Property and divorce: what happens to the family home?

Getting a divorce can be an extremely stressful process to go through, both emotionally and financially. If you’re planning to separate from your partner, there’s no doubt you’ll have a lot to think about, including what will happen to your family home. The chances are you will no longer want to live with your spouse, so it pays to know what your options are. To help you make an informed decision on what to do with your property, keep reading.

Put it on the open market

Selling the family home is common among separating couples. So, if you’re going through a divorce, this might be the best option for you. Putting your property on the market can be emotional, especially if it’s where you raised your children and somewhere that you have fond, happy memories of. However, from a financial perspective, selling your family home and splitting the equity with your spouse could offer you an easy, hassle-free way to deal with the mortgage, helping you both move forward during this difficult time.

Consider a cash sale

If you’re going through a particularly complicated divorce or you’re struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments or other bills, you might be keen to sell your home as quickly as possible. While you could put it on the open market, this may take longer than you’re willing to wait. Instead, you could consider a cash sale. By enlisting the help of a cash buyer such as Fast Sale Florida, you should be able to sell your property extremely quickly, regardless of the condition it’s in. You’ll also be able to avoid paying realtor or closing fees and future mortgage payments.

Agree for one spouse to continue living in the property You could come to an agreement with your spouse whereby one of you continues to live in the property. This means that you won’t need to worry about putting your home up for sale at all and instead you can arrange to have it refinanced under the relevant person’s name. In order for this to work, the person remaining in the property will need to qualify to take over the payments. If

you can afford for one of you to stay put, this could be a good option, especially if you have children.

Property is one of the most important assets that a couple can share, so deciding what to do with it during a divorce can be difficult. However, as long as you consider your options carefully, you shouldn’t struggle to make the right decision for you and your family.

3 Benefits of Cosigning Your Kid’s Loan

At some point in your child’s life, they’re going to need a loan.

It will probably be right around the time they begin considering college.

As you’re most likely well aware, the application process comes to an end once the borrower signs their name. This is also when you can benefit from becoming a cosigner on your kid’s loan.

3 Reasons You Should Be the Cosigner on Your Kid’s Loan

Obviously, cosigning your kid’s loan will mean taking on a certain amount of responsibility.

At the same time, there are three really good reasons you should still consider going through with it.

1. Ensuring They Get a Better Rate

The main benefit of providing your signature is that cosigners lead to better rates. After all, you’re giving the lender an extra layer of assurance that they will eventually receive the amount they’re owed.

That improved rate is especially important to students who have a number of other financial priorities to juggle but don’t necessarily have the income required to manage everything. If they can save for other goals instead of working during college to pay off their loans upon graduation, they’ll enter “the real world” with a lot more opportunities.

2. Showing Them What to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, a bad rate may be the least of their worries.

Many lenders prey on young people knowing full well that they’ve never taken out a loan before and won’t know what to expect. Some of these lenders are actually perfectly above-board when dealing with more experienced adults, so researching their reputation may not expose their less-respectable practices.

As a cosigner, you’ll have every reason to look over the loan before providing your signature, so you’ll be able to catch any irregularities before they become a fixture in your kid’s finances.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t catch any issues, though. Just knowing an experienced cosigner is involved will scare away any lender with bad intentions.

3. Improving Their Career Prospects

Your kid is going to college to get the degree they need to pursue a rewarding career. Unfortunately, if they can’t get the student loan they need, they may have to choose another option. This is also true if your child has plans to pursue a post-graduate degree. For example, the cost of medical school is beyond what most students could ever afford, even with the help of a loan. If they don’t qualify for enough federal funding, their only option will be a private lender.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer 

There are over 50,000 interior designers in the United States, and jobs in this field are expected to multiply up to 13% within the next decade. There is a global wave of inspiration hitting homeowners into sprucing up their living spaces. The curb appeal is what makes the home inviting while functionality helps you relax and enjoy all that the home has to offer. Here are some of the many reasons why you should invest in an interior designer for your home.

Qualified for the Job 

It’s funny how everyone thinks that interior designing is an easy task that can be handled by every Jill, Jane, and Jacqueline. It’s not. Just like any other job, this field requires skill and tact if success is to be achieved. The last thing you need is starting a project only to stop halfway after realizing that you’ve missed some major points hence need to start all over again. The money that will be used in repairs might be more than the money that would have been spent to hire a professional in the first place.

