Reducing the Stress of Mom and Dad Living With You

The people who raised you now need your help. They’re getting older and, unfortunately, aren’t able to do as much for themselves as they used to. After careful consideration, you decided that rather than putting them in a nursing home, you’d rather them move in with you. As you make this transition, you’ll need to take measures to keep your sanity and maintain some structure and order in your household. Below are a few suggestions on how to do this:

Talk Before the Move

Prior to moving your parents into the house, you should most certainly have a discussion with them. Explain how your house operates and what your expectations are from them. Ask about any concerns they may have or things they’ll need to feel more at home in your place. This way, they understand that you’re trying to help but that you have a certain order you’d like to try and keep.

Give Mom and Dad Their Own Space

If your house is large enough it is best to designate an area specifically for your aging parents. Having them in the midst of everything can get a bit stressful at times especially if you have children to care for as well. Since mobility issues can be a problem, it is ideal to give your parents the basement or a bedroom located downstairs. This way, they still have some sense of freedom and independence.

When creating the space for mom and dad it is important that it is safe. This means removing any loose carpeting from the floors that they could trip on, installing grab bars and railings to make getting up and down or using the restroom easier, and repairing anything that’s damaged in their space that could cause injury.

Technology is Your Friend

If you thought your life was stressful before, things tend to get a bit more stressful when your parents move in. There’s so much they need help with and it can get overwhelming. To try and cut down on some of the stress, make technology your best friend. You can get your parents a health monitor with an alert system that automatically contacts the authorities if something is wrong. You can also sign them up for an online doctor so they can have regular visits and get online prescriptions without you having to find the time in your day to get it all done.

Get Help From Family

Lighten your load with mom and dad by asking other relatives to pitch in with their care. Whether you ask older children or your spouse or you have siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles you can talk to, you will need help. You can create a schedule or routine where each family member chips in to do something. When you have others working with you to support your parents the stress is a lot easier to deal with.

Consider a Home Health Aide

Though you’ve moved your parents in with you, there are a lot of things they may need that you simply don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to complete on your own. To give yourself a break and to get your parents the best care possible, it may be ideal for you to consider a home health aide. These are trained medical professionals that can come to your house on a full or part-time basis to care for your parents. They can do everything from help them get bathed and dressed to checking their vitals and dispensing their medications.

Look Into Programs for Seniors

Believe it or not, there is a lot of help out there for seniors and their families. Look into public and private programs offered in your area. There are meal delivery programs that will deliver hot meals to seniors on a daily basis to ensure they’re getting the proper nutrition. There are transportation programs that will get your parents to medical appointments and other errands they may need to run. There are also community centers that have social programs where seniors can congregate, play games, eat food, and socialize with others which is great for their mental health (and gives you a bit of a break).

Moving aging parents into your home is a huge transition the entire family will need to get used to. At times, it can even get really stressful. To try and make this transition an easy one, utilize the suggestions described above. They’ll relieve the stress while also ensuring that your parents get everything they need to live out their golden years comfortably.

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