Selling Your Home? It Pays to Take Care of These Repairs First!

If you are selling your home, chances are you will be considering if it is actually worth paying out to get any minor repairs done or not. After all, you are getting ready to move, so paying out for repairs that won’t benefit you seems like an added expense you could do without.

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However, skipping out on certain repairs that need addressing when you sell your home will hit you directly in the pocket. Typically people who have a good level of maintenance in their homes and have gone to the effort to fix up those little issues you can overlook will get their asking price or close to it when they sell.

So what should you be doing when it comes to getting your home ready to sell?

Fix The Roof

It is worth hiring a roofing company to make sure the roof is in the best possible condition and to fix any issues they find. Roof damage can cause many internal and external problems such as damp, mold, and leaks. This causes damage to your home, and potential buyers will be put off by this or take to account the damage when negotiating what they are prepared to pay for the house.


Make sure all of your kitchen cabinets are working properly, no damaged shingles, no door hanging off or missing, and they are clean and organized. The kitchen is one of your home’s main selling points, and as such, you need to present it as best you can. Fix broken appliances and make sure, aside from general wear that is expected, it is damage-free, and everything is working as it should be.


Check all of your home’s plumbing and look for any little leaks or issues with your heating and radiators if you have them installed. Check everywhere thoroughly, clearly plugs too from anything accumulating there, unblock drains and pipes to eliminate any unpleasant odors or the potential for clocked pipes.


Fix any holes, dings, marks, or cracks on your interior walls. Use filler for nail holes where you have hung pictures or shelving if you have taken them down already, and if need be, a coat of paint will freshen up any work you have done on the walls and is always a good idea when it comes to showing your house in its best light to sell it.

Kerb Appeal

The kerb appeal of your home is the very first impression your home makes on other people. This usually occurs from the roadside as they arrive at the property. Take yourself to the edge of your property and take stock of how other people see your home. Then look at how you can make this more appealing.

Tidy the yard, clean or freshen up the garage door, remove toys or bikes to avoid having clutter out the front of your house, and fix any fences or gates if need be. Take this time to assess the front doors and windows to allow you to really maximize your home’s curb appeal before potential buyers arrive.

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