The Most Popular Birthdays in the UK

From the eager anticipation of a child who can’t wait for the next day, to the 29-year-old, frantically planning a huge bash for the big 3-0, everyone loves a birthday. Parties, presents and an excuse to eat cake? Yes please!

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at your bank statement in disbelief, wondering how so many people you know could have all had a birthday that month, you’re not alone. Forget one born every minute, a baby is actually born every 48 seconds, and there are some points in the year in which people are more likely to have been born. If you want to know when you most need to stock up on stamps and birthday cards, here are some of the months for the most births, and some of the less common times.

The month of the most births September comes in first place as the peak birthday season. The most common day of the month for births is the 26th, making that the overall most recurrent birthday for the UK. If you do the maths, you’ll notice the most popular period for conception is in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas. These statistics have remained steady for the last two decades and countries including New Zealand and the U.S have reported similar trends around September and October births.

Eight of the top 10 births happened towards the end of September, with the remaining two being early October. It is thought part of the reason for this surge could be due to couples planning to have children near the start of the school year.

The most common season

It appears summer babies are quite common, with approximately 187,207 born between July and September in 2020. Looking back on 2015 and 2013, July was the busiest month for midwives, revealing a lot of people were getting frisky over Halloween. Who needs trick-or-treating when you could have a romantic night in!

The months with the least births

While Christmas is clearly a popular time to get pregnant, December is the least common month for births, with six of the 10 least recurrent dates falling during the period of Christmas and New Year. It is believed this is due to the number of bank holidays during that time, as hospitals will not be offering elective births, only natural births or emergency caesareans would be carried out.

The day with the lowest total number of births in unsurprisingly February 29th, which only occurs every four years as it is a leap year day. However, when calculating the average number of births in February and taking the leap year into account, the number of births is only just under the overall daily average.

How to Find the Right Interior Design Services for Staging Your Home?

When you’ve decided to put your home up on the market, naturally, you want it to sell for the best price possible. As home prices are rising in Australia, an increasing number of buyers are hesitant to invest in a property they don’t like at first glance. You can impress such picky buyers with a well-staged and styled home.

Finding the ideal interior design services for your home can be difficult, but reliable interior designers like can help you stage your property to attract potential buyers.

When your property shows off its true potential through property styling, it can help you get more offers, sometimes even higher than your asking price. Consider the following points before hiring interior designers for this task:

They Should Understand Your Requirements

You require a property stylist who will understand your vision along with the buyers’ expectations. Interior designers who stay updated with the latest trends and popular designs will make your home look more appealing, thus attracting a wide range of potential buyers.

Affordable and Convenient Styling

Find a property stylist who will be able to make your home look more appealing at nominal rates. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be looking for the cheapest interior designer, because at very low prices, you may have to compromise on quality and finish.

Instead, look for a decently priced interior design firm that can ensure quality services. It’s best to ask how much time it would require to stage your home before you decide to hire a service. Most services should be in and out of your space within a few days. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste weeks on property styling alone.

Consider Previous Experience

Checking out your designer’s previous experience and portfolio can reassure you and offer more information about their styling techniques and aesthetics. You can safely assume that that’s how your home is likely to look once they’re done, and decide whether that’s what you need or not.

Most services have a collection of their work displayed on their website, making it easier for potential clients to check them out and determine whether they are the right fit for them.

You can also ask to see testimonials from previous clients to further ascertain their expertise in staging homes.

Provide a New Aesthetic for Your Home

A certified and experienced property styling service will be able to breathe new life into your home and make every corner feel new. This must be the least you expect from any property styling service.

The ideal interior design services will have various suppliers and contacts that will enable them to get a range of furniture and design options for your home. They can provide you with different aesthetic designs for your home, and you can choose whichever suits your preferences. Some services also offer rental furniture to spruce up your home’s exteriors and attract more buyers.

Find the Ideal Interior Design Services for Your Home Staging

Finding the perfect interior design services can be hard when you don’t know what factors to consider. The ideal property styling service should be able to give each room a defined purpose to let the buyer see that all spaces within the home are usable.

You can expect to find various references and a team of professional stylists who can ensure your home is staged according to the latest trends and popular concepts to impress potential buyers.

Please make your choice carefully, as it can determine how quickly your home sells and how much it sells for. Consider all the factors and research thoroughly so that you can be better prepared.

