5 Ways To Make Your Front Yard More Homely

How you set things up in the front of your house is an important part of conveying the statement that you want your home to make. Your front yard is your greeting to the outside world. You can make it say all sorts of things. It can be welcoming or forbidding. The choice is yours. If you want your home to seem like the coziest on the block, here are a few tips to brighten up your front yard for a nice, homely feel.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to make your home look beautiful and feel warm and inviting. You can fill them with a nice mix of flowers and other plants that are both suited for the climate and the direction the front of your home faces. Picking flowers with colors that compliment your paint job can give the added flair that will make people stop on their way past your home to admire your style.

Make Your Front Yard a Front Garden

When you have young children cutting into a grassy space for your kids to run around in with a big garden might not seem like the most prudent move. However, if you have a nice big backyard or don’t have young children living in your home, a great big garden can be a vibrant way to liven up the front of your house.

You can have whatever sort of garden appeals to you. Whether you prefer a neat and tidy garden that is picture-perfect or a wild overgrown garden that makes visitors feel as if they are entering another realm when they walk through it, the choice is yours. Whatever kind of garden you like will appeal to most passersby in one way or another.

Of course, when planting an outdoor garden, you have to be aware of the climate you live in and the types of plants that are going to flourish versus those that will flounder. A dryer climate can leave you with trickier growing options but check out a ponytail palm care guide, and you can still make your garden shine.

Outdoor Lighting

Instead of just a simple porch light, there are a variety of ways that you can help to improve your home’s nighttime curb appeal. There are so many different lighting options available. These days, many garden lights are solar-powered, which means they won’t cost you anything in electricity. You can illuminate trees or line the walkway to your door.

A mix of different lighting types can make your house a popular evening view outside of the Christmas season.

Lawn Gnomes

Lawn gnomes are a controversial option that can give your home a whimsical touch. Some people will say that these lawn ornaments are tacky and would not want to have them in their garden. However, the decision to bring a lawn gnome into your yard is entirely up to you. Don’t let others discourage you if you love a lawn gnome. The haters speak loudly, but you will find that more people will appreciate the added touch than disparage it.

Hanging Baskets If you have a nice big front porch, hanging flower baskets can give your front yard a wonderful welcoming touch. Large flower baskets can stand out and draw people in. You can have matching baskets with matching plants if you want to portray a polished, elegant look.

You can also go with wildly different basket designs. With each basket containing flowers that make different statements, you can bring a funkier eclectic look to the front of your home.

Whatever style you choose, if it is in line with the personality of the rest of your front yard, it will compliment it perfectly and become a neighborhood favorite.

These are just a few of the ways that you can take your front yard to the next level. From walkways to gates, to mailboxes, to house numbers, there are dozens of details that can make your front yard tell the story you want. Simply think about the message you want your home to send out into the world and aim to spread that message with each added touch.

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