6 Small Personal Touches to Add to Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to make your space feel more like home and reflect who you are, you’re in luck. This article covers ways to add personal elements to your home without drastic or expensive changes. Ready to make your house feel like your home? Read on to discover the six tips and tricks to combine personalization with style. 

1. Use Open Shelving 

In your kitchen, use open shelving to store your mugs and dishes. These items are unique to your household, which makes them personal to your style. If you have family mugs with your kids’ faces on them or with sayings like, “world’s best mom,” these are objects to decorate your home with and display front and center. 

You can also create custom mugs if you lack these items at home. The more personalized you make your things, the more customized they’ll be to you. 

2. Incorporate Family Photos

An easy way to add personalization into any home is by incorporating family photos wherever you can. Display your pictures throughout your home, and better yet? Create a family gallery that spans generations. You will love having a little piece of family history in your home, and it will undoubtedly make your home feel like a place you never want to leave. 

3. Display Handmade Gifts

If your kids have created artwork for you, such as having their handprints on construction paper or other decorative unique DIY crafts, these are the kinds of pieces you want to display throughout your home. Showing these personalized projects will keep your home feeling specific to you and your family. 

If you have a lovely card written by your partner, this is something you might want to display on the mantle or a bookshelf to remind you of other personal elements you’ve accumulated over the years.

 4. Display Pictures On Your Refrigerator

Whether your kid aced a test or brought home an awesome drawing they made in art class, these things will look great on your refrigerator. 

If you find any fridge magnets that remind you of home, friends, or family, use these to hang pictures on your refrigerator as well. By openly displaying elements of your home and the people you love, you’re adding to the sense of personalization you wish to create. 

5. Buy Artisan Products

For more personalization, aim to buy a few artisan or handmade products that add a unique touch to your home décor. Whether you like Moroccan throw blankets or handmade dreamcatchers, these artistic pieces are great for adding new life to your home. Get as creative as you want with these items and purchase the products that speak to you. 

6. Maintain A Mixed Style 

Don’t devote your home décor to one specific style. Often, homes that maintain one aesthetic look cold, unwelcoming, and boring. This is because they don’t include any elements that indicate that someone lives there and are missing an essential component: your personal touch.

Your goal should be to add liveliness to your home by maintaining a diverse style that does not meet the mold of any aesthetic more than another. By incorporating objects that remind you of your family and the things you care about, your home becomes as unique as you are! 

The Bottom Line

Adding a personal touch to your home is about being bold and incorporating the things that matter to you. From your kids’ artwork to a unique handmade product, the items you choose to display in your home should reflect your style and personality for an authentic style. 

How the custom & modern rugs could be stylish for interiors

In case you are thinking about remaking your home, an advanced region rug is the best thing to begin with. An advanced region rug can give your home a cutting edge look. This sort of rug can give your space a totally different look surprisingly fast. The decisions accessible nowadays will trouble you. There are many styles and examples, going from creature prints to digest subtleties, from flower plans to mathematical examples. These rugs are likewise very multi-reason. You can utilize them in family room, parlor or room. A few rugs can likewise be utilized in the washroom. You can decide to cover the whole floor or simply aspect of it, for example, under the middle table. There is likewise a wide scope of shadings to browse. You can even tweak your rug, or make your own outfit. Whatever your technique, there are a couple of things to remember prior to purchasing a floor covering. If you require modern rugs or modern area rugs to look stunning so visit here and buy.

Pedestrian activity

On the off chance that you anticipate that a lot of people should stroll on it consistently, it’s ideal to purchase a decent quality floor covering that endures longer.


Presently you need to settle on the size of the floor covering you need. Regardless of whether it’s a little piece to enlighten your middle table or cover the whole floor space. This can be an overwhelming undertaking for you, given the sheer decision. You can go for the exemplary configuration or the theoretical future sort. A cutting edge region rig is the ideal method to light up and reclassify your own space. These rugs are promptly accessible in neighborhood stores. Then again, you can go to forte rug stores that have a wide scope of floor coverings.