Real Talk: How To Figure Out Your “Why”

There are always going to be a million reasons why you’re never going to make it – but there is also, always, for all eternity only going to be one reason why you will make it – your own. In the superfluous supply of self-help books and “clever little quotes” about self-motivation and goal setting, you would have heard all sorts of smart-sounding bits of advice on how to get you to where you’re meant to be going, but the truth of the matter is this: if you don’t fully understand or know “your why”, no one else is going to live that truth for you.

“If we want to feel an undying passion for our work, if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY.” – Simon Sinek

This quote by Simon Sinek the British-American author and inspirational speaker sums up perfectly what we’re going to try to inspire in you this season. We say season because summer has all but vanished in some parts of the country and while the whole Northern Hemisphere looks forward to winter and the upcoming holiday season, we think it’s a great opportunity for introspection and laying the foundations now, for what will be your best summer in 2022, and it starts with: knowing what your why, is.


It sounds like one of those nondescript and utterly useless modifiers that we insist on using in our modern lives these days, but in this instance, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out.

It starts with something as simple as “what gets me out of bed in the mornings”. This could be your kids, your partner, your job, your dog – it doesn’t matter what it is, but whatever gets you moving the morning is a pretty good start towards figuring out your why. The gist of it is this: for you to truly start living your best life and reaching your full potential, you first have to understand why you want to do it at all and this applies to all levels of change management and life planning. The golden rule is always, see your dentist, twice a year.


Once you’ve taken the time to know why you want to achieve certain goals and reach certain milestones you can start plotting the equally important, how.  Now, this is the fun part because here you get to dream big and there are legitimately no levels to how big you can dream as the only determining factor is going to be how much you want to achieve your “why”. If that motivation is strong enough, then there are no limits. If it’s hitting your goal weight, working out your new business plan, or getting some cosmetic work done (you might want to know how much does a smile makeover cost), and all of these “whys” build-up towards your ultimate goal, your ultimate “why”.

Remember that while you’re working out your “why” and discover awesome ways to get to where you going, not everyone around you is quite so lucky and unfortunately, after the year we’ve had, rates of suicide are looking worse than ever – so check in a with a mate, colleague or family member.

Tips for Picking the Best Rowing Machine for Your Home

 If you prefer a home gym, owning the best full-body workout machine will help you achieve your fitness goal fast. To help you pick the best, we will review some connected rowing machines ideal for use at home. Following the tips below will ensure that you enjoy full-body workout exercises and also get value for your money. But first, ensure that you choose the best rowing machine. Understanding the benefits of having a rowing machine at home will motivate you to get one and exercise regularly to enhance your physical and cardiovascular health. Some of the benefits of rowing are;

  •         Enhancing overall stamina and fitness
  • Strengthens the heart muscles
  • Promotes calmness and feel-good hormones to boost the mood
  • Boosts immunity
  • Weight loss
  • Posture improvement

 It is advisable to get a high-quality rowing machine to reap the above benefits. Choosing the best rowing machine among the many types available in the market is a challenge to many connected rowing machine enthusiasts. The below tips make it easier to pick the best.

Tips to picking the best rowing machine for your home

  1. Rowing machine design

 The design of a rowing machine influences the type of technology used and features in a rowing machine. Air rowers are user-friendly since they take little space and are easy to connect. Hydraulic rowers are also a favorite because of their affordability, but they are harder to assemble and take up so much space. If you want a rowing machine that is less noisy and with more features and sophistication, then you may choose the magnetic and water rowers. Remember to review the size, price, and connectivity procedures first to determine the most appropriate design for you.

  1. Review various brands 

 There are many rowing machine brands in the market. Making comparisons of the different brands, their reputation in the market, and ratings by other users will help you make the best decision. Popular brands of connected rowing machines that connect via bluetooth or other digital device options are the Hydrow, The Echelon, and Peloton. Good brands will offer coach–controlled resistance level training sessions, display calories burnt, time and distance covered, and have Bluetooth or digital device compatibility. By doing research, seeking professional reviews, and getting referrals, you can identify the best brand that fits your budget.

  1. Consider the price

 Your budget will determine the type of rowing machine you can get. There are low-cost, mid-range, and high-end cost rowing machines in the market. What mainly determine the price are the machine features and the type of resistance. But workability of the rowing machine and minimal maintenance procedures should be the main factors to consider when choosing a rowing machine. Some rowing machines have extras that drive up the price, but these extras do not add any value to your workout routine. How you buy a machine also influences the price. Buying online means additional shipping costs. But you get time to read reviews on the type of rowing machines you prefer, get feedback from existing users, and review its ratings. Whether you buy the rowing machine in-store or online, price reviews will ensure that you get value for your money.

