Turning Your Garden Into A Soothing Sanctuary

When you’re trying to make your home look its best, either so you can enjoy it more, or you are trying to increase the value of the property, the garden is the most important area to overhaul. Creating a garden that is relaxing, colorful, but also appealing to the eye is a considerable challenge, but when it comes to the relaxation aspect of things, it’s important that you turn your garden into a sanctuary of sorts. If you live in an overcrowded neighborhood, you want your garden to be somewhere that you can retreat to, without having noisy neighbors look over your fence. So what are the best ways to turn your garden into a sanctuary?

Create relaxing focal points

The impacts of relaxing focal points will continue to bring your mind back to the idea of relaxation. The best way to do this is to make sure your garden has specific areas that contain relaxing features. This is down to your preference, but a few suggestions would be water features, colorful flowers, or lighting. In picking lighting, be sure not to go for harsh floodlights, but instead go for the smaller, dainty versions, such as tea lights, or hanging christmas tree lights if you are on a budget. In the middle of a summer night, these little, multi-colored sources of light make your garden take on a magical quality.

Choose your furniture

Your furniture speaks volumes about your style, and while most people go for garden furniture, picking your decor that matches the furniture is a combination that you cannot underestimate. There are many fantastic decorations and styles that are suited to organic materials, such as wicker, and you can purchase wicker furniture that suits your ambience now. There’s no need to go for one shade of wicker, there are so many, especially if you are keen on laying some decking. The furniture says a lot about your ambience, but it also needs to help you into relaxation. Choosing uncomfortable and rigid chairs isn’t going to ease you into relaxation in the slightest. Sun loungers are a great choice, but they only seem to work really well with swimming pools, but if you don’t have the space for a swimming pool, consider a koi carp pond. The fish traversing the length and breadth of the pond is hypnotizing, and thoroughly relaxing.

Segregate yourself from the world

We want our garden to be a haven from the world. Choosing how you segregate yourself is down to your own specific tastes. Some of us like to have a view of the neighbors, while others want to be enveloped in their own garden space. For those who live in a home attached to someone else’s, the idea of total privacy can feel difficult to accomplish. But there are little things you can do. Having hanging baskets from the sides of your house is a great way to fence yourself off. But also, having a high enough fence gives you a little bit more privacy. Fences aren’t always the most attractive of implements in the garden, but there are simple ways to decorate them. Companies like Atlanta Post Caps provides styles and shapes to adorn the top of fences, so they don’t look as rough and ready, but also can stay in keeping with your overall garden aesthetic. Having a sense of privacy is vital in your garden, but so is a sense of style. It’s certainly a difficult balance to maintain. And when you are looking for a way to make your garden as private as possible, while you can fence yourself in, there are ways to block out the sound of the outside world. You can do this by adding to your fences, but you can also be clever with how you landscape. By planting trees and shrubs in places where the majority of noise comes from, they can help to absorb the sound. Brick is another material that is great at absorbing sound, but don’t go for the cheapest material, because it will not go with the aesthetic, and you will be replacing the bricks sooner rather than later! Instead, make the most of the various materials out there, and it does mean going a little bit above your budgetary requirements on occasion, but it will add so much more value to your space. And if you have the electrical requirements, you could always set up a little sound system to play relaxing music, which doesn’t necessarily block out the noise on the outside, but proves to be a handy distraction.

Decide on shapes

Picking the best shapes for the garden is something that you might have not considered, or completely underestimated. If you’re trying to ease yourself into a relaxing frame of mind, round and oval features are the best ways to create a sense of relaxation in any garden. The benefits of these shapes are that they blend seamlessly with other organic materials. So, by implementing this idea to your areas, whether you want to build a sunken garden, or even a staircase, a circular design will add so much more than a harsh rectangle or square shape.

Choose your colors

When it comes to your flowers, the more vibrant colors, the better. But when you are trying to match a certain aesthetic with specific colors, vibrancy isn’t always the best option. While it’s important for you to choose colors that are attractive to the eye, and in keeping with your own style, if you go for all the colors of the rainbow, this might not prove to be the best way to relax your brain. Instead, choose a handful of colors, maybe 3 or 4, and organize the garden into certain patches of color. This gives your mind a journey around the garden, rather than overloading your senses.

Turning your garden into a sanctuary can be a considerable task, but if you’re looking to increase the value of your home, or if you are generally looking for somewhere to switch off, the garden is a place that needs to have a positive impact on your ability to chill out. It can be a lot of work, but it’s a beautiful addition to your home when you get it just right.

