How To Prepare For A House Move

Preparing to move home can be a chaotic time, there’s so much to get done and only so many hours in the day. To help you ease the chaos and enjoy the process, it’s vital to get yourself organized.

1 . Out with the old

When you’re preparing to move home, you should get rid of all the old items that you no longer need. The last thing you want to do is clutter up your new house with old junk! Tackle your clutter room by room, and put all the items you don’t want to one side. It’s a great idea to donate these to your local charity store. This way you’ll be helping a good cause and ensuring that these materials are not wasted. If you have large items, you might want to use a house clearance company to help you dispose of these in an eco-friendly way. If you have old electronic items, you’ll need to give these to a registered e-waste recycling service.

2. Pack up early 

It’s best to start packing early, to ensure you aren’t stressed out and in a rush. Start with the rooms that you don’t use as often, and leave your frequently used items until the last minute. It’s also a good idea to pack early so you can let your moving company know how many items you have to move. Doing so will help you to get an accurate quote and budget this with the rest of your moving costs. When you’re doing your packing and cleaning, apps like Toddy can help you to organize your tasks.

3. Write an inventory

Write up an inventory of all of your items; this will help you to keep track of everything and ensure that nothing gets lost in the process. It’s best to check if your moving company has an insurance policy or if you’ll need to get one to cover your belongings.

4. Organise your bills

Now is the time to organize your bills, you will need to inform your internet company, water company and gas company that you are moving house. You might take the opportunity to search for a new provider to save money on your bills. If you are happy with your current companies and tariffs, you might choose to take these same providers to your new property. You should also inform your banks and any other services of your new address.

5. Choose a removal company

Research moving companies before you commit to a service. It’s best to look for a company with lots of experience and great reviews. Write down any questions that you have to ask your removal company, whether about insurance, packing, or duration. It’s handy to have a budget in mind before you start looking for moving companies.

Lastly, remember to pre-order the new things you’ll need for your new house. Whether it’s new curtains or carpets, you’ll want to make your house more homely as soon as you can!

In 2020 Homes Are Coming To Life, Literally

We all know and acknowledge that home automation is an inevitable path the world is set on. For many years, the interior design world has been concerned with style. It believes that it decides which direction the modern home will go in. However, it turns out, the tech sector has more of a say in this than it bargained for. Now, people are more concerned with practicality. It seems like in 2020, function over form is set to rise to new heights. An incredible array of automation technology is splurging out onto the scene. Technology is set to make our lives so much easier, more fun and comfortable, in ways that we didn’t even imagine before. Just 10 years ago, who would have thought that voice-controlled lighting would become the norm? It’s time to look ahead and realize homes are coming to life!

The central nerve system

Mark these words, in 2020, you’ll see an end to home assistant ecosystems. It’s unfortunate, but many companies are creating home assistants that you can only use, with their apps. For example, Amazon Alexa can only be used with the Amazon Smart Home Hub. The same goes for Apple, Google and Samsung devices. This creates an ecosystem that unintentionally, locks the mainstream consumer out. Why do you have to buy products that connect only with each other? That’s why Wink Hub 2 and products like it, are going to become the mainstream’s most popular central nerve system of the contemporary home.

Wink Hub 2, not only connects your at-home smart assistant device but also your lights, locks and sound systems; to name a few. Using the Wink Hub 2 app and your voice, you can change multiple things in your home without ever having to get up. Change the room temperature to be cooler, dim the lights and play some music, all while sitting on your couch. No matter what kind of smart devices you have, they should be compatible with a central hub, and guess what? The more you limit consumers from choosing their own ways of harmoniously connecting all their smart devices, the more you push them away. 2020, is the year in which this will all change.

The most powerful change

There are a plethora of home automation products. Everything in your home can be changed, altered and utilized, however you wish. But, the most powerful change in the home automation space, is the blinds. Now hold on a second, don’t think this is a mere exaggeration. Think about what this means. You can control when and how much natural light enters into your home. The sun itself can be blocked without ever having to move from a sitting or lying down position. In fact, you can make your home into a living thing by fitting such a device to your home.

