Hardly A Blessing! Coping With Modern Allergies

As parents, there is nothing more debilitating than seeing our kids succumb to illness. Not only does it upset them, but it makes life very difficult for us. If we work full-time jobs, or we have a million things to do in the home, we’ve got to put everything to a halt to ensure that our kids feel looked after and that we’re doing everything for them. But, when we address the issue of illness in our kids, especially if they have chest complaints, colds, and flu-like symptoms all of the time, have you given thought to the reasons behind this? It seems that now, allergies are more prevalent than ever, in us as well as our kids, so when addressing why our kids get ill so often, allergies may prove to be the big reason. So how can we get to the root of it, but also ensure that we and our children live a life free of allergies and illness?


Starting In The Home

The best place to begin when making sure you are allergy free is your immediate home environment. After all, this is where we spend most of our time, and when we are raising our kids, we can learn how to nip certain issues in the bud before they get worse. Predominantly, as far as allergies are concerned, it boils down to one simple thing, dust! How do you get rid of more than your fair share of dust in the home? Having a proper cleaning regime! Having an effective cleaning regime isn’t just about ensuring you have good habits, and cleaning on a regular basis, especially if you have pets, where the amount of dander and the hair they molt will have a bearing on your chest, not to mention your children’s predilection towards allergies. Allergies become a major problem early on in life, and to ensure that we are doing everything we can for our kids in the home, on top of a decent cleaning habit, it’s about making sure that our home is breathable. This could mean ensuring your AC repair schedule is up-to-date, as well as your HVAC systems, but also making sure that there is enough “good quality” air in the house. This means checking your house from top to bottom for mold, damp, and other issues that can cause breathing problems. The effects of mold, especially the low-lying types like toxic mold, and undetectable allergens in the air need addressing, and can be fixed with an air purifier, but also by repairing any cracks that allow moisture to seep in.


Looking At Our Diet

Our diet is another aspect of allergies that need addressing. With a lot more focus now on allergies to gluten as well as lactose and nuts, which has resulted in a more diverse range of products in our supermarkets, a lot of us have, not necessarily an allergy, but an intolerance. These result in minor symptoms of allergies. And this is something that we should all look at. The fact is, a low-lying intolerance to something like gluten doesn’t just make us sneeze and sleep a little bit longer, it actually makes us miserable. You may know people that are constantly sniffy, and while you might dismiss them as being ill all of the time, very simply, they may have an intolerance to something. If your children have constant runny noses, or they tend to sleep in, or generally feel run down, an intolerance might be the root cause behind this. Making the necessary changes to their diet isn’t too difficult, once you get the hang of it, especially as there are numerous alternatives to wheat and dairy in the store nowadays. But if you suspect yourself or your child of having an intolerance to something, the best approach is to eliminate that item from your diet for at least 4 weeks and keep track of the symptoms as you go. You can then reintroduce the item, and see if it makes any difference. This can be a long-winded approach to identify any specific intolerance, but if it’s making you or your child miserable, you will see a big difference in their disposition. For example, an intolerance to wheat has been linked to depression and anxiety, primarily due to the impact gluten has on the gut-brain axis.


Keeping On Top Of Illness

Sometimes, when we’re allergic to something, and we’ve tried every single option, we have to learn how to minimize the symptoms. This can be done in numerous ways. Naturally, over the counter medications will work for allergies like hay fever, but if you are struggling to allocate the source, having a few handy potions and recipes will help you when you are really struggling. While there’s a lot of talk about gut bacteria at the moment, drinks like kefir and kombucha have been shown to increase probiotics and good gut bacteria, which will naturally help you to combat illness. In addition to this, there are some approaches that you may find a little unorthodox, cold showers being one idea that many will find difficult to cope with. But cold showers have been shown to increase your white blood cell count. White blood cells help you to fight infection, and there have been various stories about people who have cured their allergies with cold showers. In fact, there’s one story about a girl who had chronic migraines, and found that the one cure was to go swimming in the freezing cold sea. While we’ve covered gut bacteria, white blood cells, the food part of tackling allergies is about knowing which foods fight infection. It depends on your own specific intolerances, but garlic and onions, as smelly as they are, can form a very potent defense against colds and flu. But in addition to these, you need to consider what state your immune system is currently in. An allergy is, in essence, a symptom of a compromised immune system. This means that we need to work at building up our immunity in specific ways. While you can address your diet directly, especially if you’re focusing on foods that deplete your immune system, like sugar, and food you are unable to tolerate, but by constantly working at improving your immune system through other approaches, like exercise, you can build up a strong immunity, and hopefully emerge allergy free.


