Happy 2018 + Baby Announcement and Story

Hello all!  And Happy New Year!  With 2018 here, I just wanted to check in and write a quick post.  I’ve been a little bit absent the last couple of months, but if you follow me on Instagram or read my first little mini announcement, you know it’s been for a good cause!


I’d like for you to officially meet little Charles Saban Thaxton Birdwell.  (You may call him Thaxton.)  He was named after 2 great men.  The first is my dad, Charles Thaxton Holladay, and the second is Coach Nick Saban.  We wanted to name him Saban, because my stepson’s middle name is Bryant (after Bear Bryant), and it was actually my husband’s idea to use my dad’s middle name, Thaxton.  Then we had a gender reveal ultrasound, where we learned that HE was going to be a HE, and on the way home from the appointment, my husband suggested calling the baby Thaxton, rather than Saban.  At that point, I suggested we throw the Charles in as well.  So there is the story behind his name! [Read more…]

8 Must-Haves and Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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This year I’ve been working on a very special project; I’ve been creating and growing my own little human!

Baby Thaxton was born on November 14.  Isn’t he a doll?  We tried for a long time to get pregnant, and I was so thrilled when I found out that I was having him. Even now, a month after his birth, I can hardly believe he’s real!

I think until you get pregnant and have a baby, you don’t actually realize just how much actually goes in to the whole process.  When a baby is born we talk about the big delivery day and the pains of labor, and we don’t talk as much about what happens during those 9 months of pregnancy. Over the course of 9 months, I gained about 30 pounds, and I saw and felt my body going through so many changes as a result of this weight gain, hormone changes, and more!   Today I’m going to discuss some tips and must-haves to help you stay healthy and feeling good during pregnancy. [Read more…]

Instant Savings on Huggies® at Sam’s Club + Baby Changing Supplies Organizer

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As many of you know, my Simply Sweet Home will be even sweeter about a month from now, as we welcome our newest member, Baby Thaxton!  I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. As you can imagine, I am in the middle of final baby preparations: cleaning house, packing hospital bags, purchasing last minute supplies, and getting everything organized.  Phew!  One thing I don’t have to worry about right away is diapers and wipes.  Thanks to Sam’s Club, we have stocked up on plenty of those for a while!

Sam’s Club is THE place to stock up on must-have supplies for your family or small business.  In the past, I’ve saved a lot of money on health and beauty supplies, pet items, office supplies, and cleaning products.  Now that I’m pregnant, I get to take a peek at the must-have items for baby!  Sam’s Club has everything from baby toys and clothes, to essentials like diapers, wipes, and formula!  Today I’m going to talk about why Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for baby essentials. I also have information on an instant savings deal with Huggies® at Sam’s Club and a tutorial to help you organize your baby changing supplies! [Read more…]

Our Forest Friends Nursery Reveal

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In the past few years, we have done several home makeover and DIY projects.  We’ve done a little painting outside, put up new light fixtures, painted furniture, gotten new appliances, and bought all new furniture in our living room, but I don’t think anything has been quite as exciting or as fun as putting together our new baby nursery!  After deliberating over a few themes and color schemes, I finally decided on the Forest Friends theme from Sweet Jojo Designs.

I LOVE this brand.  I first attracted to the overall look and colors of this set, and when I saw all the different types of accessories that were available, I was SOLD!  I’ve seen plenty of bedding sets with just your basic sheet, comforter, mobile, and diaper stacker.  If I wanted any other pieces, I’d just have to look around for something that sort of matches, but all of the Sweet Jojo Designs collections have EVERYTHING you could possibly need to decorate your nursery, including matching wall art and wall decals.

Apart from the great designs, the collection is also very high quality, and each nursery collection has a matching toddler and child bedding set, so when baby Thaxon gets big enough for his toddler bed, I’ll just have to get a new bedding set, and we can continue using the rest of his decor! [Read more…]

Our Nursery Furniture – Preview and Products

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As many of you know, I’m getting ready to welcome a new little one into the world.  HE is scheduled to arrive on November 17, and I’m currently in the process of getting the nursery decorated.  Today I’m sharing the nursery furniture that has been purchased.

Chest and Changing Table

First we have the South Shore Fundy Tide Changing Table and 4-Drawer Chest.  I purchased these on Amazon.  The set is available on other websites, but Amazon had the best pricing.

