Essential Oil Recipe Box Review: September – Soap Box

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For the last few months I’ve been sharing with you the latest Essential Oil Recipe Boxes from Simply Earth.

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Simply Earth‘s Essential Oil Recipe Box is a monthly subscription program, where they send you a box each filled with four oils and other materials you need to create recipes and DIY projects included with the box, and all the recipes and materials follow a fun and unique theme!  Each subscription box is a $150 value for just $39! [Read more…]

5 Top Most Powerful Herbs and Foods to Improve your Digestion

The digestive tract plays a fundamental role in your well-being, as it’s responsible for engrossing supplements and eliminating waste. Unfortunately, many people experience the ill effects of stomach related issues like swelling, cramping, gas, stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation for an assortment of reasons. However, due to the lack of fiber or probiotic-rich sustenance in the diet, even a healthy person can experience stomach related issues.

Here are some basic and important digestive herbs you should use within your cooking, along with their medical advantages:

Turmeric: Turmeric is carminative – anti-inflammatory, liver supporting, and antimicrobial.

Fennel: Fennel can likewise help diminish swelling and is exhilarating to the liver. It improves hunger, enhances milk generation in lactating females and prevents infants colic.

Caraway: Caraway is the best herb for the digestive system facilitates stomach stiffness and queasiness; helps oust gas from the bowel and inhibits fermentation in the stomach.

Garlic: Garlic is anti-microbial, and probiotic because of its allicin and different potent compounds, which supports cardiovascular health.

Ginger: Ginger is warming and supports absorption, prevents sickness and acts as an antimicrobial to many prevalent stomach bugs.

There are definitely other herbs also that are equally important and affect our digestive health. You can read to know more about digestive herbs which are used in many traditional cultures.

Here are the top foods which help you to improve your digestion.

Chia Seeds: Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, which makes them form a gelatin-like substance in your stomach once consumed. They work like a prebiotic, supporting the development of healthy microorganisms in your gut and thus helping digestion. Their fiber content additionally advances bowel regularity.

Papaya: The tasty tropical organic product papaya has a digestive enzyme called papain. It helps during the digestive process by facilitating the break of strands. Papain may likewise ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), such as blockage and bloating. It is ordinarily used as the primary compound in digestive supplements because of its gastrointestinal limits.

Whole Grains: Grains are the seeds of grasslike plants called cereals. Popular fiber-rich grains incorporate oats, quinoa, farro, and items produced using entire wheat. The fiber found in whole grains can help improve digestion in two ways. First, fiber bulks up your stool and can prevent

constipation. Second, some grain filaments act like prebiotics and help feed healthy microorganisms in your gut.

Yogurt: Yogurt is produced using milk that has been fermented, commonly by lactic bacteria. It has friendly microscopic organisms known as probiotics, which are great for improving digestion and keeping your gut healthy.

Dark Green Vegetables: Green vegetables are the finest source of insoluble fiber. This sort of fiber adds mass to your stool, increasing its pace through your digestive tract. Green vegetables are likewise a rich source of magnesium, which can help soothe constipation by improving muscle contractions in your gastrointestinal tract.

Digestive problems can be challenging, yet certain natural healing might be useful in resolving uncomfortable symptoms. Research supports eating fermented nourishment and fiber-rich diet can play a vital role in digestion by helping food move through your system more effectively or rapidly.

Headache Hat Review

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

I’ve suffered with migraines since childhood, and I’ve been searching for and trying different products to provide relief for years.  One item I have used over the years is an ice pack. I’ve used a number of these! They’ve all worked fairly well (some work better than others) but for the most part they require you lie down to use them.

I have had a couple of wearable ice packs filled with liquid gels or gel beads. These are okay, but the ones filled with liquid cannot be stored in the freezer and none of these packs stay cold very long. Enter the Headache Hat.

When I heard about this product I was very excited. It is a wearable ice pack that also provides compression, and it can by put in the freezer for maximum cold time. [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Let Your Hair down from Time to Time

As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

A strange paradox of the modern, tech-saturated world, is that despite having more conveniences and luxuries available to us than ever before, many of us are finding that we are increasingly busy, right around the clock, and struggling to actually find opportunities or excuses to just chill out.

