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Hi! My name is Jerri.  I’m a sweet Southern girl and a loving wife, mom, and pet mommy.  I’m also creator of the blog Simply Sweet Home, as well as the owner of the Etsy shop Simply Sweet Creations.

About The Blog

I started Simply Sweet Home in October of 2007.  It started as a hobby and creative outlet for me after I graduated from college.  Since then I’ve been amazed at just how much the blog has grown and evolved.  In 2009, I began working with brands, and this blog gave me the opportunity to earn an income for my family from home, as well as a chance to develop a career in writing and all things creative.  In a nut shell, the blog has helped me to achieve my dreams!  Furthermore, it’s given me a great opportunity to share my ideas and experiences as a homemaker, while also learning from others.

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My Purpose

Simply Sweet Home is a lifestyle blog, designed to inspire women to transform their lives, family, and homes in to something simple and sweet!

I do this by sharing simple and sweet solutions and ideas on a variety of topics, which include:

  • Food – Recipes, Products, and Meal Planning
  • Home Management – Cleaning, Organizing, Working from Home
  • DIY – Home Improvement, Decor, Crafts, Printables, Party Planning,
  • Health & Beauty – Advice, Tips, and Products
  • Finances – Money Saving Tips, Planning, Deals/Coupons
  • Personal Development and Family – Tips and Ideas for self improvement and strengthening your marriage and family.

I blog about all of these topics, because I believe maintaining a healthy and happy home, or a simply sweet home, if you will, is not just about keeping things clean or putting food on the table.  It begins with a healthy and happy homemaker who has a sense of purpose, direction, and security.  From there, a homemaker must develop the skills necessary to manage her family and home, and my hope is to simplify that process by offering up my own tips and suggestions that I have learned through trial and error.  And though I am, by no means perfect and do not have the perfect home, nor the perfect life, I hope that you can learn something from what I have to share.

16 Favorite Foods of 2015

To give you a better idea of what my blog is about, here are some of my popular and personal favorite posts from the past year:

About The Simply Sweet Home Family

Simply Sweet Home Couple

 I am so lucky to share my life with an amazing man!  I first met Gary when I was 20 years old, and it was love at first sight! There have been a lot of interesting twists and turns in our relationship, and it hasn’t all been easy, but I thank God every day that he brought us together.  Gary is not only a fantastic husband, he’s also my best friend, and he’s always there to stand by me, with me, in front of me, or behind me!
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Gary is also a great business partner and supporter of my blog.  He sometimes helps me come up with my project concepts, and he often helps me to turn my concepts in to a reality!  And he’s also a huge help with my hand stamped jewelry business on Etsy!
Simply Sweet Home Family
Thanks to Gary, I am also stepmom to Noah.  Noah is 15, and is a high school student.  He loves anything that has to do with the computer and gaming.  In fact, his current ambition is to be a computer programmer or software engineer.  And when he’s not on his computer or spending the day at school, he’s learning to drive!
Simply Sweet Home Pets
I’m also blessed to be pet mommy to these three cuties!  Rebel the grey tabby is 8 years old.  Shadow the chihuahua mix is almost 2 years old, and Sugar Belle the white cat is 4 years old.
I just love these guys!  And although I’m hoping Gary and I can have another “human baby” in the future, till then I am enjoying letting these little furbabies rule my world!
Dixie for Simply Sweet Home
And I wouldn’t be a true pet mommy if I didn’t mention Dixie.  She was Rebel’s sister.  She passed away in 2014, but I still miss her and think about her every day!
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