  1. Rowing machine features

 One of the main reasons the connected rowing machines differ in prices is because of the features each has. Below are some of the features a high-quality rowing machine should have.

  • The mode of operation should be manual or electric. If you opt for an electric rowing machine, it will limit you to locations where you can access power.
  • Comfortable seats and long seat rails
  • Preprogrammed coaching workouts
  • Wide display monitor to help you track calories, distance, and other personalized parameters.
  • High-quality pedals, wheel, and handles for a firm grip
  • Weight and storage options. Most people prefer foldable rowing machines because they take up little space.

 Rowing exercises will benefit you if you choose the appropriate rowing machine and do it correctly. Poor posture during rowing can cause injuries and will also not help you achieve high-level fitness. Connected rowing machines are relatively expensive. Proper care and maintenance procedures will ensure that it serves its purpose for a long time. That way, you will get value for your money. Some simple maintenance tips are;

  • Cleaning and storing immediately after use
  • Tightening all bolts regularly 
  • Regular pivot and chain lubrication 
  • Reviewing performance monitors regularly.

Specific rowing machines have custom maintenance procedures. The above are some general care and maintenance tips for a rowing machine for durability.

Are house extensions worth the hype?

Lockdown saw a rise in home improvement projects, including the ever-popular home extension. With the promise of a fresh new space, and an increase in your house’s value, it’s easy to see how so many Brits are tempted.

With house prices soaring, the idea of building on what you already have instead of moving elsewhere is very appealing, especially if you think you’ll be able to sell your house at a higher price when you do decide to relocate.

However, one question remains to be answered: are home extensions worth the investment of time, and do they actually have any financial benefit?

Will an extension increase the value of my house?

The location of your home will factor into whether your house will increase in value after adding an extension. Be sure to do your research first to avoid disappointment later.

Every area has a “ceiling price” which is the maximum amount a buyer would be willing to pay for a property. A good estate agent will be able to advise your estimated ceiling price.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the work. If your builder does a poor job, the value of your home is unlikely to increase and may even fall significantly. To prevent this, ensure you choose a reputable construction company and the materials used for the renovation are high-quality.

Crucially, you must make sure the extension is built safely. Ensure your builder considers the British elements, by using roofing sheets to reduce the chance of damage from poor weather.

Making structural changes to your home is a big decision that requires careful consideration. However, while there are some risks, there are many benefits to building on your existing home.

Room for additional living space

Many people buy a home as a young couple but begin to outgrow the space once they have collected more furniture, belongings or started a family.

An extension will allow a little more room for storage or living space, preventing you from feeling cramped and allowing you to streamline your home, making it easier to keep it tidy and free of clutter.

An alternative to moving house

Moving house can be a real drag, especially if you have children who accumulate a lot of things. Adding an extension to your home is an ideal solution if you’re in need of a little more space or you fancy a bit of a change.

Create a fresh, new space, like a study, a conservatory or a playroom for the kids. The best bit is, you won’t have to get to know a new neighbourhood, find new friends or face the dreaded hunt for a new hairdresser.

You may not need planning permission Planning permission is not always required for home extensions, if the building plans meet certain standards.

Getting planning permission can be a stressful and arduous process, so preparing for extension work may require less paperwork and less time.

If you’re unsure whether you need to apply for planning permission, speak to your builder who will be able to advise you.

How to Introduce a Contemporary Home Style

Contemporary, modern living doesn’t mean cold and lifeless, which is how contemporary style is often perceived. You can entirely transform your home into a contemporary style with warm, neutral hues, filled with beautiful artwork and textures, and we’re here to show you how. Introducing timeless detailing into your home style is an elegant way to refine your home.


When renovating your home to include a contemporary style, taking your lighting into consideration is highly important. You can light your room in a variety of ways from track and recessed lighting to chandeliers and floor lamps. The trick with contemporary décor is to introduce a sleek minimalist approach to your home, so incorporating track and recessed lighting into your living space is a beautiful way to light up your home, hiding the source of light completely.

Photo Credit: Buster & Punch


Artwork creates the perfect, elegant finish to any contemporary home style if selected tastefully whilst complementing your home décor. Artwork doesn’t always have to be bright and colourful; you can commission a piece to include neutral hues in a variety of textures.