Somfy is the leading brand in this part of the market. Their boast that child safety is enhanced because there are no hanging loose cords that could entrap and possibly strangle toddlers. It connects to your Wi-Fi and can be operated via your smartphone. You can set your prefered blind angle, so if you would like to have a subtle or acute angle as standard when the blinds are open, it will ‘remember’ this. Since the blinds don’t ever touch each other or rather, lay on top of each other, your blinds will look better for longer. No bending, no scratch marks and no losing of their shape. The blinds are able to be set to a timer. Much like you would set your smartphone to automatically activate a blue light filter at a certain time of day, your Somfy blinds work in exactly the same way.

Security and comfort

Comfort and security, in many respects, are synonymous. You wouldn’t feel comfortable living in an unsafe home and no home that is unsafe is ever comfortable. That’s why systems like the Nest by Google are so important to the world of home automation. This technology takes into account how modern door lock systems don’t always provide a great degree of security. They are able to be practically fooled. Skilled burglars will use forged keys, credit cards and lock picks to enter into homes. But with a professional Nest Installation, you receive a doorbell and door lock. 

When someone uses the doorbell, you can use the doorbell’s camera to see who it is. You can move the camera around to look up, down and side to side. Giving you an educated look at what’s going on and who’s outside, you’re less likely to be fooled into opening the door for someone who means you harm. The door lock is digital, and you set a number code to lock and unlock the door. It will lock the door automatically after a set period of time after you’ve shut the door. 


However, you’re also getting a thermostat as well as smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Using the app on your smartphone, set the temperature for your home. Each room is able to be set to its own temperature, giving every member in your household climate control. 

A secret defense

Someway, somehow, an uninvited guest has entered into your home. What can you do to protect yourself? With a Wyze Cam of course. This device turns on and records footage it’s surroundings when it hears sound or detects motion. It live streams the 1080p footage straight to your smartphone. To your delight and annoyance, you can watch a burglar inside your home. This gives you the homeowner more leverage with your home insurance company. We all know home insurance companies will haggle with you and drag their feet when it comes to using their services to replace or receive a lump sum. With footage of things being stolen or damaged, you’re much more likely to be compensated as you have undeniable evidence.

Total control

We’ve spoken about how ecosystems are negative because they limit consumer options. But what if you had a brand that encompassed everything? That’s what Control4 is, it makes absolutely everything in the way of mainstream home automation options.

Control4 OS 3 is an ecosystem but at least it incorporates all the major solutions that homeowners want. Yes, it’s unique to the OS platform and that means Android systems are left out of the loop. But you get a list of products that all fall under the Control4 OS 3 Smart Home.

  • Smart lighting
  • Home security
  • Intercom anywhere
  • Home theater
  • Voice control
  • Multi-room audio
  • Universal remote

These products provide a lot of automation for various parts of the home. You control your entertainment systems from one remote. You can control any of the devices with just your voice. You can speak with anyone in the household using the intercom system, but do so anywhere i.e. using your smartphone as the microphone. On top of this, the home security system makes use of HD cameras which you can set up in and around the home. The smart lighting allows you to control the ambient lighting in each room with just a few swipes. If you’re going to jump into a home automation ecosystem, you better bring your trunks and dive all the way.

The best sound system

There are sound system products like Amazon’s Alexa, but let’s be honest. They aren’t specialized products and you can’t expect brilliant sound quality from products that have been designed to be small and portable. The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar, on the other hand, is a product from a dedicated sound system company. Many believe Sennheiser to be the best sound system manufacturer in the world. Many DJs, music artists and moviemakers in Hollywood, use this brand.

The Ambeo Soundbar is voice-activated and provides 3-D sound for the entire home. It can also be wall-mounted if you’re like to create a home cinema with 360-degree sound. Bear in mind, this system is not designed to be portable but you do get jaw-droppingly good sound quality. With a deep 30Hz bass, 13 high-end drivers and a 5.1.4. sound experience, it offers the most immersive advanced sound on the market right now. It is a little pricey, standing at over $2,400, but you can count on its reliability no matter how loud you bump your music.

Some kind of product for home automation had been on everyone’s wish list for last year. However, the market was smaller than one would hope and not too many affordable options were out there. In 2020, this is set to change as smaller companies are trying hard to break the monopoly that big brands like Google, Samsung and Amazon enjoy. The main home automation areas that you should be concerned about are your lighting, both natural and artificial and home security. Once you get used to having better, more fluid door locks and cameras, as well as lighting styles in the home, you will find it easier to venture out into more things like entertainment. Smart blinds and table lamps are easy to understand and use, start there!