Ultimately, working at removing allergies is about exerting control over the environment we spend most of our time in. In the home, we can minimize exposure to certain foods, dust mites, and mold, but when we are venturing into an environment that we have no control over, such as in work, or the school, we need to implement the best practices at minimizing these symptoms. And while our kids are going to be exposed to many different toxins, via wheat, a bad AC system, or other numerous factors, it’s about giving us and our kids the necessary tools to minimize the fallout. For example, if you have a child intolerant to gluten, and they accidentally eat some, a supplement like activated charcoal, when taken early enough, will reduce a lot of the fogginess and other negative symptoms. Coping with modern allergies isn’t easy, because it seems that there are more than ever. And while we can’t control the environment outside of our home, it’s about making sure we know the triggers in us and our children, but also, making sure that we don’t live with these allergies so much that it makes us miserable.


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Low-Carb Diet May Lead to an Early Death: Know How to Eat Your Carbs Right



There are many articles that praise the low-carb diet as one of the most effective options for weight loss. However, recent studies show that both low and high-carb diets can increase the risk of early death (USA Today). The key to an effective weight loss diet for your family is to eat the right kind of carbs. This will ensure that you get enough energy to stay healthy and don’t put your future at risk.

Best Carbs to Eat for Weight Loss and Health

The best carbohydrates to eat are complex ones that your body takes time to process. Note that you will need to not only add some specific foods to your diet to get healthy carbs. You will need to replace some of the things you eat with these ‘good’ alternatives. It’s as important to not eat ‘bad’ carbs as it is to eat enough of the ‘good’.

Best carbs to add to your daily meal plan include:

* Fruit juices (freshly squeezed)

* Fresh fruits and vegetables

* Whole grains

* Nuts

* Root vegetables

All these foods are staples of the healthy diet because they contain a variety of micro and macronutrients. This means they do not only give you complex carbs but also fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also the basis of any list that tells you what to eat to lose weight fast. It’s the high nutritional value of the foods that makes them good for weight loss. And complex carbs are a key factor in this, because they ensure that the foods are filling.

Carbs to Avoid on a Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Processed, this one word sums up all the carbs your family should avoid to stay healthy. You also need to avoid them to lose weight because they bring nothing useful but calories. This means that foods with processed carbs are fattening but not filling as they don’t provide you with all essential nutrients.

To make your diet as healthy as possible, you should replace processed simple carbohydrates with their alternatives listed above. For example, this means dropping sodas for natural juices and white bread for whole grained one.

Note that a diet high in processed carbs is not only bad for your weight. It deals a lot of damage to your general health and is one of the contributing factors to the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), among other things.

‘Bad-carb’ foods that you should avoid above all others while on a weight loss diet are:

* Coffee drinks.

Black coffee is good for the diet because it stimulates metabolism and has few calories. However, coffee drinks with milk, sugar, syrup, and/or whipped cream contain too many fats and sugars.

* Pastries and white bread. Anything made from refined white flour is to be avoided as extremely fattening. Bagels and other pastries are the main offenders because they contain about 300 calories and 50 grams of carbs in one serving.

* Preserves, jams, and jellies. Any kind of sugary fruit that comes from a jar most likely contains way too much sugar to be healthy. If you want a healthy alternative to put on your toast, blend frozen or fresh berries with a handful of nuts into a paste.

* Yogurt with fruit at the bottom. By the same principle as jam, yogurt with fruit on the bottom contains too much sugar because it literally contains jam. Yogurt that’s good for weight loss is plain unsweetened or Greek.

5 Tips to Use When Shopping for Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

Dress shopping is stressful to all brides, and when it comes to the plus size brides, it is traumatic. We have all had a snippet of the mean store attendants for bridal shops when it comes to plus size brides. Thankfully, we have the right place for you, at Madame bridal, you’ll find the plus size Julietta collection. Here there are no mean attendants, you are safe. There is a significant variation in the plus size dresses available. The selection goes from size 14 all the way to size 32. Just because you are not petite, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the dress of your dreams.