Custom rug suppliers

Numerous custom rug suppliers offer a set scope of plans and permit you to pick the shading, size and shape on the spot. Some chooses offer totally hand crafts – regardless of whether you’re impacting different floor coverings, craftsmanship, drawings or your creative mind. Certified custom rug experts permit you to pick your preferred rug, your shadings, your best size and your optimal shape. High quality custom rugs or custom make rugs along with quality guarantee are available here so if you are interested then can buy.

Decent quality rugs

Take plans from a top fashioner, for instance, the vast majority of whom are motivated by style, design or nature. The floor covering is a decent quality and it is surely appealing, yet the majority of the expense is identified with the mark. Accept this rug as motivation and plan it as indicated by your necessities, and you have an architect style rug as well as a rug that is appropriate for your own inside and your own requirements. Custom rugs are in no way, shape or form modest contrasted with standard, ordinarily, off-the-rack rugs, however with regards to originator pieces, they are not a similar jungle gym.

3 Unique Ideas to Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

When designing the interior of your house, you want to make sure that everything you do makes your place look and feel more special. Plus, you want to make sure that everyone who walks into your home is familiar with the kind of art you love and appreciate.

That said, there are several ways to personalize your home, furniture ranging anywhere from modern to unique, unusual color themes to paint your walls with, a curious piece of fine art, creative and personalized neon signs that make the whole place feel special.

Let’s take a look at some unique ideas here that will not only enhance your interiors but will also create a whole new experience for you:

● Bring Back the 80s Electric Feel.

Taking inspiration from one of the coolest and electrifying eras of history, the 80s, you can upgrade the whole vibe of your place. You must have seen them as advertising signs for clubs and bars, but now neon signs are entering our homes and gaining popularity as a home decor idea.

A perfect way to use it as an interior design idea would be to create your neon signs and hang them on your walls as home decorations. A personalized neon sign can express your feelings about a particular room or an idea that you want to convey with style. You can even select your favorite color for neon signs that are made of LED lights. The glow that these signs exude will brighten not only your room but also your mood every time you’ll switch them on.

● Invent a Focal Point

Setting up a focal point in a room is an easy and cost-efficient way to give a new life to your space. These focal points will draw anyone’s eye away from the not so graceful parts of a room.

Plus, it’s a clever way to hide not-so-special decorative elements without the need to renovate an entire room.

To give wings to this idea, you can seek assistance from art, floral displays, and even plush furnishings – the possibilities are just endless for this simple yet effective interior design idea.

● Spruce up the Entrance

When you are on a budget and want to refresh your interiors, the simple idea of turning your home’s entrance into something special will work as a cost-effective idea. Paint your entrance door with your favorite color, change the knocker or update the mailbox. And if you look closely, there are plenty of small details that you can look into to elevate the mood of your home.

You can change the fonts of numbers used on the door or get a new, more special-looking welcome mat. If the entrance to your home isn’t up to the mark, you might even make a wrong first impression on your valued guests before they even walk inside your home. So when you are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your space, you know that the change begins from your front door.

Wrapping Up!

Modernizing your home is not always a simple thing to do. There are several factors that you first need to consider before you make any move. However, with the ideas mentioned above, you can come to this whole endeavor easier on yourself. Try these ideas and turn the entire place into a unique experience.

How to Introduce a Contemporary Home Style

Contemporary, modern living doesn’t mean cold and lifeless, which is how contemporary style is often perceived. You can entirely transform your home into a contemporary style with warm, neutral hues, filled with beautiful artwork and textures, and we’re here to show you how. Introducing timeless detailing into your home style is an elegant way to refine your home.


When renovating your home to include a contemporary style, taking your lighting into consideration is highly important. You can light your room in a variety of ways from track and recessed lighting to chandeliers and floor lamps. The trick with contemporary décor is to introduce a sleek minimalist approach to your home, so incorporating track and recessed lighting into your living space is a beautiful way to light up your home, hiding the source of light completely.

Photo Credit: Buster & Punch


Artwork creates the perfect, elegant finish to any contemporary home style if selected tastefully whilst complementing your home décor. Artwork doesn’t always have to be bright and colourful; you can commission a piece to include neutral hues in a variety of textures.

