7 Steps To Creating An Efficient Cleaning Calendar

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If you feel like you’re always cleaning, it may be the case that you’re just not being as efficient as possible. Even if you’re someone that loves to keep your house clean, you may find that you’re just not being as efficient as you could be. Because redoing the same jobs over and over again could mean that you’re spending too much time on the wrong things. At the same time, if you feel like you’re always behind on chores, or that you never have enough free time to get everything done in a day like you need to, it could be time for a change.

You may find that you benefit from using a cleaning calendar. Although you’re probably used to doing certain jobs on certain days, or in your own time, this could be a very inefficient way of doing things. Instead, you could find that shaking things up with a new schedule is what you need to keep your home cleaner, tidier, and running like clockwork. It might take some getting used to, but you could find that streamlining this part of your life will make more room for home improvements and renovations, or time spent with your family.

So if that sounds good to you, here’s how you can create your new cleaning calendar in just seven simple steps.

  1. Identify Your Issues

It’s tempting to try and working with a cleaning schedule that you can find online. While many of these will provide a great working template, they won’t always be best for you – and this is because they are very general. The reason you want to create a schedule is to make things easier on yourself, and to do that, what you create has to work for your personal situation. So the first thing you need to do is work out what you spend a lot of time doing or what seems to need doing the most. Then, you can combine this with what actually needs cleaning and when.

  1. Work Out Your Free Time

The next step is going to work out when you realistically have the most time to clean. Are your mornings usually better on set days? Or on others do you tend to have more time in the evenings? There is no right or wrong answer here, because you need to find time in your schedule in order to get this done.

  1. Plan In The Big Jobs First

Start with a calendar based on thirty days as a rough guide. You then need to work out when you’re going to do the bigger jobs, like cleaning the carpets or oven. These are going to need doing the least through the year, but if you want to get your cleaning done fast and allow your home to run like clockwork, these still need factoring in.

  1. Work In The Weekly Stuff

Then it’s onto your weekly stuff. A good rule of thumb here is to do certain jobs on set days. Maybe you want to set specific days to do your laundry, and others for things like bathroom cleaning or changing your sheets? By keeping these to set days, you won’t find yourself repeating yourself unnecessarily throughout the week.

  1. Keep The Daily Jobs To A Minimum

There are still going to be daily jobs that you want to do, but you should definitely try and keep these to a minimum. From cleaning down your countertops to taking out the bins, you can usually set times for each of these things – like after dinner and just before bed. This will then allow you to work in a rhythm and make everything feel like less work.

  1. Automate What You Can

From here, you’re also going to want to try and automate as much as possible. From hiring someone to mow your lawn to using the Roomba 614 robotic vacuum, this will help to speed things up. In short, anything that saves you time will really help your scheduling.

  1. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Above all else, you have to really shift your mindset. It’s so easy to over complicate your cleaning. You can feel like you need to be cleaning all day every day just to keep things hygienic and healthy. But that’s not always necessary. It’s all about changing your habits and thinking here. As you start to try out your system, you’ll learn how often things need doing to keep you home together, and you’ll find a system that works most efficiently for you.

3 Tips to Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

Prepping your home for the holidays can be quite an undertaking especially if you have not taken the time to thoroughly clean and de-clutter prior to the season. The holiday season is extremely busy and it may be hard to find time to clean your home. Between the shopping, wrapping of presents, baking, and sending out holiday cards to loved one’s far away, the holiday season often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and stressed beyond measure. This year, be sure to take care of yourself and one way that you can do so is to be more efficient in your cleaning. This article will highlight a few tips that will help you be more efficient in your cleaning so that you can get your chores done in record time.

