Go Green Without Going Broke

You may not be aware of it, but more and more people around the world suffer from respiratory diseases, allergies, and other intolerances. What is scary is that the numbers of asthma-related cases have been increasing gradually over the past five decades. In all likelihood, the polluted air, indoors and outdoors, is to blame. Additionally, you can’t watch your favorite show on TV without coming across advertising campaigns about the endangered wildlife. Admittedly, in most cases, these campaigns rely on donations, which may not be very efficient as most viewers don’t pay attention to the advertising break. Nevertheless, there’s a common denominator to the planet’s suffering, and it’s us. The human presence has put at risk the survival of several plants and animals, without mentioning our own. Will the children or your children still be able to walk in the woods or smell wildflowers? Will they hear the songs of the birds in the morning? Or will they need to wear a breathing mask to go outside? While this might sound like a pessimistic perspective, there’s no need to deny it anymore: People need to embrace a green lifestyle to protect the future of the planet. Here’s how you can transform your household into an environmentally friendly home without breaking the bank.

Go green for less

Know your way around waste

In 2013, the American population generated about 254 million tons of waste. In fact, 99% of what you buy become trash within 6 months’ time. In other words, we live in a world of waste. If we don’t manage what we buy and what we throw away, the planet will suffocate under trash before your children’s children are born. Consequently, it’s important to start a waste management plan in your home. If you have a garden, you can repurpose organic waste such as vegetable peels or food leftovers with a compost bin. This will provide your soil with the nutrients and minerals it needs. For all large items, such as a broken washing machine or anything that isn’t organic and doesn’t fit in a recycling bin, you can rent a dumpster from Shamrock Environmental. By the way, if you haven’t planned anything already, January is a good month to clear out your home from damaged and unwanted items, especially as you take your Christmas ornaments down. Finally, remember that items that can be recycled such as food wrappings and bottles need to be cleaned. Recycling centers are forced to reject dirty items, which defeat the purpose.

Clean home the green way

Keeping your home clean is important. Most households have a weekly cleaning program that targets dust, mold and the dirty laundry. However, have you ever stopped to consider the impact of your cleaning products on the environment? Chemical products are often evacuated through the plumbing systems and require additional treatment in water management centers to be fully removed. Not only are they costly to filter out of the water, but they can also put your health at risk. Instead, you could use non-toxic products that are safe for children and pets, and for the planet. Using lemon, for example, is a great way to remove most household bacteria. White vinegar is useful to remove some odors and stains. Regular ventilation and effective insulation can get rid of mold safely. What about a bug or rodent infestation? More often than not, keeping a clean home can prevent the presence of unwanted guests. As a preventive approach, you might want to adopt a friendly cat!

Organic cleaning

Save the planet, one bulb at the time

An energy-efficient home is a win-win, for the planet and your budget. Contrary to the common belief, you don’t need to add a solar panel to your roof to cut down your energy bills. In fact, all you need to do is to change your consumption habits. Keep the appliances you don’t need unplug, as more often than not they continue to consume energy even when left on standby. Always use LED light bulbs, which can save up to 50% energy.

Shop and eat local

How you shop can save the planet. Indeed, reducing the food miles by buying local products gets rid of the carbon footprints generated during the transportation of imported products. Additionally, you get fresher products that have not been frozen for transport. Finally, you can help to protect the local wildlife as you support your community farms. Farmers manage the local environment without causing the damages that large producers and businesses would create.

Going green is, as you can see, extremely easy. It’s accessible to all, and every little step can make a great deal of difference. So what are you waiting for to save the planet from you

Oh Bug Off! How To Keep Your Home Safe From Infestation

Buying a home is simply one of the biggest decisions we make in our lifetime. It certainly is the most expensive one anyway. So it is understandable that once you get those keys in your hand, you move in and make the house your home, you want to protect it in every which way possible. However, while you can have precautions in place for natural disasters, keep your home protected with state of the art security systems, and even secure the perimeter of your home with fences and shrubbery, what about those unwanted visitors that you have no control over?

