How to Help Your Teenager With Back to School Anxiety

There are only a few more weeks before school is back in session. Though you’ve likely started shopping for items they’ll need, you can’t help but notice that your teenager is acting especially strange. Perhaps they’ve become silent and more isolated than usual or they get easily irritated when you start talking about going back to school. Whatever it is, you know it’s not normal and you want to help. 

Normal Jitters or a Cry for Help?

Everyone knows that the start of the school year always brings about a bit of anxiety. Yet, for teenagers, it can be on an entirely different level. They’re worried about the pressures of fitting in, the growing demands of academic success, doing a good job for their parents, and somewhere in the midst of all that, finding themselves. It’s a lot. And, if there are other issues going on socially or academically, your teen may be feeling the pressure of that as well. 

While some back to school anxiety is normal, for some teenagers, the anxiety continues. They might become extra irritable, extremely tired (or struggling to sleep), they might avoid hanging with friends and start spending more time alone, some, even turn to drug and alcohol use to cope. 

Ways to Help Your Teen

If your teen has reached that level of extreme it is important to get them adolescent treatment in California for substance abuse and/or mental health problems. Otherwise, consider the advice below to help your teen adjust to going back to school this year: 

Talk to Your Teen

If your teen really seems beside themselves about the upcoming school year, talk to them. Speak from a place of love and find out what’s got them so nervous. Express that it is normal to be nervous, but if there is something bigger going on, you’re here to help. Do not force the issue, however, but simply be open to whatever information they offer.

Visit the School

If your teen is just going to high school or has recently been transferred to a new school, the anxiety may simply be the fear of not knowing what to expect. Contact the school office to find out if you and your teen can take a tour of the premises and meet some of the staff prior to the start of the year. 

Consider a Tutor

Once you reach high school, the academic demands seem to triple. This can often have your teen trying to absorb tons of information in just a few short weeks. If they’re concerned about making the grade or falling behind, ask if they’d like to get a tutor. They can start meeting with the tutor now and throughout the school year to help them with, especially troubling subjects.

Talk to Guidance Counselor

If your teen had an especially troubling time last school year like with bullies, a fight, or other social issues teenagers go through, they may be anxious about how they’ll be perceived when they head back. You can try and help them with these anxieties by talking with the guidance counselor. Together you guys can meet with other parents, teachers, or students to try and resolve any issues before the school year begins. 

Spend Quality Time

Sometimes a little TLC is all your teen needs to feel a bit better about the upcoming school year. All the back to school shopping and prepping can really get stressful and cause anxiety. So, once you’ve got everything prepared, take a day or two off and simply focus on your teen. Go have fun doing something you guys enjoy, maybe even get them a gift and don’t bring up school at all. 

Create a Routine and Practice

The hustle and bustle of the morning rush are enough to make anyone anxious. If you want to help your entire household out, create a routine for the school year and practice before it starts. Choose a time to get up, eat breakfast, and get dressed so that they get to school without having to run into the classroom or leave something important at home. 

Back to school anxiety is very common. Typically, it goes away after the child has been to school for a few days, but for some children, it can last longer. If you’ve noticed your teenager seems to be a bit different just weeks before school starts, sit down and have a talk with them about what they’re feeling. From there, you can make a decision on which of the above solutions would work best to ease their fears.  

Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Health For Your Baby

Pregnancy and motherhood can bring a myriad of feelings, from exciting, through the range of scared, hopeful, anticipant and worried! Bringing the miracle of life into this amazing world and your life can feel very overwhelming at first, with recent decisions and past habits that may not be in the best interest of being pregnant and raising a baby. Tons of people from all walks of life go through their teenage years into early adulthood experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and becoming a mother is very often the driving force of change for leaving all of those toxic habits and patterns in the past.

