Things You Should Know Before You Make Your Own Will

While the death of one or both parents is supposed to bring their dependents together, it ends up causing strife, particularly in cases where a will lacks. The lack of a will or clear plan on how to share out a parent’s estate becomes the biggest cause of strife among their successors. In other cases, the deceased’s assets often revert to state due to lack of a proper disposal plan. To avoid this, consider drafting a valid will before you pass on. And as you get to it, here are a few factors to consider with regards to its enforcement and validity.

1. Understand your state rules

Several federal and state laws affect both the validity of your will and its execution. For instance, the federal government imposes an estate tax for wealthiest estates while different states impose an additional estate or inheritance tax on the same. Take this into account when determining the amounts to be received by each of your beneficiaries based on their state of residence. Most importantly, take note of your state’s rules involving do-it-yourself wills as some demand two and others three valid witness signatures.

2. Spell things out clearly

You need to use the right language when writing the will and spell out who you are and the intention of writing the will. For instance, clarify whether this would be your last will and if you are of sound mind and legal age at the time of making the will. If you visit Prime lawyers, they would advise that you make a description of the items you hope to dispose in a will alongside the beneficiaries full names.

3. Name your executor

Your will won’t be complete without an executor. The term refers to the individual or entity you entrust with the responsibility of overseeing the subdivision of your estate among your preferred subsidiaries. In case some of the beneficiaries are minors, you can also appoint them as trustees of the estate on behalf of the recipients until they attain the legal age. Remember to seek their approval beforehand while informing them where to get the will.

4. The will only covers what you own

What happens when some of your assets are tied up in business partnerships? Make a point of understanding your share of the organization as you can only give out what you own. In case of possible post-death payments such as capital market dividends and insurance, create executable payable-on-death or transfer-on-death designations to be issued to these institutions.

5. Make room for contingencies

Experienced estate executors point to this as one of the most assumed parts when creating a will. But what happens when one of your beneficiaries predeceases you or both of you pass on the same

day? Do their entitlements pass on to their children or does it transfer to the rest of the beneficiaries? What if the executor predeceased you, who would you like to take up the mantle? Remember to factor in such contingencies throughout the will making process.

Bottom line

The will creation process doesn’t have to be complicated. You only need to understand the rules guiding its creation. Alternatively, seek professional help from an experienced estate law practitioner.

How to Choose A Diamond: A Practical Buying Guide

Brilliant Noble Expensive Shiny Gem Diamond Jewel

Each time we think about diamonds, we also certainly think about their price which, let’s face it, is not usually small. However, doing some research on the matter before deciding on a certain stone can save you a lot of time, effort, and even money. This is why it’s important to educate yourself on diamonds and make sure that you are making the best choice possible.

In this article, you will find a practical guide on how to make the best selection when shopping for diamond jewelry and what you need to be careful about.

A Practical Buying Guide on How to Choose a Diamond

Firstly, you should know that there is something called the 4Cs of diamond quality. The main rule when shopping for a diamond is to take them into consideration and always request an evaluation from an expert in the field.

We will be discussing them briefly.

o Carat

This is a metric unit that equals 0.20 grams. It’s also the standard weight unit for diamonds and many other such stones. Only a loose diamond is measured like this and the more it weights, the more valuable it is.

o Clarity

In nature, diamonds are created under serious pressure and heat. This is why each diamond has its own properties. The internal ones are called inclusions, while the external ones are called blemishes. Only a gemologist can tell you exactly what’s the clarity of your stone by looking at the GIA Clarity Scale.

o Color

Colorless diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive ever. This is why only a trained eye can look at your diamond and compare it to the GIA Color Scale. By doing this, the expert will tell you the exact price of your stone, according to its color.

o Cut

When it comes to shaping a diamond, this can be done in a variety of ways. However, the GIA Cut Scale refers to the way a diamond’s angles react to light. There are a lot of things that can influence a stone’s cut grade and a gemologist will tell you exactly what you need to know. For more in-depth details about the four C’s of diamond quality check out The Diamond Authority. The experts there have made the study of diamonds their life’s work.