Here are tips laid down for you, to use when you are getting your dress:

1. Call ahead.

Do not be ashamed of asking stores if they have your size. Pick up the phone and ask for your size. It’s your big day, and nothing should come before that. Ask them if they are able to work with you. There economic shops which can only afford to carry just a sample dress and usually prefer working with average sizes. For instance, if a bride ranges from size 2 to 22, they will only carry size 10. If you find a friendly and confident attendant you think you can work with, you are lucky, if not, keep calling until you do.

2. Chain wedding dress stores are a good choice.

These stores usually don’t have the best reputation, which is so unfair, since these stores are always packed will all size dresses and designs. When you get there, find someone who is excited to work with you and let them guide you. You know your body, they know the dresses, put this together and find the best.

3. Take over.

Make sure the salesperson does not control you in what you are getting. You might end up getting what you don’t want. These people have been trained to be convincing. Be the leader of the conversation and not the other way around.

4. Don’t worry about the size.

Some stores don’t use the correct sizes. If you feel like you can fit into the dress, try it on, if it fits well and good!

5. You can make adjustments.

Don’t be troubled to ask whether changes can be made on the dress. You might find your dream dress but only a slight detail is missing, like its sleeveless and you want it to have sleeves. This should not hinder you in getting it. If you don’t feel comfortable in some of its features, as for adjustments, it not a big deal!

6. Do not allow disrespect.

If the salesperson is being rude and is trying to body shame you. Do not cause chaos or draw attention to yourself, tell the salesperson to shut it down, and add that its none of their business. Ask for another salesperson, and report this to the management later. You don’t want someone else to be treated in the same manner.

The Way You Should Decorate Your Simple Sweet Home

Your home is, no doubt, your paradise on this earth. No matter how much you are fatigued or tensed, you tend to go home to get comforted and that you do achieve as soon as you enter your paradise. Now, to beautify this small paradise more and more is your natural tendency and you always feel proud of keeping it well maintained and even growing further. In spite of being so much enthusiastic and energetic to decorate your simple sweet home, you sometimes fail with the impressive ideas to do so. You get a bit confused about what to do and what not to because of too many options available to you. Then you try to find someone with unique ideas to help you decorate your house. Interior designers brentwood ca may be a good choice in this regard. Realizing the worth of this very valuable passion, we have paved the best way to your home décor. Here it goes as follows.

Get Your Windows Dressed Up

Windows not only require durable moldings but also nice dressings if they are meant to impress others. Always select beautiful soft material to dress up the windows and keep changing these curtains after regular time intervals. It will always give a decent look to your durable windows.

Keep a Thorough Cleanliness

‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ we all know and believe. So, do follow this maxim and always keep the whole house neat and clean. Removing dust from various surfaces not only keeps your spirits high but also maintains a softer décor. The most beautiful aspect of this game of cleanliness is that it will not cost you a penny, but will keep you healthy and fit as well.

Change Old- Fashioned Lighting

With the passage of time, very old light fixtures begin to tease our eyes and also cast a poor impression on our guests. Great designers like Holmby Hills interior designers always replace them with the new attractive and affordable models. Likewise, badly positioned tube lights and chandeliers also need elimination on urgent basis. No need to worry about; the market is full with all such lovelies.

Adopt Seasonal Decor

Another very inexpensive yet impressive and influential way of embellishing your house is to decorate it with the seasonal stuff such as cushions, throws, etc. These decorative articles update the atmosphere of your rooms as per taste of the respective season. Moreover, these decorative accessories are quite easy to change besides being essential for comfort and style.

Relocate the Setting of Things

Humans can never stick to a single taste, but always tend to keep making small changes just to rotate their mind sets. Sometimes, it does happen that the same stereotype setting or the order of things or furniture articles begins to bore us and we start losing our charm in our own house. Hence, the simple act of relocating a furniture article can give your whole décor a new life and impression. Light fixtures, frames, area rugs and occasional furniture may also be dealt in the same way.

Add Area Rugs and Plants

Area rugs and carpets are the items that bring comfort, conviviality and contrast besides providing superb decoration. They are also responsible for dividing the whole space very skillfully and artistically, thus enhancing the beauty of the whole area. Plants, our natural companions, are always a great source of beautification and ornamentation anywhere. Additionally, plants also keep us healthy through fresh oxygen. These must be pampered if you want to keep a good décor at your home.

The above said is the golden way to decorate your simple sweet home or paradise.

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When ‘Home Sweet Home’ Isn’t Yours

Renters face the anxiety of being displaced at any time–so how do couples and parents face the reality of changing markets?