They’ve Got the Answers

You may experience trouble trying to decide which colors to paint your space – which shades give the illusion of extra space or depth for example? This is a question frequently asked of top Orange County interior designers and the answer comes down to the size, occupants, use, and theme of your living space. The best thing about working with experts is that your home will have a professional’s signature on it.

Less Time Means Less Hassle

When it comes to interior design, a project that will take three months with an amateur will only take 1 month with a professional. This is one of the perks that come with hiring an expert. Remember, they have done this a million times before so yours is an extra trophy on their shelves. So, if you are looking to spruce up your home within the span of a few weeks, then hiring an expert will help you get the job done on time and in style.

Use As An Opportunity For Learning

Interior designers provide house owners some form of flexibility when it comes to getting the job done. If you do not have the time to supervise or be around the site then you can always rest assured that your home is in good hands. You can use this opportunity to be present in every step hence learning a few things about interior designing. You can use the skills acquired to handle future projects around the home solo.

Hiring a professional interior designer to handle your projects is definitely a worthy investment. The perks associated with this move are well worth it. Additionally, professional designers are insured, have the right tools, are well connected hence a discount on materials, and leave the site better than they found it.

Housewarming Prezzies People Will Fall In Love With

At some point or another, someone in your life is going to move home, someone that you like-slash-love enough to go, “oh, jeez, I need to go and get them a housewarming gift.” It could be your eldest daughter has just graduated from college and has gotten her first job in the city. It might be that your parents are downsizing because you and your siblings have fled the nest. Perhaps your bestie and her significant lover have just bought their first home together.

Whatever the case, picking a house-warming gift is no easy feat. You want to get your loved one something they will actually love and use, not just any old something because you feel obliged to get them something.

This is tricky. It’s super tricky. Which is why we’ve pulled together a list housewarming gifts people actually want. No fake thank you’s and not glaringly obvious fake-smiles, just genuine over the moon gratitude. That’s the aim of the game here.

  1. Piece Of Pie Password

When you move into a new home, there is a bunch of alien things that follow suit, such as the need for a whole new internet, and thus a whole new password, one that is pretty much impossible to remember. That’s why you should get their Wi-Fi password made into a QR Code and then popped into a frame or two that they can put around their house. That way, any time a guest comes over and asks what their password is, they can just point at their mantlepiece.

  1. Tons Of Tea To Try

If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s tea. You can’t go wrong with tea. However, you can’t just give someone a box of Target home brand tea for a housewarming gift because that’s a bit rubbish. The answer: get them a yummy tea sampler. That’s right. Get them a variety of fresh tea’s so that they can enjoy something different every day for a month or so. Blackcurrant tea. Green mango and peach. Ginger and lemongrass. White ginger and pear. There are so many out there to choose from and they will each earn you some mega brownie points.

  1. Not Just Any Olive Oil

When you cook anything, there is one ingredient that always gets a look-in and that’s olive oil. It’s the unsung hero of every meal. Using this sage piece of advice, try buying a couple of really-really nice bottles of olive oil as your housewarming present. We’re talking $30 a bottle kind of stuff. We’re talking Olio Santo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Williams-Sonoma. It’s the sort of gift that everyone will appreciate. It’s the sort of thing everyone wants but no one can bring themselves to buy and that’s what makes it a great choice.

  1. A Set Of Succulents

When it comes to obvious housewarming gifts, flowers have to be up there. A big, bouquet of fresh blooms. It’s the go-to gift. That’s the problem, though. It’s what everyone will give. Not only that but they’ll be dropping leaves within three days. Our advice: buy them a set of succulents, something that will give their home a breath of fresh air for months and months and months. Aloe Vera. Zebra and Panda plants. String of Pearls and Ponytail Palms. They’re all great options to give out as gifts (and that’s because they hardly require any watering whatsoever).

  1. Opt For Some Art

You’re absolutely spot on. This is a seriously high-risk game to be playing. Everyone has hugely different tastes when it comes to art, so what you may love someone else may loathe, meaning it will go in the attic the second you close the door behind them. That’s why you should be funny about it and get them a frame with the words ‘still saving for my van gogh’ in it. Think of it as a humorous placeholder that will crack a smile for the time being.

  1. Tool Kits Are Terrific

Every new home needs to house a basic toolkit. This isn’t partly because emergencies always happen and partly because they will probably want to make some home improvements at some point along the line. So get them a toolkit. Get them something with a big tape measure to help them buy new furniture that fits, a hammer for everyday whacking, a Stanley knife, little-level, long-nose pliers, screwdrivers of every type and all those little mechanic bits that always come in handy. Trust us, you’ll go up big time in their books if you get them a toolbox.

