What Goes Into Selecting Your Engagement Ring?

Whether you’re looking to choose a ring to propose with or you’ve already made the decision to get together and want to pick them out together, the engagement ring is going to become one of your most important pieces of jewelry, so you want to make sure that you get the choice right. Here, we’re going to look at what goes into picking out a ring and how you can make sure you choose one that will suit you for the rest of your life.

Suit it to your style

When it comes to choosing a ring that comes with such importance attached to it, a lot of people feel compelled to make the ring as ostentatious as befits its status. However, you have to remember that you’re choosing a ring that is going to be worn every day. Unless you have a style that is as sophisticated and extravagant as it, it can feel out of place. Look at some ring designs and see if you suit something more contemporary, more traditional, or otherwise.

The gems

No piece of jewelry so important is complete without its jewels. As such, you need to think about not only what kind of jewels you get but where you’re going to get them. If you’re looking for a certain clarity, cut, and quality of gem, then it can be easier to source loose diamonds and ask a jeweler to insert it into one of their designs. Pre-set gems can be a little more convenient, but there’s also a lot less flexibility to find the kind that really fits your wants.

Be mindful of the colors

With both your choice of gemstones and the metal that you choose, you should think about what kind of color profile you are creating. Gold is nice, traditional, and has inherent look in its worth, but alternative options like rose gold, white gold, and platinum are becoming more popular, as well. Once again, consider that you’re going to be wearing the ring every day, so you might want to consider your typical outfit palette and choose a color profile that matches it.

Keeping up with the trends

If you’re the kind of person who always likes to make sure that your look fits with the times, then you might want to extend this to your ring, as well. Given that you’re looking to wear the ring for the rest of your life, alongside the wedding band, opting for a more timeless style can be a good idea, but you can also look at engagement ring trends to create a little wearable time capsule of the moment that you decided to get married. It can be a good way to get inspiration if no ideas are sticking in your mind, too.

The tips above will not pick out the perfect ring for you but can give you an idea of how and where to start looking. It’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Best Clothing Coupons for Holiday Season 2022

The holiday season is here! If you want to save money, search for related clothing discount codes for the holiday season 2022 and coupons. Look for great deals on everything like women’s outfits to infant, baby apparel, and children’s clothing.  The year’s biggest coupon for the holiday season is actually starting early.

All of this is to say that it’s never too early to start planning your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping lists, especially given that the holidays are only a few days away. 

Due to the current global pandemic issue, we recommend finishing any holiday shopping as soon as possible.

Traditionally, retailers offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals that give you a variety of options for getting the same deals you’d get in stores. Many deals are offered on Black Friday and it is famous for clothing and travel discounts.

Here are the major stores that offer the best clothing coupon deals for holiday season 2022 so that you can plan your purchases:

  1. KLEKT Coupon Code (€20 Cashback):

            KLEKT is an Online Sneaker & Streetwear Marketplace!    

This is a rapidly expanding online marketplace for high-end clothes. They are at the core of the high-profile sneaker and streetwear scene. This is the place where you can find the holiday season 2022 clothing coupons, deals, savings, and steals. You can also find coupons related to the KLEKT sale on ClothingRIC.com. 

  • Starting at €132, shop a wide assortment of Christmas sneakers, streetwear, and accessories.
  • KLEKT is giving their sellers €20 cashback on all items sold above €250 on Black Friday.
  • At about €51, you may have a master lock numeric combination lock red.
  • Subscribe to their email newsletter to receive the most up-to-date offers, coupon codes, exclusive sales, and more.

2. Blue Bungalow Coupon Code (40% Discount):

If you want to shop for Australian boutique brands online Blue Bungalow is the place to go. You’ll find the perfect everyday style with new styles arriving daily.

Their clothes may now be seen on women all over the world, and the product selection has expanded beyond kaftans and beach towels!

  • Blue Bungalow offers up to 70% on Black Friday.
  • Use the promo code and get a 40% discount when you order a final-sized collection.
  • Blue Bungalow offers a 49% discount on a zalia purple turtleneck jumper order.

3. SaraMart Coupon Code (Upto 90% Off):

In the SaraMart online store you can find hundreds of high-quality budget-friendly products. 

SaraMart always tries to offer discounts, promos, and best clothing deals for the 2022 holiday season to their customers. Their purpose is to supply high-quality products from the world’s most reputable firms. If you select SaraMart, you can find the most recent and desired products at reasonable costs.

ClothingRIC offers the latest and most authentic SaraMart coupons and promo codes.

  • Saramart.com offers up to 90% off on-sale products, plus an additional 15% discount with code.
  • Egg-lantern string delicate room decorating lights are now 65% off.

4. EMMIOL Coupon Code (16% Off on Orders of $69):

The EMMIOL apparel line emphasizes the notion that beauty is defined by how you feel about yourself.