How To Make Your Home The Social Hub Of The Season

None of us is really at our best in the winter months. The cold and dark weather combined with the pervasive sense of pessimism (not to mention all those unwelcome winter bugs) can combine to give us a serious case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. But as the seasons change, and the sun decides to show its face a little more, our psychology changes with them. We suddenly no longer want to head straight home after work, dive under the duvet and binge on carbs, fats and Netflix until sleep takes us grudgingly into the next day. Instead, we emerge every morning like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis. We’re suddenly struck with a sincere and earnest desire to be as social as possible. Our thoughts turn to picnics, dinner parties, cocktail soirees, and barbecues. Suddenly it’s no longer enough to be more sociable, you home simply must become the hub of all social activity within your friendship group over the coming months.

But how can you make sure that your home brings guests back time after time to drink in the charm and ambience of your home along with the selection of fine wines they’ll no doubt also be quaffing? How can you make sure that your home is a welcoming yet subtly aspirational paragon of domestic bliss that they’ll want to come back to again and again? Here we’ll look into some of the ways in which you can keep guests coming back for more over and over again as the sun shines, the wine flows and facebook pics accumulate. Follow the following guidelines and people will scroll through your social media feed agape with envy and hoping that they’ll be invited next time…

If you haven’t already… Now’s the time to spring clean

Most of the time, deep cleaning the whole house is a gruelling chore, but for some reason, even the most housework shy of us can get behind the idea of a good spring clean. Perhaps this is because the notion of getting our house in order is a time honored tradition that speaks to an innate instinct that pops up in numerous different nations and cultures across the globe and transcends barriers of history and culture. It’s not only the foundation upon which you’ll build your home’s fresh new aesthetic before the guests come knocking, it’s a psychologically liberating process that will likely make you fall in love with your home all over again, causing you to see potential in every nook and cranny that was once filled with boxes of old junk. Speaking of which…

Clear out the clutter

Clutter is like smoking. We tell ourselves that we like it, we convince ourselves that we enjoy it… but it’s only after we well and truly cut it out of our lives that we realize how much it’s been holding you back all of these years. As you move from room to room you may well spot a few examples of what we tell ourselves are things that lend the home its idiosyncratic charm but that deep down we know are just junk and clutter that are taking up much needed space. Not only is clutter visually distracting, with the ability to cheapen even the most finely tuned aesthetic, it can actually take a surprising psychological toll not only on you but on all who visit your home.

Throw a yard sale, put your stuff on eBay or if you truly can’t bear to part with it, put it all in a chest and push it under the bed.  

Even the air needs to be perfect!

In anticipation of your guests, prior to your first big social event of the year, you’ll likely be dashing around ensuring that every surface in your home is spotless. But even the cleanest of homes can be plagued by dirty air. Not only can this potentially damage your guests’ (and your family’s) health, it can cause moldy, dank or rotten smells to permeate in the household which can outlast any scented candle or diffuser.

Get a specialist like ABC Home & Commercial AC Repair to take a look at your AC unit to ensure that it’s well cleaned and running properly. Not only can a poorly maintained AC unit cost you a fortune with months of inefficient running, if left uncleaned its inner workings can form a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria which become distributed around your home by the unit itself. It doesn’t matter how much thought and effort you put into the canapes if your guests all come down with a nasty case of legionnaires disease.  

While you’re at it, ensure that every room has a diffuser full of essential oils to ensure that the air has a subtly pleasant aroma that complements the room.

Make sure every room has a talking point

When you invite different groups of friends into your home, you take on a certain responsibility. You become more than just a friend, you become a social alchemist, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that conversation flows and that interactions are free of awkward pauses or (Heaven forbid) rooms full of people glued to their phones. Thus, you should ensure that every room has a talking point. It’s up to you what form this takes and it will likely vary depending on the needs of each room, nonetheless here are some suggestions;

  • A piece of statement art
  • A bookcase full of carefully chosen titles
  • An ornate or statement piece of furniture

Failing any of the above, a well placed plate of canapes and nibbles will usually help to facilitate the flow of conversation and keep people’s hands busy so that they won’t feel the need to fish in their pockets for phones.