I am not talking about long lost friends turning up or your parents unexpectedly, the unwanted visitors no home wants is big, rodent or insect infestation, that is for sure. Rustling in your walls, finding dropping littered all around the home. Everywhere you turn you might see something out of the corner of your eye whizz past. It is disturbing. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can ensure you keep your home safe from infestation in the future.

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At the first sign of trouble seek out professional advice

One of the first things you should do if you have an inkling that there is an infestation already present in your home is seek some professional advice straight away. Hearing strange sounds is not a sign you are going crazy. Discovering nests and homes in loft spaces or in the cavity of walls is more common than people think, especially when you first move into a property that might have been empty for some time. Websites like pests.org are full of advice for helping you avoid or get rid of problems such as mice and rodents, insects and bugs. So seek out the professionals and even get someone into your home to try and rid the problem for good=

Be hygienic with food waste and rubbish in your home

It is all well and good trying to avoid the problem, but sometimes the obvious actions in doing this can come from you. A great tip is to be very aware of your hygiene in the kitchen areas. Rodents, mice and bugs look for the main principles of staying alive, which often means a place to sleep, food and water, much like us humans. So leaving out food overnight, not getting rid of food waste correctly, or even not being responsible for rubbish in your home and recycling accordingly, could cause more problems than you would like. Websites like myzerowaste.com have some great tips.

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Seal any possible entrances

There are many ways in which mice, rats and bugs can get into your home. Some might be obvious while others may need you to hunt and think about a little more. First of all, your doors can be a big entrance for some of these pests, so ensure that you seal them up correctly. The main culprit is the gap between your door and the flooring inside your home, and some pest can really squeeze through this easily. Adding a door sweep is very easy, and can solve this problem without causing too much damage or upheaval to your home. You may also want to look around the exterior of your home looking for any cracks or holes in which something might be able to enter. Taking special attention to where pipes enter in your home as over time, gaps can form, and this is a direct entrance into the walls of your home. Sealing them up is a great way to also stop drafts. Finally, areas like chimneys and vents do need to stay open i admit, but there are mesh coverings you can use which stops things coming in, but allows air to ventilate.

Think about adding to your family

Finally, if you feel you have done everything you can to your home but would like some more protection, then you could consider adding to your family, and not of the bay kind. First of a all, a cat is a natural predator for things like mice and rats, and while you don’t want them chasing them around, having one in your home and garden could be enough to keep potential threats at bay. You could also encourage other natural predators into your garden like birds by adding a bid table or bath. Again, this could help you to avoid other things wanting to get closer to your home.

I hope that these tips and options help you to keep your home safe from infestation in the future.

Can A Mattress Topper Revitalize Your Mattress?

Perhaps you have come across this question somewhere else or you’ve asked yourself the same question. Quite often mattresses age up in times when you can’t afford a new right away.

It gets worse when you dread going to bed at night and you know that you will again try your luck on a bed of nails until next morning. However, you don’t have to continue sleeping in an uncomfortable while there are a few ways to revitalize your old mattress for better sleep. One of these ways is using a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are economical alternatives to spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a brand new mattress. Furthermore, it instantly gives a new life to your old mattress and at the same time improve your sleep.

However, you must be a little careful when choosing the best mattress topper for your bed. Any mistake in the selection may worsen your bed. So let’s get to the bottom and see how it works.

By extending its lifespan

As it ages, a mattress flattens and loses its comfort gradually. It may reach a point where it becomes uneven with some areas more compacted than the others. This condition risks you from developing back pains over time.

However, a mattress topper can make your mattress last a little longer than it would. (If you read the article at Try Mattress – topper reviews you will notice that there are different types of pads for side sleepers, back pain etc, so it’s important that you know which one is right for you.) Ideally, a mattress topper creates a barrier between the body and the mattress and this reduces wearing and tearing allowing the mattress to serve you for extra years.