Alternatively, framed artwork in natural materials from wood, high gloss, or a matte-black placed together in a collection create a stunning focal point for any bare wall.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is a beautiful way to create a focal point as you enter the room. The key here is to not over complicate the design. Typically, contemporary has a clutter free vibe so focus on the shape, texture, colour, and pattern. Ideally, the pattern should be extremely minimal. You should try to incorporate neutral, black, or warm tones here whilst introducing elegant textures from silk to wool, jute, and linens.

Colour Hues

Black, white, and neutrals are often incorporated as part of a contemporary style. You have the chance here to play with some bold textures and colours in your accent décor to complement your neutral back drop. Be sure not to overdo the colour in your accent décor as your job here is to complement and contrast rather than overshadow. Often in contemporary style individuals like to stick to a neutral palette and play it safe. Additionally, you have the option to switch up your accessories if you’re left with a simple blank canvas underneath.

Undoubtably there are so many benefits to introducing a contemporary home style. You are introducing light, spaciousness, pleasing aesthetics, and a personal touch to every room in your home. You are ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and learning to live a very minimalist, clean, and tidy lifestyle. There is something special about the way we live in the 21st century, and reflecting this in our home style, by providing a beautiful energy and feel to our living space is highly beneficial to not only the way our home looks and feel, but how we feel day to day.

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The Sacrifices You Make When You Have Children

Parents Sitting With Children Reading Story Indoors

When you’re preparing to become a parent, or you’re already one, there are a lot of sacrifices you make. There are the more obvious ones. For example, if you have a motorcycle, you might stop riding it because they’re so dangerous and you want to make sure you’re there for your child.

If you were a partier, you probably gave up those habits to spend time with your family.

Then, there are those sacrifices parents make that might be less apparent but no less critical.

If you’re preparing for parenthood or already in the thick of it, the following are things to know about what it truly means to make sacrifices for your children.

Is It Truly Sacrifice or Just Change?

While above, we use the term sacrifice, and it’s one that we do commonly see connected to parenthood, it’s worth asking if it’s genuinely a sacrifice or maybe just changes that occur naturally and that you make once you have kids.

There are negative changes sometimes, which are usually short-term. For example, your sleeping patterns certainly change when you bring a new baby home, as does your overall schedule.

Those negative changes are feeling, however, and the longer-term changes are typically the best parts of parenthood.

Putting Yourself Second

Again, we can see this as a sacrifice or perhaps just a change, but once you have kids, you put yourself second. If you’re debating whether or not it’s a good time for you to have kids, you do have to remember this. You can’t be number one anymore, and for some people, that’s a good thing.

You worry about someone else more than yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life. That can be a bit stressful at times, but it can also give your purpose.

You’re responsible for another person, which adds a whole other dimension to your life

This can go back to the idea of the motorcycle. Maybe at one point, you loved to live dangerously. Now that you’re preparing to have another life to care about aside from your own, you may be less inclined to engage in some of the riskier behaviors.

Money-Related Responsibilities

Financially, it can be costly to have a child. If you’re just in the planning stages currently, you will have to think about it. You may have to start being better about budgeting and setting money aside in case of an emergency. You might want to create a college fund, and you’re going to have to put more of the money you make toward the needs of your child.

That might mean fewer nights out to dinner or impulse purchases.

You’ll Sleep Less

You often hear references to how little sleep the parents of newborns get. That’s true, and you’ll be up and down all night in those early days. That doesn’t last forever, but it might be a long time until you can go back to your sleeping patterns from college or your early 20s.

Even older kids tend to wake up pretty early, which means you’ll have to as well. That also means you might find yourself going to bed earlier than you once did.


This isn’t so much as a sacrifice, but something you may give yourself as part of parenthood, which is the gift of wanting to improve yourself. When you’re a parent, you want to be the best version of yourself. You want to feel your best physically and emotionally, so you can dedicate yourself to your family and having a fulfilling life.

This is a good thing. You might get more dedicated to making healthy choices, and you may be more mindful about your health in general.

Relationships When you have kids, it can be much more challenging to maintain those meaningful relationships in your life. Your marriage or relationship with your partner may be stronger, but the occurring changes can also test it. You have to commit to finding time to be together, even after kids come.

You might find that once you have kids, you spend less time with some friends and more with others.

You just might find that some people have priorities more in line with your own, and that’s okay.

As you can see, the term sacrifices isn’t always accurate because there are many positives on the above list, but you do have to be mindful that changes will happen when you have a child. Preparing yourself mentally and changing your mindset can help you navigate an otherwise uncertain time.