If you rent, you know the year-after-year dread of either having to move or the fear that your home will be sold out from under you. While there are plenty of amazing landlords, there are just as many multi-family owners who have rentals as a means of profit rather than service.

And the prospect of a house seems inviting, but unless you’re inheriting a property or taking over a family stead, the pressure of purchasing can be worse on a couple and family than all other “that’s life” challenges.

So how does a family rent, save, and plan for normal family activities without the stress of the down-the-line fear that you’ll have to pack up everything again and scrape up first and last month’s rent as well as that security deposit?

Consider the long save

If your kids are in the local school system and you know you’re going to stay (and save for a property) locally, then your path will be different than the couple who can move towards the city or can take the train for the next few years until their ideal house comes true. Renting is a wise choice for those who don’t have the ability to save or aren’t able to purchase in the next five-to-ten years. And we all have that dilemma of large debt or lasting purchases that haunt us monthly. Eliminating college and credit card debt, executing a timeshare exit strategy, paying down your first car bill, and paying off a pricey wedding are all part of “growing up” in your 20s. The prospect (or reality) of being settled with kids in your 30s doesn’t often phase young renters because most of us assume that we’ll be wiser in the future!

A dollar here, a dollar there

Think of all the costs renters save by having utilities included as well not having to move if the monthly price is locked in for the next year (or rent-controlled). This can open up the idea of savings for a house to younger renters who might not be thinking of the long-term mortgage payments that can often intimidate those in a job market that may not be there next quarter. Young professionals, if savvy, might be able to put $100 to $400 aside each month, or even scrounge up a “security deposit” check for rent that they then simply put in their own bank on the anniversary of their first month in the apartment. The road to 20% down on a house as well as repairs and closing costs is lined with dollars here and pennies there.

Smarter vacations…if you take them

Just as there are plenty of ways to save for a house, there are at least ten times as many ways out there to take all of your money and make you forget about saving at all! Renters with kids deserve a vacation as any other working family or couple, but costs should deter the cautious. A reduced-cost or shortened vacation or a series of “staycation” days will be just as satisfying, and the kids will still have wonderful memories without you having to scrounge for rent the next month when you paid the same amount for three days of a hotel. As long as you’re saving somewhere and know that you can rent for the next five-to-ten years, you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest and save as well without the threat of losing a house because the mortgage wasn’t paid.

There are plenty of other creative ways to save for a new house or make payments to the one you’re in as a possible purchase–but you have to make a plan now for the future you and your family. It will be that “future” before you know it, and at that point you’ll have to make a decision. Either way, the “renter’s anxiety” doesn’t have to consume you and your landlord, and may even lead to calmer, more financially secure options for you and your family.

Skip the Resort and Rent a Mexican Villa

Mexico is one of the best places to take a vacation.  It is not only absolutely gorgeous with its beaches but also has a very interesting culture that comes from thousands of years of history. A great way to enjoy both parts of Mexico is by forgoing the resort and booking a stay at a Mexican Villa.

A Mexican Villa is essentially a large or luxurious home. These homes are found commonly in Mexico. A lot of them feature large pools, hot tubs, maid service, and some even provide chefs.  It truly gives you all the benefits of a hotel, but much better. Here are some reasons to book a villa for your next vacation.

Fantastic Choice for Families or Large Groups

A villa is a great choice if you are traveling with more than a couple people. It is much more convenient to stay in a large home rather than booking several hotel rooms that may or may not be next to each other.  

A villa offers plenty of common space to hang out or talk. There are family rooms, patios, and kitchens that are all able to be used. This makes quality time much easier to achieve.  There will be places to watch tv or movies. This takes out the chaotic feeling that so many vacations have.

Let’s be honest-children need downtown. When you rent a villa, your children can take a nap in their own space unlike a hotel where there are always others in the room. This makes the day much more enjoyable for parents and their kids.

Villas also allow parents to put their kids to bed at their normal time. Kids do best on a schedule and by keeping their bedtime your kids are happier and better rested. It also allows you to spend time with the adults in the common areas. Just because your kids are tired doesn’t mean all the adults have to go to bed. The adults can enjoy a late dinner on the patio or a midnight swim.  

A villa is also an excellent choice if you are travelling with a couple families. Some of these Mexican villas are large enough to host several families with plenty of space.  

