Get Rid of Spiders Naturally with Stay Away Spiders

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Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her, And frightened Miss Muffet away…

Are you like Miss Muffet and me?  Are spiders your arch nemesis?  Then today’s post is definitely for you!

Here in the South, we never really get a full break from pests like spiders.  And even though we have a professional who does pest control at our home each month, we still get a variety of spiders in our home.  I can squash the little ones with a shoe, but when I see bigger ones, it freaks me out! Today I’m sharing a product that I hope will keep the spiders, large and small, from coming around again! The product is called Stay Away Spiders, and it comes from EarthKind Natural Pest Prevention. [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Week 321 – With Natural DIY Solutions

Hello everyone.  Happy Friday!  Today’s party celebrates a theme that has become near and dear to my heart over the past couple of years: Natural DIY Solutions.

I can’t say that I’m a completely all-natural kind of a girl.  I still have a number of chemical cleaners that I use, and I certainly have my share of health and beauty products that contain chemicals.  But I have started using essential oils in a number of areas in my life.  I have a diffuser on my desk.  And I especially love using cleaners made from essential oils.

Today I’m featuring posts, which teach how to make your own laundry and dish soap, as well as a post on how to make your own lavender oil!

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Health and Wellness Book Review and Giveaway

Health and Wellness Book Giveaway

Do you love home remedies and natural cures? If so then you will love today’s health and wellness book feature!  I recently got four books filled with recipes, tips, and inspiration for health and well being.  These are filled with tons of DIY inspiration, and they would also make great gifts if you have someone in your life who loves home cures and natural health and wellness products. [Read more…]