How to Make your Home Happier

If you’ve lived in the same house or apartment for many years, it’s inevitable that you might become tired of it. Something that rings true with you? Maybe you’re feeling fed up with its lack of inspiration, the décor falling into disrepair. Or maybe you just want a new kitchen or bathroom to brighten things up. If you can’t afford to move, or don’t want to, then you need to focus on making your property a happier place to live. You can do this without breaking the bank. How? Here are four ways you can make your home a better place – and on a budget.

Set aside some cash

While you can minimize the costs of giving your home a makeover in many areas, you’re still likely to need to spend some dollars. So, before you set off on your happy mission, then think about how much money you’re comfortable committing to the rejuvenation. You may want to think about getting a personal loan to spread the costs. Check out providers like Jora Credit to see what your options are.

On the outside

How do you feel when you walk up to your home after a long day at work or after returning from a vacation? Does it make you want to stop and look in a good way? Or does it make you fill up with bad thoughts? With your home, you need to be keeping it in good shape on the inside and out.

Maybe you have timber frames that need a good varnish or new coat of paint? Maybe those tired old window frames need to be replaced? Or maybe just the windows themselves need a good clean? Some of this work you could do yourself or ask one of your relatives to help you with, but for any serious structural stuff, you’ll want to call in some experts. Shop around for a quote and ask those close to you for some recommendations, so you get a good deal – and a good job done.

Once your home is looking bright and clean on the outside, you’re more likely to be happier going inside!

Time to decorate?

If the walls around you inside your home are leaving you feeling miserable, then it’s probably got something to do with the décor. If you have paint peeling off the walls, or dirt as far as the eye can see, this is going to do nothing to build a happy living environment. First thing you should think about is giving all the rooms a makeover. And that doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look around the hardware stores and supermarkets for some good quality paint, at a reasonable price, and get your paintbrush ready! There’s no reason why you and your family can’t get your hands dirty and give your home a new lease of life through some new colour on the walls.

And while we’re talking of color, you’ll want to think about that carefully because it can do all sorts of things with your mind. Your favorite color may be dark blue for clothes, but how would your house look if you painted it all in that shade? It’s likely to make it feel dark and small, bringing the walls in on top of you. Try and go for some brighter, happier colors, that really give your rooms a lift and make you feel calm and relaxed. Buy some tester paints and try them out.

A good spring clean

You’ll have heard of ‘having a good spring clean.’ But how often have you done this in your home? Do you remember the last time that you gave your property a deep clean, sorted out all the clutter and threw loads of stuff in the garbage? If you don’t, then it’s probably time to get your cleaning gloves and equipment out of the cupboard.

Don’t feel like you have to do all this on your own. If you have a partner and kids, then get them into action too. Allocate different jobs around your property and set yourselves a deadline. Maybe you can get it all done over a weekend. The reward could be a dinner out on the Sunday night.

As part of your spring clean, you need to sort through everything – asking yourself, ‘do we really need this?’ If the answer is no, then either throw it out or sell it to someone who does need it. One of the biggest things that can make your home feel like a miserable place is having too many things inside it – taking up space and looking messy.

With the cleaning equipment in hand, you need to get to work in the bathroom and kitchen, getting rid of all that dirt and dust that’s been accumulating for a month – and restoring an air of pleasant aromas, rather than those damp and musty smells you’ve become used to. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

While you’re at it, why not hire some specialist cleaning equipment to give the carpets and curtains a deep clean too? You’ll be amazed how much dirt you’ll suck out of them. Amazed and shocked, probably.

New furnishings

If you have a sofa that’s falling apart or chairs in the kitchen that wobble, maybe it’s time you invested in some new furniture for your home? That doesn’t mean you need to head down to the shopping mall and spend thousands of dollars. You could head to a second-hand store, an antique seller, or check out some selling groups on social media.

If you’re a creative type, you could either repair some of your old items, or you could buy some that need a bit work that you can complete? Maybe you could restore a nice old dining furniture set to its former glory?

Having nice furniture around your home will help to make it feel more like home. A place where you want to be, a place you can relax, chill out and enjoy time with your friends and family.


  1. We’ve been slowly redecorating our home to make it feel homier. I thought we would need to replace our stained old carpets but we got them deep cleaned (if you’ve got terrible carpets too, Chem-Dry did miracles!) and they’re like new again! So much money saved for other decor right there.

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