12 ideas to make your living room cozier

What makes the interior cozy? Far from expensive paintings and furniture. Quite often, when considering a minimalistic design, we catch ourselves thinking: “It’s stylish, but I can’t live here.” The thing is that the feeling of comfort is given to us by subtle details. We tell you how to make the house cozy and warm with their help.

1. Arrange the books on the shelves

As a rule, we put books on the shelves tightly to each other, especially if there are a lot of them. But when they stand in a different order: horizontally and vertically, at an angle – it makes the interior voluminous and adds comfort.

Rules for grouping books

By color. One shelf can be red, another – blue, the third one – green. Take a closer look at the works of interior stylists, this is one of their secret techniques.

By size. Place the books horizontally: the largest one at the bottom following by the smaller ones, and put the thinnest at the top.

Remove the paperback editions. Inexpensive thin-cover books and all kinds of booklets in plain sight create a feeling of “littering” of the cabinet. It is not necessary to throw them out, just put them in a beautiful box.

2. Arrange the flowers

Don’t forget about living green plants. Try to always fill the house with flowers – they help to create comfort and are quite inexpensive.

Tips for choosing plants

In a spacious room, pick up a large spreading plant or even a bush! Ficus, monstera, palm or strelitzia will do.

Cacti and succulents should not be exposed alone, they look great in a group.

If the plant is not very pretty in itself (bare trunk, sparse leaves), pick up an intricate or unusual planter for it, let it balance it.

By the way, cut flowers and bouquets can be collected independently, for example, from garden flowers and twigs. What is important? Keep track of the season: in the spring, hyacinths, tulips, and mimosa will be appropriate, in the summer – wildflowers, in the autumn – hydrangeas, dahlias, and chrysanthemums, and in the winter – amaryllis and cyclamen.

3. Get rid of small decor

Meaningless figurines, vases, and other decor have no place on the shelves in your apartment. Conduct an audit. But don’t immediately buy something in return. Things in your apartment should speak about you, your hobbies and character.

Note: small products don’t create color spots and volume, they greatly clutter up the look. So you can also get rid of them without regret.

4. Don’t hide your favorite things

Don’t hide your favorite things to attract people’s attention, they should stand out from the environment and catch the eye. A good option would be a photo pillow with your portrait or with a print of your loved one. You can see how it looks on AllAboutVibe.

5. Collect things from different countries

Try to bring something from your travels. Suitable paintings, posters – you can arrange them in your gallery. Are you fond of photography? Great! Print out particularly successful shots and hang them on the wall! They can be decorated in the same frames or, conversely, in different ones – let your imagination run wild.

6. Do something with your hands for comfort in the house

Try to make something yourself. For example, you can buy an old bookshelf or a small table and give them a new life by repainting or painting.

7. Don’t leave the coffee table empty

The interior doesn’t like meaningless emptiness. Small but noticeable things like a stack of magazines on the table, a carafe of water, or a vase make it complete.

8. Make compositions of candles

How to create comfort in the house? Buy candles. It’s better to buy several products of different sizes in the same style at once. Objects in complex colors look especially impressive: bordeaux, mustard, dirty pink. And the whites make the interior simpler.

Moreover, you can pick up different candlesticks for candles and make a whole collection.

9. Hang new curtains on the windows

Empty windows have been gaining popularity lately, but, anyway, windows with curtains look cozier. Choose simple materials: cotton, linen, light flowing tulle. However, both roll-up curtains and Roman ones will do – any curtains create a sense of security.

10. Add things to match the color of the walls or finishes

Most often, things do not fit together because of different styles, colors, or finishes. Paint some pieces of furniture in the same color as the walls, or pick up curtains, carpet, or pillows to match. If you have pink walls, then designer pillows of delicate tones will be perfectly combined with it. This will create a sense of unity of space.

11. Don’t forget about lighting

It also plays an important role and helps to create comfort. Let you have several lighting scenarios in each room. For example, a common light in the living room, a floor lamp by the reading chair, and a table lamp by the sofa.

