happiness is… Clothing Review

I love shirts with words and sayings on them!  I recently got a new sweatshirt from happiness is…

They offer cute sweatshirts and t-shirts for men, women, and kids that say things like, “happiness is…morning coffee, “happiness is…family,” and “happiness is…the beach.”  There is a great assortment of shirts, and a an especially good selection for those who love the outdoors!

I received a sweatshirt, which says, “happiness is…a good book.”   As a self-proclaimed book worm and nerdzilla, I love this shirt!  It is also SO SOFT and comfortable and it is a great fit!  (I got a size small.)  The color is dark grey (a color I love) and heathered. (Love heathered!)  And the writing is a soft pink color.

This sweatshirt is just right for casual wear.  It goes great with yoga pants or leggings but would also work great with your favorite pair of jeans.  It also looks good enough to where when you go out shopping, running errands, or to a casual lunch, but it is comfortable enough to wear for a nice quiet day at home.

As a stay at home mom of a toddler, I like to have versatile clothing.  I want to be comfortable, but I also like to look nice enough for when last minute company comes over or for when we decide to go out to the store (or the library!)  so this shirt looks great!

Go over to happiness is… and check out their great selections!


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