Top Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Everyone has a budget. Some people’s budgets allow them to enjoy fine dining and multiple vacations a year, while other budgets allow you to eat out at a local diner once a week and go camping twice a year. If you’re on the smaller side of the budget range, you can still plan an amazing wedding. Thanks in part to tools like Pinterest, you can get ideas from other brides for planning a wedding on a budget. You can create a dream wedding board that gives you all the feels. Then create a DIY board so you can make it happen within your budget. Here are some of the top tips for planning a wedding on a budget.

Set Realistic Expectations

You might have dreamt of getting married outside of a castle in Scotland, but your budget is telling you otherwise. What about the fairytale wedding is most important to you? Is it the wedding dress? Is it the venue? Is it finding the best wedding videographer near me? It’s important to set realistic expectations if you know you’ll need to make some compromises about your wedding plans. Maybe you can still find a local castle, but it won’t be Edinburgh Castle. Perhaps you can get your favorite videographer, but you’ll only get them there for the ceremony and a little time afterwards.

Create Your Budget First

Before you go spending any money, it’s crucial that you know how much you have to spend in the long run. This will make it harder to overspend or stretch yourself thin on things that don’t really matter. Having the top number in front of you will help you make smart budget decisions for your wedding without causing fights or stress.

Get Family and Friends Involved

People love to help with weddings. To DIY everything from invitations to decorations, you’ll be spending a lot of time working on creative projects. Gather your friends and family together for wine, music, and a fun time putting together all the little details for your wedding. Not only will it help you get things done, you’ll make some fun memories in the process. Snap some pictures of you and whoever helps to put together for a fun slideshow at the wedding. Be sure to show your gratitude to whomever helps so you don’t make anyone feel bad.

Have Your Wedding on a Weekday

Weekday weddings are far less expensive than weekend ones. Most wedding venues get booked a year in advance and the weekend spots cost a premium. Getting married on a weekday can save you as much as 25% off the cost of the ceremony and reception venues. Some florists will even offer discounts for weekday weddings because they are not as overbooked on those days. Additionally, weekday weddings work better for small, intimate weddings as most people who are not immediate family or close friends would not take the day off for the wedding.

Don’t Serve a Meal

Traditionally, the bride and groom serve the guests a meal to thank them for coming to the wedding. However, at $20+ a plate, this can add up quickly, especially if you’re planning a larger event. DIYYou could serve an afternoon tea theme, serve snacks and punch, or even stick with simple veggie trays and chips if you have a tiny budget. The important thing is not that you spend a ton of money, but that you get to celebrate your marriage with all the people you care about surrounding you.

Elope Instead

Yep, I said it. Having a big wedding can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work and for some couples it makes more sense to simply elope. While you may not get as many presents, you could take the money you would’ve spent on the big wedding and spend it on a fabulous trip instead, and still have money left over to get some new bedding and a toaster. If you already hosted an engagement party with your closest friends and family to celebrate, eloping could be the perfect way to get married.

Fun Ideas for Your Outdoor Halloween Party

The great thing about Halloween is that it offers something fun for people of all ages. From trick-or-treating to midnight horror movies, there’s a little for everyone to enjoy. That’s why Halloween parties are so popular. There’s a huge variety of activities, refreshments and decorations you can experiment with depending on what appeals to you and your guests. If you’re planning to throw an outdoor Halloween party, here are some ideas you can try for a fun and spooky evening the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Gather Around the Fire Pit

The weather is starting to cool down around Halloween in many places, making it an excellent time of year to gather with friends and family around a cozy fire pit. Your guests can roast marshmallows and make s’mores by the fire. Just make sure you have a fire safety plan in place to keep your party warm and safe.

Read and Share Scary Stories

Sharing spooky tales is a time-honored Halloween tradition for many families. Set aside time at your outdoor party to share scary stories. Tell old ghost stories, act out parts from your favorite scary movie or look up thrilling tales online to share with your guests.

Show Off Your Costumes

If your Halloween party is a costume party, your guests will likely have put a lot of effort into getting dressed up. Organize a costume parade if you have young kids at your party. If your guests are a bit older, you could hand out costume awards or let guests vote on their favorite outfit.