What kind of device will make any room really cozy? Garland! Hang retro-style light bulbs on the edge of the mirror or decorate the curtain rod with them – the feeling of warmth will not take long to wait.

12. Add flavors

There is nothing nicer than having a fragrance at home. There are several options: use scented candles, sachets, or a special diffuser. It looks like a bottle with a liquid – the actual aroma – and cane sticks included, which are inserted into the container. The more sticks you use, the brighter the flavor. Diffusers for the home can be found both in mass-market brands and in the luxury segment.


We hope your living room will be truly transformed. Good luck!

What To Get Her For Christmas This Year

Group of elegant young people exchanging gifts and smiling cheerfully during Christmas party, copy space

Picking what to get someone for Christmas each year is a daunting task in and of itself, before you know it, December has rolled around and you’re stuck having to get personal, useful, exciting, and unique presents for everyone you know. To add to the stress getting the perfect present for the kind of person you’re getting it for is just another worry to add on top of the already mounting pile of worries. 

Though there are presents that transcend gender, there are certain gifts that are better tailored to men and women respectively. For instance, a woman would find very little interest in a male grooming kit, as an obvious example. However, there are some subtleties to this too. And choosing a gift for a woman can be a lot more daunting and tricky than buying for a man. There are so many more products to choose from and tastes to cater for that it may even feel overwhelming. Is she a coffee lover, is she a working woman, or perhaps she’s a mom. Well, have no fear, because we are here to help. Hopefully this list will help you beat the last-minute rush and get exactly what you want and need early before everything clears the shelves. 


Decorative Plates


Any homemaker will tell you how much they appreciate novelty items to fill their walls and shelves with colour and breathe new life into their homes. Decorative plates are a fun and personal gift that shows how much you value you her and her home. You can get them in a range of colours and designs, shapes and sizes. There is so much to choose from to suit her exact style needs.


Christmas Hamper


Nothing shows how much you care for someone more than a basket full of their favourite luxuries, food and wine. As women we lead busy and stressful lives and sometimes all want is to be pampered a little. A bit of decadence is all we ask for.  This is why a christmas hamper is the perfect gift. Fill it to the brim with her favourite selection of comfort foods, skin care products you know she’ll love and pop in a cheeky bottle of red to get her belting Last Christmas at the top of her lungs on boxing day.


Funky Christmas Sweaters


Okay now we know that christmas sweaters can often be a bit on the garish side and they are seasonal so she will not nececessarily be wearing it all year round. However, if you’re looking to get her something a little bit on the cheeky and fun side this year than this might be the perfect option. Not only are they funny but they are great for the festive spirit. You can now find Womens Christmas Sweaters in a whole manner of fun designs and styles, many of which that will bring a smile to her face and keep her amused throughout the christmas period. 

Beginner’s Guide: How To Be A Great Blogger

So, you have decided that you are going to start a blog? Great news! Once you have found a topic that you are passionate about, you are ready to go. However, there is a lot more to blogging than meets the eye. If you are looking for a helping hand, read on to discover some helpful tips…

 Be yourself – Let’s start with the most important tip of them all: be yourself! When it comes to blogging, there is not a specific set of rules to follow. However, your key to success is definitely to be yourself. That is what is going to draw people in. If your blog is impersonal, people won’t be able to connect with you or relate to you, and you will struggle to maintain a dedicated viewership.

 Use WordPress – One of your first decisions is going to be what platform to use for your website, and WordPress is definitely an option that comes highly recommended. There are many reasons why this is the case. This includes the fact that it is easy to optimise your website for the search engine result pages with WordPress, as well as the regular updates, strong community support, endless plug-ins, and a high level of security. WordPress also offers quick installation and ease of use too.

Learn about SEO – Not only do you need to be yourself and choose a good blogging platform but you also need to make sure you master the art of search engine optimization. After all, you can have a very impressive and engaging blog, but if no one is reading it, what is the point? You need to make sure that you are optimziing all of your content so that it appears as high up on the search engine result pages as possible. From using certain keywords to making sure your blog operates quickly and efficiently, there are a lot of different ways that you can boost the search engine ranking of your website.

