Questions to Ask a Home Cleaner Before You Hire

So you’ve decided to seek the services of a home cleaning company. Before you make a hire, it is important to interview the prospective company to ensure that you are both in the same page regarding your cleaning needs, and the company’s experience in the cleaning industry.

A consultation with a home cleaning service provider can help narrow down your options, as you are able to learn about each prospective company’s expertise, as well as their responsiveness.

Here are some important questions that we suggest you ask a cleaning service provider before making a hire:

How do you set your rates?

The cost of a home cleaning service is not something that you should leave to chance. While rates vary depending on the cleaning service provider, most companies charge an hourly rate for the first cleaning appointment. Others, you will find, set their rates based on the number of cleaners they will send to your place.

During your consultation, ask the company how they determine the rates, and whether they charge by project, or by the total hours it will take to complete the cleaning. This information is crucial to avoid any disagreeable costs, and to find out if the company’s offer is competitive to other cleaning services in the area.

Do you conduct a background check on cleaners?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask a cleaning company. Service personnel will be entering your home, and you cannot always keep watch of what they are doing, so you want to make sure that your belongings are safe. You will know when a company is serious about its customers’ safety if their hiring practices are rigorous, and if they conduct drug testing and criminal background checks on their employees.

One advantage of hiring a cleaning company versus an individual cleaner is that the customers do not have to do the background check on their own. It is the responsibility of the cleaning company to do that to ensure the safety of all their clients.

What services are included?

Do not hesitate to ask what cleaning services are included in every cleaning appointment. Will they clean the bathrooms and kitchen area or will they do a massive cleaning of the house that includes wiping surfaces, cleaning floors, and vacuuming? It is also during the consultation that you should take the opportunity to let them know which areas you would like them to focus on. This will give them a clear idea of your unique cleaning needs, and how they can serve those needs in every routine visit.

Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

When hiring a cleaning company, choose one that utilizes appropriate measures to ensure that their cleaning technicians deliver top-notch service every time. A company that provides a satisfaction guarantee is preferable because it shows that they are serious about customer

satisfaction. In case you are unhappy with their service, you are eligible to get a refund, or to have another cleaning appointment where the cleaning staff will address the issues you had the previous routine cleaning.

What should I do with my pet?

There are cleaning companies that apply additional charges for cleaning a house with pets, so it’s important that you ask them about the extra cost. If you will be away on the day of the cleaning and will leave your pet behind, make sure to introduce your pet to the cleaners during the initial visit. Also, you can leave instructions to the cleaners to place your pet in a safe spot while they are performing the cleaning. This way, your pet does not inhale any potentially harmful chemicals used in cleaning your home.


Don’t settle for less when hiring a cleaning company. Make sure your concerns are addressed during the consultation, and that the cleaning team can be trusted to tidy up your home and have it looking its best.

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Why Do You Need Cruise Travel Insurance?

Are you planning a cruise holiday? Before setting out on a journey, take the cruise travel insurance policy. It covers you all shore excursions and for your time onboard the ship. It is not a big deal, which cruise you are selecting to travel. Enjoy your travel and relax in the cabin once you have taken the Cruise travel insurance.

What is included in it?

With your cruise, you combine a side trip or tour; the insurance plan covers the part of the trip. It includes a variety of facilities for the benefits of the clients.

* Emergency hospital expenses and medical bills of injuries and illness

* Repatriation expenses and medical evacuation

* It covers the flight to home

* Cover for your personal belonging and luggage

* Cover for the shore excursions and onboard activities

* 24 hours emergency

Why people in business take this insurance?

Making a livelihood is not easy. Businessman works day and night to promote their business to new heights. Their work is risky unlike other businesses in the country. Australia is known for its strict policies for business. Businesses have to follow the rules in order to operate in the states of Australia. Buying policies are necessary for the businesses so that they can work freely without the fear of losing business and handle the expenses with ease in case any damage occurs. This policy covers all the damages and unexpected events if you buy their insurance.

This insurance policy is designed to protect customers, seniors and most importantly a business from the unexpected events which result in damage of the baggage or an injury. This policy allows a client to ask for the compensation and hence the insurance organization is obliged to pay the cost. If the cruise management refuses to pay the expenses or repair the damage, the client reserves the right to file an appeal in the court. To handle all these situations, an insurance policy is advised for all businesses so that they can handle this hard situation without losing their business or emptying their pocket.

How does insurance work?

You buy an insurance policy, and they take care of the claims in case of injuries or property damage. It depends on the cost of the policy. The more the cost, the more advantages the business will have once they claim the insurance.

Is insurance necessary?

Yes, it is necessary for Australia. The government is strict in terms of the implementation of business and insurance policy rules. There are few states in Australia where the government requires an insurance policy to allow people the certification. This is for the security of the citizens.

Also, the majority of the citizens are very strict about license and insurance policy before you start traveling. The insurance policy is a must-have in order to go on a journey. The senior citizens can discuss before buying cruise travel insurance for seniors. The agents are just a call away, and they can set a meeting at their place. Their services are available 24/7.