Between work, email, personal projects, managing a budget, and more, it’s easy for anyone to feel burned out. But, for entrepreneurs and other unusually ambitious people, this often morphs into a burning urge to keep working as much as possible, without a break.

There are, however, actually some really good reasons to let your hair down from time to time. Here are a few of them.

Because you’ll be more productive over the long term if you do

Research done on high-powered business executives who just couldn’t give themselves a break, identified a pretty intriguing fact: when workaholic types were forced to take at least a bit of time off to spend on simple relaxation, their net workplace productivity actually increased.

There’s a certain paradox at play here, where it seems to be the case that in order to work hard consistently, and achieve meaningful things in the time you spend working, you need to counterbalance your “active” time with a significant amount of “leisure” time.

A similar principle applies for working out at the gym to improve your health and fitness, for example. You can’t work out for 12 hours a day, every day. You need adequate rest in order for your body to recover and become stronger.

Because a major part of emotional well-being in life is managing to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures when you can

Life isn’t just something that you try to “get through,” it’s also the kind of thing that you actually try to enjoy and get as much meaning and satisfaction out of as possible.

People can certainly find deep meaning and satisfaction in their work, but a life spent doing nothing but working would inevitably mean plenty of imbalance, and missed opportunities for stopping to smell the flowers.

A major part of emotional well-being in life is managing to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures when you can. That means embracing a slower pace of existence from time to time, and pausing to appreciate the small blessings around you.

Because many of our best memories are formed during “downtime” activities

One of the greatest assets that anyone can carry with him through life is their positive memories of time spent laughing with friends and family, cuddling with loved ones, and experiencing exciting and new things.

It’s been found that people who have very regular and predictable daily routines – often a result of office life – end up having fewer memories to reflect on, and experience time as moving by more quickly.

If you really want to stretch your days out, and collect plenty of warm memories to look back on, you’ve got to have some downtime, and you’ve got to do some memorable things with that downtime.

Why not take some novelty pictures with your friends courtesy of next time you have a big party or event lined up?

Self-Care Tips for Busy Modern Moms

It is not an uncommon thing for modern women to have find that they have a lot to balance in their lives. There can be an increase in a lot of pressure, from working, trying to balance a career, and having a family and a personal life. There are obligations and responsibilities that all that needs to be done can feel busy and stressful. Sometimes, having a busy schedule can get in the way of taking care of yourself, as there are always other things to be doing. But when you don’t let these things happen, then it can actually make things worse for you. If you don’t put your well-being as a priority, then it can manifest into bigger problems. So the best solution is to fit self-care into your schedule, even if it is something that only takes a couple of minutes, then it will be easy to fit in and less of a time consuming task. Here are some ideas to help.

Go-To Meal

Eating well and paying close attention to the nutritional needs that you have it a really basic form of self-care. Many of us can use food as a weapon or a way to self-sabotage, so when we give yourself the food that we need, then it can really make a difference to how we feel. It can be hard to eat what is best for use, though, when we lead busy lives. So it is a good idea to have a couple of go-to meals in your repertoire that are simple and easy to do, that you can do when you don’t have much time, but you know will be filled with goodness. Having something like this will help to take the stress out of meal planning, as well as giving you the fuel that you need. 


We can often neglect our self-care because we lack some self-awareness. Which is where taking some time out of your busy lives to be able to check in with yourself, and help you to figure out what you need to do, is really key to improving well-being. Meditation is one of those things that can make a difference. It can come in a variety of different forms, though, from prayer, sitting quietly, yoga, and being more mindful (there are apps that can help too). 

If you are a commuter, then you might find that you have some time to meditate on the train into work, for example. This could be getting your headphones in and listening to something calming perhaps. Just make sure that you don’t have your headphones too loud, as it could lead to ear problems. Then you might find that you need to look somewhere like Miracle-Ear to help; Miracle-Ear is more than just a hearing aid, though, so take a look if you think that your hearing needs a little check.

Eat Your Water

Most of us really lack getting enough water into our bodies throughout the day, and being dehydrated can cause problems with our health. Of course, drinking water is going to help. But there are some foods that can really make a difference to our hydration levels, as they contain a lot of water in them. Including foods like cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and watermelon will help.