Villas can also be less expensive for a big group. Because you are all pitching in for the house it can end up costing less per night than a hotel room.  


Villas are a great option if you are looking for some privacy. You have the choice to be totally isolated in your villa. There will be no strangers or other guests to have to deal with. The villa is completely yours.

This promotes a real feeling of rest and relaxation. The vacation is solely on your terms.  You can do whatever you want on whatever schedule you choose. You also do not have to deal with other hotel guests that can sometimes be annoying. There will be no splashing kids at the pool, but rather only people you have invited.

Hotels can also be notoriously loud at night. You never know when your drunk neighbor will stop shouting at 3 am. But, when you stay in a villa, you are guaranteed a restful night sleep without unwanted interruption.  

For families, hotels can sometimes feel unsafe. It is hard to keep an eye on your children at all times. It is all too easy to lose them in the lobby or heaven forbid the pool. The great thing about a villa is it your space.  You can control where your kids go and when.

Mexican Culture

One of the most important things a child should experience is different cultures. By renting a villa, you are taken out of the commercialism of a hotel and get to see and know the people of Mexico more fully.

You can engage with the people who are employed at the villa. You can learn about them and their customs.  

You will also be staying in an actual neighborhood, not a hotel. This allows you to walk the streets and get to know some of the neighbors, if you desire. You can see some Mexican culture that is ever absent in hotels.  


If you are looking for luxury, a Mexican villa is the perfect choice. Most villas these days are run by some sort of management company. These companies ensure that the villa is clean at all times. But, you can also choose other amenities that are important to you and your family.

You can choose a villa that has a full-time housekeeper if you that is what you desire. Or, you can choose a villa that has a housekeeper come daily. Or a villa that does not have a housekeeper at all….the choice is completely yours.

A lot of villas come equipped with high end linens and bath towels. Many of them offer several bathrooms and ensuites. These villas can come with infinity pools, hot tubs, steam showers, fully stocked kitchens, and even chefs.  

It is a good idea to make a list of the things you want and look for a villa that has them. You can choose a luxurious villa or a more basic villa. Do whatever works best for you, your family, and your budget.

If you are planning a vacation to Mexico be sure to look into renting a villa. There are several ways to find a villa. Many websites such as VRBO or Https://enjoymexico.net have many villas listed. It is recommended you look at reviews of people who have stayed at the villa. This keeps the owners accountable for their space.

Never book a villa from an individual who is not affiliated with any type of management company. It may not be safe and you may be putting your credit card at risk. Always be careful and smart. Renting a villa for your next family vacation is a great idea. It will give you all the amenities and quality time you are looking for in a trip.

Facts About Why You Should Consider Doing Aeration And Overseeding This Fall

For the average layperson, spring is when they most think of planting. If they’re wanting to have a garden this year then most folks will aim at having everything planted just before Memorial Day. Even though spring is a time that everyone will naturally think of starting things, it is good to remember that fall is an important season as well. During the summer months, things like insects, drought, and extreme heat are all difficult on our yards and on the soil. Here we will take a look at the facts around why you should consider doing aeration and overseeding this fall.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Aeration And Overseeding For Our Lawn And Gardens?

  1. The Importance Of Aeration

To perform aeration, it requires that you remove soil cores from your lawn and garden. When you do this, it leaves a couple of inches of cores on the top which breaks down. As they break down, microbes will begin to feed on them which breaks down the thatch. This is an impervious and spongy like layer of material that is decaying. It is usually found in between the crown of the grass and the soil.

Doing this helps your lawn and garden in a few ways. It keeps the soil from becoming too compact. This allows water to reach the deepest parts of the root. It also helps to benefit the microorganisms that are in the soil. These microorganisms play an important part in improving the quality of the soil and increasing the amount of nutrients that are available to help develop the plant. When aeration is performed it means the plants will have easy access to all the nutrients they need. The process also allows the roots of the plants to expand. This helps the entire area to be a better quality and to achieve greater vitality.

  1. The Value Of Overseeding

The process of overseeding gives way to new varieties of grass that can be introduced to the lawn and this will help it be more resistant against insect attacks and related diseases. This also causes the grass to grow more thickly and this, in turn, makes weed growth more difficult. As important as all of those things are, when it comes to our lawns, one thing most want to achieve is to have it look great. This process will give a far nicer look to the lawn.

Does Aeration And Overseeding Work Together?