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Precious Moments 40th Anniversary and Review

Disclosure: I received a Precious Moments figurine to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.

I’m sure you all know of the brand Precious Moments.  They are famous for their iconic figurines and collectibles, and this year the brand celebrates its 40 year anniversary!  Check out the infographic below for more infomation on this anniversary.

When I was growing up I had a few Precious Moments figurines, and I remember being in awe of a friend’s Christmas tree that was completely decorated in Precious Moments ornaments!  Today I still have a couple of Precious Moments figurines, and my mom collects the figurines for her niece, so I’m always interested to see all the new figurines in store.

What I love about the brand, other than the cute figurines themselves, is that there seems to be a figurine for everyone!  Whether your child enjoys art, dancing, or sports, you can find a Precious Moments figurine for them, and it’s also easy to find a nice figurine for any occasion, milestone, or holiday.

For more information and facts on the iconic Precious Moments Brand and their 40th anniversary, check out this video:

Last year I was received the most special gift ever, my sweet baby boy!  Here’s a picture of the two of at Mother’s Day!


I have always been a very emotional and sentimental person, so I love keepsakes and momentos.  When I found out I was pregnant I immediately bought a pregnancy journal, baby book, and baby box for all memories and keepsakes.  And after Thaxton was born, I was given so many keepsakes in honor of his birth from baby’s first Christmas ornaments to mom jewelry.

I was very excited when I had the chance to pick out a Precious Moments figurine, and I knew immediately that I would choose a mom themed figurine.  Here’s the one I chose:

This figurine is called “Love Ties Us Together.”  As you can see, it features a mother kneeling down to tie her son’s shoelace.  I love everything about this figurine from the plain, everyday clothes the figures are wearing, to the actual string that makes up the laces, and, of course, the loving eyes of the mother and child as they look upon one another.

I also love the simplicity and broader meaning of the subject matter.  The figurine is a snapshot of a parent tying her son’s shoe.  It is a very mundane event that happens every day;  in fact, it is one of many seemingly mundane tasks and moments that parents go through every day, but these simple tasks all add up to so much more!  And I love how they’ve used this very simple act, this moment, to symbolize the love and the bond between a mom and her child.

Cool and Comfortable with Tommy John Underwear

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

A lot of people have a favorite fashion accessory or piece of apparel. A lot of people collect shoes or earrings. Others have a huge tshirt or sweater collection.  One thing my husband loves is underwear.  It may sound simple and even a little silly, but having comfortable underwear is very important.  If you think it’s not than you’ve probably never had a pair that wasn’t comfortable!  I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to pick out a few items from Tommy John for review.  Actually in this case, my husband picked out some items.

My husband does a lot of work outside when he’s at home, and at work he has to do a variety of tasks; some of which take place in a very cool lab environment, while others take place in extreme heat.  For all of these, it’s important to have comfortable and high quality underwear. [Read more…]

How to choose front doors?

Exterior doors are not only an aesthetic addition – a showcase of the house, but also a functional element that is supposed to protect us against cold, noise and potential thieves. That’s why choosing the right model is extremely important. What should we remember about when choosing front doors and what are available options?

First of all – appearance

Most often the first criterion that we follow when choosing exterior doors is their appearance. Front doors, obviously, should blend with the appearance of the building – especially with front elevation and windows. Wrong choice of doors may be a fatal blow to the style of your house, so you have to take into consideration not only their color, but also design.

For a house designed in modern style you definitely shouldn’t choose any front doors with a traditional look. Way better solution would be to choose one of modernistic models, preferably one with a highly geometrical form. On the other hand, very fashionable currently buildings that have simple bodies require minimalist style doors, devoid of decorations. In such a case an interesting choice would be full panel door made of wood or metal. A fine option are also doors in the form of a frame filled with glass panes.

It is also worth to take into consideration the size of chosen doors – in case of small houses you shouldn’t install double doors (single-wing models will be the best option). The exact position of your entrance door is also significant: for example front doors leading to a large villa-inspired residence should be located centrally due to the symmetrical building arrangement. The size of a house in this case also allows for the installation of double doors, which design can additionally be highlighted by a spectacular, extended façade.

Secondly – materials

Currently the most popular types of external doors are wooden, steel, aluminum, PVC and fiberglass models. On the market are available different models from many door manufacturers, but you have to remember that each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. For example: steel models are very durable, but also have quite poor thermal insulation properties. Aluminum doors are better in this respect (but still far from being perfect!) and are soundproof, but unfortunately, due to the price, they aren’t a product available to everyone.

Wooden models are always a good solution – they aren’t only elegant-looking, but also can effectively protect the interior from cold. One of the most experienced wooden door manufacturers with many years of experience in creating construction joinery is POL-SKONE – Polish company that creates elegant exterior doors with effective anti-burglary protection. The construction of the POL-SKONE exterior doors is based on a wooden sash reinforced with a steel profile covered with two wood-like boards and additionally covered with natural veneer.