  • Make your home smell great. Did you know that much of what is associated with a clean home is the smell of the house? Have you ever walked into a home that smells of animal hair or one that smells musty? You most likely have an impression that the home is dirty even if it is spotless and clean. It is important that you make sure that your home smells naturally good instead of like animals, dust, or any other unsavory scent. The easiest way to do accomplish this is to burn candles or plug in air fresheners. A good smelling home goes a long way in the perceptions of having a clean house.
  • Clean your kitchen. In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where the family gathers for meals and to chat while food is prepared. Cleaning off your countertops and around the sink can make your home appear clean. Make sure that you have washed your dishes and swept the crumbs up off of the floor. Light a festive candle to make the space smell extra warm and welcoming.
  • De-clutter. If there is one thing that you spend a great deal of time on, it should be de-cluttering your home. There are several reasons for this. With the holidays comes gifts, and with gifts comes more things to add to your home. If you have already gone through your home and de-cluttered, you will feel more organized in putting new gifts away. Otherwise it can be overwhelming to put new gifts away while sorting clutter at the same time.

Another perk to decluttering your home before the holidays is that it will make your home appear cleaner. While you may have stuff in stacks on the counter or papers piled in a corner in a basket, these things add to the overall ambiance of your home. If you were to take them out of your home, you would notice a difference. A small change such as recycling old newspapers and clearing out the magazines off of your coffee table can go a long way in the appearance of a clean home.




Holiday Prep with BIZ

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Many of us dedicate November and December to holiday preparations. This includes decorating, shopping for groceries and gifts, and holiday baking.  Of all the things on our holiday to-do lists, I believe that cleaning is probably the least exciting, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad!  As I work to clean my home for company coming over, I try to remind myself that it’s all for a good cause.  I remember just how much I enjoy hosting holiday events and how much everyone seems to enjoy themselves, and that makes things seem a little easier.  Another thing that makes the work easier, is having the proper cleaning products and supplies on hand. For our laundry needs, I am happy to have BIZ® as my little helper!

All year I’ve been partnering with BIZ and telling you, my readers, how much I like having this product as part of my laundry routine, and when it comes to holiday prep, there is no exception.  Today I’m going to give you a few examples and tips on how BIZ can assist you with your holiday cleaning and preparations.

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Hashbrown Casserole and Clean Up with Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to brainstorm recipes and menu ideas and prepare for that big holiday grocery outing.  While preparing your shopping list, it’s just as important to add cleaning products and tools that you will need.  Enter Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots Previously I’ve written about the Scotch-Brite™ Brand and how their wide range of products helps me with my household cleaning.  Recently I purchased their new Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots sponges and dishwands.  Today I’m going to share these products with you and show some examples of the products at work in my kitchen, including how I used Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots to clean up after making a Hashbrown Casserole. (Recipe included!)

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Why You Need Biz and Why Biz Works

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As a wife and mom, I like to send my family out in to the world, not only feeling but also looking great.  For me, looking great starts with clothing.  I know that people often get initial impressions of us based on what we are wearing.  Even people we’ve known for a while will take notice when we get dressed up or wear something new.  Whether you’re wearing a dress shirt or an old tshirt, the key is to have on clothing that is bright and clean.  In our house, I achieve this objective with Biz.

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Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

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Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

Of all the chores in our house, laundry is the one I am most particular about. I have to have everything sorted properly and washed in the proper cycles that will get everything clean, while also preserving the clothes to keep them looking great. (No fading and absolutely NO fuzz balls here.)  Luckily I can count on BIZ® to help me fight stains!

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Biz: Eliminating Stains and Odors

Disclosure: I am a Biz Ambassador, and this is a sponsored post written in partnership with the brand. All opinions are my own.

Biz Eliminating stains and odors

As a wife and mom I find myself doing laundry almost daily!  To make sure our clothes look their best, I like to use high quality products.  One product that I use is BIZ®..  It is a stain remover and laundry booster and the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach.