Beyond this, a mattress topper enhances or restore the comfort of your mattress. And the catch is you get all this for a small fraction of the cost compared to buying a new mattress.

· By adjusting support and firmness to your needs

Perhaps you have once bought a mattress but upon reaching home, you find it is uncomfortable for you either because it is firm or soft than you expected. Similarly, mattress loses support and becomes firmer over time.

It is in this situation that a mattress topper becomes significant if you don’t want to buy a new mattress right away. A mattress topper will give you the ideal level of firmness and comfort since you can shop around to find one that suits your needs.

For instance, if you want to increase the level of firmness and supportiveness then memory and latex mattress toppers are appropriate. Likewise, if you want to make it plush and much softer then you may consider featherbeds. All these enhancements help in reducing a range of discomforts and pains.

· By customizing it for varying levels of comfort

One of the coolest thing about mattress toppers is that they are customizable to varying levels of comfort. This means that it can adjust your mattress to two different levels of firmness, which is perfect for couples who share the same bed.

For instance, if you enjoy the bed in its firm condition while your partner prefers a softer bed, then you can achieve this by adding a topper on one side to make it much comfortable.

· By limiting motion transfer

Another advantage of using a mattress topper is their ability to stop disturbances from movements. Mattress toppers are designed in a way that dampens vibrations or movement waves.

This is beneficial especially if your partner is one of those sleepers who toss and turns a lot at night. This means you can enjoy a peaceful night sleep without any disturbance no matter how your partner moves around.

· By reducing symptoms of allergies

An old mattress is prone to allergies because, sweat, dust and other harmful microorganisms have all rested on the mattress over the years. So sleeping on such a mattress puts you at risk of inhaling harmful microorganisms especially if you’re a stomach sleeper.

The good thing with a mattress topper is that it creates a barrier between you and your old mattress. This keeps you away from the risk of breathing harmful compounds allowing you to sleep peacefully.


With so many mattress toppers in the market, you just need to understand your needs to find the right mattress topper for your needs. As can be seen, a mattress topper can really change how your mattress feels in a many ways. Most common is by enhancing the comfort and support of your bed.

Secondly is by reducing motion transfer, extending the mattress lifespan and lastly by reducing the risks of allergies. If your mattress has started feeling uncomfortable but you can’t afford to get rid of it then it could be the right time to consider a mattress topper.

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Minimalist Home Office

Minimalism is not only a design trend, it’s a way of life. From the tiny house movement (in which people are downsizing their houses) to decluttering spaces as part of a mindfulness exercise, the benefits of minimalism goes beyond its simple aesthetics. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that minimalism continues to have its impact on interior design. One of the other advantages of a minimalist space is that it helps increase productivity by eliminating distractions. This is why many home offices are designed with minimalism in mind. If you’re looking into creating a minimalist home office, here are five things to consider:

1. Color scheme

While most people don’t think about various colour schemes when it comes to creating a minimalist space, the colours we choose can have a profound effect on our emotions and mental state. As well, although it may seem like black and white are the only options for creating a minimalist space, this is not the case.

Accent colours are great for adding some personality to a room, while maintaining a minimalist look. Popular accent colours include red, burnt orange or eggplant, because they add a bit of

spice to a room but are also not too overwhelming.. If you prefer lighter colour schemes, go for neutrals or off-whites. These colours can add depth to a room while maintaining its airy feel.

2. Desk and chairs

Aligning your desk and chair to fit with your minimalist design scheme means eliminating any unnecessary details. That entails avoid buying desks with keyboard trays, accented drawer handles, elaborate designs or motifs, or anything that’s too chunky and clunky. Instead, go for a desk that’s lighter in colour (or has a neutral shade) streamlined, has solid lines, and includes storage to hide away clutter. Furniture.ca is a good place to browse through to find an array of minimalist desks.

When it comes to your chair, it should be ergonomic, as well as sleek in design and colour. The shape should work to help your posture as well as coincide with the room’s décor. These are easy to find on online furniture stores, where you can see and compare a variety of options.