Alternatively, framed artwork in natural materials from wood, high gloss, or a matte-black placed together in a collection create a stunning focal point for any bare wall.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is a beautiful way to create a focal point as you enter the room. The key here is to not over complicate the design. Typically, contemporary has a clutter free vibe so focus on the shape, texture, colour, and pattern. Ideally, the pattern should be extremely minimal. You should try to incorporate neutral, black, or warm tones here whilst introducing elegant textures from silk to wool, jute, and linens.

Colour Hues

Black, white, and neutrals are often incorporated as part of a contemporary style. You have the chance here to play with some bold textures and colours in your accent décor to complement your neutral back drop. Be sure not to overdo the colour in your accent décor as your job here is to complement and contrast rather than overshadow. Often in contemporary style individuals like to stick to a neutral palette and play it safe. Additionally, you have the option to switch up your accessories if you’re left with a simple blank canvas underneath.

Undoubtably there are so many benefits to introducing a contemporary home style. You are introducing light, spaciousness, pleasing aesthetics, and a personal touch to every room in your home. You are ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and learning to live a very minimalist, clean, and tidy lifestyle. There is something special about the way we live in the 21st century, and reflecting this in our home style, by providing a beautiful energy and feel to our living space is highly beneficial to not only the way our home looks and feel, but how we feel day to day.

How To Decorate Your Home To Make It Look More Luxurious

Getting your home to look sophisticated and expensive is something we all want to achieve at some point in our lives. Between decorating, furnishing, and keeping up with the latest trends, it can seem like an impossible challenge to stay ahead of the game.

If living beautifully is important to you, take some time to consider what you can do today to make your home look like it’s worth millions – whether you’re doing it by yourself or hiring a professional. It’s not as hard as you think once the desire to get it done is there.

Having a luxurious home is more about making subtle changes rather than anything drastic. It all starts with the groundwork, and from there you can make whatever decisions you feel are necessary to bring out your inner designer. The simple steps listed below can help you get your home looking luxurious even when you’re on a budget.

Incorporate Fresh Plants

The best way to make your home look expensive and luxurious is by adding some greenery. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but plants make you feel happier and healthier when in their presence.

If you don’t know how to take care of them yourself, that’s ok. You can hire an interior landscaper or florist to maintain them for you so they always look perfect. Just make sure you include some plants in every room, and mix some fake with real to add a bit of variety. A splash of greenery can go a long way.

Be Cautious About Window Treatments

You probably spent time choosing drapes and curtains to match your home decor, but there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to window treatments. Not only do you want them to be functional – providing privacy while letting in light – but you also want them to make your home look expensive and luxurious.

Large swaths of fabric are likely going to give off this impression, but if that’s not to your taste then consider using minimalistic colors like black or white that will create an air of sophistication.

Use Shiny Objects To Your Advantage

Whether you’re using shiny silverware or employing metallic accents in your home decorations, make sure they’re reflected in the light. This will give your luxurious look a unique twinkle that makes it stand out from all of the rest!

Mirrors are one way to do this, but there are plenty of other ways you can use metallic objects without breaking the bank. If you want, you can save money when you use the coupons from swagbucks.com/shop/burlington-coupons as they offer great discounts on various items. Mirrors instantly open up any space and add depth that makes it appear more attractive and luxurious. It’s the perfect way to make your home look bigger.

If you’re limited on wall space, opt for smaller accent mirrors instead of huge floor-length ones for more impact without taking away from the rest of your decor.  You can also hang them on opposite walls so they reflect light and create an even larger illusion. Just be careful not to overcrowd – one or two is plenty, depending on the size of your home. Try adding some gold accent pieces throughout your house for an added effect.

There’s Beauty In The Details

When it comes to making your house look more luxurious, the small touches can be just as important as the big ones. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party and want your guests to feel like they’re in an upscale restaurant, don’t forget to include nice details like flowers or candles on the table.

It doesn’t have to cost much either – stick with seasonal flowers and simple scented candles that you may already have around your house for a quick fix. Your friends and family will notice these little things and thank you for making them feel at home!

Color Blocking Creates Depth

Color blocking is a big trend in home decor right now, but you don’t have to follow it strictly for it to be effective. When done properly, the color of choice can give your room depth and open it up more so that light can get in from windows or skylights.