Slip And Fall: Nuturing Your Hip Joints Back To Health

Every now and again we see an involuntary action being played out from ourselves. It’s rare to see this because our brain hides these kinds of actions from us. Everything from keeping our heart beating, attacking viruses in our system, to raising or lowering our body temperature. We never get to know what an involuntary actions is until we can actually experience it for ourselves. One of them is how our mind and body work together to prevent serious damage from occurring during a fall. Even without thinking about it, our hands and arms immediately are called into action and they prevent us from hitting the ground hard. However, sometimes, even our primal reflexes are not enough and we land awkwardly. The center of gravity is in our pelvis, so we tend to fall on this part of our body. Inevitably this causes hip pain which we then need to recover from.

Ball and socket

Despite their being not external signs of it, the hip is a ball and socket joint. It’s not as flexible as the other ball and socket joints i.e. the ankle, elbow and shoulder, but it is very strong. However it’s not that strong that it can withstand your entire body falling on the joint. Slow rotation movements can help the ligaments and cartilage around the joint to become stronger. This can be done with the aid of a towel while you’re laying down. You can hold onto the towel from both ends and place it underneath your foot. Then when your leg is lifted and the joint is extending your hamstrings, you’re less likely to give way from the pain or discomfort. 

One step slowly

A severe hip joint injury will more than likely lay you off from work. It’s never easy but you must take some time to properly heal and take one step at a time. However, you will be losing money by not being able to work. This is especially frustrating when the slip and fall wasn’t your fault. If you were injured this way at a shopping mall, a grocery store or even in a building of some kind, you may want to hire a firm that will fight tooth and nail for you. They’ll build up your case and use their expertise in slip and fall laws regarding sustaining an injury. However physically, you should take the time off work to take one step at a time and slowly regain your strength with weight bearing exercises. 


Food for ligaments

The healing of your ligaments for your hip joint is very important for the long term health of your body. You don’t want your knees and ankles to bear most of your bodyweight when it can be the hips and pelvis. Eat foods with high levels of zinc and protein. Fatty fish like salmon and lean beef are the two top choices. 

And hip injury is something that could cause harm to the rest of your body if not nurtured back to health properly. Start off by doing some load bearing exercise and use a towel to help prop up your legs when lying down.

How To Get Healthy Without Even Trying

It may seem like just yesterday that you were counting down on New Year’s Eve and vowing to make better choices for your lifestyle and your health. It’s no wonder that the most common New Year’s Resolution is to ‘lose weight’. However, now the hot weather is creeping in and ‘getting healthy’ could seem like a distant memory. Setting out and sticking to making healthier changes can seem scary and insurmountable. Where to even start? Overhauling weeks and sometimes years of unhealthy choices can take more than a quickly written list on a piece of paper. When it comes to adopting your new upgraded lifestyle and more importantly sticking to them it can sometimes be more achievable to pick small, actionable and simple goals to ease you in gently. 

Get Your Greens 

The human body likes to use energy that it can easily access and burn. Which means it’s human nature to want to stock up on rice, potatoes and moreish bread. So instead of piling the carbs on your plate and helping yourself to a tiny teaspoon of veggies or salad, try and work backwards and serve yourself your veggies first. Then add your protein and then your carbs. Ideally, half your plate should be filled with vegetables and the other quarters with wholesome foods such as lean chicken and healthy complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or sweet potato. 

Stock Up On Healthy Foods

Labelling food as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can create a whole host of problems when it comes to food. Feeling guilting when eating something that is not nutritionally dense can create feelings of guilt and shame which should be avoided. No food is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ just some are healthier for you than others. However, if you feel that you are struggling to step away from the junk food and make healthier food choices it might be time to take the decision out of your hands, with a meal basket or food delivery service. Companies such as Sun Basket provide organic, nutritious meal kits for a variety of dietary requirements such as paleo, vegetarian and even vegan. Read more about Sun Basket meal kits here. 

Hydrate Yourself 

It is recommended that you drink several litres of water a day. Water is necessary to keep all of your bodily functions working their best. It is also known that we sometimes confuse thirst with hunger- so before you reach for the fridge have a glass of water, wait ten minutes and see how you feel. Drinking water before meals also allows you to feel fuller and therefore naturally you’ll be consuming less. 