Decorate and Carve Pumpkins Pumpkin carving and outdoor parties are a perfect match. It’s much easier to manage the mess of carving pumpkins outside. Make a pumpkin patch in your yard supplied with carving tools for your guests to use. Another option is to buy miniature pumpkins and give your guests paint, stickers and other craft supplies they can use for decorating.

Adapt Kid-Friendly Games

Any party games or activities your little ones and their friends enjoy playing can be adapted to fit the Halloween theme of your party. For example, set up a game where kids try to pin a spider on a web while blindfolded. Get a Halloween-themed piñata at your local party store. If your family likes to play bean-bag toss, decorate the bean bags to look like pumpkins or black cats.

Make Space for Grown-Ups

While the kids are at play, create a space for the grown-ups at your party to relax and chat. Invest in some comfortable patio furniture. Consider an outdoor structure like a pergola that can create shade during the day and turn into a covered outdoor room in the evening. You can even build it yourself if you order a pergola hardware kit.

Prepare Festive Refreshments

There are many fun Halloween-themed appetizers, snacks and desserts you can serve at your party. For example, you can decorate rice crisp treats to look like ghosts or roll up hot dogs in crescent rolls to make tasty mummies. You could even make a Halloween punch that looks like a witch’s potion and serve it in a cauldron.

Create a Spooky Atmosphere

Use sound and lighting to create the ultimate spooky atmosphere at your Halloween party. Warm, gentle lighting is nice in the evening, but you can also use outdoor holiday lights in bright colors like purple, orange and green to turn your outdoor space into a creepy environment. Make a party playlist of Halloween hits or look up scary soundscapes on your favorite streaming service to play in the background.

If you want to host an outdoor bash the entire family can enjoy, try these tips at your next Halloween party.

How to host a dinner party

Do you like to entertain guests? A dinner party is an excellent way to do this. A gathering of family and friends over a meal is a great way to socialise. There are many ways to go about this. Here are some examples.

Developing a guestlist One of the most important questions when hosting a dinner party is who to invite. Is it a dinner with work colleagues? Or an occasion to celebrate with friends? Or maybe it’s a housewarming party? If you can answer these questions, developing a guest list is easier than you might think.

Dietary requirements

Are any of your guests vegan? Maybe some are sticking to a keto diet. Others may have no dietary requirements. Keeping all of this in mind will go a long way in how you prepare the actual dinner if you want your guests to fully enjoy the party.

Know what you need to prepare the meal

Once you know the dietary requirements of your guests, another question you might ask yourself is how would you prepare the meals? Knowing what products to buy and how to prepare the meals is something that should definitely be taken into account. Make sure you familiarise yourself with both of these things before preparing the meal.

Preparing the meal in advance

If you consider all the logistics involved in organising a dinner party, it would be nice to know that the meal is one of the things that you don’t have to think about. Having the food prepared in advance is going to make the situation easier to manage. It’s much less time-consuming to warm up food than cook it on the day.

Make sure you have everything you need to prepare the meal

Does your dinner party include a meal that you’ve never prepared before? There is a chance that you may need some new accessories to develop this meal. Investing in a pan set might be the answer. Luckily, there are many great options out there, no matter what your requirements may be.


What theme would you like for your dinner party? Would you like to serve Italian food? Maybe Indian cuisine is what you are looking for. Or maybe a good old fashion barbeque will suffice. The proper theme for your dinner party is very important. Make sure that you and your guests enjoy yourselves.

There are many ways to go about creating the perfect dinner party. Bringing friends and loved ones together can be a wonderful experience. Dinner parties are excellent ways to entertain guests. If you are someone who likes to socialise, this is a great way to do this.

Lockdown Kid’s Birthday Ideas: Make Memories With Your Child

You’re a parent; you know what it’s like to feel stressed about your kid’s birthday. Of course, you want to make their day unique and memorable. But sometimes, the pressure of picking out a great party theme can be too much for just one person!