Paint your house happy

As well as giving your house a good spring clean, you may feel that now is the time to revive your house with a lick of paint here or there. An interior designer will be able to help you to really maximise the potential in any given room, but the following staples will allow you to fill your entire home with spring cheer. Soft yet bold gelato colors are very much in this season, with yellows, pinks, greens and purples giving rooms pop especially when combined with the rosy tint of a spring sunset shining through the open window. If this is a little too bold for you, you may have more fun embracing the blues and indigoes that are also going to play a big part in the home decor scene this spring. If repainting your walls requires a little more time or expense than you’re prepared to part with, you can just as easily bring these colors into your soft furnishings, cushions, vases and ornaments. Make sure that your vases are overflowing with spring flowers, too. Which brings us to…

Bring some cheer into your garden

Even if it’s not quite time to bring the barbecue out of hiding yet, it’s likely that the action will spill out into the garden, so it’s important to ensure that your garden bears the same seasonal sense of cheer and goodwill as your home. A garden bursting with color from the following is bound to be a smash hit;

  • Daffodils-  What else says spring better than the vivid burst of yellow that they provide?
  • Anemones- Shapely and bold in color, they can either brighten up your garden lend a room cheer along with a certain sensuality, if cut and placed in a vase.
  • Carnations- They’re not only hardy and  long lasting, they come in a huge variety of colors to make your garden lively and bright

Master these decorative and home maintenance flourishes and you’ll find that your home is the most talked about place of the season.

Spring Sprucing: Tasks To Ensure Your Home Looks Tip-Top

Spring is here, and there’s no better time of year to roll up your sleeves and do some jobs around the house. After a long winter, you may find that you’ve got a list of tasks to complete. Here are some of the top jobs to add to your list now that sunnier days have arrived.

Getting the garden in order

It can be very difficult to tend to your garden when it’s raining cats and dogs, or there’s a thick blanket of frost on the ground. Now that warmer climes have arrived, it’s time to hone your horticultural skills and get the backyard in order. Start by clearing out the garden, throwing away any rubbish and removing weeds from flower beds and planters. If you’re planning to overhaul the garden this spring/summer, and you need inspiration or advice, it’s worth looking around for ideas online and flicking through some home and garden magazines. You could also contact local landscaping firms and get some quotes. If you have grand plans to add mezzanine levels, new decking or a bespoke entertaining area, it’s likely you’ll need expert help to turn your vision into a reality. Spring is the time to start tending to plants and looking after your flower beds. You may have noticed a few buds appearing and stems growing. If you have got blossoming blooms, make sure you water your plants every couple of days. It’s usually best to wait until the sun has gone down to get the hose out.

Touching up the paintwork

If your house is colored, or the facade is white or gray, a fresh coat of paint will ensure that your home looks tip-top for spring. It’s very common for paintwork to fade or become stained, especially during the winter when weather conditions can be tricky. If you don’t fancy clambering up a ladder and taking on the job yourself, look for a local house painting contractor. It’s wise to read reviews and testimonials online and to ask friends and work colleagues for recommendations. Call some firms, get some quotes and then you can make a decision. If you have siding that needs patching up, it’s a good idea to look for a contractor who is willing to do this, as well as painting the exterior.


Spring is traditionally the season of decluttering and cleaning. If you’ve still got boxes of Christmas decorations in the spare room, or you’ve got a closet full of clothes you barely ever wear, now is the time to embark on a decluttering mission. Having a clear out will make your home look more attractive and spacious, but it will also make you feel better. Tackle each room in order, and think carefully about you want to keep, what can be thrown away and what you could either sell or donate. If you’ve got piles of stuff you don’t use, but it’s in good condition, consider hosting a yard sale to make a bit of extra cash. Nobody really looks forward to clearing their home out and cleaning up, but it can be a very cathartic experience, and it should free up a lot of space inside your home.

Roofs and gutters

The winter weather can take its toll on the roof and the gutters. If you’ve got guttering stuffed with leaves, dirt, and debris, or you’ve spotted some loose tiles or slates on the roof, it’s advisable to get these issues seen to. In many cases, you can clear the gutters yourself, but if you’re not a fan of heights, you may prefer to call a maintenance firm. It’s best to avoid attempting roof repairs unless you’re a qualified roofer and you have the relevant safety equipment to hand. Working at height carries risks, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If there is an issue with the roof, it’s best to nip it in the bud during the warmer months. If you leave it, the situation may get worse, and the cost of patching up the problem will increase.

Spring is here, and it’s time for homeowners to tackle the effects of winter weather and a lack of interest many of us have in home maintenance during the cooler months. With sunshine on the horizon, it’s a great time to get out into the garden, freshen up exterior paintwork, clear away clutter inside and get some expert advice on roofing issues. If you make a list now and work your way through it, you can ensure your home will be tip-top in time for summer.

