Planning Your Days with Progresso Light Soups and a Giveaway

Disclosure Progresso Progresso Light Soups

A few days ago I talked about some of my goals for 2016, and part of those goals centered around the word focus, as in focusing on the tasks I have to do each day and staying on track.  The best way to do this is to be organized and to plan out your days.  As with most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to plan your day.  A lot of people thrive on order and having each hour of the day mapped out on their planner, and a lot of people have jobs that actually depend on a schedule like this, but if you work from home, or if you’re a homeschool mom, this type of scheduling may not work for you.  That is why I am trying more of a Goal Based Schedule. [Read more…]

Mini Cannoli Pies + Easy Family Meals with Stouffer’s®

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Easy Family Meals with Stouffers

The holiday season is here!  It is such a fun time, but it’s also a busy time for me.  Of course, we have all the extra holiday events with family and school.  And then additionally this is the busiest time of year for my Etsy shop.  Between that and my usual blogging and other responsibilities, the month of December is a whirlwind!  Perhaps more than ever, this is the best time to have some easy family meal options!

Thanks to Stouffer’s®, I am able to serve a complete Italian meal to my family, including a round of Mini Cannoli Pies, with very little prep work at all!   [Read more…]

Get Through Your Day with SNICKERS®

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EataSnickers #CollectiveBias

Get Through Your Day with Snickers

You’re not you when your hungry! I know that’s surely the case with me! Do you ever find yourself just needing to take a break from work?  Do you find yourself getting tired, antsy, hungry, or a cominbation of the three?  Do you find yourself suffering through that “3PM slump” every day?  If you do, you’re not alone!

After a day of sitting at my desk blogging or working on other projects at home, I definitely need a break….and yet I don’t want to stop working, because I am FAR from getting everything I want to get done for the day.  Today I’m going to share a few tips to help you get through that 3PM slump so that you can finish your day strong!  And I’m going to show you how to put together a “Get Through Your Day Gift Basket” for yourself, your friends, or coworkers!

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Busting Myths of Home Decor

With springtime right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about chores for spring cleaning.  And while you’re planning these projects, it is also a good time to take a look at your home decor and consider some new items and improvements in this area.  I’m not talking about weekend long projects or anything high budget (although it can be a great time for that too!).  Instead I’m talking about small, simple improvements such as replacing your own accent rugs for new ones, or getting new curtains, wall art, or throw pillows. Or you may just want to declutter a room and do a little rearranging to change the look of things. [Read more…]

Target Breakfast Twist with 5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Whether you’re a cereal person, a bacon & egg lover, or more of a bagel and cream cheese girl, it can get tiresome making the same things day after day for breakfast.  But let’s face it, most mornings parents are in a hurry and don’t have the time to fix an elaborate breakfast.  But you can actually create some delicious twists on everyday breakfast items in just minutes! No need to break out the old recipe book or pull up that new recipe you saw on Pinterest.  Just look in your pantry and use your imagination! Today I have 5 easy breakfast ideas to show you what I mean. [Read more…]

That Works For Me Ebook Giveaway

If you guys are a fan of the popular blog We Are That Family, then you probably know about their weekly blog carnival Works for Me Wednesday.  They recently launched an book ebook based on the carnival, titled That Works for Me.  The book is filled with tips submitted by participants of the weekly event.

I was excited a few months ago when I was contacted about having a couple of my tips included in the book!  I’m always thrilled when someone decides to feature one of my posts or projects, and this time to actually be featured in someone’s ebook, is a real honor.  Also, since I’ve been participating in this event since it was first hosted by Rocks in My Dryer, and as it was one of the first blog parties, I ever partipated in, that made it even more special for me.

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Fun with Veggies and Country Crock

This post is sponsored by Country Crock. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

With so many food choices out there from pizza and chips to pasta and hamburgers,  there’s no wonder so many of us don’t get the recommended daily amount of vegetables in to our diet.

And it’s especially difficult this day and age to get picky kids to eat their vegetables. But did you know that 8 of 10 kids think veggies with Country Crock are delicious?

And Country Crock Chronicle has tons of great recipes to help you bring delicious flavor to the table.

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Pittsburgh Steeler Cupcakes

This week instead of sharing a recipe for my food post, I’m sharing these cupcakes that I made over the weekend.  My husband is a HUGE sports fanatic, and his favorite team is…you guessed it! The Pittsburgh Steelers! 
As soon as we found out that the Steelers would be playing in the AFC Championship Game, I knew I had to make something special for my hubby.  His favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing, which just so happens to be a perfect tie in for the Black and Gold!

How to Make My Easy and Super Yummy Cupcakes
For the cupcakes, I just used a yellow cake mix and baked as directed. The only thing I added to the recipe was a tablespoon of almond flavoring and a tablespoon of vanilla. This really gives it a rich flavor! 
And then I just used a store bought frosting.  Normally I heat the canned frosting when using it for sheet cakes, but for this I just put it straight into the piping bag.  I had enough frosting in the can to frost 12 cupcakes, and then just enough left over to heat up and pour over a small 9 inch cake that I made to go alongside the cupcakes.  But if you plan on making 2 dozen cupcakes with canned frosting, I’d suggest you get an extra can. 
Cupcake Topper Tutorial
You will not believe how easy it was to make my cupcake toppers!  Before I get to the tutorial I should remind you that sports and other logos are copyrighted and files should be used for personal use only, unless you have permissions to use them otherwise.  I’m not sure what all the copyright rules are because in spite of this, I’ve seen a lot of items on etsy that use copyrighted logos and the like.  But I would just be careful, and only use logos like this for your own personal projects.
Here’s What You’ll Need:
Glue or tape
Scissors or a Round Paper Punch
Computer w/ Printer.