They are dedicated to providing you with the clothes you require to feel gorgeous and fabulous. As a fashion business, they wish to assist you in discovering your personality through style. They want you to feel like you own yourself just by being yourself and liking fashion.

  • With a $300 purchase, you’ll get a free set of contact lenses.
  • On clearance sale items, you can save up to 80% by using the promo code.
  • On Black Friday you can get:

$45 off any order of $215 or more, 

$30 off any order of $145 or more, 

$15 off any order of $75 or more.

  • All orders of $69 or more in the United States qualify for free shipping.
  • Get a 16% discount on your complete order plus free shipping if you spend more than $69.

5. ASKET Coupon Code (Free Shipping Above $150):

Spend on timeless wardrobe essentials with innovative sizing, reasonable pricing, and ethical manufacturing.

Most ASKET essentials are available for purchase in-store, but if they aren’t, you can have them shipped home for free when ordering at the store. Returns can be dropped off, and basics can be repaired for free. 

ASKET promotion codes are only valid once per customer and cannot be used with other offers.

  • Any order over $150 within the United States qualifies for free expedited shipping.
  • ASKET offers low prices that look like discounted prices. The white men’s t-shirt is only $45.
  • you can buy a men’s lightweight t-shirt for only $50 at asket.com,
  • When you shop at asket.com, you can get chino men’s trousers for only $160.

Shop with these stores and their vast assortment of coupons to update your wardrobe or keep your closet current. No matter how you want to shop, they have coupon codes for the holiday season 2022 for optimal savings! There are different kinds of coupon codes available on ClothingRIC.com. To visit the ClothingRIC for instance will show you select product coupons,store-wide discounts, and promo codes.

Christmas Pajamas for the Family Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

One Christmas tradition I definitely want for Thaxton is the new pajamas traditions.  It is fun, yet practical, because he will always need pajamas!

I LOVE Christmas pajamas, and I’ve been so excited for the pajamas for the family trend! After shopping around a lot on the internet, I chose Target for our Holiday Family Pajamas.  I was very impressed with the variety they had, from the different colors and prints, to the various styles of pajamas.  And the prices amazing!   Today I’m going to share with you some of the things that I bought and point out a few things I also liked.

I’ve been wanting to get Thaxton and I Mama Bear and Baby Bear shirts, so I fell in the LOVE with the Holiday Bear Family Pajamas.  Apart from the bear theme, these also have red and black checks with I really like.  And they look more like winter pajamas and not just Christmas, so we can continue to wear these in January.

The pajamas themselves fit great.  We both got very soft cotton shirts and fleece pants.  These are so comfortable, and I was impressed by the quality!

I also got Thaxton the Fair Isle Union Suit.  I’m not really in to the adult onesie, so I just got this set for him.  I really love this type of print, and the colors are great.  And like the other pajamas I chose, this has more of a winter theme, so that he can wear it after Christmas is over without looking weird.  This is made of fleece, so it’s very warm, and I actually also love it as something he could wear around the house on cold days and not just as sleep wear.  (And I have to admit, I kind of wish I’d bought myself one of these!)

If these aren’t for you, you might like their Peanuts Pajamas. (I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy!)  And they also have sets that are Harry Potter themed, Grinch, Elf, Santa, and so many more!

I also wanted to point out these slipper socks that I got for just $6.  These are very warm and comfortable, and I think they are quite cute.

So many styles are still in stock at Target, so go over and check out their Holiday Family Pajamas. Perhaps it could be the start of a new family tradition for you!

5 Tips to Buying an Espresso Machine

How many times do you, your friends, and family go to a coffee shop in a week? Do you find yourself going there daily? There are so many resources that you are wasting there just by taking a stroll. An occasional visit is not as harmful, but if you find yourself there on a daily basis, then you should ask yourself a couple of questions. A lot of money is spent on coffee shops daily. This is because once you are there, you will add a treat to your drink, maybe a cake or a biscuit. This habit will not only increase your weekly budget but also add on your daily calories intake. The normal coffee cup accounts for approximately 200 calories, when you add a treat to it, the total sums up to 500 calories in a single sitting. These are among the many reasons why you should purchase an espresso machine and choose to have your drink at home. Below are some tips about buying the machine:

1) Have Prior Information on the Machines

Before going to any shop to buy equipment, it is advisable to have data on it beforehand. This strategy will prevent you from making bad decisions that will cost you money in the end. When you genuinely know nothing in regards to the equipment, it is advisable to look up an Espresso Machine buying guide online. Here is where you will find the types of espresso machines that are available and advice on how each functions so that you settle on a choice that meets your specific preferences or needs.

2) Go for Affordability

You should set a budget before purchasing an espresso machine. There are fancy machines which are more expensive but have the same functions as the relatively cheaper ones. Remember that you are trying to save money and not waste more. This objective is a good pointer on what you ought to spend. However, some expensive models do have some additional features, such as pressure gauge, which act as an assurance of the quality of the espresso machines supplier. The decision solely lies with your purchasing ability. You should not go beyond your budget or act out of impulse.