  1. Making a new plan for your life and getting a strong handle on your lifestyle choices and health status for the best intention and environment for your baby and your own body before your little one arrives into the world can be achieved with some dedication, perseverance and guidance. Detoxing from harmful chemicals in your body can feel a bit, or a lot uncomfortable for a short period of time, but it pays off for you both in the long run. Replacing harmful chemicals and habits with healthy, nutritious and beneficial ones is simple in approach, yet difficult in execution, to start. There’s often an experienced and found sense of clarity when shifting from unhealthy to healthy habits, which can bring benefits that span the entirety of your life.
  2. Replacing nights out drinking with evenings taking a long walk, and a home cooked dinner with fresh, organic vegetables and whole foods can be a fantastic change for your life, both for your health, and for your baby’s health.. Eating well is one of the best acts of nutritious and healthy rebellion we can do for ourselves. Drinking plenty of water, organic teas and other healthy drink options will prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, and healthier life for years and decades to come. 
  3. If these changes aren’t something you feel you can do on your own, you can always consider going to Apex Rehab to get external guidance, structure and treatment.. There are plenty of affordable resources available, no matter your budget and needs, to help you with your journey to a healthier life and an overall better lifestyle for you and your soon to be small family. 
  4. Set goals for yourself, and for your life. What do you want as a mother, now and in the long term? What kind of parent do you want to be for your child? What kind of life do you want to provide for your baby as he/she grows into a school aged kid, teenager and adult? What type of career, home, car and life partner do you want? What are your hobbies, passions and favorite places to travel? How do you want to feel each day, when you wake up until you go to bed at night? These are all factors I, and many others, often consider, even once parenthood is years into progression. 

There are a tremendous amount of decisions and choices to consider when starting a family, whether it’s planned or a lovely yet scary surprise. With some determination, self-discipline and focus on your goals, getting yourself clean and into a state of healthy living can be a fast and very impactful change for yourself, and your baby. Keep in mind, you are not alone in your journey, and there are always loving people available to help, listen and provide structure for you. 

Sunday Funday is for Preparing for the Week Ahead

In the days of old, Sundays were the day of rest and spending time with family for many people. It was a day to relax and take part in big family meals, hobbies and resting, before starting back up the hard work on Monday morning. With industrialization and the modern day work schedules being more lax, and ironically, more demanding simultaneously, it’s easy to get caught in the pattern of needing to keep busy and not scheduling down time on the weekends for relaxation and connecting with family and friends. For many families, Sundays are the only days without full calendars of obligations like games and practices, date nights and social obligations, thus making Sunday the only day to get some rest and prepare for the week ahead. If you’re like most working professionals, you’ll need a comfortable and stylish outfit to get you through the day without a fuss, as well as throughout the work week in comfort and style. Let’s look at some current popular outfit components for such a career:

  1. Comfortable pants. These are a must for anyone. If you’re uncomfortable while you’re working, which is where we spend a majority of our time, it’s going to make your days at work far less enjoyable than it has to be. Going through your workday shouldn’t be met with restriction and discomfort when your legs need to move swiftly through tasks and helping others. Having comfortable pants, with just enough pockets to hold your daily tools, depending on your work environment requires, is a must have for your time at work, whether in a hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare environment.
  2. A comfortable and stylish top. This is the piece that most people will see first when you greet them, so you’ll want to have something on that is not only comfortable, but clean and stylish and if your workplace allows it, shows a little of your own personality. Wearing those same old ill-fitting, torn and faded scrubs doesn’t communicate your professional status, so take the time to upgrade that part of your work wardrobe to something new that makes you feel good, confident, organized, competent and happy everyday. The last thing you’ll want to stress over when running room to room, project to project, is what you’re wearing and how it’s fitting. Prepping for your Sunday errand day can easily include a quick assessment of needs for the upcoming week and put on a nice comfy outfit and greet the day with gusto and self-confidence.
  3. Great shoes. I mean a really well made pair of sneakers or slip ons to carry you through your workday, that are safe and comfortable for your long shifts, moving from patient to patient. Working as a healthcare professional, having slip resistant shoes is a must in most working environments, as the rush of patients and activity can sometimes be a bit messy. It’s always to be better safe than sorry, especially when your focus is on caring for others. Our shoes are what connect us to the rest of the world, so having well fitting, slip resistant and safe shoes to wear everyday is an absolute must have for your working wardrobe.