These two things work in conjunction with one another. Overseeding helps protect your lawn and keeps it from being vulnerable. Aeration actually allows overseeding to penetrate and get deep into the soil. This, in turn, helps the growth of roots located deep in the soil. Even when your lawn looks good but has gone through a long hard summer, it’s recommended that you perform these tasks to improve the overall condition. But if you happen to notice that it’s beginning to look a bit bear, then you definitely need to think about when you last aerated and overseeded the lawn. Anytime that it has been 3 years or more since doing so, it means that you should aerate and overseed the lawn during the Fall season.

Why Is Fall The Best Season To Aerate And Overseed?

Because the average person thinks of planting in Spring they may think that doing these things would be done during that season. But when it comes to cool season grasses it’s far better to do it during the Fall. Aeration and overseeding is something that is done to help restore your lawn after a difficult Summer season. If your lawn has Kentucky bluegrass or other cool-season grasses then you will find that doing this in the Fall gives a superior result.

Because Fall still has a number of warm days along with cooler nights it is optimal for growing blended grasses.  During this season weeds and crabgrass are less troublesome. It’s always easier for new growth to take place when it’s not having to compete against weeds.  It also means that it’s competing against fewer insects and potential diseases. All of these things come together to work collectively in allowing the effects of this process to get the maximum results.

Starting the process in late August through mid-September is usually considered ideal timing. According to Ziehler at https://ziehlerlawncare.com The key is that you’re starting late enough to avoid some of the issues related to the summer season while not starting too late and running into winter weather that would inhibit new growth. Even if your lawn is looking great, doing this process during the Fall is still highly recommended.

The only way that you can create a situation where you have a truly healthy turf is when you create vigorous growth that takes place below and above the soil. The root system of your lawn needs to expand and it should become denser each year. But there comes a point where the density creates excess thatch. By performing aeration the thatch will be broken down and return to a healthy level. This then allows the overseeding to do its job and take root and improve the overall condition of the soil.

When you go through this process and add fresh seed, it will diversify the species of the lawn. This increases its overall health and makes it highly resistant to a variety of environmental pressures and to disease. Just like other types of maintenance that you do, this is a process that is imperative for having a great looking lawn that is super healthy.

There’s no reason to put this task off until Spring. In fact, the Fall is, in most situations, the ideal season for aeration and overseeding. The average lawn will ultimately do better when this process takes place during the Fall. The biggest key to creating a great looking and healthy lawn is to include this type of process in your ongoing maintenance on a regular basis. The benefits that a person will get doing this for their lawn and garden will be something that is certainly evident the following Spring. That’s why anyone who hasn’t done this in two or three years should make sure to aerate and overseed during the Fall season.

Benefits of Using Professional Makeup on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, and many people look forward to this day from the day they are young. There is a lot of things that will need your attention, and this is where a lot of people get stressed in the process. Many people want to control every aspect of the process to ensure it goes their way. This can sometimes be stressing because you don’t have enough time to work on everything. This is why it is important for every person to let others help. You can still have control over your wedding even after getting help.

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding and enjoy it to the fullest, and the different things should go how they had been planned. There are different areas needing your attention, and you might want to have as much control as possible.

One area that many people want to get as much control is makeup and hair. You can be tempted to try and do it on your own so you can save, but you will end up regretting when it is too late. While you will be able to cut on your costs, the results you are going to get will not be the same as that which you could have if you hired an expert. There is a lot that goes into the process of makeup and hair, but many don’t realize this. They think it is all about applying the makeup and getting hair done, but a professional makeup and hair stylist will tell you otherwise. If you want to have less stress and look your best, consider hiring an expert to help you out. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get when you decide to hire an expert to handle your makeup and hair.


This is one of the biggest benefits you are going to get when you decide to hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. If you ask a person who has already been through this, they will tell you that there is a lot going on before and during the wedding, and you will be occupied with a lot of different things. So it makes sense to makeup and hair one less problem stressing you.

There is no need to spend a lot of time having to worry whether your eyeliner is straight while having to worry about vendors delivering on time. You will first have a meeting with the expert prior to the wedding day so you can do a trial run of the makeup look or hairstyle you want. This will ensure you get the look you are looking and can be changed if you don’t like it. This will make it easy on the day of the wedding because they will know what needs to be done. This means there will be no need for trial and error on your special day. You will have peace of mind, and you will be able to focus on other things.