 Write catchy headlines – It does not matter how amazing your content is, nobody is going to read it if you do not produce a catchy headline. People have a split second to determine whether they are going to read your post or not, which is why it is imperative that your headline makes a big impression. Good headlines are bold, useful, and powerful, yet simple.

Use original images wherever possible – Aside from the tips that we have mentioned so far, we would also recommend that you use original images whenever possible. There are some great stock photo websites out there at the moment, where you can get images free of charge, without having to worry about any copyright problems. However, the issue with these photos and images is that everyone is going to be using them, and so it can make your blog look generic and dated. Original photos make a much better impression.

 Organize your devices – It is important to have your laptop and phone set up so you can easily post to your blog. You can use an iPhone cleaner app to make sure you have plenty of space.

Be consistent – Consistency is one of the most vital things that most bloggers tend to forget. A consistent blog will ensure users do not get confused. After all, there is nothing worse than posting frequently and then having several days of silence. Schedule your posts to overcome this. Remember, it is much easier to lose traffic than it is to build it.

Use a content calendar – We have just mentioned the importance of consistency, and this is why it makes a lot of sense to use a content calendar. Content calendars are helpful because you can plot out future content and keep everything nice and organised. If you simply add content whenever you feel like it, you will find it incredibly difficult to maintain the consistent posting schedule you really need.

 Give stuff away – People love free things, so if you can afford to run a competition, this is a great way to build up traffic. You can get people to share your social media posts in order to enter, and for every share, you are going to be benefitting from free advertising.

Use different types of content – To keep people engaged, it makes sense to use different types of content to keep people engaged. There are so many different types of content that you can put on your site to keep people entied and engaged. This includes blog posts, how-to guides, features, videos, infographics, audio, and much more. If you use different types of content, then you ensure that things are not boring for those using your website, and this is key.

Explore avenues to boost your profits – In addition to the points that we have mentioned above, you also need to look into different ways to boost your profit levels. After all, everyone wants to make extra money if it is possible. The good news is that there are a lot of different ways that bloggers can add to their income. You can for, example, accept guest posts on your website for a small fee. You can also sell advertising space. Another option is to make money via affiliate marketing. No matter what avenue you go down, you need to make sure you do so in a manner that does not end up frustrating your audience or isolating them.

 Understand your audience – Last but not least, the importance of understanding your audience cannot be ignored. You need to get to know your target consumer base before you do anything else so that you are able to create content that is going to resonate with them.

 Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your blogging journey. From being yourself to choosing the right website platform, there is a lot to take into account, but if you follow the advice that has been provided, you should find the process a lot easier.


Fun Ideas for Your Outdoor Halloween Party

The great thing about Halloween is that it offers something fun for people of all ages. From trick-or-treating to midnight horror movies, there’s a little for everyone to enjoy. That’s why Halloween parties are so popular. There’s a huge variety of activities, refreshments and decorations you can experiment with depending on what appeals to you and your guests. If you’re planning to throw an outdoor Halloween party, here are some ideas you can try for a fun and spooky evening the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Gather Around the Fire Pit

The weather is starting to cool down around Halloween in many places, making it an excellent time of year to gather with friends and family around a cozy fire pit. Your guests can roast marshmallows and make s’mores by the fire. Just make sure you have a fire safety plan in place to keep your party warm and safe.

Read and Share Scary Stories

Sharing spooky tales is a time-honored Halloween tradition for many families. Set aside time at your outdoor party to share scary stories. Tell old ghost stories, act out parts from your favorite scary movie or look up thrilling tales online to share with your guests.

Show Off Your Costumes

If your Halloween party is a costume party, your guests will likely have put a lot of effort into getting dressed up. Organize a costume parade if you have young kids at your party. If your guests are a bit older, you could hand out costume awards or let guests vote on their favorite outfit.

Decorate and Carve Pumpkins Pumpkin carving and outdoor parties are a perfect match. It’s much easier to manage the mess of carving pumpkins outside. Make a pumpkin patch in your yard supplied with carving tools for your guests to use. Another option is to buy miniature pumpkins and give your guests paint, stickers and other craft supplies they can use for decorating.

