Tech to Help You Fulfill Your New Year Travel Resolutions

2018 is almost here, and everyone is excited about the new year. To travel aficionados, it really means a lot, especially for those with packed roasters of new adventures, destinations, and things to see. The problem is how to manage your itinerary and make the most of your travels. Luckily, technology has made this entirely feasible for travelers, and you can now book accommodations, identify local sites, and plan your trip.

As such, this post is going to share some insightful apps and gadgets tech offers to help you attain your new year travel resolutions. Read on to learn more.

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1. Wireless Earphones

For those who love listening to music while traveling, tangled cords can be an inconvenience, and they tend to fall out from your ears unexpectedly. You can find wireless earbuds that are compatible with your device. So, you can keep your phone in your bag or pocket when in busy airports and cities but still enjoy your music and accept calls. Suitable examples include Jaybird X3 and SENSO ActivBuds S-270.

2. Use VSCO for Quality Photos

Thanks to the Visual Supply Company, you can now use their VSCO app to create professional quality vacation photos. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can create everlasting. If offers a variety of filters to edit the photos and give them a look and feel you want. Even though Instagram is adding new editing features regularly, VSCO is still one of the best photo editing apps out there.

3. Mophie’s Powerstation

Well, you don’t need to worry about drained phone battery when on an African safari or a New York City bus tour. With the Mophie’s Powerstation, you can carry with you a 6,000mAh universal battery bank so you can talk, play and browse longer than ever. This power bank comes with two USB ports, so you can charge two cell phones or your smartwatch with much ease.

4. Save on Airfare with Hopper

Hopper is one of the most popular apps on the internet when it comes to searching for reasonable airfare rates. The app works by monitoring and predicting future prices for air tickets. You can simply mark the flights you want, and the app will notify you when their ticket prices drop to the lowest point possible. This allows you to save on tickets so you can buy more and fulfill all your travel goals.

5. Last-Minute Accommodation with HotelTonight

Founded in 2010, HotelTonight is a mobile app that helps travelers to find discounted accommodations in the Americas, Australia, and Europe. The app is available for Android, Windows, and iOS users. You can find same-day deals or book up to seven days in advance. They also have a feature that allows you to upgrade to suites at a reasonable cost.

6. Turo

If you’re planning to use rental cars during your travels, then Turo is your best friend for finding the right vehicle. Typically, the app connects you with private car owners who list their cars for rent. The service is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. Be sure to learn more about insurance, especially when you get a car crash.

7. Google Maps

Here is a traveler’s best friend. Google Maps is the most comprehensive mapping service that actually makes you a local. You easily find restaurants, ATMs, malls, and other local business with much ease. Bear in mind that you can also use it for driving directions to your destinations. Whether you’re traveling by foot, car, or bicycle, Google Maps is a handy app to have on your cell phone.

The Takeaway!

There are a lot of tech stuff out there you can use to make your travel experience possible. Take the time to plan for your new year travel goals and leverage these apps and gadgets to explore those uncharted destinations. Whether you’re traveling for hobby or work, you need the right tech for you all the way.


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