The Perfect Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

It’s no secret that the best gifts are thoughtful ones. But sometimes, coming up with a gift idea is challenging despite knowing a person incredibly well; and for a long time. This is especially true for parents; who for many, give and gave so much.

In fact, a gift to symbolize their sacrifice can feel like a lot of pressure. The best ways to consider a gift to give to your mom or dad this holiday season — regardless of how difficult they are to shop for — is what this article will discuss. Surprising them with an unforgettable gift that will make them smile is easier than you think.

Think about what gives them joy or their passion

Parents will always have hobbies or projects that you’ve seen them do for your entire life; so as a result, these gift ideas are simple ones that already expand on what they know and what makes them happy. Presenting them with a gift that’s related to one of their life’s passions will automatically be a hit. For example, gifting mom a set of new paints and paintbrushes if she’s an avid painter, or even a painting class, is a great way to indulge her hobby. Or, if your parent is an avid reader, purchasing a book that teaches them new things; or a familiar genre they already love to cozy up and read.

Give experiences, not items

While it’s easy to wrap a physical object, some gifts are the ones that provide a memory or an activity your parents can remember. Gift them an experience that is totally unexpected. For example, bring them out to an upcoming concert you think they would enjoy. For a parent who’s an avid learner, consider buying a membership or a few classes to learn and practice new skills.

Challenge them with a gift that expands their horizons

In a complete twist, provide a gift that is outside of their comfort zone, or a guilty pleasure for them. For example, while we mentioned a parent who might love to paint, this could be a great gift for a parent who also never touched a paintbrush. A painting class or a “paint night” where you can paint, meet new people — or sip on wine — might be perfect and just outside their comfort zone enough to be a new experience.

While this could be a total ‘bust’ due to the gift being possibly so outside their comfort zone, that’s the point. These are gifts that make them consider a new opportunity or a realm that isn’t typical for them.

Something handmade or sentimental

When you visit your mom or dad at their independent living retirement communities, do they ever reminisce or think about events in their life, the past, or family? A handmade gift is always valuable because it shows you took time and care to complete it; and incorporating elements of family history is a great way.

For example, writing down a familiar family story you always love when they tell; or even a few short ones bound in a keepsake book. But if you’re not an artist, writer sculptor or painter, this idea may be a bit tricky. Sometimes this might even mean being creative with existing items; like an old photograph you keep, framed and gifted in a brand new way.

Better yet, dig up an old family video and digitize it so your parent can watch these memories easily. These types of gifts are always appreciated, especially when there’s a special meaning or story behind them.

Give them the latest tech

Sometimes, it is exciting to get the latest blender for an avid baker, or the newest iPhone for a techy dad. While not seen as sentimental, it can still be a good option; especially for parents who like technology and gadgets.

Pick them up a high-performing camera that’s easy to use to shoot photos, or an AI-powered home assistant that would make their friends in their independent living retirement communities might be a little green with envy! Or, in the more simple sentiments of gift-giving, watch as their face light up knowing their ‘in’ on the latest and greatest.

Ending with a gift that speaks to a bigger level of mass consumption is, well, intentional. The point is that gifts can come in any range or form; and as in the eye of the beholder, needs to feel tailored to the person you are giving it to, especially when it’s your parents. Think about what your parents’ interests are and what they are most passionate about. Whether it is spending time with family, enjoying a book, or unwrapping a new smartphone; the point is you are showing you care for them with a symbol. From there, you should be able to present a gift that brings them pure joy, and provides an opportunity to share a moment together—the most important part of the season.

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