 Get Moving (doing something that you love) 

Exercise doesn’t have to mean slogging away on the treadmill for hours. Of course it is important to get in cardio exercise but there are a variety of ways to do it. Love dancing? Take a Zumba or Barre class. Love challenging yourself and getting out into nature? Join a rock climbing or bouldering club for the best of both worlds. It’s much easier to stick to something when you truly enjoy it. 


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for July

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this review. Affiliate links are contained herein. The opinions are my own.

Last month I introduced you to Simply Earth.  They offer essential oils at an affordable price.  They also have a fun subscription program called the Essential Oil Recipe Box.  With the subscription program, they send you a box with four oils and other materials you need to create recipes included with the box, and all the recipes and materials follow a fun and unique theme!  Each subscription box is a $150 value for just $39, and it is a fantastic deal.  (In case you missed it, here’s the link so you check out my review of the June Box.)

When you subscribe, they also send you an awesome BONUS BOX for FREE!  The bonus box has several bottles as well as other great items like coconut oil, beeswax, and almond oil.  Anyone who’s ever used essential oils, knows that these items are definitely staples, and I think it’s great that they include these bonuses.

And if you order today using my referral link and coupon code: SSHOMEFREE you will also get a $40 gift card! [Read more…]

Wonderful Wellness: Easy Ways To Improve The Body And Mind

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How often have you said to yourself, “I’ll start a diet tomorrow” or “tomorrow I’m going to start exercising? Too often we think we can change our habits at the drop of a hat, or because we are feeling motivated that week. Then we find that the weight isn’t shifting or our end goal feels far away, it can result in self-sabotage- gaining weight and feeling lower than ever. None of the big changes with our longstanding habits can be done quickly, what is needed is a lifestyle change, and often that can seem overwhelming. For best results we need to change slowly, we grow into them so to speak. However, with a little bit of planning and some behavior changes, you genuinely can put yourself on the road to success. 

Keep Fit 

With busy lifestyles, just about all of us can find it hard to find the time to exercise. For this reason, finding ways to fit activity into our daily lives is the way to go. One of the best ways to tone up, burn calories and get the cardiovascular system going is walking, Making the choice to go for a good walk each day contributes to your weekly exercise and your fitness levels will soon improve. Walking is safer than jogging or running as it puts less strain on the joints, and is generally more enjoyable as it doesn’t feel like a slog. Choose your route, and walk each day with the intention you are going to enjoy it. It’s amazing how much more we notice when we are not rushing to get somewhere, but are walking for fitness. Take time to enjoy nature around you, the trees and the sky, the birds singing and you will find that it really is a pleasurable way to exercise. If you need more of a workout, pick up the pace or take a route which has hills- be sure to take plenty of water with you to keep you hydrated. The best thing about walking is it’s free, anyone can do it with no special equipment. And it’s easy to fit into your routine, give yourself a little extra time and walk to work, the shops or to friends instead of hopping in the car. Swimming is another low impact and enjoyable activity and is also very good for working out without putting pressure on the joints. A few lengths of breaststroke and you are using all your muscle groups, burning calories and toning at the same time. Many swimmers can feel very hungry after doing a few laps of the pool, so it’s advisable to take a healthy packed lunch with you to eat afterward- that way you won’t be tempted to dine at the first fast food place you pass on the way home! These activities do not follow a regimented plan like a gym workout which makes them more enjoyable, and if done on a regular basis will genuinely do you so much good. 

Eat Well

Most people tend to throw themselves into low fat and low-calorie diets when trying to shift excess weight, but more and more research is pointing to keto style diets being more effective. 