While Sunday nights may be the new Monday mornings for some, they don’t have to be dreaded by any means, and making your Sundays time to prepare for the week ahead by having reliable outfits and shoes you know are comfortable, safe and reliable, makes for an enjoyable and pleasurable use of your precious time, not a burden or something to loathe. How can you make your Sundays preparing for your week ahead more enjoyable? 

Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation

No one wants to undo all of their hard work at the gym because of one vacation. Too often people return from a few weeks away feeling heavy and out of shape. While it’s important to enjoy yourself on vacation, it’s possible to maintain your physique and stay in shape as well. Here are some tips for staying fit on vacation.

Make Reasonable Goals

The fitness goals that you set for yourself on vacation should be reasonable. First and foremost, you shouldn’t plan to work out more on vacation than you normally do. Your vacation fitness goals should entail staying in shape while still giving yourself ample time to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s admirable to want to stay fit while you’re on vacation, but it should never be at the expense of your enjoyment.

Bring the Right Gear

You don’t need to bring a lot of clothing and equipment to stay fit on vacation. You can simply bring your favorite exercise bra, a pair of running shoes, workout tops and a few pairs of shorts or leggings. In addition to clothing, you can also bring a few pieces of workout equipment such as workout bands, headphones, or even small weights.

Create a Plan Before You Go

If you know you need access to a gym on vacation, don’t wait until you arrive at your destination to figure out if you’ll be able to find one that sells affordable guest passes. Instead, research your destination beforehand so you can create a plan of action before you arrive. If you’re staying at a hotel you’ll likely be able to use their fitness center, but you should check out a few photos on the website before you go to make sure they’ll have everything you need.

Don’t Punish Yourself

You might not want to lose your fitness progress while you’re on vacation, but you don’t want to deprive yourself either. Vacation is the time when you should let loose and live a little. Don’t punish yourself by depriving yourself of all the local treats and cuisine. Remember, moderation is key. Try a little bit of everything and make up for it with workouts and walking.

Factor in Walking

Many travelers report that they lose weight on vacation, despite the fact that they’re eating in abundance. This often has to do with the fact that they’re walking all day as they explore a new place. If you’re going to spend a whole day exploring a foreign city on foot, then an additional workout might not be necessary. Don’t forget to factor in all the walking you’ll be doing when you’re planning your vacation fitness strategy.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to kill yourself at the hotel gym to maintain your physique. In addition to walking as much as possible, a few simple pushups and squats each morning in your hotel room can keep you toned and healthy without taking up too many hours of your day. Don’t think that just because an exercise doesn’t require equipment or a big-time commitment doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective.

It’s possible to stay fit while still enjoying your vacation. If you follow these tips, you’ll look great while still enjoying all that your destination has to offer.

Tips on How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home

In this day in age, we are all beginning to take much more responsibility as to thinking about how our choices are affecting the environment. As such – an increasing number of people are working on making their home more energy efficient. There are lots of factors to take into consideration when making these upgrades such as whether or not they will add value to your home, and how much money they will save you in the long run. Here we list some tips on how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

This is definitely something to consider if you have had your home for a while. If you have been there for more than 10-15 years, then there are appliances that you may want to consider upgrading. These include things like air conditioning, boilers or heating systems. The products that were made that length of time ago are much less energy efficient than what you can purchase now so it could make a massive difference to you in terms of your regular outgoings. Get a professional out to assess these main appliances to see how effective they still are and make an educated decision on which ones you would like to update. There are also finance options usually on these types of products that can help with the cost factor.