7 Easy Home Management Tips for Housewives

Housewives act as home managers in most residences. Because of this, they will be mainly in-charge of running everything that happens at home. This can especially be difficult if you are not used to having a lot of responsibilities. Here are seven home management tips that will make everything easier:

1. Keep A Personal Schedule

If you did not like keeping personal schedules before, you should surely change that. Remember that you will be running the household, taking care of all members of the family and achieving personal goals. This will not be easy and your priorities will clash with each other at some point.

Through personal schedules, you will be able to properly plan out the tasks that you will be doing on a daily basis. Personal schedule also help in reminding you of important dates like the baby’s checkup or one of your children’s school play.

You can totally use pen and paper for your schedule. But if you want to be tech savvy, there are calendar management apps out there that you can download.

2. Plan Meals Every Week

It is important for the household to get a diverse set of meals all throughout the week. Sure, it may be tempting to just eat eggs every single morning for breakfast as that takes no planning at all but who wants that?

A meal plan can help you make sure that your family gets a balanced diet on the budget that you set. There is also an efficiency aspect to meal planning as it saves you time, fuel and energy. You no longer have to run to the grocery store every day as you can buy everything at the start of the week.

In meal planning, variety is key, which is why Google will be your friend in researching for great recipes. You can even have theme days on specific kinds of food. Think Pasta Night or Vegan-Only Day.

3. Establish Routines

When you are a housewife, there are a lot of things that you have to do every day. You need to get all these things done while juggling a lot of tasks. To help you make all of these easy, routines will be of help. It is going to be the backbone of your schedule as it can save a lot of time for you. Say for example, helping kids with their homework should be a priority for every housewife. Make a schedule for daily homework time for your kids. If you can’t be available to help with your kids homework, at least have a home tuition teacher to help kids with the homework of the subject they may be struggling.

4. Have A Weekly Budget

Housewives do not just run the household; they also make sure that the household stays afloat. Given the limited budget, a spending plan is needed so that the family can anticipate the things they need to spend on every week. Budgeting is hard to develop as a habit though so you should do this weekly so you can get used to it.

It would be a great idea for you to involve all members of the family in this. This way, they have a voice. It also helps children become good at budgeting.

5. Post A Weekly Task Delegation

You are not going to be able to do everything alone. There is nothing shameful about that. In fact, that is better as families need to understand that all members have a stake on what happens at home.

It would be a great idea if you release a weekly list of tasks that are delegated to different members of the family. This way, you can keep the kids and your husband responsible at home.

6. Be On Top Of All Bills

You do not want to miss paying bills on or before the due date. This can have dire consequences for the family. So always make sure to settle utility, mortgage and credit card payments as soon as possible.

7. Take A Break Once In A While

You are responsible for your husband and children almost 24/7. This is why it is essential for you to take a break every few weeks. This could be in the form of an all-day trip to the spa or a small trip to the beach with your fellow housewives.

When you are done with your break, you will surely feel more fulfilled and sure about yourself. This will motivate you to do better.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer 

There are over 50,000 interior designers in the United States, and jobs in this field are expected to multiply up to 13% within the next decade. There is a global wave of inspiration hitting homeowners into sprucing up their living spaces. The curb appeal is what makes the home inviting while functionality helps you relax and enjoy all that the home has to offer. Here are some of the many reasons why you should invest in an interior designer for your home.

Qualified for the Job 

It’s funny how everyone thinks that interior designing is an easy task that can be handled by every Jill, Jane, and Jacqueline. It’s not. Just like any other job, this field requires skill and tact if success is to be achieved. The last thing you need is starting a project only to stop halfway after realizing that you’ve missed some major points hence need to start all over again. The money that will be used in repairs might be more than the money that would have been spent to hire a professional in the first place.

They’ve Got the Answers

You may experience trouble trying to decide which colors to paint your space – which shades give the illusion of extra space or depth for example? This is a question frequently asked of top Orange County interior designers and the answer comes down to the size, occupants, use, and theme of your living space. The best thing about working with experts is that your home will have a professional’s signature on it.

Less Time Means Less Hassle

When it comes to interior design, a project that will take three months with an amateur will only take 1 month with a professional. This is one of the perks that come with hiring an expert. Remember, they have done this a million times before so yours is an extra trophy on their shelves. So, if you are looking to spruce up your home within the span of a few weeks, then hiring an expert will help you get the job done on time and in style.