Finding the Perfect Diamond

Always Get an Expert’s Opinion

You need to face the harsh reality that you won’t ever find the perfect diamond unless you are willing to pay millions to get your hands on one. However, if you are shopping for a special occasion on a budget, you need to be extra careful when choosing your jeweler. Only talk to people who are credentialed and affiliated with other professional groups and associations. Apart from this, make sure to ask your jeweler to give you a diamond grading report. This document provides a clear and true description of the stone’s quality. It includes the 4Cs assessment as well as whether or not your diamond is synthetic or natural. Moreover, the report should also mention any treatments that your diamond might have gotten through and which might have altered its quality.

Ensure Your Investment

Another important thing that you need to know is that your diamond can be identified if it’s ever stolen or lost. Thanks to laser inscription technology, you can request to have something personal or a report number written on it. What’s interesting is that this writing will only be visible through a microscope under 10X magnification or a magnifying glass.

Moreover, ensuring your valuable stone and appraising it should be the two top things on your to-do list. An appraisal offers a financial value to your diamond while the grading report will only offer you extra information on it.

Opt for Loose Diamonds When Buying Engagement Rings

In case you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, let’s admit it, this is the most popular use of diamonds, it would be better to buy a loose diamond. This works very well in case you’re not sure what your significant other prefers. Grade the diamond and then go together to choose the mounting. It’s easier, safer, and it will save you a lot of trouble.


To sum it all up, it seems that diamonds are and might forever remain the symbol of love, friendship, and appreciation. Offering someone you admire such a valuable gift will surely amaze and surprise them, in the best way possible. However, now knowing how to buy the diamond or ignoring certain rules might seriously damage not only your reputation but also your wallet.

It’s mandatory to be careful about certain details when you are shopping for your expensive gift. This is not something that should be taken as a joke, not should be the person you’re buying it for. It is not until you have laid your own eyes upon it that you get to appreciate the true value of a diamond. It’s truly a special feeling, one that should never be forgotten or ignored.

Why Do You Need A Travel Insurance?

People consider that travel insurance is a luxury expense and it will be good to live without this expense. Keep it in mind that travel insurance can save you from several mishaps. It can decrease the burden of extra travel arrangements and unexpected expenditure. Fortunately, you can find cheapest travel insurance plans to get peace of mind after a terrorist attack, natural disaster, cancellation or delay. Here are some reasons that prove helpful for you to understand the importance of travel insurance.

Protect the Price of Trip if You Need Cancellation or have a Delay

Just like other insurance plans, reliable travel insurance may have several benefits along with some limitations. It can’t be one size fit for all because each person has his/her requirements. Travel insurance agencies provide a particular review period that permits you to purchase a policy as per your need. You must carefully read the details of this policy and understand them before finalizing your decision. Some organizations charge a non-refundable small service fee if you cancel this policy within the period of review. Several claims different issues because travelers don’t understand the limitation of plans.

Offset Extra Expenditure because of Travel Lost, Delay, Damaged or Delayed Luggage

Travel insurance can be a supplement to your insurance coverage. You have to understand the difference between secondary and primary coverage. Secondary insurance coverage can provide you with safety nets for unforeseen events that may disrupt your trips. The general secondary coverage on travel insurance plans is medical benefits for emergency travel.

An insurance plan can bond the gap in health insurance for better protection against medical emergencies and other unforeseen events. You have to file one claim through your primary insurance health coverage to cover denied expenditures. Make sure to learn about secondary insurance before finalizing your decision.

Protection from Expensive Health Bills after an Injury or you Become ill While You Travel Overseas

Insurance can be a part of credit card affiliation, and you can get protection against different financial losses or damage of belongings. Wide-Ranging travel insurance can supplement different benefits with secondary coverage for extra protection.

You must get a good insurance plan to decrease your expenses after travel. You may fall sick after hiking and in this situation; your insurance can cover your medical costs. Several insurance companies provide coverage for your lost or delayed baggage. Unfortunately, the mistakes of airlines can make your baggage delay. In this situation, you can get your personal items, toothpaste, shoes, rings, the dress of event and other dresses from your insurance provider.

Before purchasing travel insurance, it is essential to read its terms and conditions along with coverage carefully. You have to choose an insurance policy that can cover all possible expenses. Some policies offer coverage for your lost passports. They will help you to expedite the procedure of a replacing passport and pay for a new passport and visa. If you are traveling with senior citizens, you should have separate insurance plans for them.