Ensure you have a Thermostat that is Programmable

By having a thermostat that is programmable, it gives the homeowner complete control of the temperature of their home. They are designed to allow you to set the best temperature for you but for as little money as possible. It also has the capability of turning the temperature down at times when there is nobody in, or times when you wouldn’t need it such as during the night. This means you aren’t wasting energy when you don’t really need to be.

Replace or Reseal Windows

Irrespective of the climate where you live, you need good quality windows to ensure there isn’t too much hot air or cold air getting into your home and controlling the temperature. It could be that your windows could do with simply being resealed, however – the likelihood is that if you have had them a good few years, you may be better off getting them replaced. New window models will do a far better job in terms of insulation than older ones. Window replacement companies such as American Vision Windows – have a broad selection of windows available that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. They specialise in lowering your energy bills – and even offer a free SunShield Extreme upgrade for those of you who are in sunnier climates.

Make your Water System Efficient

There are various ways to make your water system more efficient and save on bills. Some are more costly than others. You can make fairly simple changes such as ensuring you are using low-flow plumbing fixtures and fittings when it comes to shower heads, taps, and toilets. You can even get models these days that are adjustable so the user can set their own preference. They are also quite cheap to install, in fact if you are quite handy – you could potentially even do this yourself. The cost associated with this will normally pay for itself in a couple of months in terms of savings on utilities. You could also upgrade your water heater to a tankless water heater. Instead of producing hot water constantly, these water heaters they do so in demand. This means far less energy is used. It’s a more expensive purchase, but worth it in the long run. There are also sometimes finance options available for this type of purchase.

Add Cooling Fans to your Home

Air conditioners can be quite expensive to run, especially if you have it on quite frequently. An additional option could be to add a ceiling fan to the most used rooms in your home. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they are very useful in terms of circulating the air in the warmer weather. This is particularly beneficial for those living in warmer climates such as San Diego. They are also a fraction of the cost in terms of running costs compared to air conditioners.

Work on your Lighting

The lighting is a massive part of your electricity bill, in fact it normally accounts for over a third. As such – you could make big savings on getting the lighting right. It could be very simple steps such as switching to LED lighting or getting new fixtures. Natural light should also be a consideration and making the most of what you have. This is where you might want to take a look at window options again, as larger aluminium windows for example will allow for a lot of natural light.

Install Solar Panels in your Home

Solar panels have become increasingly popular of late particularly if you get the sun where you live. On warmer days – you are likely to generate more energy than you would use, which means that you could even draw your air conditioning from the grid – and they still continue to draw energy even if it happens to be a cloudy day. Depending on where you live you could also earn a tax credit or rebate which would help with the cost of getting them installed. Your energy savings would take affect as soon as the panels are installed – and they also tend to last longer than regular roof tiles which makes it a long term investment for you.

Get your Attic Insulated

If you have a wall or roof that isn’t properly insulated – it can waste massive amounts of energy. Usually, attics are the biggest source of this. Even when an entire house is insulated, people tend to forget the attic. With the proper insulation, you could save a lot of money on your energy bills. The same goes for cavity walls. It is a little on the expensive side, however you will save money as time goes on. Some energy suppliers also offer funding for this, or allow you to pay in installments which will help with the cost element.

Change your Personal Habits

It may sound obvious, but you can make your home much more energy efficient just by changing your own habits. How many times have you gone to bed, but perhaps forgot to turn the lights or TV off? Do you still have the TV on even when you aren’t watching it? Have you tried switching your washing machine to a lower setting? Little things like this can make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home. Make a special effort to try and change some of these habits and you will notice that your utility bills will get smaller.

If you are on a mission to make your home more energy efficient below to make sure you are being as kind to the environment as you can, or to save a little on your monthly outgoings – hopefully these top tips will come in handy.

The Cleaning Dilemma: To Hire or Not to Hire Floor Scrubbers

Cleaning seems pretty straightforward when it’s not. You could hire a team of cleaners to clean the building from top to bottom, but you could be wasting a lot of money if you’re not careful. It may be more efficient and affordable to buy floor scrubbing equipment instead of relying on manpower.