Step 1: Go on the internet and search for the logo of your favorite sports team. (I just typed in “Pittsburgh Steelers Logo.”  Wikipedia is great source for this. (After finding the Steelers logo on here, I checked for some other teams, and Wikipedia appears to have a logo for every team out there.)  But if not, you should be able to find something on  just a straight internet search.
Step 2:  Right click on the logo and save it.  Next open up a Word document.  (You could use a photoshop program or other application as well, but Word is just fine with me.)  On a new document in Word, go to the Insert tab, and Insert a Picture.  Select your Picture (the logo), and it will appear on your screen.  Now highlight the image and copy it, and then just paste it on to the document as many times as you like.  (I was able to fit 16 logos onto my page.) Note: If you don’t know how to copy/paste, you can also choose to keep inserting the photo onto the page.
Step 3:  After you have your images ready, print them out on card stock.  Then use scissors or a paper punch to punch out your logos.
Step 4: Use glue or tape to attach your logos to the toothpicks.  For mine, I placed the toothpick about half way up the circle.
Step 5: Stick these in your iced cupcakes, and you’ve got a super cute, yet easy and inexpensive cupcake decoration!  And your party guests will love them!

There you have it! Quick and easy cupcake toppers!
And my cupcakes must have been lucky, because now the Steelers are moving on to the Super Bowl!  So if you’re a fan you should definitely make some of these for your party on February 6!  And if you’re not a Steeler fan, you can even make some for “that other team.”  LOL.

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Organizing Round-Up: My Recipe Binder

Organizing Blog

This month’s Organizing Round-Up Project was recipes. Last year I started printing out recipes from the internet, and placing them in a simple binder, complete with page protectors, as seen below:

(For tips on organizing your own recipe binder you can read my post from earlier this week.)

Back in January, in an effort to rid by computer of dozens of bookmarked recipes, I copied all the best recipes I had saved and placed them in a word document to be printed. I then sorted through all my recipes and divided them into categories.

I used colored tab sheets to divide the binder into sections. My categories are: Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes/Casseroles, Breads/Sides, Cakes/Pies, Cookies/Candies, and Misc.

In addition to my recipe binder, I have two recipe boxes. And I decided to place my recipe cards into the binder so that all my recipes would be in one place. The Hershey’s box shown below is now empty. (I haven’t yet decided what to use it for.) And now I’m storing blank recipe cards in the green box.
Below are some recipe cards from one of the boxes. I sorted all the cards into piles so that they could be placed in the appropriate section of the binder.

And I used 4X6 photo pages to insert the recipe cards in. If you want you can place 2 cards in the same pocket back to back. But for cards that had a photo on one side and a recipe on the other, I placed a single card in a pocket, so that I can see the recipe and the photo, just by flipping the page and without removing the card from the page.

Head over to Org Junkie to see how others organized their recipes.


The Secret To My Success (With Filing)

As many of you know, Laura at Org Junkie hosts a monthly Organizing Round Up. The project for January is filing cabinets. Before each round-up (assuming I participate in all of them) I thought it would be informative to do a post, telling some strategy that I use or something that I learned while doing the current project. So this month I decided to share with you the secret to my success (at least in the area of filing and ridding your desk of clutter).

My secret is the Temporary File Box. When I worked as a receiving clerk, I had several file trays and racks that held folders (all labeled nicely of course), and each folder or tray had a specific purpose and was a temporary home for a particular kind of paper work until it could be processed. I also had a box with green hanging folders (just like the one above) to hold all the recieved purchase orders until I had time to file them away.

After getting married we were plagued with paper! Mail would sit on my desk, my husband’s desk, the kitchen counter, and of course the kitchen table! So I decided to buy a simple file box and put some folders in it; the folders would help me, not only to organize the paperwork, but hide it away!

And unlike other solutions I tried in the past, I like this one because the box stays out in our office, and the folders are labeled, so the box itself is a constant reminder to stay on task and process and file paperwork!

The labels for the folders obviously depend on your own individual needs. But to get you started, here are some of my folders and their purposes:

  • Bills – Where I place new bills until they are paid
  • To Be Filed – Where I placed any paper work that needs to be filed (of course), and where bills and all the other paperwork goes after it’s processed (if I don’t have time to file immediately)
  • Personal Reciepts – Where I place grocery store, resturant, and other receipts, until I can enter the amounts into my expense spreadsheet.
  • Business Receipts – Where I put receipts from my husband’s business and other tax deductible receipts until I have time to enter & file them.
  • Requires Action/To Do – For paperwork that needs to be signed or filled out and mailed off or something we have to call about.
  • I also have a folders labeled “Misc,” “Scrap Paper” (for doodles), and “To Shred.” My husband and I also have our own individual folders, and I have a folder that’s labeled “Blogging” for ideas that I get or find, and I have a folder labeled “Etsy.”

By sorting all incoming mail and paperwork into folders as I have described, it is very easy to stay organized, and when it comes time to pay bills, file, and do other office tasks, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what everything is and what needs to be done with each piece.


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