3. Accents

Many people assume that that there’s not a lot of decor involved in creating a minimalist space. However, this is not necessary the case. While it is recommended to reduce noise and clutter,

the items you do choose to display can enhance your room. For instance, adding wall art, light fixtures, desk accents such as a pen holder, vase or calendar in your home office can make your room appear more functional and welcoming. . Choose accents that match your tastes but are also useful. An air plant or cactus, for instance, are great options when it comes to decorating with accents, as they are aesthetically pleasing, add a little hint of colour, and good for your health.

4. Lighting.

When it comes to lighting, the smaller and simpler, the better. A good rule of thumb when choosing your lighting is to have it blend in with the design style of the desk and other furniture pieces in the room. Lighting shouldn’t be the focal point, but rather a necessary component that complements your room. Ornate lamps, lampshades, and rods are definitely to be avoided, as not only do they draw the eye in, but they take up too much space. As well, although many chandeliers, pendant lights, and lamps can be integrated in a minimalist design scheme, you can go for something even simpler. Some alternative solutions include thin tube lighting (especially on desks), exposed single bulb pendants, wooden lamp holders, and floor lamps.

5. Walls

As mentioned, minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring. You can add accents walls to add vibrance to your room. As well, can hang your favourite artwork or print to create a main focal area in your office, while having a simple frame to maintain the minimalist aesthetic. Many people are also choosing simple, flat wooden clocks without numbers as a way to decorate their walls. Test tube plants are another fun way to add some style to the space. There’s lots you can do here, as long as the colours and overall shapes are simple and not too distracting.

Minimalism is more of a lifestyle than a design trend., By Incorporating it into your home office, you’ll improve your productivity and mental well-being.

How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible to Kids

Bathrooms are accident-prone areas, and they are even more hazardous to kids than they are to adults. To avoid freak accidents from happening, it’s best to plan years ahead of time the renovations you will have to make when you have little ones running around the house. 

 Don’t worry about the cost you have to spend to make the bathroom accessible to kids. There are more benefits to it than having your children adjust to the ways of adults. Here are some of the major considerations to make in improving bathroom accessibility. 


 Is your child able to reach the door handle? If not, you can set a small chair beside the door so they can reach it.  

 You can also put a permanent doorstop so they’ll have no trouble getting in when they need to use the toilet when you’re not there to help them out. 

 If you have extra funds, it’s better to replace the whole thing with a sliding door. It’s easier to use, and it keeps people from accidentally hitting other people in the face when they’re on the opposite sides of the door. 


 When you have kids, you’ll have to add more safety precautions and more effort in making the measures last.  

 Putting floor mats around the whole toilet will burden you with regular scrubbing off gunk and dirt, but floor mats give more grip, highly reducing the chance of slips and broken hips. If your kids get older and the floor mats become unnecessary, you can opt to use textured floor tile finishing for permanent use. 


 Toilet aids for children are widely available in the market. It’s up to you to pick one that is affordable, comfortable, and just the right size for your growing child.  

 Most toilets are still too high for toddlers. That’s why having a small chair ready beside the toilet will help them when getting up and down. 

 Alternately, you can assemble a small toilet for your young one. You can create a setup that uses the Saniflo SaniPACK, since they are well suited for temporary toilets. Setting up toilets like this costs less time and effort because there’s no need to break the floor or wall. Afterwards, when your child no longer requires his own toilet, the installation can be disassembled in a matter of hours. 


 Most American households have bathtubs, and kids just love to play in the water. For safety, install a grabber bar so they have something to secure them from going out of the tub. Also, provide children their own set of soap and shampoo if your soap rack is mounted way above their reach. 

 Last Notes 

 A bathroom is a place that provides comfort and sanitation. Making bathrooms accessible to children will surely help them become independent faster since they will need less help if everything is within their reach. Furthermore, providing better accessibility prevents accidents. 