Pest Prevention: How To Keep Unwanted Visitors Away

Hearing scrabbling noises and spotting droppings can be frustrating for homeowners, especially if you thought you were rid of pests for good. The problem with pests is that they are resilient and they multiply rapidly. If you’re keen to keep unwanted visitors away, here are some preventative measures to take now.



Spring is always a good time of the year to declutter and clean your home. Decluttering is a way to tidy up and free up space, but it’s also an effective means of reducing the risk of pests. Many animals like to take shelter in secluded, comfortable spaces, and if you’ve got piles of stuff mounting high, your home could become a sought-after spot for rodents and insects. Work through each room methodically, separating out items you want to keep, donate or throw away. Once you’ve removed the piles of stuff you don’t want anymore, find a home for your remaining belongings. Investing in storage boxes, crates and baskets and fitting wall-mounted shelves and units can help to prevent clutter in the future.

Clear your garden

Pests can appear in both your home and your garden. Outside, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of intruders in your backyard. If you’ve knocked down trees in the past, or you have trees that are not in good health, it’s a good idea to look for a tree stump removal expert to lower the risk of termites creating nests close to your property. It’s also wise to clear out sheds and summer houses and to keep an eye out for swarms of bees and other flying insects. 

Don’t offer up delicious meals and snacks

One of the driving forces of pest infestations is access to food. If you leave bits of food lying around the kitchen counters, you don’t brush the floor on a regular basis, or you’ve got trash bags lying out in the driveway, you may well find that a hungry visitor sniffs out your home. Make sure you store leftovers in sealed containers, throw away anything you don’t want to keep immediately and wipe down your surfaces and floors daily. Tie trash bags securely and keep them in a sealed bin or a locked bin store. 

Look out for early warning signs

Pest problems can escalate quickly, so it’s always beneficial to be vigilant. If you start to hear scratching noises, you see droppings on your floor, or you notice damage to wooden structures in your garden, seek expert advice. Tackling the problem early can help to prevent the situation getting worse, maximize the chances of getting rid of pests in the long-term and save money. 


Pests are a common issue for homeowners. Our homes make heavenly havens for unwanted visitors, but there are steps you can take to make them less inviting and appealing. Keep your eyes peeled for warning signs, declutter and keep your home clean and tidy and clear your garden. If you do have any problems, it’s best to contact local pest control experts. 

Help Your Home Feel More Homely

During this time of international difficulty, many of us are becoming more familiar with our homes than ever. This can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it gives us the time to approach our daily tasks and the responsibilities that need to get done. It’s also a curse because odds are you also have an infinite amount of tasks that seem never-ending, and even when all is said and done, sitting down and taking a break can feel difficult for those who are used to being productive all day long.

But why only focus on the chores? Why not spend time designing something that you love, something that helps your home feel more… well, homely? This can help the space feel invigorated and refreshed, which is warm comfort when we’re having to spend so much time indoors. With that in mind, we would definitely recommend that you apply some of the following logic to your situation. You never know just what incredible results you may come to:

Excellent Lighting

Excellent lighting allows you to arrange the atmosphere and ambiance of your room in a way that you might not have otherwise. For instance, Lepro LED strip lights can help you illuminate your child’s bedroom with beautiful new colors, or help add an ethereal and atmospheric environment in your media room or behind your living room television. Additionally, beautifully placed warm lamps that help your room take on a comforting and dim tone can help you relax late at night, or feel comforted during the winter months. If something feels off in your room, it’s not uncommon for lighting to be the issue.

Make The Room Less Busy

When rooms feel busy, they are quite hard to deal with. After all, we all know that caring for our home space is something we wish for, and we can continually add more and more and more to this environment in search of perfection. But too many decorations or stored items, too much wall art, a hard-to-navigate space with endless furniture or simply being unkempt and untidy can leave us feeling unable to relax or feel content in the space – simply because there’s so much going on. When you make the room less busy, you’re more likely to feel contentment.

Cater To Your Indulgences

Your indulgences are a part of you, and so celebrating them rather than suppressing them can be a great idea. If you’re an avid reader, creating the best ‘reading corner’ you can muster within your living room can be an amazing activity, replete with a beautiful vintage armchair, comfortable cushions, a place for your biscuits and tea and maybe even a place to plug in your foot massage and spa at the same time. Who has to say you need to live by the rules? A room is better for the personality you apply to it, and sometimes, a family-wide indulgence can be a great thing to use as your starting point.

With this advice, we hope you can help you feel even more loved and secure within your home.