Great Gift Ideas for a Mother of Twins

You don’t have to be a parent to realize the great responsibility it takes to raise a child. So, when you find out that someone close to you is expecting not one, but two children, you can only imagine the help they’ll need in supporting their children. The good news is you can help make their lives a lot easier. By choosing a practical gift, they can use it to overcome some of the obstacles of being a parent of two. Below, are just a few neat gifts any new mother of twins would appreciate.

Easy Meals

After giving birth to twins and returning home, cooking is one of the last things a new mother wants to do. However, it goes without saying that her health and nutrition should be a top priority to recover from labor. You can give her a helping hand in a few ways. One would be to volunteer to prepare meals for the first week she’s home. Another option would be to have meals delivered to the house. Lastly, you might consider a healthy food delivery service. They would deliver prepped and ready to cook healthy meals that save her time.

Jogging Stroller

It will be very important for mom to stay in shape after having the twins. Trying to lug two car seats to the gym would obviously be a pain in the neck. However, a double jogging stroller could be just the solution. Now, when the weather permits it, she can place the twins in the stroller and go for a jog around the neighborhood or her favorite park.

A Diaper Subscription

If there’s one baby product that a mother of twins will need a lot of its diapers. If you really want to make her day, you could purchase her a diaper subscription. Amazon Prime, for example, has a service known as Amazon Mom in which she can have diapers and other baby products shipped right to her front door as she needs them.

A Good Night’s Rest

Sleep deprivation is commonplace for parents of twins. Yet, a sleepy mom isn’t going to be of much use to her children. Give her the gift of a good night’s rest. You could volunteer to come over a few nights a week and watch the babies, or you could pay for a night nanny to come over the house and watch the twins while mom and dad get their rest.

Books & Parenting Resources

First-time parents have a lot of obstacles to overcome. When you’re also expecting twins, these obstacles are doubled. You can provide them with peace of mind by purchasing parenting books or supplying them with resources filled with pregnancy information and parenting advice.

Housekeeping Services

If there’s one thing you should know about being a new parent, it’s that your household chores will fall by the wayside. If you can’t pitch in and clean the place up yourself, you can do the new parents of twins a huge favor by hiring a maid to do it for them. Whether you can afford just a day or a few weekly visits it will certainly help them keep things organized.

A Spa Day

Being a new mother is a joyous occasion. However, adjusting to the new responsibilities can be stressful, to say the least. What mom wouldn’t enjoy a spa day to spoil herself? You can treat her to a massage, or a manicure/pedicure. It can help to relieve her stress and improve her mood.

There’s a lot involved in parenting twins and the mom-to-be will need all the love and support she can get. Outside of giving her your time and volunteering to help out, you can purchase a gift that will make the first few months of her life a lot easier. These practical ideas will make raising multiples a lot less stressful and she’ll forever be grateful for the gesture.

Sneaky Ways to Add Healthier Food to Your Diet

We all know we need to eat healthier. Unfortunately, changing your diet can be a difficult thing to do. It requires hard work and dedication, or does it?

Strict diets rarely work for the long term because they’re so restrictive. Not to mention, when you finally reach your goal, you’ll look forward to going off that diet!

Just because you should skip the diet doesn’t mean you should give up on finding ways to eat healthier. Instead of completely revamping your diet, these sneaky tips will enable you to add more nutrients into your meals and you will barely even notice.

Add Avocado to Your Salad Dressing

If you eat salads on a regular basis, you’re already doing something good for your health. That is, as long as you don’t cover your salad in dressing.

Instead of drenching your greens in ranch that can be high in calories and low in nutrients, try mashing up some avocado and mixing it with just a little bit of ranch. It will give you an irresistible, creamy texture and it’s much healthier for you.

That’s because avocado is high in plant sterols. “A medium-size avocado contains 25 mg per ounce of beta-sitosterol,” according to Nifty Benefits. “This plant sterol is used in traditional and modern medicine to reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease.”

Add Cauliflower to Your Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes aren’t bad for you, so you probably feel pretty good about those mashed potatoes, but why not make them healthier by adding some cauliflower?

Not only does cauliflower have fewer calories, it contains much more vitamin C, and it also contains folate and vitamin K, which you won’t find in the average potato.