 In addition, making bathrooms accessible to kids also makes it accessible to elderly and disabled people. Guests come unexpected, so it’s best that your bathroom is accessible at all times to people of all sorts. 


Ready-made Curtains and Roller Blinds that Give Windows a New Look 

New ready made curtains and roller blinds are easy to install and they will give the rooms in your home an updated look. New traditional and contemporary window coverings will complement any room with color and style. 


Curtains frame windows with color and help to block out the sun. They add a finished look to any room. But dusty, dirty old curtains do nothing to enhance windows. New curtains will perk-up and old room. 

Curtains come in many styles and lengths, as well as different colors and fabrics. They can be a solid color or a print. Lined curtains come in eyelet and pencil pleat styles. Thinner curtains, including string and sheers, come in the slot style. 

Eyelet curtains that slide onto rods with metal-rimmed holes are increasingly popular. This style is easy to fit onto decorative rods in various diameters with attractive brackets and finials. These curtains are available in different sizes. They fold or stack back easily and can be tied back with a matching sash when they are open. 

The pencil pleat or French pleat style is applied to the curtain rod with hooks. They may require a pull cord to open and close. This style can also be folded back and tied with a decorative sash for a formal look. 

Ready-made eyelet and pleated curtain fabrics include 100% cotton and 100% polyester or cotton and polyester blends. They are also available in viscose and faux silk fabrics. Both pencil pleat and eyelet styles are usually available in thermal curtains in many popular colors and prints. Blackout curtains are also available. 

The curtain rod is pushed through a pocket at the top of a slot curtain. The slotted style favors lighter weight materials including voile in various colors and patterns. They can be purchased pre-made in different lengths and widths. These are sheer curtains that can be placed next to the window under eyelet or pencil pleat curtains. This gives a room a warmer look while offering versatility with two sets of curtains. 

Sheer curtains and the heavier eyelet styles come in shorter lengths as well as floor lengths. Sheer string curtains can also be used as room dividers. They offer a dramatic look when used over doorways. 

A curtain that is already made up to fit any window is easy to purchase online and hang in your rooms. There are so many colors and patterns available that you will enjoy finding the ones that fit your room.  

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds in various colors and fabrics replace boring old shades on windows. The roller blinds cover the length and width of the window and do not extend to the floor like curtains. They protect against the sun and cold while making a room look neat and organized. Heavier blinds will hold in the heat or cooled air. 

Roller blind styles include a variety of contemporary prints and solids in standard window sizes. Dots, chevrons, floral prints, and many abstract designs are offered. Colors range from pale neutral tones to bright orange or blue. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  

Roller blinds can be made of non-flammable materials which makes them an ideal choice for the kitchen. They can also be made from synthetic materials that resist bacteria, mold and fungus; perfect for the bathroom. 

Roller blinds are inexpensive and they do not require much maintenance. Dust and grime can be easily wiped away. They are easy to install and some roller blinds can be motorized. 

Many homeowners decorate with both curtains and blinds for different rooms. Curtains can be combined with blinds for a sophisticated finishing look.  

Blinds and curtains can be ordered online and delivered to your door, replacing your old and tired window treatments has never been quicker and easier. 

Ready Made curtains online come in standard sizes to fit most windows. You must take accurate measurements when ordering online, especially with Made to order styles. 

The Seven Steps To Affordable Home Life Luxury

Everyone wants their daily life to feel happy and comfortable. Building a better home and placing focus on the aspects that impact your world on a daily basis is the best place to start.

In most cases, affordability is one of the most important items on the agenda. Many people fear that reduced costs are only possible when the quality is sacrificed. However, this needn’t be the case in your situation. With these seven simple steps, enjoying the best of both worlds will become possible.

 Let’s get to work.


 #1. Make More Of The Garden

 When it comes to creating a luxurious home, bigger is better. You cannot increase the physical dimensions unless taking on an expensive loft conversion. But you can add a new sense of purpose and function. The best way to achieve this is by upgrading the garden.