Here are five unique ideas that will help you plan an epic Lockdown Kid’s Birthday Party!

Have a Costume Party

If you are reading this article because your child is having their birthday soon, it may be time to break out those old costumes. Instead, plan an evening with friends or family members where everyone dresses up in silly outfits and has fun together. The best part of this idea is that you can reuse last year’s party favorites as well since they will double as goodie bags filled with goodies and treats for all who attend. 

You can find costumes at any store, but the best deals are usually online. You could even go as far as creating a Pinterest board of your favorite outfits and themes to help you explore all of your different options. Last-minute shoppers may want to try hitting up garage sales for great deals or sift through last year’s toy catalogs that they probably have sitting in their basement collecting dust!

Give your child the opportunity to get creative with their costume. Maybe they want to dress up as their favorite animal, or if that is too difficult for them, let them be a superhero and find an old sheet from home and cut it into cape shapes! 

You could also take this time of year to have some fun by making party foods like cookies in different shapes (pumpkin-shaped) and creating festive drinks like pumpkin pie martinis. Transform your house into a haunted mansion using lights outside on trees and inside your windows so when you walk around the corners; people don’t know where you’ll pop up next.

Have a Digital Party

You can have a digital party where your child gets to plan their virtual birthday each day of the week. Your kid would get to wear different outfits throughout the week and choose what they want for presents or do online activities on that day. You can have your child take photos with each costume and later customize them into Photo Strips to replicate the joys of the photobooth.

They might be able to play games like Minecraft or Fortnite, chat with friends in an Xbox Live session using voice chat, browse photos from around town, and check out new videos shared by family members. But, of course, it’s best if you’re accessing these apps together while chatting about how much fun it is when you talk through headsets!

Plan a Special Menu

It’s your child’s birthday. The best way to make it memorable is by having a menu that reflects their favorite foods or treats. If you’re not sure what they like, ask previous guests. 

You should think about snacks as well. If anything happens and people wait for their meal, these small things can go a long way to keep them happy. Have some deep-fried foods around if anyone wants something fried, and really, who doesn’t love French fries? But don’t forget healthier options like fruits and veggies too. It may not be Lockdown Kid’s birthday, but you should still make sure people eat healthily.

It’s essential to make sure that the event has food that lockdown kids will enjoy, and it is also a good idea for family members or friends with dietary restrictions. You can do this by having an online menu where people can choose what they want before coming over, so everyone gets something special. It may not be lockdown kids’ birthday party ideas, but you should still make sure there are snacks.

Hire a Digital Performer

You can do this by going on the internet to find an entertainment service provider that offers video-game performers, movie actors, and many other types of virtual characters for hire. Choose a digital performer specializing in children’s parties because they will likely have experience with entertaining kids and know what sort of party games are appropriate. They can also help you plan your child’s birthday activities like preparing costumes or designing balloons!

Make It a Family Day-Out

A great way of making your child feel special is by spending some time with them! It could be going for a walk, enjoying lunch at their favorite restaurant, or even cooking together in the kitchen. Whatever it may be, make sure they know that this day is all about them and no one else!


In conclusion, it is important to make memories with your children on their birthday. The ideas are endless, and there’s a party idea for everyone in the family!

Planning for That Backyard Barbeque Party for Long, What All Should You Keep In Mind?


Are you a self-proclaimed barbeque pro who is dying to show off his skills to family and friends?

Well, this article can help you out to plan for that much-awaited event of yours. Who does not enjoy lip-smacking ribs with some beer on a lazy weekend? But setting it all perfectly for that backyard party can include many variables to be in place.

The Outdoor Environment

When you plan a gathering of many people various aspects need consideration. It generally starts with checking the weather radars for identifying the most suitable time when the party can happen.

It will help you avoid any unforeseen situations and plan better. A good favorable climate can aid in having a great party. You can consider the various factors like:

● Cleaning your backyard to accommodate the guests. Often there is a lot of stuff in the backyard of the house, which can include debris or unused items. These occupy most of the space of the backyard and make it look unusable. If the garden has long grasses, you can decide to mow them too.