Replace Your Ice Cream with Frozen Bananas

It’s true that you’ll probably notice this one right away, but if you just can’t seem to kick that ice cream habit, it’s worth your time to find a way to replace that high-calorie, low-nutrient treat with something similar, even if it isn’t a perfect swap.

Instead of reaching for the tub of ice cream, try placing a few bananas in the freezer. Once frozen, blend them into a creamy texture. Because you’re eating bananas instead of straight-up ice cream, you’ll feel better about chocolatey toppings.

Add Flax Seeds to Just About Anything

Flaxseeds have many benefits. They are full of fiber and omega-3s. This tiny seed is so nutritious that evidence has even shown that it can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, and they can be added to just about anything! A few ideas include:

* Smoothies

* Homemade granola bars

* Pancake batter

* Hamburger meat

* Soup

* Yogurt

Don’t think you have to give up everything you love in order to eat better or lose weight. Sometimes, starting small is the best way to ease into a healthier lifestyle. With the tips on this list, you can sprinkle in a few extra nutrients here and there, ensuring you are able to keep up those good habits for a lifetime.

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8 Ways Parents Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep

We see a lot of articles focussing on how parents can help their children get a better night’s sleep, but what about the parents? With so many conflicting demands these days, from trying to juggle family life with a career, many parents suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation not only ruins your day by making you more moody and irritable, but it has also been linked to long-term health problems, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


When did we start neglecting our own bedtime routines? When you have young children getting enough sleep can seem like a herculean feat, but with so many health benefits, it makes set to aim for 8 hours sleep per night. So here are some quick and simple ways you can make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Remove clutter from the bedroom

How many times have you been heading to bed when you realised you have a pile of laundry to sort through and a basket of toys you need to deal with? When you become a parent, the amount of clutter in your life expands exponentially, and this clutter can often make its way into your bedroom. To help keep things tidy and relaxing, try cutting the clutter in your life by putting away out-of-season clothing, and keeping non-essential baby items out of your room.

  1. Limit blue light one hour before bed

When you’ve finally put the kids to bed, this might seem like the only chance you have to check social media and catch up with the news. However, the blue light emitted from your phone can have disastrous implications for your sleep patterns. Stop using your phone at least one hour before bed to prevent it from making you feel more awake.

  1. Upgrade your mattress

If your bed isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep. A new luxury bed might be just the thing you need to make it easier to drift off when the kids are finally sleeping. If your partner snores, this can be a huge source of stress, but upgrading to a new soft mattress will encourage them to sleep on their side and give you some peace at night.

  1. Address any noise issues

Dripping pipes, creaking boards and noisy neighbours can all sound much louder when you are trying to fall asleep. Fixing any irritating noises around your home and asking the neighbours to keep quiet will also help your kids to stay asleep, so you won’t be getting up in the night and interrupting your own REM sleep.

  1. Install blackout blinds

Having kids means you often have to sleep when you can, which might mean in the middle of the day. Blackout blinds will help to keep your bedroom nice and dark, so you’ll never guess what time it is outside. Installing blackout blinds in your kid’s bedroom is another great tactic as it means that they won’t wake up earlier in the summer or struggle to fall asleep when it’s still light outside.

  1. Take the TV out of the bedroom

A lot of parents make their bedroom their child-free sanctuary, which might mean having a TV for catching up on your favourite shows. Just like your mobile devices, having a TV in the bedroom can spell disaster for your sleep patterns. Not to mention, you might find yourself staying up later than you normally would to watch another episode of your favourite TV show. Take the TV out of the bedroom and you will soon find that you are sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested.

  1. Limit caffeine after midday

This might make you feel very old, but limiting caffeine take in the afternoon and evening can help you to drop off to sleep at night. It’s a difficult cycle to break as we often reach for tea or coffee when we are tired, and this feeds into our inability to sleep at night. Pick a day when you can afford to be a little more sluggish and then try to switch to caffeine-free tea or coffee in the afternoon. You should find that you are able to sleep a little better at night.