Making Your Guest Room The Best Room

Having guests over to say is one of the great things about having your own home. It’s wonderful to host and put your spare room to good use! The great thing about your guest room is that you can really get creative with it and design a room that’s cozy and welcoming for your guests. Turning your guest room into a space your guests will love can be a fun project and finally help you do something with your spare room.

Take a look at the following tips to make your guest room the best room in the house.

Declutter it

Guest rooms are often a dumping ground for a lot of clutter and mess. If your spare room hasn’t been used in a while, you might have a lot of work on your hands to get it back in order. Get rid of anything unnecessary that shouldn’t be there – guests shouldn’t have to sleep in the overspill from the rest of your home! Try some five-minute decluttering tips to help you get started.

Keep it clean

Your guest room should always be spotless – you never know when you’re going to have unexpected guests over to stay! But giving the room a deep clean first will make it easier to keep it clean to a high standard. You’ll want to provide a relaxing experience for your guests, so if you discover anything like bed bugs, you’ll need to get a bed bug extermination service out pronto! Remember to dust and vacuum even if the room isn’t being used – it will stop it all from building up. 

Ensure decor is simple but stylish

Providing a simple and welcoming space for your guests can help them feel more at ease and at home. You should keep things light and fresh with crisp linen at all times. Some great guest room ideas include adding pops of color or a paneled wall – something to add a little bit of interest and help show off your interior tastes. Try to keep furniture simple with some bedside drawers, a wardrobe and a desk or dressing table to provide storage and a workspace for your guests.

Add those special touches

Extra special finishing touches can help your guests settle in, and helps to make sure they have everything they need! Why not put a basket together with some toiletries towels and a robe to help them relax and enjoy their stay with you? A welcoming room, as well as some fun ways to keep guests entertained, will be sure to want your guests to come back time and time again. 

Creating the perfect guest room is part of the excitement that comes with decorating your home and making it your own. Whether you have friends or relatives come to stay, it’s wonderful to open up your home and make some great memories with those you love. Enjoy transforming your guest room and making it perfect for your guests.

Silent Signs Of A Problem With Your Roof

One part of the home that tends to get neglected is the roof. After all, because we don’t really spend any time up there, we don’t tend to think about it! However, roof problems can be very expensive. This is why it is important to stay on top of any potential issues, ensuring that they are rectified as soon as possible so that they do not turn into bigger and more expensive problems. With that in mind, continue reading to discover some of the silent signs that there could be an issue with your roof. 

  • Mould on exterior walls – The first indication that you could have a problem with your roof is if there is mould growing on an exterior wall. This can often be a sign that you have a leak in your roof. It’s worth getting in touch with a company like Prime Roofing who can inspect the issue for you and determine whether it is a problem with your roof or something else.
  • Roof vent issues – You should take a look at the plastic roof vents to see whether there is any cracked housing. If you have a metal vent, make sure the seams are not broken. It can be tempting to simply throw some caulk at the issue. However, by doing this, you are simply papering over the cracks, and it won’t last long. The only real solution here is to replace the vents that are damaged. Moreover, take a look for any missing or pulled nails at the bottom edge of the base. You should replace these with screws that are rubber-washered. 
  • Rusted gutters – A gutter leak will tend to begin at seams that have opened up because of contraction and expansion or at rusty spots. If your gutter is still sound overall, the most straightforward way to prevent a leak is by using some gutter and roof repair tape in order to cover the damage area. Make sure you use a putty knife to remove the tar and a wire brush to get rid of the rust. 
  • Damaged shingles – Last but not least, another silent issue that you need to look out for when it comes to your home’s roof is a damaged shingle or damaged shingles. Not only does this make your roof look unattractive, but it can have a detrimental impact because it is basically a leak that is waiting to happen. The good news is that the repair here is pretty easy. You just need to find shingles that match the ones you have on your roof at the moment to make sure they do not look out of place.

As you can see, there are a number of different indicators that you could have a problem with your roof. If you have noticed any of the signs that have been discussed above, it is important to get in touch with a professional company sooner rather than later. After all, roof issues only tend to become bigger and more expensive as time goes on. 

How To Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful Year-Round

A beautiful home is a happy home, so it’s worth taking the time to figure out how you can make it look more appealing. Be glad to know there are several ways for how you can make it more attractive all year-round.