Adapt Kid-Friendly Games

Any party games or activities your little ones and their friends enjoy playing can be adapted to fit the Halloween theme of your party. For example, set up a game where kids try to pin a spider on a web while blindfolded. Get a Halloween-themed piñata at your local party store. If your family likes to play bean-bag toss, decorate the bean bags to look like pumpkins or black cats.

Make Space for Grown-Ups

While the kids are at play, create a space for the grown-ups at your party to relax and chat. Invest in some comfortable patio furniture. Consider an outdoor structure like a pergola that can create shade during the day and turn into a covered outdoor room in the evening. You can even build it yourself if you order a pergola hardware kit.

Prepare Festive Refreshments

There are many fun Halloween-themed appetizers, snacks and desserts you can serve at your party. For example, you can decorate rice crisp treats to look like ghosts or roll up hot dogs in crescent rolls to make tasty mummies. You could even make a Halloween punch that looks like a witch’s potion and serve it in a cauldron.

Create a Spooky Atmosphere

Use sound and lighting to create the ultimate spooky atmosphere at your Halloween party. Warm, gentle lighting is nice in the evening, but you can also use outdoor holiday lights in bright colors like purple, orange and green to turn your outdoor space into a creepy environment. Make a party playlist of Halloween hits or look up scary soundscapes on your favorite streaming service to play in the background.

If you want to host an outdoor bash the entire family can enjoy, try these tips at your next Halloween party.

Things To Do When Preparing To Sell Commercial Real Estate

Owning commercial real estate (CRE) is a responsibility that only ends until you’ve finally sold the property. Putting it up for sale requires careful handling, which still falls in your hands. You have to remain involved in the entire sale process from beginning to end.

You’re probably aware of the profit you can gain from selling commercial property. Now you finally decide to make a move and benefit from your investment. You can make money from it and sell it fast if you know what you’re doing.

It all starts with preparing your commercial property before listing it for sale. Knowledge is key to success in what can be a challenging endeavor. Here are the things you have to do when preparing to sell commercial real estate.

Get a property valuation

Property valuation is the process of estimating a property’s value. It’s necessary to know your commercial property’s assessed value to have a fair concept of how much you can sell it and ultimately come to a selling price. Besides your selling price, property valuation is also helpful for tax purposes regarding business tax, wealth tax, municipal taxes, and annual tax returns.

Here are the factors that can affect the estimation of your commercial real estate’s value:

● Buyer/seller’s market: The market heavily influences your final listing price and how much investors are willing to pay for your property. If the assessed value falls on the buyer’s market, the buyer has a say in the price. On the other hand, if it’s on a seller’s market, buyers may be willing to pay your asking price. It’s important to know because a property’s value changes quite quickly.

● Property size: Larger properties are usually valued higher than smaller ones because they’re more attractive and lucrative. However, some investors also look for properties that are easier to maintain, which are usually smaller ones.

● Rooms and amenities: The actual size of a property is also a relevant factor that affects commercial real estate valuation. The more space and amenities it has, the higher the assessed value it can have.

● Location: A property’s value varies depending on where it is located. If your commercial property is located in a neighborhood where properties are in demand, it’ll likely have a higher value.

There are different property valuation methods, and you can have it conducted by a third party to avoid bias. There’s also a difference between valuation and sales appraisal, which is usually interchangeable when selling a property.

Compare it with other properties

Selling any kind of real estate revolves around coming up with the right selling price. Before you place your property on any listings, you should compare it to other properties. By doing so, you’ll also have a better idea of its current market value.

Familiarizing yourself with the pricing trends around you will help in selling your commercial real estate quicker. Find other commercial properties that are up for sale near yours because there might be competition. You may be competing against other properties, so comparing will help see what you can do to attract buyers to yours.

Choose the right listing

As a seller, picking the listing where you’ll post your selling ad is critical to your success. You should place it where more buyers can see it. The challenge lies in choosing which listing platform to pick because there are numerous choices available.

One specific thing is you should look for it online. Online listings provide more chances to place your commercial property in front of more eyes.