  1. A Couple Of Cookbooks

There are cookbooks that simply confuse wannabe cooks and there are some that are genuinely helpful. It’s the latter kind that you want to get your hands on, wrap up nicely and then handover as a gift. The issue is picking the right ones. Our advice: go online and get something like The Smitten Kitchen, Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, My Family Cookbook, Stir Crazy, The Savvy Cook or The Little Paris Kitchen. These aren’t just packed full of mouthwatering dishes, they’re dishes anyone can cook. That’s the trick.

  1. A Piece Of Protection

We’re not suggesting anything untoward here. We’re suggesting you go above and beyond and get them a year’s supply of home insurance. There are so many things that need to be thought about when moving into a home, and a warranty is one. We hope it never happens, but there are things that their home will need protection from. You might know they have precious jewelry, or maybe they’ve moved to Florida and you’re concerned of the weather impact on appliances and things, or it could just be that you had a bad experience with a burst pipe. Whatever it is, you can guarantee your house-moved loved one will be over the moon at such a gesture (while you’ll be safe in the knowledge they are all looked after). It’s a winner.

  1. Kitchen Gizmos They’ll Love

The kitchen is still the hub of every home. It’s the heart of the house. That makes a kitchen gadget a great road to go down when it comes to picking up the perfect housewarming gift. The trick is getting something that will be used a lot and not just take up space in a drawer. A spaghetti loop, an apple divider, a NutriBullet, hand blender, cast-iron griddle pan, Aeropress coffee maker, wine decanter, or garlic twister. It could be a heavy-duty corkscrew, a whisk-wiper, coffee machine or waffle-iron. There are so many amazing options out there for you to choose from it’s incredible.

  1. Shower Speakers Rock

It’s a well-known fact that everyone sounds good when they sing in the shower. It’s science. Seriously. Even that tone-deaf nephew of yours sounds like Frank Ocean when he steps through the glass door and turns the shower on. That’s what makes a portable and waterproof speaker such a great buy. It will let them blast out their favorite shower songs and show the world what a talent they have – even if it is limited to a water-based confined space. What’s more, you can pick up really good ones for not a lot of money. Less than the price of that olive oil we mentioned.

  1. Wonderful Wall Outlets

We know this may sound like a really odd thing to say, but you should buy a few new wall outlets. Yup. that’s right, wall outlets. But don’t just go and get any old wall outlet because that will only be met with a look of total confusion. However, if you buy a couple of wall outlets that have USB sockets built into them. These are godsends for the modern home. They are something none of us will be able to live without in the not so distant future and that’s because having a phone charger perpetually taking up a space on your outlets is annoying. So change their lives with a modern wall outlet.

  1. A Myriad Of Mugs

Everyone has that one mug in their cupboard that they need to drink from. Even if it is dirty, they’ll make the effort to clean it out rather than use a different one and that’s because every other mug in their cupboard was either free with an Easter Egg or given out at some networking event they went to as part of their job. So, to remedy this, buy them a few mugs, but ones that absolutely scream them. Ones that will make them chuckle. Ones that they will want to show off for whatever reason. It will change their lives in the best way possible.

  1. Better Than Tupperware

Tupperware tubs are a big part of every household. The issue is, well, they get all mismatched and you can never find the right lid to go with the right box and all that. Well, there is a solution, and a beautiful one at that: they’re called stoneware bowls with storage lids. Not only do they look amazing, they’re also safe to be used in microwaves and dishwashers. It’s a total win.

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How to Cope When Your Kids are Diagnosed with Health Problems

Every parent wants nothing more than to raise happy and healthy children. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. As the environment, food, and drug industries change, having a child born with developmental or health issues or children that develop them later in life isn’t uncommon. From seasonal allergies and asthma to autism, sensory disorders, ADHD, and cancer, many children are plagued with health complications at an early age. Naturally, this would bother a concerned parent leaving them clueless as to what steps to take next.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with a health problem, as emotional as it can be to deal with, it is imperative that you remain calm and try to face the matter head-on. Here is some advice on how to cope:

Educate Yourself

After talking with your child’s pediatrician you should begin educating yourself on their health condition. Not only should you read materials provided by the doctor, but you should be looking into research, alternative therapies, parental blogs, and anywhere else you can think of to learn as much as you can about their condition, the treatments or help aids out there, and how to transition into a new normal.