Small-Scale Cleaning

You don’t need professional floor scrubbers to clean rooms and hallways in small businesses, such as family-owned restaurants, stores and individual offices. It only takes hiring one or two maids to get a few rooms clean. Hiring professional cleaning services may not even be necessary. Many businesses get their own employees to do the cleaning tasks.

Large-Scale Cleaning

In many commercial buildings, there are wide, open floors that need a lot of cleaning. These include warehouses, hotel banquet halls, car showrooms, etc. Hiring one janitor to do all of the mopping by him or herself with one mop and bucket is impractical. It will take him half of a day or longer to finish. Hiring dozens of cleaners to do the work overnight is a waste of money and effort.

Ideally, hire one or two cleaners to use an industrial floor scrubber machine. The cleaning is finished in less than half of the time that it takes for a janitor to finish. When a machine is used, the work is more flawless with fewer signs of residue like streaks and spots. A machine moves in straight, even lines that go up and down the floor in rows. However, a cleaner with a mop tends to clean in circular, irregular patterns that are likely to leave streaks. To save money and time and get the best clean, it’s ideal to hire and buy floor scrubbers instead.

“Tired” Cleaning

There are certain days when your employees are running around all over the place and busy with one task after another. By the end of the day, they are worn out, and many are anxious to go home as soon as possible. After serving guests a big banquet dinner, for example, they are not looking forward to the aftermath of cleaning up. In this situation, get out a floor scrubber machine to handle the cleaning work instead of relying on the reduced efforts of tired, irritated workers.

Minimal Use of Chemicals

Floor scrubbers are powerful enough to do the work on their own with minimal use of chemicals. This is a relief to environmentally conscious business owners who don’t want to use hazardous cleaning chemicals. Most people don’t like the smell of bleach and worry about its effects on the environment. When you use the right floor scrubber machine, you sit back and allow the machine to do most of the work without little assistance.

The floor is the most abused part of a room that needs regular care. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand all of your floor cleaning options. The floor scrubber machine is the one and only solution for many businesses. Working with this type of equipment provides the cleanest, fastest and most affordable results

Cool Gifts for a Mom to Give Her Son

In order for a mother to earn respect with her son and to show that she encourages his athleticism and development, it is important for her to buy him cool gifts. This level of mother-and-son bonding can help children to be more obedient and to find constructive activities that build a healthy lifestyle. There are far too many children that suffer from apathy and childhood obesity because their parents never encouraged them to go outside and play with cool stuff. Below, we have listed some of the coolest gifts that a mom can give her boy.

Radio-Controlled Car

Similar to how grownups draw so much joy from driving a sports car, young boys can experience pure joy by racing a radio-controlled car or monster truck. Although there may be limited places where they can operate them safely, kids usually spark a lot of creativity by imagining themselves behind the wheel of the racer and feeling the thrill of power and control. Owning a radio-controlled car can help to spark their interest in mechanical engineering, technology, and automotive repair or racing.

Clip On Roller Skates

Kids can now choose from a broader selection of roller skates than many generations had growing up. While most moms probably consider inline rollerblades to be the premier type of roller skates to get their son, think again. While those are great, they don’t have the versatility of clip on skates, which can be fastened to footwear. These are a great option for boys who want to use skates without the hassle of taking off their shoes and strapping into a pair of rollerblades. This enables your son to enjoy skating at a moment’s notice.


A drone is a technological wonder that fascinates kids and adults alike. Although some areas are creating more rules for people who fly drones, you can still spark the technological interests of your son by buying him a drone. Most of these drones allow them to record aerial video that can be shared on YouTube and other social media. Your son can actually generate profits by creating films produced with musical scores and hoarding up subscribers.

Musical Instruments

There is nothing better for building new neural pathways in the brain than learning how to play music. Even elderly people are encouraged to start learning musical instruments at an old age to keep themselves sharp. Playing a musical instrument will help your son develop the creative side of their brains instead of being purely analytic. When people open up creativity, they become innovators who buck the trends and go on to achieve great successes in life. Playing a musical instrument will also help them to develop good rhythm and coordination skills that can be valuable in numerous other activities and sports.