Use As An Opportunity For Learning

Interior designers provide house owners some form of flexibility when it comes to getting the job done. If you do not have the time to supervise or be around the site then you can always rest assured that your home is in good hands. You can use this opportunity to be present in every step hence learning a few things about interior designing. You can use the skills acquired to handle future projects around the home solo.

Hiring a professional interior designer to handle your projects is definitely a worthy investment. The perks associated with this move are well worth it. Additionally, professional designers are insured, have the right tools, are well connected hence a discount on materials, and leave the site better than they found it.

Housewarming Prezzies People Will Fall In Love With

At some point or another, someone in your life is going to move home, someone that you like-slash-love enough to go, “oh, jeez, I need to go and get them a housewarming gift.” It could be your eldest daughter has just graduated from college and has gotten her first job in the city. It might be that your parents are downsizing because you and your siblings have fled the nest. Perhaps your bestie and her significant lover have just bought their first home together.

Whatever the case, picking a house-warming gift is no easy feat. You want to get your loved one something they will actually love and use, not just any old something because you feel obliged to get them something.

This is tricky. It’s super tricky. Which is why we’ve pulled together a list housewarming gifts people actually want. No fake thank you’s and not glaringly obvious fake-smiles, just genuine over the moon gratitude. That’s the aim of the game here.

  1. Piece Of Pie Password

When you move into a new home, there is a bunch of alien things that follow suit, such as the need for a whole new internet, and thus a whole new password, one that is pretty much impossible to remember. That’s why you should get their Wi-Fi password made into a QR Code and then popped into a frame or two that they can put around their house. That way, any time a guest comes over and asks what their password is, they can just point at their mantlepiece.

  1. Tons Of Tea To Try

If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s tea. You can’t go wrong with tea. However, you can’t just give someone a box of Target home brand tea for a housewarming gift because that’s a bit rubbish. The answer: get them a yummy tea sampler. That’s right. Get them a variety of fresh tea’s so that they can enjoy something different every day for a month or so. Blackcurrant tea. Green mango and peach. Ginger and lemongrass. White ginger and pear. There are so many out there to choose from and they will each earn you some mega brownie points.

  1. Not Just Any Olive Oil

When you cook anything, there is one ingredient that always gets a look-in and that’s olive oil. It’s the unsung hero of every meal. Using this sage piece of advice, try buying a couple of really-really nice bottles of olive oil as your housewarming present. We’re talking $30 a bottle kind of stuff. We’re talking Olio Santo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Williams-Sonoma. It’s the sort of gift that everyone will appreciate. It’s the sort of thing everyone wants but no one can bring themselves to buy and that’s what makes it a great choice.

  1. A Set Of Succulents

When it comes to obvious housewarming gifts, flowers have to be up there. A big, bouquet of fresh blooms. It’s the go-to gift. That’s the problem, though. It’s what everyone will give. Not only that but they’ll be dropping leaves within three days. Our advice: buy them a set of succulents, something that will give their home a breath of fresh air for months and months and months. Aloe Vera. Zebra and Panda plants. String of Pearls and Ponytail Palms. They’re all great options to give out as gifts (and that’s because they hardly require any watering whatsoever).

  1. Opt For Some Art

You’re absolutely spot on. This is a seriously high-risk game to be playing. Everyone has hugely different tastes when it comes to art, so what you may love someone else may loathe, meaning it will go in the attic the second you close the door behind them. That’s why you should be funny about it and get them a frame with the words ‘still saving for my van gogh’ in it. Think of it as a humorous placeholder that will crack a smile for the time being.

  1. Tool Kits Are Terrific

Every new home needs to house a basic toolkit. This isn’t partly because emergencies always happen and partly because they will probably want to make some home improvements at some point along the line. So get them a toolkit. Get them something with a big tape measure to help them buy new furniture that fits, a hammer for everyday whacking, a Stanley knife, little-level, long-nose pliers, screwdrivers of every type and all those little mechanic bits that always come in handy. Trust us, you’ll go up big time in their books if you get them a toolbox.

  1. A Couple Of Cookbooks

There are cookbooks that simply confuse wannabe cooks and there are some that are genuinely helpful. It’s the latter kind that you want to get your hands on, wrap up nicely and then handover as a gift. The issue is picking the right ones. Our advice: go online and get something like The Smitten Kitchen, Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, My Family Cookbook, Stir Crazy, The Savvy Cook or The Little Paris Kitchen. These aren’t just packed full of mouthwatering dishes, they’re dishes anyone can cook. That’s the trick.

