How Can I Start My Own Line of Protein Supplements? 5 Tips for Becoming a Fitness Influencer

Social media is the home to many fitness influencers. These influencers commonly shift into selling personal brands of products like protein supplements and activewear. If you’re ready to get into this space through a protein supplement brand, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Continue reading for five tips to become a fitness influencer and how to sell your potential products.

1. Learn how to use the platform.

If you want to use social media to reach customers, you have to take the necessary steps in understanding how to work your intended social media platform. Many influencers use Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms to date. It has a wide variety of tools you can use, which include posts videos, stories, highlights of stories, and long segment videos called IGTV. You can use all of these features to share your workouts and diet with potential and current followers. You can also use other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok — all of which offer live stream services to update your followers on your next moves.

2. Grow a large following.

Okay, so now that you’ve got handling your different streams of social media down, you need to start gaining some traction. Traction means gaining followers. By having many followers, you are exposing more people to your content. The more followers you have, the more potential to share your business ideas, workouts, and supplement brand. To gain a large following you need to engage with other influencers and accounts. When you increase your engagement, you must interact with your followers.

3. Come up with a brand.

Once you have reached your goal following, you want to begin the formulation of a new brand. By switching to another form of income like a protein supplements, you can bring in more revenue other than typical fitness influencer collaborations or ad revenue. You should spend time doing some of your research on the market comparing other proteins so you can go to manufacturers with your wants and needs. Once you’ve decided on logos, type of protein, colors, flavors, and a solid backbone on what you want to provide to customers, you’re ready for the next steps.

4. Reach out to manufacturers.

Protein powder manufacturers can help you produce high-quality protein powder. They are experts in creating a protein powder with necessary amino acids and nutritional value. Since protein powders are such high-demand products, you need to enlist the help of professional manufacturers who can be there every step of the way to create whatever kind of protein you need, like Makers Nutrition.

Some of the most common protein powder types are whey protein powders, vegan protein powders made from soy or peas, and casein protein powders. All of these supplements are widely used by those in the fitness world to get ample amounts of protein efficiently. The experts at Makers Nutrition only source the highest quality ingredients and FDA regulated guidance, so you can avoid potential hiccups along the way. No matter the formulation you desire, their protein manufacturer will get you the best flavor, custom formulation, and quality protein supplement that you’ll be thrilled to introduce to your following.

5. Go market your new product.

Now that you’ve created your protein supplement, you need to share it with the world! Your fitness influencer status will help your brand with its first sales. Dedicated followers will undoubtedly try your protein product, but you’ll also have to expand your market to others. A great way to market your new nutritional supplement is to hire live stream production services.

COLDEA’s live streaming services allow your viewers and followers to see live videos of your products unveiling. You can also use these services for taste tests of your protein, and even to share your journey in making the products. A videographer from their company can show off your new supplement in a way you never dreamed possible by using high-quality video and flawless production. In no time, you’ll have the commercial and live production for your product launch so customers will want to buy your product quickly. Now that you’ve explored some of these tips to live life as a fitness influencer, you can keep working towards your supplement creation dreams. With the help of protein manufacturers and marketing backed by your loyal following, you can continue growing your brand for years to come.

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