It’s an easy way to upgrade your space without having to spend money on new furniture or accessories – just paint different walls a contrasting color! Make sure there’s a balance though. Ensure you still have some neutral-colored items spread throughout the rest of your house so you maintain a cohesive look while adding interest with color through other means.

Upgrade Your Hardware

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home without having to completely redecorate from scratch, look no further than the hardware. Just replacing your doorknobs or cabinet handles can be enough to get that “high-end” look that you want!

It doesn’t have to cost much either – just search through home improvement stores and online retailers for furniture hardware for less so you can pick up a bunch of different styles at once. Put them all over your house in every room if you can, and encourage guests to try out a few different ones so they each have their own distinct experience.

Declutter Your Home To Enhance Your Luxury

Having too much clutter around the house can make it hard to breathe, not to mention it makes your home look smaller than it actually is. This is the opposite of what you want when you’re looking for ways to upgrade your space and give it that luxurious feel.

Start decluttering by purging what you don’t need anymore – whether this means clothes or just knickknacks that aren’t doing anything for you anymore. You’ll instantly see a difference in how open your home feels, giving it an even bigger appearance boost once you fill those empty spaces with high-end decor.

Style Every Area Of Your Home

Rather than thinking of your home decor as separate areas, think about how they all look together. If you style every single room, in the same way, it will appear more cohesive and elegant overall.

For example, you can mix metals throughout different rooms depending on what items are currently available to you. This is even easier if you work with a budget – just buy only silver or gold-toned items for one area that’s adjoining another where you’re using brass elements instead. It might take some time to get everything together but once it’s done, it’ll pay off.

In conclusion, when you decorate your home to look luxurious and expensive, it will make you feel a sense of pride that you have got something special. Whether you’ve got a tight budget or not, there is always a way to make your home look more luxurious.


What You Need to Know About African Patterns

Africa is a land of culturally rich heritage and a wealth of patterns. In fact, everywhere you look, you’ll see repetitions of shapes, colors, textures, and lines in all sorts of arrangements. Besides being visually engaging, patterns are quite an innate thing in Africa.

If you take a drive anywhere in this place, you’ll find patterns on the decorated houses, road stalls usually defined by color and shape. In this article, we’ve rounded up briefly about African patterns.

So, let’s get started!

African Patterns- Decoding The Story Behind it

Do you remember Adinka robes worn by Ashanti men? The fabric has various patterns that have symbolic significance. Africa is usually known for its individual art. For centuries, art was greatly influenced by the environment and natural surroundings.

Most patterns used in African art are either geometric or symbolic. If you see historic buildings, you’ll find a lot of geometrical variations in a repetitive order. For instance, chevrons and zigzags are primarily part of every form and facet of African decoration. Geometric shapes of diamonds or diamonds are the most common shape that can be painted, incised, printed, or embroidered. You name it, and you’ll find an example right away.

Sadly, a lot of the meaning and historical significance got lost in the modern era. But still, many are passing down this traditional heritage from generation to generation. For instance, bold patterns, either painted or etched, are quite an integral component of African mask design.

Besides the geometric patterns, symbols also hold great importance in African patterns. They are like visual expressions of any society’s culture, its beliefs, and history. Some might have proverbial meaning, while others might signify the wisdom of the tribe.

The idea is to communicate feelings, knowledge, and feelings. It could be anything from animal prints or humans related to critical events. So, whether you see an african rug, a clothing fabric, or a sculpture, whatever shape they’ll include will have a meaning behind its inclusion in the pattern.

Let’s understand this more with the following examples.

● Using parallel zigzags is about following the path of ancestors.

● Chequerboard black or white triangles/ squares represent ignorance and the beginning of learning and accumulating wisdom, respectively.

But, it’s not only the patterns that rule African art. Color has a lot of significance in African cloth as well.

African people ensure that there is meaning or spirituality behind each work. Even color variations hold meaning depending on the tribes and subgroups of the culture. While there might be a bit of difference depending on the culture, mainly the following colors have similar meanings.

● White symbolizes spirituality and purity. It is usually reserved for the purest people or circumstances.

● Gold usually represents wealth or fertility. The artists use it in the hope of a prosperous life.