It’ll take an effort on your part but know that all your hard work will pay off in the long run. You’ll not only enjoy your space more and feel more comfortable in it, but onlookers and visitors will also notice your updates. It’s a wise idea to keep a checklist handy of maintenance items you should be taking care of during each month of the year as well.

Know When to Call the Professionals

You can keep your home looking beautiful year-round by knowing when you should call the professionals and enlist their help. For example, you may experience water damage due to bad weather or a leak in your home. In this case, you don’t want to put off cleaning this mess up, and instead, you should contact the experts at to take a look and help you restore your property.  

Follow A Cleaning Schedule

It can be challenging to keep up with the cleaning when you’re a busy and working parent. Therefore, follow a schedule that will help to ensure you stay on track with your tasks. It’s also a wise idea to clean up messes throughout the week and sweep your floors regularly. Your home will not only look more beautiful, but you’ll likely all be healthier without so much dirt and grime lurking around. Not only tidy up but also perform a deep clean every so often and declutter your closets and pantry to help you stay organized.

Touch it up with Paint

Paint goes a long way in helping you to improve the look of your home and make it look more beautiful. Touch up areas that are damaged or chipped and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to rooms that are dingy or outdated. You may also want to use paint to make a small bathroom appear larger or as an opportunity to create more excitement in a dull or boring room by painting an accent wall. Another way to modernize your home is to paint wood trim and doors white.

Decorate for the Seasons

You can keep your home looking more beautiful year-round by switching out your décor based on the season. For example, in the summertime, you can display fresh flowers and hang images of the beach and outdoors. During the wintertime, it’s your chance to cozy it up with wreaths, pinecones, and lots of rugs and blankets. Remember also change up the décor on the outside of your home to help boost your curb appeal.


Apply these tips to help you maintain a beautiful and charming home year-round. It’s all about the details and staying on top of your to-do list. All of these improvements will have you falling back in love with your home and enjoying your space more.

Your Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide: The Ultimate Exterior Home Cleaning Checklist

When springtime rolls around the corner, it’s time to begin your spring cleaning! Before you start to dig through closets and deep clean your home’s interior, consider starting with exterior home cleaning.

Get the inside of your home sparkling clean with a few exterior home cleaning tips before you begin to tidy up the inside. Your home’s curb appeal is just as important as what’s on the inside.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some great exterior-cleaning tips. Continue reading below for everything you need to know!

1. Roof Inspections

Just as when cleaning inside your home, be sure to start with the top and work your way down. It wouldn’t make much sense to clean your windows only to have debris from the roof fall onto them later. Because of this, it’s essential to start with the roof.

If you haven’t had a roof inspection done in quite some time, schedule it now. Mold, mildew, and moss can all grow on your roof. You’ll also want to check for shingles in need of repair and chimneys and gutters in need of cleaning as well.

2. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to clean your home’s exterior, the decking, and the driveway as well. Different types of cleaners and pressure settings are used depending on the type of material you’re cleaning. Be sure to follow the directions on the pressure washer and hire a professional is ever in doubt.

Remove all weeds from your driveway before pressure washing it or having a professional pressure wash it. For homes with vinyl siding, you can use a garden hose and soapy water to wash it clean.

3. Window Screens and Windows

Over time, window screens and windows become caked with dirt and other debris. Fill a kiddie pool with warm soapy water and allow the window screens to soak in the solution. After soaking for a while, gently scrub the screens clean on a flat surface to avoid rips.

Then, rinse the screens off with a garden hose. Be sure to use a gentle setting to avoid damaging the screens. While the screens are in the soaking process, you can tend to the glass on the windows by using a glass cleaner.

4. Freshen Up the Garden Beds

If your garden beds are looking a bit dull, freshen them up by adding new mulch into them. You can also trim your herbs and other plants to keep them well-groomed. If there are any dying flowers or branches, be sure to trim these parts as well.

If needed, plant a few new flowers, herbs, or other plants to really freshen the garden up. Uproot any dying bushes, shrubs, or trees and try this site for rubbish removal.

Start Your Exterior Home Cleaning With These Tips Today!

With spring quickly approaching, it’s time to start some exterior home cleaning tasks using these tips listed above! Once you check everything off of this list, you can begin cleaning inside your home.

For more posts as helpful as this one, be sure to check back with us on a regular basis!