● Making seating arrangements for all the people. Based on the number of people that you are inviting, have adequate seating arrangements. If there is a pool, kids may want to play there. You can make arrangements for them and also keep ample towels to dry up later.

● Lighting is a crucial aspect of your party, if it stretches to late evening or if it’s a late afternoon or evening affair. You can use outdoor string lights to cover the place. They look like glittering stars as the night sets and creates an ambiance for you.

● Keep the guest room clean and ready if anyone feels the need to lie down. It is especially handy if someone wants to change or wants to relax a little if too exhausted. People also will use the loo more often, so keeping it in order can also be a good idea.

Pre-Prep the Food

A great idea for the backyard barbeque parties can be to prep the food in advance before the guests start arriving. When you prepare in advance it can make a lot of difference, you get time to enjoy the cookout more with your family and friends.

Prepare the food in such a way that you can start the grill as soon as people start arriving. For this, you can make sure that the side dishes are in place, cooked, and can go to the display section as and when you need them. You of course do not want to be preparing your patties or chopping veggies when your guests are arriving.

The Fuel

Re-check multiple times to ensure that there is enough charcoal or propane for you to have a seamless barbeque session. It often happens that people underestimate the need for charcoal and end up in a sticky situation.

Who would like to see half-cooked meatloaves on a cold grill? You will end up visiting the gas station more often in the middle of the party. It can disturb the flow of the party, and any mood set before will have disruptions. Another aspect is the meat or patties on the grill, which turn lifeless and rubbery when you start cooking again. Also, be cautious while using the fuel.

The Snacks Area

Setting up the snacks counter away from the cooking area can benefit you more than you know. It often happens that people surround the barbeque area where the main action is on, even though the prep is complete and the grilling is on. It makes the cooking area congested with people, and you will end up having less space to flaunt your skills in style.

You can use a folding table to serve as a snacks counter, put it up at a distance from the barbeque grill area. Keep the options displayed for the guests to select.

The Drinks

A crucial aspect of a backyard barbeque party is to stock ice in the cooler to keep the drinks cold. You can stock juice boxes, bottled waters, and other kid-friendly drinks. You can use a separate counter to store beer, wine, or any other adult beverages that you plan to serve at the party.

You can use various fancy tools to make a mark if you are planning a summer cocktail party. Pre-mixing some of the drinks can be a good idea. Otherwise, you will end up constantly pouring, measuring, and stirring.

So if you are planning for a barbeque party in your backyard, taking care of the above aspects can get you going. Being prepared in advance gives you time to enjoy the party with your friends and family and also gives you a chance to flaunt your skills without any worry.

6 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Simple

A wedding can easily turn into a big, complicated affair that requires a lot of time, money, and effort. And that’s completely fine for some people. But if you are more into an intimate celebration, this article will help you simplify your wedding plans and avoid getting overwhelmed with chores.

Although the pressures of the wedding preparations can’t be entirely prevented, there are steps you can take to alleviate some stress of your big day. 

If you want to keep your event as simple as possible, here are six ways to have a fuss-free wedding! 

1. Stick to a Small Guest List

A cozier group of guests requires less work, but keeping the list small isn’t easy, especially if you have a big family. On the flip side, a shorter guest list also means reduced expenses and a more manageable event. 

It may be unrealistic to hope for 20 guests only, but even whittling your list from 300 to 150 guests is a success. Sometimes just limiting the list to the first cousins of your parents will do the trick. 

And as a bonus, you’ll get more quality time with your loved ones! 

2. Keep the Menu Simple

If you don’t go for an extravagant, fancy dinner, you can keep the costs at a reasonable level. So, how do you pull it off? Stick to a few simple, key dishes. If you go with a caterer, you can get an exceptional menu without overcomplicating things.

Pick one cuisine theme instead of overwhelming the taste buds of your guests. For example, if France is your favorite destination in the world, you can go with crepes and croissants. 

Less can be more, even when it comes to your wedding menu! 