 A decking area, rattan furniture, and suitable lighting can transform the external aspects to create a far better home. Even swimming pools don’t need to break the bank when you know how. Either way, a better backyard will heighten the love felt towards the home.

 Use the garden to grow fruit and veg too, and you’ll gain access to premium quality fresh produce without any extra cost. When added to the fact that gardening can be an immensely relaxing hobby, there’s no excuse to ignore it any longer.

 #2. Find The Cheap Approach To Home Upgrades

 All homes require a little TLC from time to time, with periodic decorating and modernization. Sadly, the costs involved often stop homeowners from completing those jobs as frequently or to the standards that they’d ideally like.   

 Even the small gestures can make a big impact, as this guide to affordable upgrades shows. When combined with simple ideas like completing DIY rather than calling an expert, the work will become far cheaper.   


 Another fantastic way to upgrade the property on the cheap is to make it more eco-friendly. Going green will require an initial investment, but will pay dividends in the long run. Apart from reducing your ongoing energy bills, many of those jobs like better insulation and advanced plumbing add value to the home too.

 #3. Save Money On Regular Purchases

 Cutting the costs of home transformations is one thing, but you need to generate savings on a more regular basis too. Bulk purchasing certain products can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, you need to be honest about your usage. There’s nothing worse than waste.

 Embracing schemes offered by retailers can be particularly useful too. While a lot of store cards are a bad idea, the Target REDcard offers instant discounts on all purchases. Given that this is a store that you’ll use very frequently, this can have a huge impact. Better still, it’ll enable you to enjoy a slightly better quality of product without the additional costs.

 On a similar note, taking the time to compare electricity and gas providers could save you a significant sum of money each year. Best of all, those savings come with zero impact on your lifestyle and enjoyment. Perfect.


 #4. Make Money from The Home

 In addition to directly saving money, you should also think about how the home can actively boost your finances. It may feel like an impossible mission, but it’s far more accessible than you probably first fear.

 Renting out a part of your home to a lodger is a long-standing idea. However, those long-term methods aren’t the only possibility. Online platforms like Airbnb have created new revenue streams that can be embraced on a temporary or ongoing basis.   

 Alternatively, renting the property to a film crew for a few days can generate a considerable level of funding. Besides, seeing your home on the big screen immediately makes it feel more special. If that doesn’t signal luxury, what does?

 #5. Lose The Demand For Brand New

 Society has encouraged us to embrace several bad habits. However, none are worse than the prospect of always needing brand new products. Opting for used items can save money and the planet while boosting your long-term enjoyment and value.

 Old but sturdy furniture often offers a far better solution than the mass produced and inferior modern products. Likewise, it’s often possible to combine this concept with ideas like upcycling and repair works. In truth, those should form a part of your existing home upgrade plans.


It’s not just the items used inside the home that should be considered. Driving is a huge aspect in the lives of millions, but buying a car isn’t cheap. Opting for a used car that’s around two years old will save money now, and on a monthly basis due to insurance. And you’ll be just as happy in your daily life.

 #6. Appreciate The Simple Things

 When considering luxury, we often jump straight to thoughts of complex features and expensive products. In reality, though, the simple joys are often the greatest source of satisfaction. Learning to place greater focus on function could be the smarted thing you’ll ever do.

 No two people are the same, which makes it difficult to encourage a specific purchase. Still, a great bed is essential, and the Leesa mattress is sure to suit all sleeping positions. Even if you don’t replace the bed frame, promoting better sleeping habits is crucial.

 Likewise, a dining table, comfortable seating, and adequate space are all winning features for the home. A minimalist approach with a touch of personality should do the trick. Just make sure that your bathroom is also built with comfort in mind, and you won’t go far wrong.


#7. Analyze Everything

 Even when you make every decision with the best intentions, it’s almost certain that mistakes will be made along the way. Appreciating that there is room for improvement is a positive starting point, but monitoring situations is the only way you’ll get it right.   