Look for Solutions or Help Aids

Not all health conditions can be cured, however, there are new innovations created daily that can help make things easier. Now that you’re aware of what your child has, how it might impact your life, and what the course of treatment is going to be, you can look for help aids or solutions to their medical condition. These help aids, in turn, will make life easier for everyone. For example, a child who suffers from sensory disorders may benefit from clothing for sensory processing disorder which would remove irritations like seams and tags that can cause fits.

Get Support from Others

It is, without a doubt, an emotional experience when you find out your child suffers from long-term medical problems. As a parent, you’ll want to do it all yourself, however, the truth is, you can’t go this journey alone. Look for support groups of parents going through similar situations. Such groups are designed to give parents and family members of children with long-term medical conditions. You can listen to their stories and learn from their experiences and even make friends which can be great during those times you’re emotional. You might also talk with your family members and see if you can get additional support from them. They can be very instrumental in helping to lift the weight off your shoulders and pouring extra love and care into you and your child.

Look on the Bright Side

When you first find out that your child has been diagnosed with a long-term health issue it can seem like your world is coming to an end. As tempting as it may seem to crawl up into a ball and cry, you have to find the silver lining and draw on that for inspiration. Your child is looking to you and depending on you to help them through this difficult time in their lives. So, try to focus more on the positive and less on the negative. Autistic children, for instance, are said to be very creative. Instead of harping on their autism all the time, you can enroll them in art or music lessons and allow them to tap into their creativity.

No parent wants to hear the news that their child is suffering from a shocking health issue, however, it happens more often than you’d think. If this has happened to you or someone you know, take heed to the advice provided above. It will allow you to remain emotionally intact as you learn how to adapt to your new normal.

Getting Older Is No Excuse for Falling Out of Touch with Tech

One of the most common excuses you can hear around people above their thirties is that they “just don’t have the knack for technology”. And sure, not everyone is born to be a software engineer or computer scientist, but when you can’t handle basic everyday tasks on a typical computer, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of trouble later on. More and more services are switching to digital versions all around the world, and in a decade or two, you might not be able to do things like filing your taxes or paying your bills without going online.

Managing Your Finances

One of the best ways to use modern computers also happens to be one of the scariest for most people. There is a lot you can do to make your financial situation easier and more manageable when using the Internet the right way, but you also have to be careful. Protect your online banking PINs and other sensitive information just like you would treat the main details of those accounts, such as your account number. Using online banking efficiently can save you a great number of trips to your local branch, but it can also expose you to some dangers.

Protecting Your Information

If you’re like most people, then you’re likely storing a lot of information on your computer and other digital devices, and that information may be sensitive or even critical for your everyday life. Make sure that you don’t allow it to get compromised, and always keep backups of the pieces that truly matter. Knowing who you can turn to for hard drive repair is also a good idea, and it’s often better to explore that market before you actually need to hire a company of this type. Searching in a rush can cause you to make mistakes, and when it comes to sensitive information, that’s clearly the last thing you want.

Staying Up to Date

Don’t ignore recent developments in the tech field just because it might not be your primary interest. It’s important to stay up to date with what’s going on in that area, and there are lots of websites out there that can give you a good summary of recent developments. It’s particularly important to stay alert of any issues related to cyber security, as it’s not rare that we learn of a recent major breach that affects thousands of people. Facebook is a good recent example, but it’s very likely that we’re going to see even more similar incidents in the very near future.

Technology can be of great assistance in our everyday lives, and just because you’re not one of the kids born with a tablet in their hands doesn’t mean that you can’t sit down and educate yourself on the most important aspects of using your computer and other digital devices correctly. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’ll be glad you’re more informed than the average person in your age range, especially if we run into another global problem related to our use of computers.

7 House Chores That You Want To Tick Off Your “To Do” List

Spring has finally sprung and with brighter mornings and evenings, warmer days, and a whole new attitude, you may find that you are full of fresh motivation to start making some changes to your home. Many of us love the idea of a fresh home for spring and summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you complete a full renovation, although many people like the idea of taking on renovations projects at the time of year, but it does mean that you can start to tick off the long overdue jobs that have been waiting for some attention. I thought I would share seven with you to get you started.

Roof repairs

After a harsh winter you may have found that your roof took a bit of a beating. Perhaps you noticed a leak or maybe that your home wasn’t warming up as quick as it should be. This is when you may need to have some repairs done. Companies like Mr. Roof can have these sorts of jobs handled within hours, leaving little or no disruption to your day. It may seem like a big job, but overall many roof repairs are quite simple to fix.