This is where you reduce the number of carbohydrates you eat, replacing them with moderate amounts of protein and healthy fats. Modern keto diets are different from the old style Atkins which you may be familiar with, you can enjoy many more vegetables and even many low carb fruits. It can be a healthy balanced way to eat and your body will be burning its own fat supplies as fuel, you will lose body weight more quickly without feeling hungry. For vegetarians and vegans, there are many enjoyable dishes which are healthy and will keep you feeling satisfied. Look online to find tasty new recipes and have fun learning to cook them for yourself. Reducing saturated fat in your diet is very beneficial as the cholesterol levels will drop reducing the risk of heart disease- simple swaps like using olive oil instead of vegetable oil, for example are good ways to do this. For the all-around eater who likes a bit of everything, portion control, and exercising is the key. By choosing fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and reducing your saturated fats and salt you are onto a winner. Depriving yourself through a strict diet (unless for serious health reasons) will have you constantly thinking about food, often you give up because you feel so hungry and find yourself raiding the fridge usually opting for the most unhealthy thing in there because it seems so long since you tasted anything good. Feed your body healthy food every day to stop feeling hungry, and sometimes a little bit of a treat will keep you happy and fulfilled, just don’t overdo it. Take lots of walks, think about healthier food choices with correct portion sizes and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Healthy Mind

When it comes to health there is more to it than our physical body. True well-being involves taking care of the mind too. One way to do that is by getting back into education or taking a course.Studying is a good way to achieve goals and can boost mental health and give us a sense of accomplishment. One good way to study is online as fits around your life and is a flexible way to educated. There are hundreds of online colleges that offer accredited qualifications, so whether you want to study for a BSN to masters in nursing online or get a degree in engineering, a diploma in marketing or any kind of certification then you’re able to do so. Whether you already have a degree or qualification and want to take it further or you’re a newbie to higher education there’s something out there for you. Other ways to improve your mental health is to get enough sleep, it’s easier said than done but prioritise your sleep and organise your day so that you’re not working and busy until late at night. Spending time socialising with friends is also good for the soul, sometimes laughter and good conversation really is the best medicine. 

What kinds of things do you do regularly to boost your wellness?

How To Best Avoid Falling Into Illness

Of course, while we can improve our health in several ways, we cannot always dictate just how and when we might experience an illness. Bacteria is all around us, and sometimes our immune system comes under attack. Some people have strong immune systems, and may just be able to brush off a particularly bad flu in a few days. For some, it might take weeks.

To a large extent, we also cannot completely control our percentage chance of contracting a certain specific illness, due to genetic markers, and your contextual lifestyle. For example, methods such as exercise can help reduce your chances of heart trouble, but if there’s a history of heart trouble in your family, the danger is still there. For that reason, learning how best to avoid becoming ill is not something that can be applied to everyone, and it will never work one hundred percent of the time. They say death and taxes are eternal and inevitable, but so is having to experience some form of illness throughout your life. However, with the following worthwhile efforts, you can slow this descent to feeling terrible, and protect yourself against the most common spreadable or developmental illnesses around:

Practice High Standards Of Hygiene

Practical medicine has evolved to such a degree that we can truly marvel at the possibility of care we can receive. However, some medical breakthroughs are as fundamental as anything else, and will never be upgraded or lose their potency. Hygiene is almost single handedly the most important form of health maintenance you could ever practice, especially when out in public. While most of us consider ourselves to have excellent levels of hygiene, and would often take offense at someone teaching us how to ‘stay clean,’ it can often be that we aren’t practicing it as well as we might imagine.

For example, let’s say we go to the gym. We know that this is a hotbed of bacteria. People are sweating, touching equipment, wiping their brow, sneezing into tissues, coughing on the treadmill from time to time etcetera. We know that some equipment might not be wiped down for some time. However, we put headphones in our ears after touching equipment. We might use the shower facilities without thinking about what sort of feet touched the cubicle basin. We handle our bottle of water in the midst of our exercise. This can all spread germs, not to mention just how in-contact with others we might be when working out.

All of this can contribute to us gaining an illness of some kind, or spreading around a viral infection we might have. In this context, washing your hands thoroughly, bringing small anti-bacterial wipes to slightly clean the surface of the equipment you’re handling (gym staff will appreciate this provided it’s not overboard,) and ensuring that you practice comforting personal space can all help you practice higher standards of hygiene. The gym is a pertinent example because it’s a place we go to improve our health, and so we might ignore just how our health can come under attack. Depending on your job, such as public facing roles, or working with children, you might even need to adopt more measures to keeping yourself protected. If you can do this, you will find your chances of gaining or spreading an illness to be lowered, if not completely, at least in a worthwhile sense.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s quite amazing to see just how necessary sleep is to our everyday lives. Just as going without nine square meals can cause anyone to become a much more primitive version of themselves (a fact often repeated in survival television programmes,) going without sleep for even one day will have massive effects on the brain and body. In fact, being sleep deprived to a point can start resembling similar levels of reduced reactivity we would expect from someone who is intoxicated. It doesn’t take long for our mental health to start slipping from this point on.