3) Pick an Automatic Machine

An automatic machine is recommended in comparison to the semi-automatic ones. The automatic espresso machines require less attention since the guidelines are easy to follow. It also uses a pump that robotically creates pressure. There is even a better choice of super automatic models. These combine two processes, making it easier for espresso to extract and grind into one.

4) Focus on Quality

Regardless of your need to save money, sometimes buying the cheapest automatically results in the poorest quality. Ultimately, this will disappoint you since you will be back in the store trying to find an alternative since the poor quality ones do not last for long. Put the quality of the machine you want to purchase in mind to avoid any inconveniences such as breakdowns and the high maintenance costs you could incur.

5) Take Time and Read the Manual

Skimming through the guidelines at the shop will always give you a brief outlook on whether the machine is easy to use or not. A user-friendly machine is the one that you should pick to avoid having a lot of difficulties while operating it.

Saving Money with a DIY Oil Change + 5 Things You Should Buy Online

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Do you shop online?  Surveys and studies show that more and more people are turning to the world wide web to purchase gifts and a whole host of personal items.  My husband and I are definitely two of these people.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy walking down the aisles of Walmart and check out the latest things they have to offer, from seasonal decor and clothing to beauty supplies.  But I also love the convenience of online shopping, and I love the time and money that it saves me!  Today we are going to talk about how buying your Pennzoil oil online for a DIY oil can help you save money, plus I will share 5 things you should be buying online if you want to save money. [Read more…]

Beef Stew and Easy Shopping with Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Shopping Cart

As a homemaker, my work is never done, and anytime I can come up with ways to simplify every day tasks and save myself some time and money, I am thrilled!  One task that I’m not really a fan of is doing the grocery shopping.  I hate braving the crowds at the store, perusing the many shelves to find exactly what I’m looking for, and I definitely hate standing in line at the checkout register.  If you feel the same way I do about grocery shopping, then you should check out Walmart’s new grocery service.

Through Walmart’s pickup service, you can do all of your shopping from the comforts of your own home.  You just go online, find a Walmart location near you that offers the pickup service, and then start picking out everything you need right from their website.  Once they receive your order, a Walmart employee will find everything you need and fill your order.  All you have to do is go  and pick it up!  What could be easier? [Read more…]

Hand Stamped Jewelry & Christmas Ornaments + Small Business Saturday


Today is Small Business Saturday!  Across the country people are supporting small business by shopping small!  I’m happy to call myself a small business owner; apart from my blog and content services, I also have an Etsy shop.  It feels good to be able to do something creative and use my talents to make money for my family, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I have a to a work from home mom! [Read more…]

New Driver Gift Basket Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #CelebrateAmazingBDays #CollectiveBias

American Greetings Lilypad cards

Don’t you just LOVE birthdays?  As a wife, mom, and all around girly-girl, I love gift giving, and I believe great looking wrapping paper, packaging, and the perfect card are an essential part of the gifting process and the whole celebration!  American Greetings has some fabulous product offerings to help you celebrate everything from birthdays, to anniversaries, new babies and more!  Above I’ve shared a photo of a few American Greetings cards I have on hand!  Aren’t they adorable?  They are from the Lily Pad Press line of American Greetings.

Boy by Wall

We have a few summer birthdays in our family, but the one that definitely gets the most attention is our teenage son, Noah’s.  Noah will be 16 in just 2 weeks!  And you know what that means…it’s driver’s license time!  His car is being delivered to us on Saturday, but because I love shopping for gifts, I couldn’t wait…I had to get new some special new driver gifts to go with the car!  Today I’m going to show you everything that went in to making his New Driver Gift Baskets!

[Read more…]

Mother Teapot & Cup Combo Review + Giveaway

Pavilion Teapot

Today I’m featuring the second prize included in this week’s Friday Favorites giveaway.  The giveaway opened Thursday night and will close this Thursday at midnight.

The prize pack includes this fun Mother Teapot & Cup Combo.  It is one of many high quality products available at Pavilion, a gift shop featuring a variety of home decor, knick knacks, collectibles, coffee mugs, and even jewelry & fashion accessories! [Read more…]

15 Holiday Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

15 Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

Are you done with your holiday shopping?  I just love holiday gift giving, and I love it even better when you can give a gift that you KNOW someone will love.

Do you ever find yourself just buying gifts that require no thought at all?  Things like gift cards or general audience gifts that could be for anyone (or the “token gift” as I like to call it).  If so, then you should really reconsider your gift giving.  Whether you’re spending $5 or $50, it is the THOUGHT that counts.

Before buying another gift card or scented candle, think about what your gift recipient really loves.  What are their hobbies? What are they passionate about?  And if you don’t know the answers to these questions, then find the answer by asking another family member or friend, or even by checking out the person’s Facebook or other social media profiles. [Read more…]