A natural look

Professional makeup artists from Eye Do Airbrush have spent a lot of time studying their craft. This is what they do every day, and just like an artist, they have mastered their craft. They know proper selection, and what works for who. They will be able to choose the color that is perfect for your unique character and features. There will be a lot of photos taken on your wedding day, and even more than any other day of your life. High definition cameras can show interesting things such as pores and complexion. You should be able to smile every time you look at the photos of your wedding day. Many people want to have a more natural look, and an expert will be able to achieve this.

Professional grade products last longer and are of better quality

Many people don’t know that there is a big difference between the mainstream and less expensive makeup and hair products versus the professional grade products that have been made with a specific application in mind. Most of the experts have worked with different brands, and know which brand is the best. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they will always choose what works for their customers. These are expensive, but you don’t have to pay a lot for them because you are not paying for the whole package, but just a single application.

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Application techniques

It isn’t that you don’t look amazing without makeup, because it doesn’t involve changing anything about you. The experts use tricks to emphasize your best facial features while disguising others, the less flattering ones. Hair stylists have a great understanding of hair types and tendencies, product benefits, and scalp problems. If you want to highlight your eyes on the big day, then the makeup artists can employ certain makeup techniques.

Ensuring perfection

You will be spending a big part of your big day taking photos. The experts will be able to use a technique to bring out the best out of your facial features. The techniques will be able to add the illusion of depth in a 2-D image instead of 3-D when the photo is taken. If the makeup is not applied properly or the hair done well, you will end up appearing flat and even orange in some cases.

Saves time

Time will be of the essence on your big day, and every second is important. Professional makeup artist and hair stylists are able to finish working on you in a short period of time because they have a lot of experience. What could have taken you hours to do, will take them a couple of minutes.

5 Tips to Keep Your Aging Parents in Their Home, Safe & Happy

According to the AARP, “87 percent of adults age 65+ want to stay in their current home and community as they age,” and 71 percent of adults age 50 to 64 feel the same way.

In other words, the vast majority of older adults would like to stay at home as long as they can. There’s a good chance your parents share this sentiment.

If you haven’t already done so, your first order of business is to discuss the matter with your parents, and soon. You can’t make aging at home as comfortable and fulfilling as possible for them without first understanding exactly what they need to do it right.

Once that’s done, consider these five tips for improving your parents’ quality of life in the home they know and love.

1. Visit (or Call) Often

If you live near your parents, be a good kid and check in on them often. A couple times a week is plenty for able-bodied elders; for those who need more care, every day before or after you head to work is ideal. If you don’t live in town, visit as circumstances and funds allow, and replace those frequent check-ins with friendly evening calls.

2. Get a Medical Alert System

Even if you live down the street, you can’t be with your parents every second of every day. Delegate some supervisory responsibility to a medical alert system that immediately contacts authorities when something goes wrong. There are plenty of medical alert systems on the market; this Medical Alert review shows what to expect from top-rated products.

3. Hire a Part-Time Housekeeper or Aide

How do you feel about your mom and dad cleaning the gutters or reorganizing the attic on their own? A response of “eh, not so sure” is a good indication that your parents need some help around the house.

For light housework, hire a part-time housekeeper or aide who shows up as little as a few hours per week or as much as a few hours per day. Look carefully at home care service reviews, as quality varies widely. For bigger projects, find a dependable handyman in your parents’ neighborhood.

4. Look to a Visiting Nurse Service as Health Needs Dictate

Your parents may require regular care long before they’re ready to move into an assisted living facility. A visiting nurse service can help bridge the gap, or provide temporary assistance after an illness or injury.

5. Retrofit the Bathroom

How long has it been since your parents remodeled their master bath? If you don’t know the answer, it’s probably been too long. Far too many elders sustain fall-related injuries on wet bathroom surfaces; sadly, many never recover. Read up on how to remodel a bathroom for better, safer elder access, then set plans that fit your parents’ budget.

Aging in Place, Gracefully

Laypeople call it “keeping Mom and Dad at home.” Caregivers call it “aging in place.” Whatever your preferred nomenclature, you surely understand how important it is to keep your parents healthy, safe, and actualized in home they know and love — even if it’s tougher to get around than before.

If and when the time comes to consider moving your parents into an eldercare facility, you’ll rest easy in the knowledge that you honored their wishes for as long as you could — and that they’re ready to face the next stage of their lives with dignity.