Instant Savings on Huggies® at Sam’s Club + Baby Changing Supplies Organizer

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As many of you know, my Simply Sweet Home will be even sweeter about a month from now, as we welcome our newest member, Baby Thaxton!  I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. As you can imagine, I am in the middle of final baby preparations: cleaning house, packing hospital bags, purchasing last minute supplies, and getting everything organized.  Phew!  One thing I don’t have to worry about right away is diapers and wipes.  Thanks to Sam’s Club, we have stocked up on plenty of those for a while!

Sam’s Club is THE place to stock up on must-have supplies for your family or small business.  In the past, I’ve saved a lot of money on health and beauty supplies, pet items, office supplies, and cleaning products.  Now that I’m pregnant, I get to take a peek at the must-have items for baby!  Sam’s Club has everything from baby toys and clothes, to essentials like diapers, wipes, and formula!  Today I’m going to talk about why Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for baby essentials. I also have information on an instant savings deal with Huggies® at Sam’s Club and a tutorial to help you organize your baby changing supplies! [Read more…]

DIY Projects for a More Organized Garage

Avoid spending unnecessary money on storage items to declutter and organize your garage. To help you get started, I’ve compiled four DIY projects for a more organized garage.

With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, common household items can be repurposed into functional organizational systems. There are numerous ways of storing and organizing your tools, equipment, sports gear, car parts, and more.

Do you have old fence boards, scrap wood, and tin cans collecting dust in your house? Here are some ways to repurpose them for a more organized garage.

1. Next-Level Pegboard Storage System

It’s no surprise that pegboards are on this list. They are versatile and can be used for anything.

Mounting pegboards on the wall and using hooks to hang tools, equipment, and/or whatnots is the most common use of pegboards; however, this is not ideal for small garages with minimal wall space. An easy, clever solution to space limitations are pegboard “leaves.” This contraption stores a bunch of tools without requiring a lot of space.


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Free Printable Blog Planners and Calendars for 2017

blog planners

At the beginning of each year I like to share a few blog planners and calendars that I’ve found for the new year.  Since it is mid January already, I feel this post is a little late, but I try to devote my entire month of January to organizing and reorganizing, as well as setting my goals for the new year.  If you’re like me, and you’re still trying to wrap your head around the new year and make plans, then these printables should be a great resource for you.  I hope you enjoy them! [Read more…]

Free 2017 Year in Focus Printables + How to Make Printables with GraphicStock



One thing I try to do as we approach a new year is to share is some printables and calendars, so next week you can look forward to seeing a round up of blog planners, post planners, calendars and 2017 printables, but for today’s I have a special 2017 Year in Focus Printable set for you.  I made the printable set for you myself, using graphics from GraphicStock.  They are THE destination for online graphics with over 250,000 photos, illustrations, and vectors.  You can find everything you need to create fun printables, graphic design for your website, and so much more!

Before we get to the printable set, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to make printables, using images from GraphicStock. [Read more…]

From the Bottom Up: Top Tips for Organizing Your Basement and Keeping It That Way

garage image 1

You hate it. Your basement looks like a pig’s sty. But, where do you start? Here are some tips for digging in, organizing your basement, and keeping it clean.

What Do You Want To Use The Basement For?

Sometimes, a basement is destined to be a dark and dingy basement. Even if you’re planning on remodeling the place, you can still use it as a storage spot for a variety of things. Take advantage of the space now by cleaning it up. Start by sorting through everything and laying things out into piles.

The two basic piles you want are things you will keep and things you will get rid of. This is the “A, B” pile method. All the stuff in the “A” pile will be things you keep. And, all the things in the “B” pile will be things that you get rid of.

The “B” pile things need to be things that you haven’t used and don’t intend to use in the near or long-term. This is going to be hard for you if you like to hold onto things. But, if you’re able to maintain discipline and think honestly about what you really need and what you don’t, it won’t be too difficult.

Purging can feel you’re taking a huge weight off your shoulders. It’s refreshing and invigorating.

Safety First, Safety Always

Make sure that you wear protective eyewear and protection for your knees just in case you have to get down on your hands and knees to clean up some areas of the basement. Also, make sure that you’re not breathing in any mold if your basement is moldy or damp and there are signs of mildew.

Once you’ve cleaned out the area and divided everything into two piles, and gotten rid of everything you’re going to get rid of, it’s time to sort and organize. Get foam for drawers and make sure that any chests or cabinets you get for things like tools are sturdy and capable old holding up to the conditions in your basement.

That means if you have a dark and damp basement, don’t use wood or other materials prone to mildew or rot.

Test Ideas

You can also test out ideas while you’re at it. If you plan to eventually remodel this area, test out the functionality of your future plans by segregating spaces with tape on the floor. You can see just how well a couch and chair, or a T.V. might work down here. If you want to build your own gym, you can “map” out the basement with tape to see how everything would fit. And, if things do not fit, at least you know.

Make sure that everything is easily accessible and that nothing blocks the stairs. Keep in mind that you’ll need things to fit through the doorway, too. Test out different schemes until you figure out what works.