● Red is usually used to represent trouble in spirituality or the political world.

● Blue signifies love and peace.

You will find variations of patterns and colors in all the common African patterns—Kuba cloth, Mudcloth, Kente Cloth. Every option holds a different meaning and significance to its tribe or sub-group.

Wrapping Up

Clearly, African prints have so much significance. Although they might be a natural color palette or design for African people, they blend well with other neutral tones.

See How I Quickly And Easily Updated A Room In My House With Wallpaper

Ever since I moved into the apartment close to my workplace, I was unhappy with the way my bedroom walls looked. Despite being newly painted in dull grey, they were uneven in texture and gave off a drab feel. Every evening, I would wonder how to give them a new look and feel without spending too much. Time was also a constraint. Last month, my friend Lauren dropped in for tea, and I shared my concerns with her.

“What about striped wallpaper?” She asked knowingly.

Before I could answer, she went on to explain how I could choose wallpapers in different patterns that could give an altogether different character to my bedroom. The walls would look more interesting and make me feel good after a long day at work. She added that striped wallpaper gives a very sophisticated and high-end look. They are the perfect option for changing the attitude and feel of any room, so why not my bedroom?

My First Experience with Custom Peel and Stick Wallpaper

As usual, I agreed to the suggestions provided by Lauren; and I was happy that I did so. The custom peel and stick wallpaper we purchased online had a peach and cream-colored floral pattern. The texture was complete with a neat matt finish having subtle undulations. Soon after the wallpaper installation job was done, my bedroom got transformed into one of my dreams. Soft but bright, elegant, and soothing to the senses, just as I always wanted. The best part was that the entire transformation got done within a day!

Other Benefits of Installing Wallpaper

Once my bedroom got updated quickly and easily, I understood the many other benefits of choosing wallpapers to make my personal space look different.

● The wallpapered room suggested a feel of permanence and establishment. It was an extension of my style and preferences and showed what I like.

● Another thing that came into prominence was that the peel and stick wallpaper brought my room together. It coordinated very well with the floor, furniture, furnishings, and the existing design theme to give a unified appeal.

● The newly added punch made my bedroom the perfect spot for me. It made my room look different from the remaining rooms at home. Now, my bedroom feels more functional and bigger than before.

Custom Wallpaper Installation – A Good Decision!

All thanks to Lauren, I have solved my design problems with custom peel and stick wallpaper. Given the many benefits of wallpapering, I have decided to invest in striped and textured wallpaper to give my study and living rooms a new feel. My walls have now become the canvas I wish to decorate in novel ways after buying the best wallpaper online. Why don’t you do the same to improve your space?

Pros and cons of hiring an interior designer

If you’ve ever considered revamping or renovating your home, you might be thinking about hiring an interior designer. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of an interiors expert or not, these specialists know a thing or two about design. If hired to tackle a project, they’re responsible for the layout of the internal space in a home, office, and even hospitality venues! Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about some of the different services offered by interior designers, this easy guide to hiring an interior designer is an incredibly useful resource.

Thinking of hiring one for your next revamp or renovation? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons…

The benefits of bringing an interior designer on board

A bit like a project manager, an interior designer will be able to help you with a wealth of different things in your home, office space or venue. They’re often able to think much more creatively and get the most out of your space as possible. Furthermore, they’ll also be able to advise when to bring in professionals like FSBD Interiors to renovate or remodel a space. It’s made easier for them as they have no emotional attachment to the particular space that’s getting a revamp.

One thing they’re particularly good at is helping you to avoid making costly mistakes. This could be anything from picking out the wrong furniture to choosing to knock down the wrong wall. Remember that furniture can make or break a space. Your designer will be able to look into high quality ranges such as Hay furniture, to help bring your space to life!

By helping you make the most out of your residential or commercial space, hiring an interior designer could also increase the value and demand of your property, if/when you come to sell it, too. If your space has been professionally changed, it’s likely you’re now making the most of it, using the right colours and introducing the appropriate furniture.