Getting Your Garden Ready for the Upcoming Summer Months

We’ve reached spring and the weather is beginning to improve. The sun is making more of a presence, the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and we’re starting to get a little less rain, sleet and snow. So, you may be looking ahead to the summer months and anticipating the season many of us love most! Now, summer may be a few months away, but it’s important that you start work on your garden now if you’re going to want to kick back and relax out back when the really good weather finally hits. Gardening is a process and it will take a little time and effort to get things exactly how you want them. Here’s some advice that can help you to achieve this as best possible!

Bring In a Landscape Designer

If you’re planning big changes for your garden this summer, you should start taking a look at different landscape designers nearby. These professionals specialize in completely reworking gardens to create stunning spaces that meet all of your needs and preferences. They can add in features, such as ponds or water features, they can make all areas of your garden easily accessible, adding in walkways, patios and decking, and all in all, create a more enjoyable space for you to spend time in. During a consultation you should make sure to detail everything you’re intending to use your garden for. Whether that’s lounging in the sun, keeping your kids occupied, hosting summer parties and barbecues, or simply sitting out and reading a book. They’ll be able to craft a space that really ticks all of your boxes!

Bring In a Gardener

If your garden has grown truly unruly over the winter months, it may be beneficial to bring in a gardener to help put wrongs to rights. A gardener can do all sorts when it comes to making your garden look great. They can cut the grass and trim the edges, they can pull weeds, they can dig out flower beds and they can remove any dead tree branches that may pose a risk to people spending time beneath any trees you may have. Most will want a quick look over your garden before offering a quote to determine the amount of work that needs to be done. But this is a simple and often low cost way to get things back onto a good and easily maintainable level.

Do a Little DIY

Once things are a bit more manageable, you may want to try a little gardening yourself. This can be a really rewarding hobby to get into and you’ll see beautiful results the more work you put in. Why not look up a few plants or flowers you might like to plant. You could grow your own vegetables in a patch. You could create your own hanging baskets to place from hooks around the garden. You can create a truly beautiful space of your own accord!

The above process should help you to get a lovely garden ready and in ship shape by the time you want to spend time outside! Put the effort in now and you’ll reap some brilliant rewards in just a few months!

What Are The Key Features You Should Focus On When Moving Into A New Home?

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve recently moved to start the next chapter of your life doesn’t matter. It will take time to create the perfect property. But while the process ahead is long and stressful, you can start to stamp your authority and grow your feelings towards the home far sooner. As long as you focus on the right attributes.

When you want the new property to feel like home in the quickest time, you should prioritize the following 12 features. While it won’t signal the end of your pursuit for perfection, it’ll certainly enhance your enjoyment of the home with big results. So, let’s get started.

1| Safety

Safety should always come first when trying to promote a winning home environment. You can never truly enjoy the home when you feel at risk. Therefore, one of the first things you must do is invest in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and related items. Likewise, you must ensure that all electrical wires and hazardous materials have been attended too.

Outside dangers caused by adverse weather deserve your attention too. Depending on your location, it may be necessary to consider shutters to protect the windows or home flood barriers. Aside from protecting your property and the people inside it, you should notice that this provides peace of mind.

2| Security

Good safety protocols should be supported by enhanced security. The thought of somebody gaining unauthorised access to your home is the stuff of nightmares. You must take the time to check that all doors and windows are fitted with good locks. If you are unsure as to whether the previous owner has lost keys in the past, you may want to change them with a locksmith too.

Advanced security measures can include CCTV, alarm systems, and lights that detect movement. With remote monitoring, you can stay on top of security even when you are not at home. In some cases, upgrading the facilities can reduce home insurance premiums.

3| Function

Time is the most valuable resource in our lives. With this in mind, ensuring that your new home is built to function in an efficient manner is vital. This can take many forms, such as completing maintenance tasks on your kitchen appliances or boosting the water pressure. They can feel like minor assignments, but removing the small daily stresses will significantly enhance your life.

You can make further additions to aid your homemaking duties. A robotic vacuum can complete some of the housework on your behalf. Meanwhile, artificial lawns remove maintenance needs. Spend less time on those issues, and you can spend more time enjoying the property.

4| Cost-Efficiency

Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but financial waste can seriously harm your feelings towards the property. Investigating leaks and insulation issues are the first steps to getting the running costs under control. Meanwhile, adding greener tech such as LED lighting and water-saving toilets can aid your financial situation too.

A change of mindset is essential for sustained success. Switching energy suppliers, or home entertainment packages can unlock noticeable savings. When you shave a few dollars off of several monthly bills, it will provide a source of smiles. This inevitably boosts your love towards the home.