Keep costs down by incorporating storage areas around mechanical things in the house, like the HVAC and plumbing, for example. That way, storage is accessible, but also hidden.

Use Ceiling Space

If you’re looking for ways to hide things, look up. Sometimes, a ceiling storage solution works the best because it’ll keep things safe from leaks and groundwater. Tupperware containers can ensure extra protection from moisture.


Shelving on the walls doesn’t have to be elaborate. If you have a concrete wall, use anchor screws and hang metal shelving. It’s minimal, yet still sleek and it will hold just about anything. Get shelves rated for the weight of items you want to store on them. By putting up shelves, you’ll keep more things off the floor, and reduce the risk of water damaging them. This is especially helpful if your basement is prone to flooding.


If you need to, waterproof the concrete with a sealant that will keep water and moisture from seeping up through the floor. And, anything you store on the ground should be packaged and sealed in watertight containers. This will help protect them and keep them safe. Ziplock, and a few other companies, sell watertight storage bins that are perfect for basement storage.

They cost more than normal bin storage, but they also utilize a higher grade plastic, and a foam seal which keeps moisture and water from infiltrating the bin.


Cleaning up and organizing your basement doesn’t have to be difficult. It requires planning, but it’s almost always worth the effort.

Sienna Chapman runs a cleaning and restoration business. She also enjoys writing about what she has learned to help others live better. Look for her posts on many DIY blog sites.

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

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Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

It is time to spring in to spring!  And you know that means!  It’s time to do a little spring cleaning!  Last week I showed you some outdoor projects and tips to get your yard spring ready, and today I’ll be talking about how you can prepare to do some spring cleaning within your house, and I’ll share some of my spring cleaning must-have supplies  and must-do projects and tips. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Menu Planning Success

Have you ever struggled to get dinner on the table?  Have you ever felt like your head was spinning after being asked the question, “What are we having for dinner?”  Has the subject of dinner ever started an argument in your house?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably need to start menu planning!

Now before we start, I have to confess that I am not a die-hard menu planner.  I don’t spend a lot of time making out a plan, and when I make a plan I like to leave myself some wiggle room.  Sometimes things come up, and we just don’t have the time or frankly, we don’t feel like cooking!  I also reserve a right to change my mind and my husband reserves a right to change his mind, and when that happens, we divert from the plan!  BUT…overall I find that the week goes a lot smoother when I have a menu planned out.

On one hand it’s good to know what I will be cooking each day, so I can properly schedule my cooking around the day’s events.  Secondly, by making a menu plan, I can ensure that I have all the groceries I need for the week.  (No more eating out, because we’re missing key ingredients!)  Third, I can actually save money on my groceries, because I will only buy the items on the list I’ve made, and the list is based on my menu plan! [Read more…]

Deep Spring Cleaning: The Grungy Garage

garage image 1

After a long few months stuck indoors due to impossibly terrible cold weather, it is intensely pleasing to scour the house of dust and grime and breathe the fresh, warm spring air. Yet, most people don’t go nearly deep enough in their spring cleans. Though your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms definitely deserve your attention after winter, your garage needs just as much TLC ― if not more.

If you are like most people, you have not cleaned or organized your garage since you moved in. This spring, you can finally wrest control of this space, so you can maximize your storage and minimize your waste and clutter. [Read more…]

Planning Your Days with Progresso Light Soups and a Giveaway

Disclosure Progresso Progresso Light Soups

A few days ago I talked about some of my goals for 2016, and part of those goals centered around the word focus, as in focusing on the tasks I have to do each day and staying on track.  The best way to do this is to be organized and to plan out your days.  As with most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to plan your day.  A lot of people thrive on order and having each hour of the day mapped out on their planner, and a lot of people have jobs that actually depend on a schedule like this, but if you work from home, or if you’re a homeschool mom, this type of scheduling may not work for you.  That is why I am trying more of a Goal Based Schedule. [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Week 302 – Organizing in the New Year

Hi ladies! Happy Friday! Thanks so much for stopping by today to party with us.  For today’s party I will be showcasing a few organizing ideas and printables!  And if you really love organizing with printables, I shared  a post last week featuring several printable blog planners, which I think you will find helpful in the new year.  So be sure to go over and check that out!

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve made a few little changes here at my site.  I have a new banner, and I’ve also tweaked the colors and couple of other key design elements and pages.  Another thing that I’m working on this week is changing over my email newsletter list.  Starting next week, my RSS email and other future mail outs will be sent via Mail Chimp.  I’m very excited about swapping over to the service, and I believe it will allow me to send out a better newsletter to subscribers and also offer exclusive content and freebies.

As part of the transition, I’ve been advised to have all of my current subscribers “re-subscribe” or “re-confirm” their subscription.  So if you are currently subscribed via Feedburner or Feedblitz,  I need for you to subscribe again to my blog. You can do so, by visiting this subscription page.  And if you are not yet subscribed to my newsletter, I invite you to subscribe today!  I have a lot of great things planned for the blog this year, and I hope to bring some great extras to my subscribers!

Now without further ado, let’s get on with the party!

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