The negatives to hiring an interior designer

Although handing over the reigns to someone else during your project can be satisfying, it’s important to remember that interior designers can be very expensive. Whether you’re taking on a big renovation or opening a new venue, you’ll have to consider if you have the budget or not to hire someone. It may be that if it’s not going to be financially viable, that you invest in a number of interior design books or scour the internet for inspiration instead – although you won’t get that professional finish.

If you’re renovating your home, you may also find that it looses a personal touch too. This is because interior designers aren’t thinking about family heirlooms or adding wedding and family photos to your space. They’re coming at the project from a outsiders perspective. If you do hire a designer, it may be worth expressing the importance of keeping your personal touches there too and seeing if they can work these in.

Chances are that as a professional, they’ll be able to. So, if they’re important to you, make sure you speak up during the planning process!

4 Ways To Make Your Home Smell And Look Beautiful

Green armchair next to blue settee in colorful living room interior with painting and posters. Real photo

The first things that your house guests will notice by the time they step into your home are its appearance and smell. Have you ever wondered why each time you get home from a long vacation, the house seems to have a weird smell?  Whatever scent you catch, that’s the same scent your guests will also smell. This only happens because the longer you’re exposed to a particular scent, the less likely you’re going to distinguish it.  

Thus, it’d be a good idea that you also pay attention to how your house smells, aside from its appearance. Some people say that a clean home smells like nothing. But, achieving this is almost impossible. With plenty of activities each family member does inside the house, such as cooking, playing with pets, kids running around, and just the daily life, your home is bound to end up smelling like different aromas.

So, don’t be surprised if there are days when your house smells like that chicken you just cooked, that milk your kids spilled in the living room, or that strong perfume your teenage daughter used before she passed by the living room and went out.  

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your house looking and smelling fresh every day. So, navigate below for the four ways you can improve the smell and look of your house and make it beautiful, even without using the artificial and chemical freshening sprays. 

Flowers in vase on the table at modern kitchen

Display Fresh Flowers Every day 

One of the simplest ways to add fragrance and color into your home is by putting and displaying fresh flowers!  Not only are you incorporating colors into your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, but flowers are also known to produce natural and appealing fragrances. Plus, there are endless choices of flowers out there that you can use to decorate and set the mood of your house for that day or week. You can go for roses, sunflowers, or peonies as your gorgeous table centerpiece! Keep in mind that flowers may smell foul if you don’t change the vases’ water often, so make sure to keep their water fresh, too.  

Incorporate Indoor Plants 

If you’re not into flowers, but still want living things in your home, you can go for the green indoor plants. Most house plants need less maintenance than flowers, which make them a perfect choice for people who want to make their home look and smell good without much effort and maintenance.

House plants may not produce as good a fragrance as flowers do. Still, their leaves will act as an air humidifier and freshener, therefore cleaning and purifying your air from the different mixtures of aroma you’ve exposed your home into. Plus, indoor plants will also make your home visually appealing, so make sure you arrange your plants in an artful and organized way.   

Throw Open Your Fancy Windows 

When was the last time you bothered to open your windows?  Perhaps, you seldom open your windows because it’s below zero degrees outside or you just forget about them every time. However, during the hot summer months, use your windows to your advantage and push them wide open. They may not directly make your home look beautiful, but open windows will easily let the natural light in, illuminating and brightening up your home!  

Plus, the fresh, natural air outside can easily whisk away the lingering smells inside your house. The fresh air from the outside may not exactly smell something like fresh flowers, but the clean and fresh scent is already enough to remove the stinks from the inside. So, while the cold weather is still away, open your windows now! 

Create Jar Room Scents 

It’s easier to buy artificial air fresheners from the market to get rid of the smell you have inside your house. However, some of them may cause allergic reactions to some of your family members who have asthma, and these sprays often contain chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to your health. So, instead of the ready-made ones in the stores, you can create your own jar room scents.  

If you use glass jars at home, you can use them by filling them with rosemary or thyme herbs, pine twigs, slices of citrus fruits, cinnamon spices, and extracts of almond. From these ingredients, you can create multiple pleasing scents. For instance, you can mix the rosemary herb, vanilla extract, and slices of lemon for your first jar room scent, then soak them in warm, heated water. 