Many of the top CRE listing platforms will require you to be represented by a CRE broker. You should also target off-market buyers to increase the likelihood of selling your property.

Showcase your CRE in the best possible way

Part of why you should choose online listing platforms is to present your property in a good light. You have more space allotted for uploading photos or videos showcasing the good sides of your property. This gives buyers a more realistic view of what they’re buying.

Keep in mind that buyers are more attracted to a property when they can picture themselves in the property. Always remember that when you’re coming up with ways to display your property for listings. Make sure that the buyers can see themselves using your CRE through your listing.

Final words

If you’re going to sell your CRE, do it in the best way you can. Have it assessed to know its current fair market value so you can come up with the right proper selling price. Prepare it for buyers and investors to get the return on investment you invested in in the first place.

Author’s Bio: William Ross may not be a lawyer by profession, but he’s one of the sharpest writers out there when it comes to property tax and valuation. Armed with considerable knowledge and gifted with impeccable writing skills, he can surely deliver engaging property-related content.

5 Garden Design Ideas to Make the Most of your Outdoor Space

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to make the most of your outdoor space. Regardless of what the weather is like where you are, getting fresh air is essential for good physical and mental health. This is why it is handy to have your own outdoor space to use as you see fit.

However, it can be tricky when it comes to designing your garden. Many people have no idea when it comes to gardening or landscaping. If you are struggling to make the most of your outdoor space, here are a few garden design ideas along with garden supplies and landscape supplies options to help you get started:

Do some planting

A garden wouldn’t be a garden with some plants, which is why planting is the first garden design idea for your outdoor space. If you are not confident in planting, you can invest in useful garden supplies to help you get on with it.

A garden planter bed is a handy garden supply which would help you cultivate plants, flowers, and herbs in your garden. It is great for those who have never really done much planting, as it allows you manage and grow your plants properly. Having said that, garden planter beds are also useful for those who are more comfortable planting since it is a much more convenient way of planting.

You can shop our wide range of garden supplies here.

Get the Right Flooring

It is important to ensure your garden has the right flooring for your needs. Quality flooring would encourage you to spend more time in your outdoor space. However, if you have the wrong flooring, your garden would not be as comfortable and would not be as inviting, which would lead to you pretty much avoiding your outdoor space.

For a comfortable sitting area, it is a great idea to get wooden flooring tiles that are made from great quality materials. Wooden flooring tiles are easy and quick to install, safe to use, and built to last for many years.

If you are looking to get some flooring for your outdoor space, do check out our Yaheetech landscape supplies range. We have a variety of outdoor tiles for your home.

Invest in a Fire Pit

A well-designed garden makes you want to spend time in it. So, if you are interested in spending more time in your outdoor space, it is a great idea to invest in it. You can start with getting a fire pit.

Here at Yaheetech, we have a great range of Fire Pits for your garden needs. Our Fire Pits come in various shapes and sizes, there is one for every garden.

Investing in a Fire Pit is a great way to update your garden as it is a handy equipment to have for heating and entertainment purposes.

Buy Some Garden Furniture

Having furniture in your garden will encourage you to spend some more time in the space. It is a great idea to get some chairs and tables for your garden. The garden furniture prices usually vary but they are also readily available and affordable.

In other to make the most of your outdoor space, get the right sizes of chairs and tables for your garden and your needs.

Don’t Forget a Flower Stand

If you want to beautify your garden, the quickest way is by adding some color to it. This is easily done by getting flowers. Getting a flower stand would allow you to care and show off your beautiful flowers in a neat space.

Our flower stands are compact and do not take a lot of space. They are easy to assemble and are made from high-quality wood which requires low maintenance.

The possibilities are endless as far as garden design ideas are concerned. There are many ways to update your outdoor space, but you can start with these five garden design tips and see how you get on. The good thing is when you start implementing these tips, inspiration would likely kick in, and the floodgates of ideas would open, and your garden would thank you for it.

About Yaheetech

Yaheetech, established in 2003, is a professional brand specializing in garden supplies. With 39 self-own warehouses worldwide, we deliver a wide selection of quality garden products within 3 days locally and support 30 days no reason to return and exchange goods policies.

