keep Your Home Decor Relevant

Trends in home decor come and go very quickly and if you decorate your home in a certain style that is no longer fashionable in a couple of years, you’re going to have to do it all over again if you want to stay relevant. Of course, you might not mind and you could always just keep the same decor you’ve had for the last 20 years but your home will look outdated. However, there are some styles that are timeless and will never go out of fashion. The best way to make sure that your home always looks up to date is to decorate using these styles instead of following the hot trend of the moment. Next time you’re going to have a rethink, try some of these decor styles that will always look great.



From time to time a style comes around that’s all about bold colors and patterns which is great until everybody decides that they don’t like those colors and patterns anymore. Then you’re just left with a constant reminder of how outdated your house looks. Minimalism is the perfect antidote to that problem. Using neutral colors and keeping the furniture simple means that you aren’t committing to any particular style and you won’t fall out of line with any trends. It also gives you a blank canvas to work with so you can use wall decorations, rugs, and cushions etc. to inject a bit of color and follow trends that way, and you can easily change it as and when you like. That means you create decor that can be updated all the time without having to do a complete overhaul every time you get a bit bored of a room.

Wooden Furniture

There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful furniture out there but a tacky plastic chair that was fashionable in the 70’s isn’t going to look great in your minimalist living room. But good quality wooden furniture is always going to be fashionable and it’s versatile enough to use with almost any decor style. You can use some nice teak wood furniture in a house decorated in a traditional Victorian style but it’ll look equally as great in a modern minimalist house. It’s also going to be more robust and last you a lot longer than some of the newer styles.

Natural Lighting



Different styles of lighting come and go just like anything else, remember lava lamps? The way that you light your home can really change the way that it looks and feels and it’s a brilliant way to update the decor without making any huge changes. By far the best form of lighting is natural light, whatever the trends are, that will never be a bad way to light the home. It’ll breathe life into any room regardless of how you’ve decorated it. If you don’t have any large windows in a room, try to use mirrors and light colors on the wall to make the most of the light and, if you can afford it, consider getting a window or a skylight fitted.

Timeless Colors

Choosing colors is tricky because some of them are going to fall out of fashion quite quickly. You might also find that you pick a color because it’s on trend then realize that you actually hate it. However, there are a few colors that are fairly immune to changes in style. Magnolia is often used for rental properties because it’s a very neutral color that is inoffensive enough that it’ll always work, but it isn’t that exciting. Gray is another good option but only if you use it well. Lighter shades work best if you’re going to use it on most of the walls or it’ll get too dark. It’s fine to use darker shades but only on one or two of the walls, pair it with some white to balance it out and lighten it up.

As a general rule, you should always go for something neutral when you’re choosing colors if you don’t want them to fall out of fashion.

Abstract Prints


Abstract prints were all the rage in the 70’s and every wall was covered in colorful psychedelic wallpaper. That’s not going to fly these days but abstract prints are always going to be fashionable if you use them in moderation. Rugs and cushions with exciting prints make a good pairing with a minimalist room that is looking a bit dull, so does wall art. When you’re using them, always be careful and use them sparingly, otherwise, the room ends up looking overcrowded and messy.

Geometric patterns were another design trends that was first made popular in both home decor and fashion during the 60’s and 70’s but it stands the test of time. Steer clear of any wallpaper with bold geometric patterns because that does look a bit dated but they make for particularly good rugs. If you’re going for something more understated and you don’t want too many bold colors, a black and white geometric patterned rug is the perfect thing.


Fireplaces will never go out of fashion and they’re the perfect way to make a room more homely but if you don’t get them right, they’ll drag you back into the past. The fireplace itself is always going to be in style but if it’s got old fashioned doors on it or a dated looking trim around it, it won’t fit with the rest of the room when you give it a more modern aesthetic. If you’ve got a fireplace that looks like it was lifted straight from a Victorian property, consider giving it a bit of an update and redoing the surrounding area. Fireplaces create a brilliant focal point for the room which is great if you get it right, but if you don’t give it a facelift, you’ll draw people’s attention towards this dated feature in the centre of your room and ruin the rest of the work you’ve put in.

If you don’t want to redecorate your home every couple of years, just follow these timeless trends to make sure it never goes out of fashion.

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