But getting enough sleep is not only essential for your mind – it’s essential for your body. Your immune system is functioning at its peak when you’re asleep, and your body slowly begins to repair itself. If you do not have this, it can be much easier to contract bugs and illnesses you might have otherwise shrugged off. Cold and flu symptoms become much easier to contract, and worse.

This is why treating sleep as something sacred is essential. Corporate working culture can somehow make us celebrate a lack of true sleep as an ‘achievement’ of some kind, when in reality, this perspective is warped. Going without sleep makes you no more of a hero than someone who manages to take care of themselves each night, and over time, those results will show. Instead, learning what’s right for you is important. Learn how to calculate your sleep and you’ll be able to see how your current schedule is helping or hindering your approach.

On top of these things, it’s essential for you to be consider your sleep hygiene. Regularly change your bedsheets. Go to bed in a ventilated environment. Try to limit the noise pollution nearby, or use memory foam earplugs to drown out the noise. Ensure your right temperature. And give yourself time before bed to unwind, such as reading a book for 15-30 minutes. If you can follow this procedure and keep the same hours each night, you will find yourself feeling much healthier and comfortable in your daily life – because you will have been well rested.

Eat Right

A poor diet can also negatively detract from your ability to fend off illnesses. This is because your body needs nutrients in order to function properly. It can be that eating well and also supplementing with essential vitamins and minerals can help you gain the strongest defense. Ensure you’re getting your RDA of Vitamin C, D and E. Zinc supplements can also help your immune system like no other. If you feel as though you’re losing out on your mineral intake, you might consider using Fulvic Acid to replace those lost through your food consumption.

But remember, none of this is a substitute for a diet comprising of many food groups in their right balance, of eating your caloric needs and consuming many leafy green vegetables. On top of that, ensure that you’re drinking enough water. This is where many people fail to uphold their needs. Ideally, an adult person should drink 2L-3L minimum of water a day to stay healthy. This might be more if regularly enjoying exercise or if suffering from an illness that is causing lost fluids. Eating right, especially when ill, can be a difficult process. But if you meal plan effectively, learn to cook healthy, simple meals and give yourself enough time to enjoy the process, you’ll be much more able to build the defense system your body needs.

Report Said Illness

Of course, many of us fail to visit the Doctor because we feel bad for bothering them over something small. But it could be that our symptoms are lasting for longer than we think, or that something difficult is returning again. Sometimes, the best way to prevent an illness is to catch it before it becomes really bad. This means educating yourself online based on your symptoms, using symptom checker tools, and inspecting how you feel might help put you in touch with the right medication you need. For example, an ear infection could become much worse if left unattended or without the right medical application. This is just one small example, but it goes to show how just sometimes, it’s worth mentioning your worries.

Get Vaccinated

Each year, a flu shot can be a wise thing to get. But of course, it’s important to become vaccinated for other illnesses as well. Some are mandatory, some are not-so-much. However, what’s worrying is how anti-vaccination sentiments have started to once again grow cases of smallpox, when in reality, this should have been completely stamped out. Vaccinations for you and your children are essential, and while this is blindingly obvious and slightly patronizing, keeping that ideal can prevent toxic sentiments such as those described from spreading further.

Quit Your Vices

Smoking, drinking, staying up late, living a sedentary lifestyle, eating too much sugar or trans fats can all contribute to your immune system being weakened. Take drinking, for example. Not only is alcohol bad for your organs, but it dehydrates you. Not only that, but you’re more likely to engage in unaware unhygienic behavior when drunk. Next, you’re going to lack the correct REM sleep needed to heal and repair appropriately. On top of that, you’re likely to binge on junk food the next day as you try to soothe your headache and satisfy the nutrients your body is aching for. Over time, this can prove a worrying circumstance, especially if it happens regularly. This is why curbing your vices is one of the best practices you can engage in to prevent regular illness.

With this advice, you’re sure to best avoid falling into illness.