For the second jar scent, you can mix cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange slices, and then soak them with heated water. Once you’ve filled all your empty glass jars with different mixtures of scent, you can display each of them in the areas of your home where you want them scented. Not only will you make your home smell beautiful, but these jars also look colorful and adorable.

Wrapping Up! 

There you go—four simple ways to make your home smell and look beautiful, without costing much fortune!  The best thing about these options is that no synthetic and artificial scents and chemicals are involved in these options, making them safe for you and your family.

Decorating for Summer: 6 Design Ideas for the Home and Patio

It’s time to get your home and patio in shape for the summer months. After a year without dinner parties in the dining room or BBQs in the backyard, summer 2021 could be your most social yet, so upgrade your interior and exterior spaces and start sending out your invitations. Here are six summer design ideas for your home and patio that combine comfort and style. 


#1. Make Your Patio an Extension of the Home

There are no design rules this summer, but you should (almost) always complement your home and patio with similar color palettes and design elements.  A little Deck Staining can go a long way toward getting your desired look and making your outdoor space pop.

Starting over? Warmer tones work best for the summer months, but more neutral shades mean you won’t have to decorate again in the fall. Or try a season-resistant pastel, which never goes out of fashion, as your next wall color or decoration inspiration. Soft pinks and pale blues are super-soothing and won’t cause family members (or party guests) any offense. 

#2. Invest in New Furniture

People typically buy new furniture around the end of November, just in time for the Black Friday sales. But with so many brick-and-mortar furniture retailers closed last year, you could pick up an off-season bargain this summer. 

A brand-spanking-new sofa transforms your entire interior space, and with so many designs to choose from, the world’s your oyster. Leather sofas score points for practicability, while modular sofas create a space-age modernist feel. What design will you choose? Before you spend cash on your new sofa, check out Home of Cozy for furniture reviews

#3. There’s Still Time to Extend Your Patio

Photo credit

If you’re planning on having guests around this summer, consider extending your patio space. (It’s cheaper than you think.) Section off a small slice of your backyard and create an elevated dining space with wooded decking. You’ll lose some garden real estate, sure, but this fabulous feature should add value to your home when it’s time to sell. 

Alternatively, extend your patio with the same floor tiles you used the first time around. A bigger patio welcomes more guests into your backyard, and you can add some greenery to the new space with large potted plants.

#4. Decorate Your Living Space on a Budget

Revamping your living room doesn’t have to break the bank. Even a few framed photos create an entirely new aesthetic and add a splash of color to this space. If you want to try something different, hang a couple of canvas prints on your living room walls. Just make sure any fresh additions reflect your existing color palette. 

For a clutter-free living space, invest in storage boxes rather than countless shelves that make small rooms look smaller. Leather or metal boxes are a space-saving solution for photos, magazines, books, DVDs, and anything else you don’t want on display. You don’t have to go full-on minimalist, but reducing living room jumble instantly creates a more open and welcoming space, which is perfect for the summer months.

#5. Introduce a Water Feature

Create a tranquil patio space simply by incorporating a water feature. The trickling sound of water cascading from a garden fountain certainly makes this feature a must-have.

You have a bundle of options for patio water features. Solar works best if you don’t want to extend cabling from your patio to the rest of the property, but research battery-operated water features too. For material, ceramic and stone both have a timeless appeal, while stainless steel creates a contemporary look. 

#6. Be Smart

Smart technology has come a long way over the last few years, and more homeowners are incorporating these gadgets into their properties. Not only can smart tech increase property value, but it automates many day-to-day tasks that take up party-planning time. 

For the kitchen, there’s a smart coffee machine that automatically makes your morning Joe and sends you a smartphone notification when it’s ready to drink. For the bedroom, there’s a smart mirror that tells you the news and weather when you’re brushing your teeth. Throughout your home (and patio), smart lightbulbs should save money on your utility bills and improve your environmental credentials. Then there’s the smart tech you already know about (and probably use): Smart televisions, smart speakers, smart security cameras, and more.

Before You Decorate

Summer’s here, and it’s time to revolutionize your home and patio area. Follow the tips above and create an interior and exterior space that’s perfect for BBQs, dinner parties, pool parties, and spending more time with friends and family. Make this summer the best one ever.