  1. A Piece Of Protection

We’re not suggesting anything untoward here. We’re suggesting you go above and beyond and get them a year’s supply of home insurance. There are so many things that need to be thought about when moving into a home, and a warranty is one. We hope it never happens, but there are things that their home will need protection from. You might know they have precious jewelry, or maybe they’ve moved to Florida and you’re concerned of the weather impact on appliances and things, or it could just be that you had a bad experience with a burst pipe. Whatever it is, you can guarantee your house-moved loved one will be over the moon at such a gesture (while you’ll be safe in the knowledge they are all looked after). It’s a winner.

  1. Kitchen Gizmos They’ll Love

The kitchen is still the hub of every home. It’s the heart of the house. That makes a kitchen gadget a great road to go down when it comes to picking up the perfect housewarming gift. The trick is getting something that will be used a lot and not just take up space in a drawer. A spaghetti loop, an apple divider, a NutriBullet, hand blender, cast-iron griddle pan, Aeropress coffee maker, wine decanter, or garlic twister. It could be a heavy-duty corkscrew, a whisk-wiper, coffee machine or waffle-iron. There are so many amazing options out there for you to choose from it’s incredible.

  1. Shower Speakers Rock

It’s a well-known fact that everyone sounds good when they sing in the shower. It’s science. Seriously. Even that tone-deaf nephew of yours sounds like Frank Ocean when he steps through the glass door and turns the shower on. That’s what makes a portable and waterproof speaker such a great buy. It will let them blast out their favorite shower songs and show the world what a talent they have – even if it is limited to a water-based confined space. What’s more, you can pick up really good ones for not a lot of money. Less than the price of that olive oil we mentioned.

  1. Wonderful Wall Outlets

We know this may sound like a really odd thing to say, but you should buy a few new wall outlets. Yup. that’s right, wall outlets. But don’t just go and get any old wall outlet because that will only be met with a look of total confusion. However, if you buy a couple of wall outlets that have USB sockets built into them. These are godsends for the modern home. They are something none of us will be able to live without in the not so distant future and that’s because having a phone charger perpetually taking up a space on your outlets is annoying. So change their lives with a modern wall outlet.

  1. A Myriad Of Mugs

Everyone has that one mug in their cupboard that they need to drink from. Even if it is dirty, they’ll make the effort to clean it out rather than use a different one and that’s because every other mug in their cupboard was either free with an Easter Egg or given out at some networking event they went to as part of their job. So, to remedy this, buy them a few mugs, but ones that absolutely scream them. Ones that will make them chuckle. Ones that they will want to show off for whatever reason. It will change their lives in the best way possible.

  1. Better Than Tupperware

Tupperware tubs are a big part of every household. The issue is, well, they get all mismatched and you can never find the right lid to go with the right box and all that. Well, there is a solution, and a beautiful one at that: they’re called stoneware bowls with storage lids. Not only do they look amazing, they’re also safe to be used in microwaves and dishwashers. It’s a total win.

7 House Chores That You Want To Tick Off Your “To Do” List

Spring has finally sprung and with brighter mornings and evenings, warmer days, and a whole new attitude, you may find that you are full of fresh motivation to start making some changes to your home. Many of us love the idea of a fresh home for spring and summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you complete a full renovation, although many people like the idea of taking on renovations projects at the time of year, but it does mean that you can start to tick off the long overdue jobs that have been waiting for some attention. I thought I would share seven with you to get you started.

Roof repairs

After a harsh winter you may have found that your roof took a bit of a beating. Perhaps you noticed a leak or maybe that your home wasn’t warming up as quick as it should be. This is when you may need to have some repairs done. Companies like Mr. Roof can have these sorts of jobs handled within hours, leaving little or no disruption to your day. It may seem like a big job, but overall many roof repairs are quite simple to fix.

Clearing out the gutters

During the fall and the winter, your gitters can collect a lot of debris including fallen leaves and they can suddenly become blocked or less effective. Which means that the spring and summer months give you the ideal opportunity to get them cleared out for good. It can be quit a labor intensive job to tackle, but so worth it in the long run.

Cleaning the windows

Whether you live on a busy road or out in the country, your windows can get extremely dirty on the interior and the exterior. Many people have a specified window clean who does a ound, who may clean the exteriors every few weeks, but the interior would be down to you and often this isn’t a job that you will do too often. However, once they are clean you will notice a big difference to how your home looks and feels.

Decluttering your home

We can all be a little guilty of hoarding things and not tidying them away properly. So it may be the ideal time to start decluttering your home. Whether its clothes you no longer want or need, ornaments that you have fallen out of love with or a build up of papers and magazines that you are yet to recycle, decluttering can be very therapeutic and great for your home.