Operating our markets in 10 countries covering Northern America and Europe for more than 15 years, we have successfully become an industry-leading garden product brand with 900, 000 global sales.

Through continuous effort, we gain Best Seller among Garden Supplies on over 10 online shopping platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wayfair, Wish, Cdiscount, ManoMano, OTTO, Rakuten, Real and more.

We commit to being your most faithful witness to your garden harvest and party laughter.

What Mesa Residents Need to Know to Book a Storage Unit

Mesa in Arizona is a place where most residents will own their own homes and experience a dense suburban vibe. Those who own their homes tend to accumulate more items than those who rent their real estate. This is because renting feels like more of a temporary solution and a situation where people are likely to move on in the near future. Renters are, after all, governed by a landlord who decides whether they will continue to rent the property to them or whether they will sell at some stage.

So, what can you do if you are a real estate owner and end up accumulating too many possessions, all of which you want to keep? The answer to this is that you should book a storage unit near you. Now with that decision made, we take the time to learn more about booking a storage unit in Mesa or other parts of the US.

Reserving a Storage Unit

It is often free to reserve a storage unit. In Mesa, you may find that you can have the first month for just $1 and then a 50% discount applied after that. So, it is a cost-effective way to store your surplus items rather than contemplate moving house as a solution to your storage problem that has resulted over time.

Choosing a Size of Storage Unit

The most work on your part will be working out the size of the storage unit that you need. It will be a case of listing and measuring your items to decide, and them allowing some margin for adding in extra items that you might think of later or have forgotten about. Bear in mind that items should be measured in every direction as storage units have certain heights as well as lengths and widths. Be sure to measure in square feet too, to save having to convert your measurements. This is because most storage unit providers will work in these measurements.

Consider a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Where you have heavy or awkward items to unload into a storage unit or have a vehicle to store, it is useful to know that there are drive-up storage units for your convenience. You can even drive cars straight into them or have less distance to lift heavy objects.

Think About Temperature and Climate Control of Your Storage Environment

Many storage units can provide the perfect environment for storing antiques and precious items that need certain environments to store them better. They can benefit in terms of their preservation from climate-controlled units that will regulate temperatures and humidity. Archival materials particularly benefit from cool and temperature-controlled environments. It is important to keep a consistent or regulated temperature.

Think About Security

A storage unit can keep your items secure and will eliminate the risk that your home might be burgled because of the items that you own. Having valuable items on display is all very well when they are nice to look at but can also present a security risk. Inside a storage unit, nobody but you and close friends and family will necessarily know that you own them. This keeps them secure with the storage units having restricted access.

To conclude, the above should help you to know just what to consider when looking to hire a unit to store items. This can be on a grand scale if wanting to accommodate all the possessions from your home while moving, or on a smaller scale if just looking to accommodate some of your possessions from a decision to declutter your home. It is useful to measure things rather than try and guess if they will be okay for a storage unit. Very often objects will be taller or wider than you might think. Then, things can soon amass into a vast amount of space being needed when all accumulated together in one space. The impression we get when they are all spread out within the rooms of a large house will be a different one to them being confined within one room or unit. So, measure to be sure as this will ensure that you book the right sized storage unit from the start.

So, if you are in Mesa, or anywhere in Arizona, make that decision today and see just how a storage unit booked locally can help your home situation or circumstances. Do not be surrounded by clutter that is not pleasing to our mind or our body.

5 Heart-Healthy Tips

The heart is the hardest working organ in our body. Without it, pumping blood around the body, we would be unable to survive, which is why it is so important that we take good care of our hearts.

With that in mind, here are my top tips for maintaining a healthy heart, a few of which may surprise you…

  1. Give up smoking

If you’re a smoker, the absolute best thing you can do for your heart health is to give up right now! Tobacco will clog up your arteries and make it difficult for your heart to do its job, and since it’s one factor that is under your control you must do something about it. Of course, that’s often easier said than done, but these days, with vapes and nicotine replacement products readily available, it’s totally doable.