3. Opt for a Venue that Naturally Looks Amazing

The right location sets the tone for the entire wedding, and it also accounts for up to half of your wedding budget, so it’s one of the most important aspects of your big day. Naturally beautiful places are your best bet when you’ve decided on a simple wedding.

For example, New Zealand and especially Queenstown wedding venues are popular wedding destinations for that exact reason.

Having a venue that provides a perfect backdrop, like lush green slopes, snow-capped mountains, or a cozy villa, will require minimal décor and less effort on your side for the entire event to be magical. 

4. Stick to a Minimal Décor 

Keeping the decorations simple equals little trouble and little expense too. Even a few floral arrangements, some candles, or some other kind of beautiful décor can enhance your wedding and make a huge impact if you do it right! 

For instance, hanging string lights from the ceiling of your venue will create a one-of-a-kind, romantic ambiance.

Playing with creative lighting is a great way to compliment your space. For a hint of glamour, drape the ceilings and see your it transforms in no time! 

5. Ditch the Fancy Invitations 

Traditional wedding invitations can be pretty expensive, and the whole process can take some time, so if you’re going with an intimate affair, there is an easier way to deliver a successful invitation! 

You can let your creative juices flow and craft your own invitations that represent you as a couple as well as your aesthetics. 

6. Ask for Help and Delegate! 

A lot of couples fall into the trap of trying to do all the preparations on their own. There is a lot to do and a lot to think about, so enlisting a few friends and family is a great way to take some burden off your chest and include your loved ones in your celebration.

They usually love to help and enjoy being a part of the wedding in that sense. They can take care of the little details and make your life a lot easier! 

And remember: your friends and family are coming to celebrate your marriage and enjoy your company so don’t stress about impressing them! 

Checklist For A Palatable Barbeque Cookout In Your Backyard

Summers are at your doorstep and have come with long and sunny days that go perfectly well with outdoor cookouts in your backyard. Friends meetups or family gatherings turn into more relaxing, laid-back and comfortable evenings when you have it in your backyard.

Whether you are having a small garden party just for your near and dear ones or throwing a big barbeque bash for all your professional and personal acquaintances, you need to have a checklist made for taking things in a smooth direction.

We are here to help you sort out your essential checklist to turn your otherwise mundane gatherings into more exciting and happening ones.

Grilling Equipment

Can you imagine yourself without a heart and soul? Obviously not!

Similarly, the grilling equipment is the heart and soul of any barbeque, and it should be the most prioritized thing in your checklist. Get your hands on grills with suitable sizes and shapes that suit your height and cooking style in the best possible way.

While playing with fire, you need to keep yourself safe as well. Keep grill gloves on your hands all the time to protect them from getting contacted by the fire.

The secret to a tender barbeque is the constant fire supply to the meat. So make sure that you don’t run out of charcoal for your grill. You should know how to smoke a turkey, make juicy kebabs and be well aware of the delicacies of tender steaks.

Spatula, grilling fork and tongs are grilling equipment you should have around while you are in your cooking zone.

Beverages For All

The only thing that makes the blazing sun heat bearable in summers is the chilled beverages, and so these should be the next item on your checklist. Present your guests with drinks straight from the freezer to give them a cool start for the evening.

Ensure that you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so that the kids and adults can drink as per their choice. Fruit punches, lemonades are ideal for kids to drink at a barbeque picnic. The options are limitless for those of your guests who prefer cocktails for summer and beers over any other drinks. Just remember that the ice bucket never gets emptied, and the beers stay chilled to the very last second of the gathering.

Disposable cups, ice, bottle opener, and corkscrew are the essential drinks-related items you need to have continuous access to.

Get Your Meaty Treats Ready

A barbeque party revolves around meaty items, all of the side dishes simply add to the vibe, but the main focus is always on the meat.

As a generous host, it is your responsibility to ensure that you don’t face meat shortage and the grill only goes silent when everyone has full tummies to go to their home with.

Beef, chicken, hotdogs, pork and whatnot. Satisfy your guest’s craving for steak, sandwich or burgers with tender proteins in them. The meat is not only restricted to this list of main courses but can also be added to salads.