Spring cleaning ready for summer

Much like decluttering can be a mission, so can the spring cleaning of your home. Many of us get this new found motivation to clean our homes at the time of year. It might be the sun shining through the window that highlights dust on furniture or simply you just want to spruce things up and focus on a deeper clean than your usual weekly job. It can be a hard task to overcome, so the best advice would be to split it into separate jobs and to have alsit to keep you on track. Overall, you will then be able to completely everything you wanted to.

Cutting back overgrown trees

Trees can get extremely overgrown, and during the fall and winter months you may have ignored the issue. But now the weather is getting better it is now the ideal time to get your hedge trimmers out and your cutters, and cutting back anything that is overgrown or isn’t healthy anymore. It could make the world of difference to your front or back yard. Furthermore, tidying debris away like fallen leaves or branches can also make a big difference.

Maintaining the garden

Finally, you may want to look at the possibility of getting your garden sorted now that the weather is nicer. Cutting the lawn back and giving it some tlc with a lawn feed and water. Maybe your flower beds need some attention as weeds can really hit them hard during the fall and winter when you can’t get out there to remove them. It could even be the ideal time to plant some new flowers or blooms ready for spring and summer. Your garden can look very dishevelled coming out of winter, so spending some time sprucing things up will not only help it to look good once more, but it also encourages you to be outside. Giving you motivation to sit out when the weather does warm up properly.

I hope that these tips help you get cracking with your household chores this spring.

5 Ways Air Filters Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh

The air quality in your home plays a large part in the way you live day to day life. When then the air in your home becomes nasty and dirty you start developing problems. There is not telling what sort of nasty airborne pollutants and pathogens may have snuck their way into your home. Air filters are built with the express purpose of keeping the air in your home clean and breathable.

The Air Quality in a Home Grows Worse Without Protection

Certain air pollutants are capable of coming into your home and causing significant breathing issues. The CDC has studied different types of pollutants that can surround a household. The air can hold several different dangers that can cause injury, hospitalization or even worse. When your home does not filter out the airborne danger you risk breathing it in where you should be safest.

Air Filters are Designed to Keep the Bad Air Particles out and Good Air In

When you use air filters you filter out the airborne dangers and stop them from causing any issues. An air filter acts as a screening device that lets fresh, clean air in through your home while lowering any risks. Air quality is especially important to people with breathing issue, the wrong allergen entering a home could trigger an asthma attack. But you cannot just own air filters to solve the problem, you need to maintain them as well.

Dirty Air Filters Are Less Effective Over Time

Air filters, like most other parts of a home, get dirty over time. A dirty air filter loses its effectiveness and you may experience the symptoms before understanding the problem. When an air filter is cluttered that could mean that certain particles get re-released back out into the open air of a home. Air filters can be cleaned, but sometimes you are better off having them replaced entirely considering the additional costs dirty filters bring.

Keeping Green Benefits Air Quality and Your Wallet

When you neglect your air-conditioning the effect are felt throughout your home and on your bank account. Dirty air filters require more energy to push air through the system, increasing general energy usage. A home that uses more energy sees a bigger energy bill which continues increasing over time. A home using more energy means a greater impact on the environment. With the right services you can keep your home green and clean.

Air Filters are as Useful as They Are Affordable

When you are looking to buy new filters for your home you should always consider pricing and needs. Every home is different, requiring different numbers of filters at various sizes. You may have an issue with pricing, but every homeowner deserves the comfort of clean air. Top installers like Filter King offers air filter delivery and installation with no strings attached. Shipments can even be automatic, providing you with fresh and affordable air throughout the year!

5 Must-Haves to Keep in Your Guest Room

When travelers are on the road and away from home, the room they rest their heads in can make the difference between a good and bad vacation. By taking a little bit of time and effort to consider the comfort of your guests, you can make a name for yourself as the host with the most by including some simple amenities that won’t break the bank!

Whether you have Airbnb lodgers checking in for the night, or friends and relatives visiting in from out of town, you can offer a comfortable and tranquil experience with these five must-haves to ensure a good night’s sleep in any guest room.

Ease Minds and Senses with an Essential Oil Diffuser

Investing in a diffuser is a great way to add a little luxury at a super affordable price, and most come with lighting options to custom-create any atmosphere. Be sure to include a few essential oils to choose from, depending on your guests’ mood. Lavender is great for relaxing, citrus blends make for a wonderful way to start any day, and cedarwood can create an earthy, grounded feel for weary travelers just looking to kick their feet up and relax in an unfamiliar place.

