Cleaning: How to Do It Effectively

Most of the women hate cleaning and laundry simply because these house chores take too
much time (especially if you have children!). How not to turn your daily routine into endless
dusting, wiping and washing?
Here are some easy and handy tips for you! If you want to dive deeper, here is a huge guide.

Tips for Cleaning Your House in a Blink Of an Eye

It’s not only about houses, but it’s also about an apartment or flat – any place where you live.
Cleaning it may become your worst nightmare or you can learn how to spend minimum time on
it and get the maximum results.

So what to start cleaning with? Is it a bathroom that must be cleaned first? Or a kitchen, maybe?
Shall you dust your furniture or it is better to vacuum first?

These tips will help you to figure it all out.

● Clean the whole area at once
Instead of doing all cleaning chores in each room, choose one task (for example vacuuming)
and do it in every room.
● Keep your tools together
Buy a plastic bucket and put all your cleaning supplies like brushes, cleaning liquids, rags, and
others into it. It will help you to keep the instruments organized so that you won’t waste your
time looking for one of them.
● Start with clutter
Every cleaning must start with picking up clutter – all those newspapers and other rubbish – from
the floors. It will help to prepare the rooms for the following cleaning.
● Dusting first
Start with dusting the furniture and, if necessary, changing the bedsheets. Only then you can
proceed to vacuum cleaning.
● Clean the surfaces
Tables, countertops – clean them and disinfect if necessary.
● Bathroom, sinks, and WC
The next step is to deal with sinks, toilets, and bathrooms. Wash all the sinks you have including
tubs by applying cleaning spray on them. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wash away.
Finish with toilets.
● Washing floors
Start washing floors moving towards the door. Like that, you will not step on to the freshly
cleaned area.

Tips for Making Your Laundry More Effective
Washing your clothes is another thing that takes a lot of time. How to reduce its duration?
● Sort more.
Don’t just separate light and dark clothes. Instead, sort more and less dirty the same as more
and less delicate fabrics – Experts from Bezzly says.

● Detergent goes last
Yes, add detergent after you put the clothes into the barrel, and never apply washing liquid
directly to the clothes. Instead, use a special container to put it into the barrel.
● Pretreat the stain
Instead of rubbing, lightly dab it from outside to avoid stain spreading.

Dry Cleaning. Detailed Instruction
Dry cleaning doesn’t use water, only special solvents that depend on the stain and the
fabric. The product is applied to the stain and the apparel is afterward dried.

Normally, the whole process takes about 3-4 hours but it can last longer. Everything
depends on the fabric and the damage.

What fabrics can be cleaned this way?
● Silk
● Fake and natural leather
● wool
● velvet
● apparel with beads, embroidery, sequins, etc.
● cashmere
Suits are also better to dry clean.

The whole process is simple.
● The apparel is examined to define the type of cleaning required
● If there are stains, they will be pre-treated manually first
● The apparel is steam-cleaned using solvents
● Now the apparel is dried at the temperature from +25 to +50 counting on the
● The last stage is to press, steam and iron

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