Clearing out the gutters

During the fall and the winter, your gitters can collect a lot of debris including fallen leaves and they can suddenly become blocked or less effective. Which means that the spring and summer months give you the ideal opportunity to get them cleared out for good. It can be quit a labor intensive job to tackle, but so worth it in the long run.

Cleaning the windows

Whether you live on a busy road or out in the country, your windows can get extremely dirty on the interior and the exterior. Many people have a specified window clean who does a ound, who may clean the exteriors every few weeks, but the interior would be down to you and often this isn’t a job that you will do too often. However, once they are clean you will notice a big difference to how your home looks and feels.

Decluttering your home

We can all be a little guilty of hoarding things and not tidying them away properly. So it may be the ideal time to start decluttering your home. Whether its clothes you no longer want or need, ornaments that you have fallen out of love with or a build up of papers and magazines that you are yet to recycle, decluttering can be very therapeutic and great for your home.


Spring cleaning ready for summer

Much like decluttering can be a mission, so can the spring cleaning of your home. Many of us get this new found motivation to clean our homes at the time of year. It might be the sun shining through the window that highlights dust on furniture or simply you just want to spruce things up and focus on a deeper clean than your usual weekly job. It can be a hard task to overcome, so the best advice would be to split it into separate jobs and to have alsit to keep you on track. Overall, you will then be able to completely everything you wanted to.

Cutting back overgrown trees

Trees can get extremely overgrown, and during the fall and winter months you may have ignored the issue. But now the weather is getting better it is now the ideal time to get your hedge trimmers out and your cutters, and cutting back anything that is overgrown or isn’t healthy anymore. It could make the world of difference to your front or back yard. Furthermore, tidying debris away like fallen leaves or branches can also make a big difference.

Maintaining the garden

Finally, you may want to look at the possibility of getting your garden sorted now that the weather is nicer. Cutting the lawn back and giving it some tlc with a lawn feed and water. Maybe your flower beds need some attention as weeds can really hit them hard during the fall and winter when you can’t get out there to remove them. It could even be the ideal time to plant some new flowers or blooms ready for spring and summer. Your garden can look very dishevelled coming out of winter, so spending some time sprucing things up will not only help it to look good once more, but it also encourages you to be outside. Giving you motivation to sit out when the weather does warm up properly.

I hope that these tips help you get cracking with your household chores this spring.

Little Treats That Keep Moms Sane

Moms have a busy and tumultuous life in the 21st century, often having constructed ingenious ways to balance running a household with raising children and working in a variety of jobs. In those rare moments when you have an hour or so just to yourself, it’s best to have some treats lined up as small rewards for the fast-paced and often hectic life that you’re leading. Here’s a list of little things that moms can do to bring some well-earned luxury or pleasure into busy and stressful lives.

Fill Your Calendar With Friends

As a mom, you’ll have an intricate working routine which keeps you busy for the majority of each day. Whether it’s taking the kids to school or rushing off to your office job and leaving your partner to care for the children, you’ll have precious little time to see friends. In those chunks of time where you are able to, though, planning ahead and meeting friends – often moms themselves – for food, exercise or fun will bring a great deal of positivity into your life.

Buy Little Treats

Indulgences are sometimes guilty, but always rewarding. If you have a penchant for chocolate, have a little stored where only you can find it for when times get tough. If you’re a vape smoker, check out this Mt Baker Vapor big bang vape that’ll knock your socks off in times of stress. Or, if you simply enjoy an hour spent relaxing in your own thoughts, perhaps buy some candles, some peaceful music, some bath products or a Netflix account so that you’re able to indulge when the time is right.

Organize Mini-Breaks

There’s a popular myth within couples with children, that the passion and energy of the relationship necessarily gives way to the responsibility you have over your offspring. This is not by any means a universal rule and, even though you’ll both be a little strapped for time sometimes, finding space in your calendar to head off for a beneficial weekend away, leaving children with loved ones, can bring a terrific amount of relief to moms on busy schedules. By doing so, you can give yourself the time to reinvest your love and passion into your relationship.

Time With Your Kids

Of course, your children are not the source of your stress – indeed, they’re the reason you get up in the morning, and the joy that sustains busy lives. When all is said and done, there is so much comfort and fun to be extracted from your children that any spare moments you have with them should be used to build closer familial bonds, create wonderful memories, and share in the love that a close family has to offer. Whether it’s playing, settling in for a movie, or going out to see the world, quality family time will remind you that being a mom is one of the most fabulous experiences in the world.

In a busy day-to-day life, moms should take into account these little treats in order to make the most of the unique experience of parenthood, bringing regular chunks of joy into hectic schedules.