  1. Develop a routine

Just like your kids, you should have your own bedroom routine which helps you to wind down in the evening. Stop checking your work emails, draw yourself a nice bath and unwind with a nice book. You’ll soon find that you’re able to switch off in the evening and get a solid block of sleep every night. Parents often neglect themselves in order to be able to provide for their children, either through working long hours or devoting every waking moment to their kids. It’s important that they are able to keep yourself in good health, as a sleep-deprived parent isn’t going to be fully present for their children.

Our Lives, Digitalized: The Hard Copies of Yesteryear VS Data Today

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably still remember a lot of things like family pictures being hung up on the walls. Such old school ways of doing things have changed a lot. Sure – there may still be pictures on the wall, but chances are they were taken on your phone, printed out on your computer, and hung up in a matter of minutes. But life didn’t use to be this way. Even now, we can see that there are a lot of things fading away (like hard copies of books). It’s likely that in just a decade or two we will see even more of our lives become data on a digital screen rather than hard copies we keep with us or around the house.

There are a lot of things younger generations probably didn’t realize had hard copies. Here are just a few:


You’ve probably seen recipe books in your grandma’s kitchen, and maybe even had one yourself at one point. But with the convenience of increased technology, most people have opted to keep all of their favorite recipes on their phone, computer, or iPad. It’s actually pretty awesome, especially if you have the data backed up elsewhere in case your favorite recipe gets a little out of hand next time around.

Photo Albums

Keeping your photos in the digital realm is an amazing way to preserve older photos and heirloom pictures. It can even be a great way to spread the photos around to family without having to give up the original. Most people back up photos rather than risk losing them when the computer finally breaks down. But there was a time when the only way to keep a picture around was to meticulously wedge it into protective covers and keep them on dust-free shelves.


This may not sound like a big deal but think about those huge old volumes, gigantic novels, and even serial shorts. All of those used to be kept, single-copy in boxes. And in case that doesn’t sound impressive, consider that manuscripts have to be double-spaced, printed on one side only. The condensed, 1000+ page tome you already consider huge was easily double that size before publication. Which is why so many authors were relieved when you could finally digitize your manuscript. Even for those who post their stories or poems on a blog, you can use a WordPress backup to protect your posts. Fewer supplies and a lot more free space around the house!

Games & Movies

While it’s still very common to see folks buying games, DVDs, BluRay disks, and CDs, much of our entertainment is digital. You can pay to download your favorite games, movies, shows, songs – the list goes on. When you don’t have a physical copy, it can be easy to overlook how valuable your collection in. So keep in mind that some people are suing over Steam accounts during divorces! That’s why you should always keep backups of your downloads. You spend real money on real products, don’t risk losing it and having to pay again if your preferred device breaks!

There are tons of things that used to be done solely or mostly in hard copies. And while hard copies are super cool and can add an eclectic flair to your home, the fact is digital is a lot more convenient. With the right data back-up, you don’t have to worry about losing what’s already yours. What did you grow up with that switched to digital? Do you think it’s better or worse?

Create a Perfect Accent Wall for Any Room

Do you often sit and daydream about creating a fashionable, on-trend space within your home? Do you equally as often reconsider that dream based on prohibitive costs or the time-consuming nature of interior design projects? Good news! Our team is here today to give you a simple five-step plan to give any room an affordable, stylish facelift in just a few hours. All you have to do is follow this simple guide to achieve a quick makeover that’s an instant hit with visitors and your family alike.

One: Choose a Color

The great thing about this single wall room refresh project is that you only need to pick one color because you’re just painting one wall. You can choose a color that already exists in your household palette or opt for something completely different. Going the “completely different” route gives you an opportunity to make a real style statement – consider choosing Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet. This project is so simple you can just paint it again in a few months if you really can’t live with whatever color you go for, after all.

Two: Select a Display Piece

The point of this project is to create an easy, elegant display for a piece of artwork in your home. There are plenty of ways to craft a home gallery for family photos, snapshots or even your favorite pieces of school art – but we’re focusing on one specialist piece today. For a truly unique and engaging display, choose a custom star map print. The idea behind these high-contrast, detailed images is to highlight a special date or event in your life with a 100% accurate image of the night sky as it appeared at that time. This presents your visitors with a unique image they’re unlikely to see anywhere else; an image that can start exciting conversations for years to come. What’s more, the high-contrast black-and-white nature of such prints will bring an elegant touch to the vibrant wall you’re about to repaint.