Cutting sausages for your salad can be a time-consuming task, and if done poorly will be enough to ruin your presentation skills. Use a hot dog slicer to cut them in evenly shape and have an everlasting impression on your guests.

The Sides And Desserts

Once you are done with the main course, you need to shift all your attention towards the sides and the desserts, giving a perfect end to the night.

Serving a few side dishes like coleslaw, cheese-filled corn dogs, tortilla chips, or fresh fruits elevates the appetite and can be excellent fillers for those who are waiting for the grilled main course to be served.

After all the spicy and salty dishes, one must have a high craving for something sweet to give a 180o shift to taste buds. Fulfill their desire by keeping a separate stand for desserts like cookies, ice cream, donuts, brownies and cream cheesecakes.

Make sure you add these to your checklist because they might just appear as an added extension to the barbeque but rest assured these will definitely add charm to your setup for the night.

Music And Dance

No party is a party without some music and dance in it. After all your guests have eaten to their full, it’s time that you make them digest their food well before they head out to their homes.

Get some speakers and become the DJ at your party. Turn the music volume up and let your dance moves go free. Involve everyone in the dance, and you will have a BBQ that will be remembered for many years to come.

Bottom Line

Making a checklist for any event makes you smoothly do things, and the chances of you forgetting them become very thin. For arranging a successful BBQ party, you need to make a to-do list with all your tasks written on it in a prioritized manner. Grilling equipment, drinks, food menu and some entertainment through music are worth-mentioning tasks for your checklist.

Keep in mind the above points when you are going to have a barbeque party in your backyard.

Party Planning on a Budget

Planning a party on a budget can be perplexing at times. With a little creativity and smart decisions, however, any party can be a success, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or baby shower. Here are five suggestions for how to plan your next party on a budget.

Send Online Invitations

Once you’ve decided on the date and time for your party, forego the traditional paper invites. Instead, create invitations from imaginative templates, like beautiful virtual bridal shower invitations online. Since most everyone relies on email and text messages these days, this is a perfect option and a fabulous way to lower costs.

Bake Your Own Sweet Treats

Many or all parties involve some type of sweet treats, such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other type goodies. If you purchase a birthday cake from a bakery or store, your budget could take a big hit. Instead, make them yourself. Even if you’re not a baker, you can do this easily with store-bought mixes. Get creative with the frostings and any decorative toppings. Look for ideas online to help whether you are going to try angel food cake or flan.

DIY cupcakes are a great, low-cost option for any type of party. They aren’t just for kids’ parties anymore. Try using a white icing using a pastry bag for swirls and place little wedding bells or other small items you find for a low cost. You can even put initials on the top with sprinkles or candies.

Create Unique Decorations

You can spend a lot of your budget on decorations and supplies. However, you don’t have to. Start by looking around your home and identifying anything you already have that you can use. Do you have dozens of candles? Find creative ways to display these. Do you have flowers growing outside? Find unique vases to display them. Print out photos of the couple or birthday guy and place them in frames on a table.

Also, get creative and make your own decorations. Whether you consider yourself crafty or not, you can find something that will work. Look for tutorials online for unique ideas, such as how to make tablecloths or placemats from fun fabrics. Gather pinecones and paint them silver and gold, or red and green.

Consider Timing

Instead of holding your party during a mealtime, consider an in-between time, such as mid-afternoon or after dinner. This will lower your food budget considerably. Offer appetizers and snacks. These can be finger foods, vegetable, cheese, and fruit trays, or chips and a few special dips.

Select Your Splurge Item

Since you’re cutting costs elsewhere, consider selecting one item you wish to splurge on. This will depend on the occasion for the party, of course, but choose one that fits appropriately. This can be rental of a certain location, fancy chocolates from the chocolatier in your city, or the hiring of a magician or musician. By cutting costs elsewhere, you can feel good about allowing a splurge.

A little creativity can go a long way when planning a party on a budget. The goal is to make your guests feel comfortable and for everyone to have fun, including yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect. By sending online invitations, doing more of the cooking and designing of the party décor yourself, and adding that one splurge item you’re excited about, you’re ready to throw a great get-together.