INOX stainless steel coating can be used on the surface of the wing. Thermal insulation filling, anti-theft system and double gasket system are some of available additional options that make the POL-SKONE windows reliable and warm, while guaranteeing the safety of the household members. High quality of doors and accessories available for the customers are the main reasons why POL-SKONE is considered as one of the best wooden door manufacturers in Poland.

Thirdly – addititions and accessories

When selecting exterior doors, such additions as for example frame, door closers or door handles play a huge role. Door closers provide more comfort for all the household members, but the choice of frame directly affects thermal insulation of your front doors. Properly matched handles will significantly increase the level of anti-burglary protection and also will have some impact on the comfort of your house. That’s why it’s highly recommended to buy door accessories and additions from reliable door manufacturers.

6 Easy Ways to Start a Weight Loss Plan

Starting a weight loss plan is easier said than done for most people. It’s not impossible, though. Changing habits take time, and changing out bad habits for good ones take practice.

You don’t want to try them all out at once or you may get overwhelmed and want to quit entirely. Start slow, trying one way out at a time, slowly adding the others. Soon, you will realize that you have completely changed to a healthier lifestyle and are losing weight! Here are six easy ways to start a weight loss plan.

Limit Calories

Image via Flickr by cntestmaster Instead of eating whatever you want when you are hungry, limit the amount of calories you eat in a day. This is easy to track with calorie apps. It will take some time familiarizing yourself with what foods have a certain amount of calories in them, but soon you will be able to go to a grocery store or restaurant and know how many calories are in each food just by looking at it.

Eat Better

Become a mindful eater by eating better. This means watching calories, reducing your sugar and salt intake, adding whole grains, and eating more vegetables. If you don’t eat breakfast, get into the habit of doing so. Again, start small so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Soon you will find yourself choosing the healthy foods over the unhealthy foods, just out of habit.

Increase Activity Levels

Getting active, along with eating healthier contribute to weight loss. Get in the habit of getting more active, even if it’s just by 10 minutes. This can be running instead of walking, taking the elevator instead of the escalator at work, or parking further away so that you have to walk more to get to a store. Get creative and find little ways to increase your activity levels.


If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or its been awhile, start working out just once a week. If you already work out, increase your intensity level, how long you work out, or how many times you go to the gym. Mix things up by combining cardio, weights, and high-intensity workouts.

Plan Out Meals

Meal planning is another important step to successfully losing weight. If planning out an entire week’s worth of meal sounds like too much, just plan for a few days, then increase it every week. There are plenty of easy meal planning recipes to help you get started. LifeSum has great ideas for developing a diet plan to help you get started.

Monitor Your Success

Keeping track of your success will help you see where you are hitting your goals and keep you moving forward. Write down the reasons why you want to lose weight to keep yourself motivated. Did you just lose ten pounds? Strive to lose ten more. Whenever you reach a goal, set another one.

These are just a few, but easy ways to start a weight loss plan. What are you waiting for? Get started with your weight loss plan today.

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Resolving The ‘Mental Clutter’ Of A Household



Households are more than just a convenient method of taking shelter from the outside environment and storing all of your cool belongings. Our homes tell stories, both to us and others about our history and the history that has lived there. This is what people mean when they suggest that a home has a sense of ‘character’ and ‘place.’

Your home is more than just a place you retire to at the end of the day. It is absolutely an extension of your personality, and as such should be cared for. Consider how your surroundings speak to you. They can help you celebrate and remember cherished memories, they can influence your sense of personal organization and responsibility, or even bolster your appreciation for the arts. This is why a home with no decoration or personality is often quite a sad thing. Even hotels try to aim for a sense of tasteful decoration and comforting layout, as this helps a room gain character.

Resolving the clutter of a household can help you with your ‘mental clutter’ in more ways than one. Consider our handy tips in this article to help you optimize your home by these parameters:

Correct Storage

Storing your home items correctly can be important to help reduce the actual clutter of your space. You might choose to hide certain items, you might not. Consider using wall hanging baskets or hidden cupboards under the bed or perhaps opening a subsection of the wardrobe for items you may not need to keep on show. If you do not use an item in three months and it has little ornamental or decorative value, it might be worth submitting that for your own review, to either keep for another three months, or to replace and sell. Lessening the ‘stuff’ of your room can help your room otherwise feel open, comfortable and well taken care of, allowing you to think clearly.

Shapes & Lines

Believe it or not, the shapes and lines that your room is decorated with can have a big impact on the way that you think in a room. We are influenced by our surroundings more than we know. This is the difference between knowing ‘how much do roman blinds cost?’ and installing them, lessening the chaotic shapes often made by a draping curtain. It’s the difference between lining up your picture frames to be parallel, and ensuring your television is angled as your television stand is. These shapes all have a seeming impact on how you cognitively render your room when you walk in, so consider using a gentle balance of chaos reigned in with straight and organizational shapes. Even if you have little stock for feng shui, you can feel the benefits quite clearly via this effort. When implementing this in the form of furniture and the navigability of your floor space, you will find just how open and spacious you can design a room to feel, despite changing nothing of its actual dimensions.

The mental clutter of a household can grow too much to bear sometimes. With these simple lessons you can direct this to a more favorable outcome.