High-Definition Sunglasses

One of the coolest gifts to get your son for the summertime is a pair of high-definition sunglasses. A good pair of shades will help them to see better while protecting their eyes from UV radiation damage. They will enjoy every sport that much better when they are able to see clearly while everyone else is squinting and straining.


Moms play a huge role in the development of their sons. If they want to bond with them and help them to reach their full potential, they have to spoil them a little with some gifts. These gifts can help them to develop interests in the right things and prevent them from becoming couch potatoes or slouches who accomplish nothing in life.

Steps to Becoming an Architect

Architecture is a blend of art and math so it is a career that is perfectly suited to people who are both logical and creative. Becoming a licensed architect is a long process but it is completely achievable for those who have a passion for creating buildings that people will live and work in for decades.

Architecture is mostly about precision problem-solving so mathematical and scientific studies in subjects like geometry and physics are vital. The other side of architecture is to create buildings and spaces that are beautiful and useful so courses in the arts can’t hurt. Finally, many architects use computer-aided design (CAD) software programs to do their work, necessitating knowledge of computers and technology. By taking the right classes in high school it is possible to build a solid foundation for studying architecture long before college.

Licensed architects are required to have a Bachelor of Architecture degree, which typically takes five years to complete. A B.Arch must be from a school that is accredited by The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). It is possible to get a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in architecture, but these programs are not considered enough for licensing purposes and students will need to pursue further studies at the graduate level.

Becoming a licensed architect requires more than just a degree. Students must also complete a paid internship and sit an exam. The NAAB has a new optional program called Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL), which allows students to complete their required experience and licensing exam concurrently with their classroom studies.

Architectural interns are required to log 3,740 hours of experience across six different areas that are important to becoming a competent, independent architect. Internships take students through every part of being a working architect, from designing projects to managing their practices. Internships are completed under the supervision of a licensed architect.

The final major step for most students toward becoming licensed as an architect is to take the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), which tests a wide cross-section of the knowledge an architect needs in order to be successful. Certain states have additional requirements for architecture licensing so it is important to check what those might be.

When all the requirements are met, the only thing left to do is apply for the license. Once earned, an architect license must be kept active through continuing education. A national license through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards is also an option for those architects who might want to work across state borders.

Success in architecture is a balancing act. Designs must fit within budgets, construction must meet certain legal codes, clients have to be satisfied, and projects have to stay on schedule. After the initial building design is complete the architect must spend time on budgets, permits, dealing with contractors and clients, and a million other little details that go into the finished building. Many architects work within large firms but some run their own small businesses, which requires a whole different set of management skills to keep everything on track. Architects work long hours but they are passionate about what they do and anyone with a mind for details and an eye for beauty can find a niche they will love within this field.


5 Tips for Planning a Home Renovation Project

Renovating your home is a huge project no matter how you look at it. With the proper amount of careful planning, though, even the most extensive remodels don’t need to be stressful. Here are five of the best tips to help you plan your home renovation project:

  1. Financial Planning Comes First

Renovating your home is rarely cheap, which is why the best first step when planning any remodel is to figure out how much it’ll cost and how you’ll pay for it. If you find yourself strapped for cash, you might consider taking out a bank or credit union home equity loan, which is a type of second mortgage where you borrow against your property’s value over the amount of your outstanding first mortgage. Home equity loans are easy to get approved and can get you a large sum of cash quickly, but be sure to make payments on time so you aren’t swamped by interest fees. And whether you take out a loan or not, it’s important to create a budget before you start renovating and stick to it throughout the process.

  1. Declutter

Your remodel can easily get bogged down if the area being renovated is full of furniture, electronics or junk, so you’ll want to declutter before starting the process. The best way to do this is to temporarily move furniture into other rooms and box up any smaller items. If you’re renovating your entire home, however, you may need to rent a storage unit until the remodel is complete.