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5 Ideas to Give Your Bathroom an Instant Facelift

As a homemaker, I take pride in my home, and I love doing things to take care of it and make improvements, whether that’s doing a little tidying up or taking on a DIY project.  One area that I’m currently focusing on improving is my bathroom.  I live in an older home, and the entire house has been renovated except for the main bathroom.  Although we’ve updated certain parts of it, one thing about it still screams “older home” and that is the green tile on the walls!  I’m in the process of taking care of that, and I’ll definitely share the results with you.  Until then, today I’m going to talk about some of the improvements I’ve already made and some other ideas to give your bathroom a nice face lift!


1. Vanities – The vanity is the main focal point in the bathroom.  As such, it should not only be something that’s functional, but it should also look pleasing to the eye and fit your style. (And hopefully it has a lot of storage space too.)  A wall mount vanity or a free standing vanity is easy to install and will immediately brighten up your bathroom and make it look newer.

2.  Shower curtains and doors – When you enter a bathroom, if your eye doesn’t immediately go to the vanity, then it probably does to the tub and/or shower.  Getting a new shower curtain is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the look and feel of your bathroom.  In fact, many people rely on a shower curtain to add color to what would otherwise be a dull white room.  If you currently have a curtain with a pastel floral pattern, consider something a little more bold and dramatic like a black and white damask shower curtain or red and white chevron stripes.  This will change your bathroom in minutes.  And if you have a shower with a glass door, consider taking it down and adding a curtain, or simply add a sparkling new door.

3. Lighting – Bad lighting can turn even the nicest bathrooms into a dreary and uninviting place.  If you have an old light fixture that is dim or dated, try adding something with a modern styling. Ideally you you should have a light bar with multiple lights over your vanity.  And when it comes to bathroom lighting, you should always consider function over style.  A fancy and expensive light fixture may be pretty, but if it has only three lights, and the lights have globes over them, it isn’t going to give you nearly as much light as a basic light bar with five or six lights.  And when you do consider style, try to make sure that your bathroom hardware (handles, drawer pulls, towel racks, etc.) matches your light fixture.

4. New flooring – If you’re bathroom is covered in old vinyl, especially vinyl that is stained or just dated, consider adding new flooring.  Ceramic tile will immediately modernize and give your bathroom a fresh and clean look.  And if you’re looking to save a little money, laminate flooring is a great option.  You can find styles that look like tile or wood.  It is a low maintenance material, and your bathroom will great.

Bathroom Wall

5. Walls – A new coat of paint is another inexpensive way to update your bathroom.  Even if you like the color of your bathroom, just adding a new coat of the same color, especially a shade slightly darker or lighter can really freshen up the place, and a new color can dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom.  And if you have old tile like I do, that can be fixed too!  Old tile walls can be covered with new tiles or paneling (if you need a cheaper option).  And if the design of your bathroom won’t allow for you to simply cover the tile, it just takes a hammer and a little muscle to take out that old tile.  The paneling or tile can also be added to an otherwise plainly painted bathroom to add modern flair and definition.

A full bathroom renovation can be a headache, but by breaking it down in to single tasks, such as the ones I’ve listed here, you can really simplify the process.  It’s also amazing how much difference just one or two of these updates can make to your room.  And the great news is, you don’t have to do a full bathroom makeover in a weekend.  You have all the time in the world to work at your own pace, following your own schedule and budget.

Saving Money with Dryel

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With the holiday season upon us,  we could all use a few money saving and time saving tips!  Using Dryel at home for your dry cleaning needs is one way to save money and get your clothes cleaned with convenience!  (And you’ll have more money to spend on Christmas gifts for the family and yourself!) [Read more…]

Dry Cleaning at Home with Dryel

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Dryel, and am receiving compensation for this post. The opinions are my own. dry-cleaning-at-home-with-dryel

Earlier this year I’ve talked a couple of times about the challenges of laundry and things that you can do to make this very important chore a lot easier for you.  Today I have another solution for you: Dryel At Home Dry Cleaner.  This product is an easy and affordable way to do dry cleaning at home. [Read more…]