How To Better Understand Fashion & Be Trendier

You have to be willing to change if you want to be more fashionable. You can’t do what you’ve always done and then expect life-changing results. It takes guts to wear clothes that are outside your comfort zone. However, keeping up with the current trends and making the right purchases isn’t easy or everyone would be doing it. You have to want to make fashion a priority if you’re going to change your ways. To be chic and on-trend you have to be willing to invest time and money into nailing down your new and updated look.

Educate yourself

The process starts with you educating yourself on what’s out there by reading updated fashion reports, following icons on social media and browsing what’s happening in stores and online. Doing so will help you get to know the latest designers and what they’re currently pushing. You’ll want to know what’s happening in the men’s and kids’ department as well by visiting an online store like Nicki’s. You want your family in on what’s happening in the fashion industry too so that when you’re out and about together, you all look on-trend. Understanding all areas of fashion will make you well-rounded and a trendier person.

Clean out your Closet

Once you know what’s fashionable, it’s a good time to go through your closet and compare what’s trending to what you already own. Sort through what you no longer wear or want and make a donation and throwaway pile. The only way to be trendier is to break bad habits and be willing to completely redo your wardrobe if necessary. Try clothes on and be discerning when you look in the mirror. After all, this is your chance for a fresh start, so don’t be afraid to toss unwanted items aside.

Hang out with People who Care about Fashion

Find people who care about fashion and who you admire for how they dress and what they know about clothing. Expand your circle of friends to include people who understand the latest trends and can offer advice to you on how to dress. Finding new friends may require you to attend fashion shows and spend time where people who care about being trendy hang out. This way fashion becomes a bigger part of your life, and you’ll always be in the know of what’s up-and-coming.

Start Experimenting

The only way to better understand fashion and be trendier is to live it and experiment with your wardrobe. Go shopping, start layering and accessorizing and test out wearing bold outfits to work and when out with friends. Having the right knowledge base and people in your life to help you out will give you the confidence you need to start piecing outfits together that are trendy and chic. It’s likely you’ll understand it better when you model the latest styles in your life.


Fashion is more complicated than you think and you’re not going to understand it all overnight. Do your part and then don’t be afraid to start playing around with what you own at home. Remember to have fun and not lose yourself in the shuffle, but instead embrace the new and improved you.

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