  1. Take good care of your teeth and gums

Your oral health is inextricably linked with your heart health. If your teeth and gums are in a bad state, you’re more likely to have high blood pressure and suffer from heart disease, amongst other things, So, a really easy way to look after your heart is to look after your teeth. From brushing and flossing regularly to using teeth aligners to straighten out teeth and lower the risk of cavities, anything you can do to improve the state of your mouth will be great for your heart too.

Close-up of wine glasses tapping in a bar. Party and nightlife concept

  1. Drink alcohol

Yes, really, but only in moderation. Studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can raise the HDL levels in your body. This is good cholesterol which helps the heart to function optimally, and which can also help to prevent blood clots from forming in the arteries. Just be aware that too much alcohol is undoubtedly bad for the heart, and the body as a whole, so keep it sensible.

  1. Laugh more

Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to your heart, anyway. Studies have shown that laughing regularly lowers the presence of stress hormones in the body, lowers blood pressure, and raises your levels of goods cholesterol. Being healthy really doesn’t have to be a drag!

  1. Eat less salt

Salt may give your food more flavor, but it can also increase your blood pressure to unhealthy levels if you have too much of it. That would be bad for your body because it would cause your heart to work harder than usually necessary. 

It’s no surprise that people who develop heart disease tend to consume more salt than average, but studies have shown that if everyone was to lower their salt intake by just half a teaspoon the number of people with heart disease would drop considerably. Start removing some of the salt from your meals gradually and your tastebuds will adapt and you won’t even notice the difference, but you will reap the heart-healthy benefits. 

Your heart is so important which is why you need to take the best possible care of it. Doing the above will help immensely, but always consult your doctor before you make any sigificant changes to your health.

The Best Paints for a metal roof

Metal roofs are preferred for their longevity and best value. But at times, the metal roofs can get old, rusty, and unpleasant. This does not mean there are serious structural issues; the metal roof can be repainted to make it look better. Repainting is always seen as a cheaper option for face lifting a roof, but it also comes with unique challenges. Most of the common issues that most people face are whether to go for exterior paint or metal roof paint. And if so, the best color for the metal roof.

What’s the difference between roof paint and exterior paints

Thou both are used on the exteriors; there is a vast difference between metal roof paint and exterior paint. The two should never be mixed, nor should they be mistaken as their functions and capabilities are distinct. Roof paints, especially for metal roofs, are superior as they have advanced cooling capabilities, are waterproof, and last longer than exterior paints. Here is a closer look at the difference between roof paints and exterior paints;


When a homeowner decides to buy paint, they intend to have the color serve them for a long while. Exterior paints usually last anywhere between 7 to 10 years, while roof paints will go for 15 years. The difference is quite extensive, which makes roof paints quite enticing to many homeowners.

UV absorption

The sun releases UV, which can be pretty damaging to metal roofs. But most paints are designed with elastomeric resins, which have UV absorbing capabilities. This is vital in preventing the UV rays from harming the metal roofs. On the other hand, exterior colors have no such thing as this, which means your metal roof will not last for a long time.


Designed to withstand the pressure that metal roofs face, roof paints have superior quality to exterior paints. When exterior paints are exposed to harsh weather, they tend to peel, crack and chip because they are not elastic. On the other hand, Roof paints are meant to be elastic, which makes them accommodate the expansion and contraction of metal roofs.


Generally, exterior paints are somewhat cheaper than roof paints. Since roof paints have more enhanced features, which enable them to outlast exterior paints, the cost is also different. But, there is a catch; the cheaper option can prove costly as exterior paints tend to have a shorter lifespan. Readout more about metal roof coating costs at Home Garden Guides.

Resource:  https://homegardenguides.com/painting/metal-roof-painting-cost/

Energy efficient

Since roof paints are applied on the top side of the house, they are crafted with better energy efficiency. Most, if not all, metal roofs have highly reflective ceramics, which pushes the heat away from home. The roof paints are designed to reflect the heat into the atmosphere rather than retain the heat. This is something that’s not possible with exterior paints.