5| Relaxation

Your home should provide the comfort needed to help you regain a calm mood even after a difficult day at work. A comfortable sofa is a top priority for any living room. Meanwhile, a luxury bath tub or shower unit can have an immensely positive influence too. Aside from the physical rewards, the knowledge that those items await you at home will strengthen your immediate bond to the property.

Nonetheless, you must not overlook the importance of your bed. A great night’s sleep has a huge influence on the entire day ahead. A comfortable mattress and soft sheets can instantly transform your home life for the better. Embrace it ASAP.

6| Luxury

We all have a few luxuries that we’d love to own. Moving into a new property is your perfect chance to finally treat yourself. This could mean creating a games room or a home gym. Or it may involve transforming the garden with the patio of your dreams. Either way, these special home-defining features can feel like a major achievement.

Luxuries don’t necessarily have to include modifications to an entire room or outside space. It could also take the form of having the signed memorabilia or original piece of artwork. Exotic house plants are another option. The exclusivity will provide a source of heightened joy.

7| Personality  

One of the big teething problems for a new homeowner relates to the bland and characterless vibe. Learning to stamp your personality on the property at the earliest stage is one of the most important things you’ll do. The easiest way is to choose a great colour scheme and use your photos to brighten up the rooms. Canvases, tiles, and digital photo frames are all ideal.

Adding personality to the home needn’t always relate to you. Emphasising character-defining features like feature walls and alcoves can be useful. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of paisley or a certain print design, you can focus on this too. The goal is simple: make the home feel like home.

8| Practicality

Staying with the idea of making the home feel like home, you need to choose practical features too. This means making decisions that are focused on your specific needs. If you have accessibility needs, for example, a specialised bath tub can have a telling influence. Or you may want to add a stairlift to support your movement around the property.

If you work from home, a designated workspace is an ideal solution, even if it’s not a complete home office. Take the time to think about your daily habits and the alterations that could improve the levels of convenience. This change of philosophy will guide you to success.

9| Value

Given that you’ve only recently moved in, you’re probably not thinking about the prospect of selling anytime soon. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean boosting the property value won’t make you smile. There are plenty of home upgrades that can show a positive ROI while simultaneously offering immediate rewards. They should be your priorities. 

Thicker windows, an office space, solar roof panels, and kitchen remodels are all good examples. Your budget limitations will dictate what ideas are possible and which ones need to wait. Still, protecting your financial future while creating a better home environment can only be a positive thing.

10| Brightness

It’s quite likely that you purchased a property that’s a little smaller than you’d have ideally liked. So, you should find ways to trick the eyes into perceiving the space to be bigger. The most effective route is to increase the natural lighting. Sliding doors out onto the patio or deck are a great option, but plenty of alternatives are available.

Installing a skylight can be very useful. Interior design choices can be equally rewarding. A lighter colour scheme encourages the light to be reflected to transform the appearance of the room. When supported by strategically placed mirrors, it’ll feel as if you moved to an even bigger property.

11| Organisation

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, the first thing you’ll realise after moving into a new home is that you don’t have enough storage space. You can create extra space under the stairs, behind doors, or in alcoves. In truth, though, good organisational skills and a preference for a slightly more minimalist vibe is the best route to take.

Opting for geometric shelving instead of bulky display cabinets and using TV wall brackets will aid the cause. The relocation is another opportunity to declutter by selling unwanted items online or via a garage sale. When you have less junk, the pressure to stay organised is far smaller.

12| Curb Appeal

Your love towards the property doesn’t start and end with what’s inside the rooms. Your reaction to the external elements can have a telling influence on your feelings towards the home. Painting the outside walls, getting a new driveway, or adding a new mailbox can work wonders. Better still, this is a crucial step for anyone wanting to make their home the envy of their neighbours.

A little luxury goes a long way, which is why you may look to use wrought iron or stylish stone materials. When the property is designed to stand out from the crowd, it will give you an immense sense of pride. As a homeowner, you couldn’t ask for much more.

The Final Word

The harsh reality of homeownership is that it can take years for you to truly unlock the full potential of your property. Nonetheless, the 12 steps above will keep you on the right track to ensure that you make the house a home in the quickest time. Besides, the first steps are often the hardest to get right. Once you’ve put these fundamentals in place, the subsequent challenges will feel far less daunting.