Offer Optimum Comfort with Bamboo Sheets

What’s better than slipping into a set of clean sheets at the end of a long day? Not much, which is why keeping a full set of bamboo sheets in your guest room will make for an awesome stay, every time. Super soft, temperature regulating (they stay about three degrees cooler than your classic cotton,) the power of naturally hypoallergenic and odor-resistant bamboo viscose makes an ideal option for any overnight stay, and supports sustainable practices, to boot!

Go Full-Blown BnB with Fresh Flowers

Walking into a room containing fresh flowers is a welcome sight for most eyes, and makes for an added detail almost any guest can appreciate. A tall, thin vase holding even a handful of seasonal blossoms not only shows your guests that you care about their experience, but adds an extra bit of assurance that cleanliness is a priority for you. Can’t keep up with rotating fresh florals? No problem! Place a potted plant by a window to bring a little life into the room without worrying about triggering anyone’s allergies. Easy-to-keep varieties include jade, spider plants, and pothos or other leafy ivys.

Think Ahead with Extra Towels

There’s nothing worse than having to reuse the same wet towel, so providing your guests with a few warm and fluffy options can make all the difference in an overnight stay. Look for cute

storage options to refill as needed, like a wall mounted towel rack, a wicker or woven basket, or repurposed wooden crates, to turn a basic necessity into a creative design concept that’s pleasing to the eye.

Pay Attention to Detail with a Waste Paper Basket

OK, we realize this one isn’t terribly exciting, but if you’ve ever been forced to collect a few day’s worth of garbage in an old plastic grocery bag hanging off a doorknob, you’ll understand the appeal! Part of entertaining guests is making a space that feels like home, and having a proper receptacle to throw any garbage away in will offer a sense of normalcy in a new surrounding, and leaves visitors with one less thing to worry about. A small, metal option will get the job done, and goes with the decor of just about any room.

5 Things to have in your woodworking workshop

Many newcomers aiming to hit the road in woodworking evaluate their budget and agonize over how they can meet the expenses of purchasing a host of power tools. Thankfully, you don’t have to splurge a fortune to get going. We recommend only five woodworking tools any woodsman should have in their workshop from the start. Most of the tools are relatively low-cost. With these five tools, a newbie can take up many projects.

1. The Circular Saw  

While some people deem the circular saw more of a carpentry tool than it is woodworking, we contradict this notion. Perhaps there isn’t a more adaptable basic handheld power appliance than the circular saw. The circular saw is just about as precise as the table saw when used alongside a clamp-on straight-edge and tackles a few of the projects that you’d tackle using a table saw notably cutting sheet items such as medium-density fiberboard or plywood.

For a beginning woodsman, owning the circular saw should rank highly in your repertoire of power tools due to its versatility.

2. Power Drill

Some readers may have expected to see the cordless drill feature on the list, but when talking about basic power tools, the corded drill is more adaptable and robust. The cordless is more portable but much more expensive and has superior capabilities.

A couple of things must be considered when opting for a corded power drill like whether you want a ½-inch or 3/8-inch chuck, keyless or keyed chuck, hammer drill or straight drill and so on.

3. Random Orbital Sander

This simple handheld tool is a must-have for every beginner. Palm sanders are less costly and can make use of plan sandpaper; the random orbiter version utilizes hook-and-loop secured sanding disks and sands in a random sanding motion rather than in patterns.

This motion serves to curb the possibility that sanding marks surface on the stock as a result of sanding. Naturally, ensure that your nearby woodworking supplier stocks sanding discs easily available in an array of grit to suit your preferred model. The key to great sanding is using increasingly finer grits while sanding to remove or reduce marks left behind by previous sanding.

4. Backsaw

The back saw – a hand tool – is similar to a typical handsaw but comprises of a reinforced band running adjacent to the fringes opposite end. This trait makes the whole blade hard so that it remains straight while cutting. Also, this trait eases the process of cutting using a backsaw, while on the downside, the rigid band curbs the depths to which the blade can reach.

You’ll most likely reach out for the back saw numerous times because it tackles tasks quicker than the table saw.

5. Drum Sander

Even though regarded as a luxury tool by many, the drum sander proves valuable when working with figured wood or wide panels. A member of the belt sander line, the drum sander is a specialized floor sander mostly available at rental yards, therefore, a valuable tool that can fetch you passive income.

Check our review section to familiarize with the best drum sanders available in the market.