Celebrating your kid’s birthday during lockdown – 4 simple ideas that they’ll love

I bet you never envisioned celebrating your little one’s birthday whilst under a country-wide lockdown, did you? You may have had big plans, a huge party in mind with all their school friends, days out and plenty of food and fun. But, now with most of those things unavailable for the foreseeable future, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

No parent can stand the thought of their little one having a less than perfect birthday, and as if the pressure weren’t normally high enough, these days a fun and memorable birthday can seem like an impossible task.

Sadly, while many things are beyond our control at the minute, there are things that you can take full control of – including the best birthday for little one ever, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, check out wicked uncle for the latest toys.

Here we’ll share some simple, fun birthday ideas that your little one will absolutely love.

Let them choose a theme

Just because you’re not hiring a community centre or heading to an indoor play area, doesn’t mean your child can’t have a theme. Let them choose the kind of party they want and then source the decorations, balloons, party favors, tableware, linen and tablecloths to match. From under the sea, to dinosaurs, monsters, princesses, superheroes, space, animals – the possibilities are endless.

Don’t sweat the decorations

As mentioned above, if your child picks a theme then you’ll know what type you need to source. However, remember that you can also make bunting at home, either with paper or with a sewing machine, string up fairy lights, make paper streamers and more. Ideal if you’re trying to save a little money at the moment.

Take the party outside

The weather is warming up, so why not take the party outside? Even if your outdoor space is minimal, you can make the most of it. Lay out picnic blankets, add plenty of cushions and bring out the food and drink. You could also play party games outdoors and not worry too much about the mess!

(Virtually) Invite their friends!

Just because we’re following social distancing rules, it doesn’t mean your little one can’t invite their friends! A group video chat is a fun idea, or ask parents to send your child a video message via their messenger service. They’ll feel extra special and love hearing from their friends!

Five Fun Ideas to Make Your Next Garden Party Pop!

Spending time outdoors is what it’s all about when the spring and summer roll back around, and if you’re wanting to get out into the garden then what better way to do so than by hosting a garden party? If you want your occasion to be extra special, here are a few ways you can give it a boost.



Switch up the style

If you always go for a barbeque, why not try something different? How about a traditional style picnic- but in the garden? Lay down a checkered picnic and serve some tasty picnic classics– there are plenty of ideas to inspire you on Pinterest. You could also go afternoon tea style, this is nice if you want an elegant affair. Invest in some tiered cake stands and serve up finger sandwiches, fancy pastries and other bitesize nibbles out in the garden with the sun shining. You could go with a traditional tea served in mismatched china (you’ll find this in just about any charity shop). Or you could go sparkling and serve it with champagne or prosecco.

Set up a photo booth

A photo booth is a great way to keep guests entertained and also enables you to capture some fun and lighthearted pictures of the day. You could hire a company like Booth Boy photo booth hire for the day, or you could make your own using a white sheet as a backdrop and purchase some cheap props online. Amazon and ebay have packs of these that you can order and are fun for guests to mess around with and snap some pictures.

Hire a bouncy castle

If you’re throwing a party for kids or kids will be attending then what better way to keep them busy on a sunny day? Bouncy castles are loads of fun and will certainly get them excited. They don’t cost as much as you might think to hire them for the day, and if you want to keep children occupied while you enjoy the party with your adult guests then this is a great way to go about it.

Purchase some lawn games

Lawn games like giant Jenga, Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders are good for kids and adults alike. If you want to get people mixing and chatting then this is one way to go about it, they’re not too expensive and once you have them they can be brought out of the shed every year. It’s something a little different that your guests are sure to have fun with.

Find some nice decor

Finally, if you want your party to stand out and for it to really feel like a party then adding some decorative touches can go a long way. If you’re celebrating a particular occasion then helium filled balloons and banners can work well. Otherwise, find pretty garden lighting and fill vases with cut flowers. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your garden is clean and tidy and up to scratch before throwing a party in it so spend a little time on this first.