  1. Create a Relaxation Space

Renovations are a lot less stressful if you have a space to relax while construction is in progress. The best way to create this space is to move comfortable furniture and frequently-used electronics into a room that isn’t being renovated. This is particularly important if you have kids who are likely to get stressed out by the interruption of their usual schedules.

  1. Know Your Limits

Do-it-yourself might be a legitimate option for smaller-scale projects, but it’s important to avoid pushing your limits when renovating your home. Attempting projects that you don’t have the strength or the knowledge to complete can result in both personal injury as well as damage to your home, so don’t be afraid to leave everything to professionals if you’re on the fence.

  1. Clean Up Every Day

It’s tempting to push back clean-up after a stressful day of renovations, but leaving debris in the renovation space will only slow the process down. Whether you’re doing a DIY renovation or relying on professionals, it’s important to make sure everything is cleaned up at the end of each day. If you’ve hired contractors, they may handle the clean-up for you, but it’s never a bad idea to offer your own help.

If you follow these five tips when planning your home renovation project, you’ll put yourself in the best position for a stress-free remodel. Planning ahead is so important during renovations because failing to prepare can get you into financial trouble or put you at risk of damaging your home, so no matter how large or small the project may be, never skimp on the planning phase. Even if this means you spend months finalizing your plans before construction begins, your future self is sure to thank you.

Skincare Tips for Busy Moms

Motherhood is as time-consuming and stressful as it is rewarding. As a mom, you’re juggling daily responsibilities while balancing work and family life. You’ll deal with a lot of stuff, and unfortunately, you’ll give up a few things so you can give more to those you love. However, it’s just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of your children. 

Here, you’ll get a few skincare tips even a stressed-out mom on a tight schedule can handle.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

When you’re on a tight schedule, it’s tempting to pass on breakfast and just grab a cup of coffee on the way to work. However, a healthy and nutritious breakfast remains the most important meal of the day. It will fuel you for the day ahead, and it will give you all the nutrients and vitamins you need for healthier skin.

Use a Moisturizer

Don’t skip your moisturizer, either. By putting on some skin firming cream first thing in the morning, you’ll keep your skin more hydrated all day long while preventing breakouts and preserving a more youthful look. Moisturizer application only takes a minute, but its effects can last all day long.

Take Time for a Bath

Working moms are some of the busiest people on the planet. As a result, it’s sometimes all we can do to find a few spare minutes to hop in the shower. While showers are great for getting clean, the high-pressure hot water can do damage to the skin over time. Busy moms should make an effort to take a warm bath now and then. Not only will the tub of water allow for moisturizing products to be added, but the hydrotherapeutic effects of a warm bath will also help soothe irritated skin. What’s more, a bath gives stressed out moms a place to sit and relax for a while.

Find a Dermatologist and See Them Regularly

Building a relationship with a dermatologist is a must, but for some, it’s a life or death matter. Skin cancer is common these days, especially in those with fair skin, so yearly exams are important. Do yourself and your skin a favor by getting a thorough exam, even if you haven’t found anything suspicious.

Your dermatologist will not only examine your skin, but they’ll also address your concerns and answer your questions. There’s a good reason why a dermatologist’s receptionist typically has flawless skin; they have access to the best products and advice! Dermatologists are a great source of knowledge and they can recommend the right products for any skin type. If you’re considering a procedure such as fillers or Botox, a dermatologist can recommend effective, safe ways to smooth wrinkles and preserve your youthful looks.


As a mom, you have a lot on your plate every day. From managing a household to wrangling kids and holding down a job, you do it all, even when it seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you’re running in ten different directions at once, it’s all too easy to let your skincare routine fall by the wayside. However, it’s okay to take care of yourself sometimes too. By following these tips and setting up an easy skincare regimen, you’ll look better, feel better, and be in a better position to take care of your family.