This is a great looking set. The color is espresso, but I think there are other colors available. It was very important to me to find a changing table with drawers, because I like to have things stored so that they are hidden.  The South Shore Fundy Tide Changing table has two drawers, plus a shelf for storing items.  And another great thing about this item is that we can still use it in the baby’s room long after a changing table is no longer needed.  I figure I could use for toys, extra clothes, art supplies, or anything else in his room, and then I just have to remove the changing pad, and there is a place to display items.   [Read more…]

5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

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5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

I’m about 11 weeks pregnant.  It’s a relatively new thing for me, but over the past several weeks and months I’ve done plenty of research on that first trimester, the symptoms it brings about, and solutions to combat those symptoms.  Although I’m told the morning sickness and fatigue will soon wear off for a while (and luckily a lot of the common first trimester symptoms haven’t hit me hard), I know I still have a lot of changes and adjustments to look forward to over the next few months!

A few things I’m not looking forward to are the weight gain, the loss of sleep, and those frequent trips to the bathroom.  But I’m sure I will survive!  Today I’m sharing 5 pregnancy must-haves for self-care. [Read more…]

Special Announcement: Coming in November

I had planned to put up this post next week, but I have a sponsored post coming up related to the topic, so I thought it would be good to go ahead an make the announcement now…

Pregnancy Test

After a long time of trying and much anticipation, I am happy to announce that we are expecting!  Our little baby bird is expected to arrive on November 17.  (And I’m really hoping he/she arrives on this day so he/she can share a birthday with my dad.)

If you are a regular reader to my blog and have noticed that I have posted as regularly as I have in the past….this would be a large reason why, but hopefully I can get back on track soon….at least till November! [Read more…]

Let’s Buy All Baby Stuff from One Place

Aden and Anais

Online shopping is perhaps the greatest gift for shopaholics but it can be a tricky one too. Big brands have quality certitude and originality associated with their names. Acquiring the baby products online, means going for perfection and convenience, the products are delivered to your doorstep in just one click. Baby’s well-being and safety cannot be put to risk for the sake of monetary aspects. Determining the best brands for your baby online could be a time-consuming task, but thanks to My Baby Store where they possess all the desirable products from the most prestigious baby brands.

Aden And Anais  is an Australian brand adored by millions of parents for their uncompromised care and quality. The Aden And Anais products depict the feeling behind their creation, that is, they never undermine the care and comfort of the baby while creating their baby items. Aden And Anais baby swaddles and cuddly companions are the cutest accessories for babies. There are swaddles available in various styles and designs, made from the finest, durable material. Aden And Anais baby sleeping bags are a symbol of comfort, they have a huge admiration by millions of customers for their outstanding quality and services. They assure a carefree and peaceful sleep for the baby. The best thing about these sleeping bags is that they are available in different styles and designs. Alongside the charm and beauty of these products, the choice of fabric is also diverse. The hypoallergenic fabric such as bamboo has also been used for the sensitive skin of the baby. At My Baby Store, a complete range of Aden And Anais swaddles, sleeping bags, and blankets is available at special prices. My Baby Store is an ideal online store for parents who are looking for baby products for their parents.

Love to Dream
Love To Dream is also one name that has become an icon in the baby product industry. Over the years, Love To Dream stroller accessories, baby swaddles, and baby sleeping bags have been manufactured meeting the international standards of quality and comfort. No matter what people buy

for their babies, they always want the baby effect, whether they find it in the patterns, the prints or in the colors. The Love To Dream baby swaddles and baby sleeping bags provide a comfortable sleep. These products are available in bright colors and innovative styles. Love To Dream swaddles and sleeping bags are perfect for outdoors and traveling. These baby gigs offer more than just comfort and coziness, their beautiful patterns and styles make them the best outfits for the little ones. My Baby Store has showcased the most adorable Love To Dream swaddles and sleeping bags for the buyers.

Plum Sleeping Bags

Plum sleeping bags are among the top selling baby brands; their bamboo muslin sleeping bags are very popular. Bamboo fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic. The Plum Bamboo Jersey Muslin sleeping bags have dual benefits for both the babies and their parents. When you put your baby to sleep in a Plum sleeping bag, you can have a good night sleep yourself knowing that the baby is safe and comfortable and that his skin will be protected by the environment-friendly fabric. The choice of the material used in the Plum sleeping bags is a proof of their quality and concern for their valued customers. Plum sleeping bags are among the top selling brands on My Baby Store.