Three: Clear Your Space

Now, we realize that so far you may’ve thought there was no real work involved in this process at all, and clearing a living area might seem daunting. Before you’re put off the idea entirely, consider this: you only have to clear one wall. Take down any art or photos you have hanging already, remove the curtains or blinds, move furniture that’s situated against the wall and your quick clean up is finished. It’s a great idea to brush down those cobwebs and dust any trim work that’s in the space as well, and if there’s any masking that needs to be done, get that out of the way.

54313023 – close up of professional workman hand holding dirty paintroller

Four: Paint the Wall

Painting the wall is going to be as simple, or as complicated, as you make it. The amount of paint you need will depend on the size of the wall you’re painting, and the choice of roller type similarly so. However, the general idea is you can quickly apply the right amount of paint for the main portion of the wall in just a few hours. Similarly, the need to go over trim depends on what your wall and room detailing is like.

Five: Finishing Touches

This really is the home stretch for your quick-and-easy room refresher project. Once the paint is dry, remove any masking and be sure the finish is just right on all surfaces. As soon as you’re confident it’s ready, you can make preparations to hang your wonderful new piece of art. Consider the physical size of your artwork, as well as the type of hanger on the frame when choosing the height for the star map print you’ve selected.

The precise location along the width of the wall should be determined by a blend of your stud spacing, aesthetics, and the frame’s fixtures.

That really is all there is to getting a fresh new look for any room in your home. Simply pick a color, choose an image to frame, clear the space, paint it, and hang your artwork. We hope this simple project outline gets you well on the way to a fresh look for your favorite space.

Making a Statement: How to Pack Some “Oomph” Into Your Home Décor

Everybody wants their home décor to not just be pleasant to look and comfortable, but also memorable for their guests. However, it’s not always easy to pull off something design-wise that will appeal to everyone. To help give your home leave a lasting impression, here are some suggestions on how to add some “oomph” into your décor. *

Install a fountain in your home. When it comes to really making a statement with your interior decorations, indoor water fountain is on top of the list. Not only do these water features look absolutely amazing, but they also carry with them added benefits that you may not expect. For one, the soothing sight and sound of running water that a fountain projects can help you relax and de-stress, which is always a good thing. The circulating water also makes the fountain a natural air purifier and humidifier. Just make sure to pick a model that suits your décor; there are various models to choose from, such as a desktop fountain or an indoor wall fountain.

* Exhibit something striking that speaks about your personality, hobby, or main interest. We can talk all day about color theory or interior design themes, but one of the most effective ways to add make a statement with your home décor is to inject a bit of your own personality in it. Think about your interests, hobbies, or just your personality in general. Do you collect memorabilia or toys? Exhibit a choice specimen from your collection and display it in prominence. Do you paint? Do you love movies or sports? A painting, a poster, or a team jersey in the right spot can do wonders and make things feel more authentic. Just don’t overdo it, no matter how tempting it is. You want to make a statement, and that statement isn’t “I am a hoarder in need of intervention.”

* Look into a proper set of curtains or drapes. Windows are always important, in that they allow light as well as air into your home. They can also serve as a great way to make a small room look and feel bigger than it actually is. However, as they take up quite a lot of space for being literal holes in your wall, they need something going on – otherwise, they’re going to really bring down the look of your home décor. A great way to remedy this is to have window treatments installed, such as drapes or curtains. With a great set, you can frame your window and make it a part of your décor rather than be a glaring blank space that aesthetically serves no purpose. If you’re not into cloth-based window treatments, though, blinds are also an excellent choice. Try Roman shades or perhaps bamboo blinds.

* Reduce clutter. Unless you’re very strict with your purchases or you like things to look as spartan as possible, it’s likely that your home will have a bit of clutter in it. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, too much can make things look messy and disorganized, to the point that whatever you may have been trying with your home décor gets completely buried. Remedy this by straightening things out. Put stuff you’re not keen on displaying too often in storage or relocate them to other parts of the house. Give your room space to breathe. It will make for a more cohesive and coherent home décor.

With these suggestions, you’ll be sure to inject some much-needed excitement and life into your home décor. When in doubt, consult a professional decorator. But your gut and your personal taste should definitely shine through.