Which is the best metal roof paint

On its own, a metal roof is sustainable and highly effective in keeping your house well protected. But to ensure that your metal roof will serve you for many more years, you will need to apply a metal roof coating. Since there are many metal roof paints out there, it can be very confusing, especially when you’re not well-versed with painting matters. But we have done the heavy lifting for you, and we bring you the best metal roof paint; 

Liquid Rubber Roof Coating

This solar reflective paint will give your roof a much-needed boost even as it helps keep the temperatures regulated. Coming in 1-gallon packages, the sealant is perfect for metal roofs even as it helps reflect UV rays to the atmosphere. It will adhere to the metal roof perfectly and withstand weather elements with ease. This Liquid Rubber Roof paint’s primary color is white, and the paint is waterproof, helping your metal roof beat any rusting. Overall, the application is relatively easy, and the paint will serve you for many more years to come.

Jetcoat Acrylic Roof Coating

Manufactured by a household name in the painting industry, this Cool King Reflective Roof Coating is just what you need to keep your roof well protected. It’s solar reflective, which means your house will remain cool even with the scorching sun outside. The paint comes in much bigger packages of 5 gallons and can paint surfaces of about 50X70 square feet. It can be applied on other surfaces as well, including asphalt and wood. However, it’s advisable not to use it over shingled or gravel roofs. 

Valspar Metal roof coating

While most paints come in more conservative black and white colors, Valspar chose to be different. Valspar Metal roof coating comes in a variety of vibrant and enticing colors. The paint is perfect for metal and galvanized surfaces and comes in prominent 5-gallons paints, covering an entire roof of a standard house. The paint is UV-resistant and crafted to serve you for many years to come. It’s also waterproof for that added security for your roof. Unlike other paints that take a short time to cure, the Valspar metal roof coating will take about seven days. This is your number one pick for metal roof paint if you want your metal roof to have that glassy look. 

3 Unique Ideas to Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

When designing the interior of your house, you want to make sure that everything you do makes your place look and feel more special. Plus, you want to make sure that everyone who walks into your home is familiar with the kind of art you love and appreciate.

That said, there are several ways to personalize your home, furniture ranging anywhere from modern to unique, unusual color themes to paint your walls with, a curious piece of fine art, creative and personalized neon signs that make the whole place feel special.

Let’s take a look at some unique ideas here that will not only enhance your interiors but will also create a whole new experience for you:

● Bring Back the 80s Electric Feel.

Taking inspiration from one of the coolest and electrifying eras of history, the 80s, you can upgrade the whole vibe of your place. You must have seen them as advertising signs for clubs and bars, but now neon signs are entering our homes and gaining popularity as a home decor idea.

A perfect way to use it as an interior design idea would be to create your neon signs and hang them on your walls as home decorations. A personalized neon sign can express your feelings about a particular room or an idea that you want to convey with style. You can even select your favorite color for neon signs that are made of LED lights. The glow that these signs exude will brighten not only your room but also your mood every time you’ll switch them on.

● Invent a Focal Point

Setting up a focal point in a room is an easy and cost-efficient way to give a new life to your space. These focal points will draw anyone’s eye away from the not so graceful parts of a room.

Plus, it’s a clever way to hide not-so-special decorative elements without the need to renovate an entire room.

To give wings to this idea, you can seek assistance from art, floral displays, and even plush furnishings – the possibilities are just endless for this simple yet effective interior design idea.

● Spruce up the Entrance

When you are on a budget and want to refresh your interiors, the simple idea of turning your home’s entrance into something special will work as a cost-effective idea. Paint your entrance door with your favorite color, change the knocker or update the mailbox. And if you look closely, there are plenty of small details that you can look into to elevate the mood of your home.

You can change the fonts of numbers used on the door or get a new, more special-looking welcome mat. If the entrance to your home isn’t up to the mark, you might even make a wrong first impression on your valued guests before they even walk inside your home. So when you are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your space, you know that the change begins from your front door.

Wrapping Up!

Modernizing your home is not always a simple thing to do. There are several factors that you first need to consider before you make any move. However, with the ideas mentioned above, you can come to this whole endeavor easier on yourself. Try these ideas and turn the entire place into a unique experience.