If you’ve been looking for a store on which you can rely for their utmost quality and the best brands, then My Baby Store should be your ultimate destination. My Baby Store has an enormous and vibrant collection of baby products, the options here, are unlimited. My Baby Store understands that keeping up with the expenses of the baby is difficult for parents and they always offer special prices and occasional sales. Let’s grab all the baby products under one place.

Top Baby Brands Providing Everything at One Place

Kids are impulsive, one moment they are having fun in a certain activity and the next instance you see them, they are already in search of a new piece to play with. The real challenge that baby product companies face is to create the playthings that will not only retain the interest of the child but also have some educational value attached to them.

skip hop

A few of the most popular Australian brands in kids’ accessories and toys are Skip Hop, Plum and Kidkraft. Speaking of kids accessories, they must be significantly appealing, and Skip Hop hasn’t overlooked that basic element in any of their products. Kids love animal characters, take a kid along on shopping and he’d want everything that resembles an animal character even if they don’t know what it is. Skip Hop zoo series has the cutest snack cups, bottles, lunch boxes and several other toys with bees, owls, and monkeys printed on them. No matter how much you persuade a child to eat and drink properly, they’ll always end up leaving a nice big portion on their plates. However, with these adorable and attractive Skip Hop baby cups and lunch boxes, kids will start eating better eventually. Skip Hop kid accessories are built with the fine quality materials for maximum safety and resilience. Their attractive colors and styles can even make the parents fall for them.

skip hop

Kidkraft is a name of excellence and creativity. Their doll houses and kitchen sets are available in different styles. Children love to imitate what their parents do, and all Kidkraft toys are built to indulge that urge of the kids. All their toys are constructed as models of the real life accessories. Various kitchen sets are available projecting the ideas of actual kitchens. While playing around with their kitchen sets, kids also learn to clean things up and they learn the names of the kitchen tools. The KidKraft doll houses are also a fun way to make the children organized. By placing the doll’s clothes, furniture, and other items in the right places, kids have fun and they apply the same ways in their lives. Music is pure fun and Kidkraft xylophones and pianos are the most exciting music kits for children. All the Kidkraft toys are engaging and vibrant but the quality has been an essential component of their manufacturing.


When we talk about sleep, we mean peace and comfort, especially for babies. Plum is a renowned and trusted brand. Plum sleeping bags ensure a carefree, peaceful sleep for the baby. These sleeping bags are made with the softest textures to provide the baby a comfy feeling throughout their sleep. What makes the Plum sleeping bags an exception is their quality and designs. Plum sleeping bags come in different beautiful patterns and prints. Taking the baby out on a stroll, all you have to do is pack them in the Plum sleeping bag and he will stay warm in his stroller during your time out. And the best part, he can enjoy his sleep as well, no need to bundle up the extra comforters and blankets. Honestly, Plum sleeping bags are the best pals of moms; they unload the stress off their shoulders.

plum sleeping bags

You must be pondering by now that you’ll have to waste a lot of time in picking and purchasing all these perfect gigs for your kids, well, as a matter of fact, they are available at one place. IZZZ Australian online store is a place where you can buy the products of the leading brands with trust and convenience. The good news is, numerous products are offered at special rates at IZZZ. The discounts are so tempting at IZZZ online store that you would surely end up buying things for your kids.

You must be pondering by now that you’ll have to waste a lot of time in picking and purchasing all these perfect gigs for your kids, well, as a matter of fact, they are available at one place. IZZZ, an Australian online store is a place where you can buy the products of the leading brands with trust and convenience. The good news is, numerous products are offered at special rates at IZZZ. The discounts are so tempting at IZZZ online store that you would surely end up buying things for your kids.

Free Potty Training Printables

Batman Potty Training Chart

It’s a been a few weeks since I shared any printables, so here we go!

As much as I love party decor printables, I also love finding printables for use in other areas of life as well. Today I’m focusing on something that any new or expecting mom can use: Potty Training Charts.   Potty training can be a difficult chore.  It’s hard knowing whether your child is ready.  Furthermore, it can be difficult to be consistent with your potty training techniques and practices, especially if you’re very busy or you have more than one person watching your child.  For this reason, it’s good to have plans and strategies in place, and potty charts are certainly helpful with this.

I found a great website featuring a variety of free charts to help you and your little one get started on this journey!  And they also have some great tips for you, the parent. [Read more…]