 Good organizational skills will have a telling impact on spending. Check your internet speed to ensure that you aren’t needlessly overpaying. Think about whether a Netflix account could remove your need for premium TV channels. Change cell phone provider so that you get the best deal and value. Those small decisions will soon add up.

 Apart from boosting your financial situation, those calculated adjustments will put your mind at ease too. Frankly, that sense of confidence can be the greatest reward of all.  

Simple Design Changes Your Home Needs

Sometimes you’ve got to switch things up to keep things interesting, no matter what it may be in life. But this can always be applied to your home. There’s always something you can do to the design that can switch up the look of your home. There might be some things that you know for sure you need to change. Others you’ll be left wondering what needs to be done to make it look as good as possible. Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to try and give you the inspiration you need to create the perfect house for you. It is the time of the year to relax, so the design changes we’re going to list aren’t going to cause too much of a hassle. So, without further ado, let’s get started with these magical changes.

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Your bathroom can so easily become outdated and a bit run down. With so many people using it each day, and so much moisture coming through all the time, it won’t be long before you start to notice the wear and tear of it. The grout of the tiles is most likely going to be the first thing that will start to go a bit funny. If you have an avid DIYer in your house, then they’ll easily be able to sort this out for you. All you need to do is get all the old grout out. Clean between the tiles, wait for them to dry out completely, then lay down some more grout. This can be purchased from your local hardware store. If you’re on your own or don’t feel confident in letting someone who isn’t a professional do it, it should only take a day of hiring someone out to do it.

Then, if you’re looking to change the design a bit, painting is always one of the first things you should be looking to do. As we said, a lot of moisture seems to gather in the bathroom. This is most likely due to the fact of not keeping the windows or extractor open when the steam starts to build up. Tiny little bits of mould will begin to form no matter who’s bathroom it is. A repaint will get rid of any of this. Try and stick to the lighter colours such as cream or white. Once you’ve made these two simple little design changes, make sure you’re letting air flow through the bathroom every time it is used for a hot bath or shower. Wipes down any moisture each time as well to try and protect the grout and mould build up.

Dining Room

The dining room is the one place in the house where your family can gather to share stories of the day and actually sit down as a family. It is nice every so often to make sure there’s a little bit of a design change to keep things fresh and interesting. The first thing you can look to change is the table and chairs. There’s so many beautiful designs out there, and it is so easy for them to become outdated after a few years. It isn’t that expensive to change. Something that is so stylish in the interior design world at the minute is a dark brown dining room set. It gives the room that modern, yet classic and vintage feel that so many people love. If you want to complete the look, you should try and aim for some dark brown or oak sideboard furniture. It’ll be great for storing all your placemats and other bits and bobs you might keep around the house. To add a little bit of elegance to the room since you’re going a bit old school, you could think about the lighting. Most people will just have your bog standard lamp shade, but if you’re wanting to push the boat out a little, then a chandelier style lighting shade is going to really finish the room off. To add a little bit of scent and color, potpourri is a lovely finisher, and there’s plenty of seasonal colours and smells on sale at the minute. All you need is a nice dish to put it in.

Those are just two rooms with simple design changes that’ll really transform the look. None of the take much effort, and all of them will make you feel like you’ve got a refreshed room. Once you’ve tackled those two rooms, you can move onto the rest of the house until you have a perfect home once more.

How To Choose The Right Seating For Your Living Room

When it comes to redesigning or styling your living room, nothing is more important than your seating choices. Every one of us is different, so it makes sense that we all have different needs and tastes when it comes to sofas and chairs. If you’re really scratching your head over what to choose, then work your way through this guide to help you find the perfect seats for your home:


Fit For Purpose

What do you use your living room for? That’s the first question to ask yourself when you’re about to buy a new sofa. If you spend an hour an evening in there with your feet up watching Netflix, then you should choose a recliner for comfort. Of course, if your living room is the perfect place for entertaining friends, then it makes sense to arrange the furniture for conversation. Maybe a corner unit or two sofas facing each other?

Arrange your seating for chat. Pic from Pexels


Perfect For Your Family

Dogs, cats, kids, and parties can all add a lot of extra wear and tear to your home. Leather and covered sofas are really easy to clean. You can wipe some leathers with a special antibacterial cloth for hygiene too. If your family love to cuddle up, then a cuddle couch or deep four-seater sofa could be a perfect choice. And if you love to curl up and relax in the evening, then a massaging rocker-recliner sounds ideal. Choose the sofa to suit the family sitting on it.

Family rooms offer extra seats and plenty of space. Pic from Pexels


Pick By Shape

For all you style gurus out there, the shape is going to be a big consideration. You might select a kidney shape like this elegant sofa, or you might be more interested in the angles and wings of the sixties style sofas. Cuddle couches have become really popular with those interested in design. They’re high backed with high sides but offer a lot more structure and shape than a standard sofa too. Arms or no arms? Legs or no legs? There has never been more choice for shape.


Shaping your space. Pic from Pexels


Pick By Color

Color in the living room is also important. While most sofas are simple tones and shades of the same base color, you need to make sure that fits with the bold accents you want for the room. Standard colors might be more affordable than bold choices in fabric. Most sofas either work neatly with the red side of the color wheel or the blue side.  Browns and creams can really pop with reds, grays and purples. But blues might be best for black or gray sofas. Take a chart with you when you buy so you can see where your sofa choice will work.


Is color important to you? Pic from Pexels


Pick By Size

Of course, not every living room is big. You might be shopping for a new sofa because you need an extra small size to fit in that nook. Fitting around other furniture, chimney breasts, doors, windows and radiators isn’t always easy. It’s best to double check your measurements. How do you design your living room? And what do you really look for in a great sofa?

Huge Home Disasters And How To Overcome Them

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Regardless of how much you might try to protect your home, and ensure that it’s somewhere you and your family can feel safe, it’s not always possible. Of course, in an ideal world, we’d all be able to keep our homes safe and secure at all times. For the best for of our lives, we do. But then there are the times when the unexpected creeps up on us. And this can often cause problems. But the thing with home disasters is, you can actually minimize the damage when you know how to handle them. So, whether you’ve just moved to a new house, or you’ve had issues happen in the home you’ve built over time, you can overcome them. Let’s look at how.


Water Damage


First of all, there is a real possibility that you’re going to suffer with water damage at some point in your life. As much as you may wish to avoid this, water will often find a way in if it wants too. But, the trick is not to panic too much, or do anything to make the damage worse (like poorly repair the source of the leak yourself). Instead, you need to call in the professionals, such as Restoration eze, to take on the issue for you. With professional water extraction and repair, you will find that the damage done will be kept to a minimum.


Break In


Even if you live in a safe neighborhood and in a safe street, break-ins are still possible. And it can be terrifying to discover that you’ve been the victim of one. Although the only way to deal with this when it happens is to call the police and let them take the lead, you may be better off doing what you can to prevent it from happening in the first place. From secure locks and CCTV to strong outside boundaries and security lights, you will be able to deter intruders by putting these in place.


Broken Down Boiler


Another water-related issue that will forever cause you stress is your boiler. Because when it breaks, it can feel like the end of the world. Cold showers are definitely not exciting! So, you’re going to want to get some sort of boiler care or insurance in place so that you can get a replacement right away without it breaking the bank.


Smashed Windows


There can be many reasons for why your windows smash. From the kids playing out in the garden and not being too careful with balls, or natural disasters, you can find that your windows break and you’re left with the cold coming in. While you wait for a replacement, it will be handy to learn how to board up a window so you can make do in the meantime.


Burst Pipe


And, of course, we’re going to finish on another water-related matter, because we all know it can be the biggest pain. Burst pipes are definitely one of the worst. As much as you will need to get an emergency plumber in (and turn the water supply off), you may also benefit from learning to repair a pipe yourself so that the leaks can stop while you wait.