Workplace and Bloodborne Pathogens: The Basics

While an icky topic, it’s important for any workplace to understand the dangers of bloodborne pathogens, how they spread, and how to prevent contracting a bloodborne disease while at work. Most modern workplaces don’t have to deal with bodily fluids (especially blood) all too often. However, pathogens that reside in the blood can be transmitted through even the smallest droplets.

That’s why most individuals that has risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens should complete a bloodborne pathogens training course to protect themselves from contracting bloodborne diseases.

In this article, we’ll talk about how exactly these diseases spread, but first let’s talk about the diseases themselves — what kind of illness could you get from an infected coworker, customer, or hired contractor?

Types of Bloodborne Pathogens

The three bloodborne pathogens that you’re most likely to encounter in the workplace are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS. Given the right setting, these diseases have a high rate of transmission, and can be quite contagious if employees in your workplace don’t adhere to proper safety procedures. Obviously, HIV is a disease that, while much more treatable than it once was, can still wreak devastating damage to a person’s immune system, especially if it goes unnoticed. Hepatitis A and B are nasty diseases in their own right, and both saw their heyday across the United States in decades gone by. In other words: no one wants these diseases. Luckily, they’re easily preventable with the proper precautions.

How Do Bloodborne Pathogens Spread?

These diseases spread mainly through direct contact with infected bodily fluids, which then, in turn, have to make their way into a person’s body to fully infect them. This can occur when:

· Infected bodily fluids enter an open wound

· Fluids penetrate the skin via a needle or infected blade, entering the bloodstream

· Fluids enter the body via mucous membranes, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth

Even if infected fluids make their way into a person’s body, there’s no guarantee that it will grow into a full-fledged case of disease. In many cases, your body’s immune system can reject an infection. However, prevention methods are key to lowering the risk of infection even more. After all, you don’t want to trust that your immune system can fully fight off a disease it’s never come in contact with before.

Preventing the Spread of Bloodborne Pathogens Completing a BBP training you can learn how to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. Here are a few simple rules to follow to help halt the spread of bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.

1. Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean is incredibly important, as soap kills germs, and a dead germ can’t infect you. Wash your hands after coming in contact with commonly-touched surfaces like door handles, phones, and railings.

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while at work. It’s a good rule of thumb to just not touch your face at all unless you absolutely have to get that strand of hair out of your face.

3. Don’t Touch Bodily Fluids

If someone bleeds in the workplace, don’t clean it up without using the proper safety equipment. This can include face masks, gloves, and biohazard equipment. It might seem silly to go to those lengths over a paper cut, but all it takes is a single germ in the wrong place to infect you.

What Makes Wooden Windows Such An Attractive Proposition?

Many of us are looking for ways to save money and reduce our carbon footprints, too. To do this, we think about swapping out lightbulbs and sealing the doors and windows.

But another excellent way to go eco-friendly and improve your home’s appearance at the same time is to invest in wooden windows.

Windows made out of wood are increasingly in demand as people learn the benefits they offer.

What makes them so attractive? Natural wood is a popular style in homes all over the world, but beyond the looks, there are many other advantages to this type of window.

What Are Wooden Windows, Anyway?

Wooden windows are just like your typical windows, except they are set in materials like Cedar, Oak, Alder, Pine, or Douglas Fir. They’re not entirely made from wood. Most manufacturers encase the wood in aluminum or fiberglass for added protection. However, wood is always the material found on the inside.

You’ll find wood available in traditional styles, most frequently as double-hung and casement windows. If you’re looking for something a little less common, though, you can have your bay or picture windows or your sliders created out of wood.

The Benefits of Wooden Windows

When you’re designing your home, you want it to look perfect, but it also has to be cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Wooden windows are an attractive proposition because they combine all three of these characteristics into one feature. Instead of the basic glass panels and vinyl or aluminum frame, wood gives you benefits like:

● An enhanced appearance. Natural beauty is one of the most sought-after styles in home design. Wood is simply more attractive than vinyl and aluminum. Since you can choose the type of wood to create your windows with, it can also be custom-made to match your home’s unique style.

● Cost-effectiveness. Wood window installation is as easy as other types, but wooden frames are better at insulating your home. Installing new wooden windows often pays for itself with lower energy bills every month.

● Better durability. If you live in an area with extreme temperature changes, you’ll notice your vinyl or aluminum window frames crack and warp. This is from the constant expansion and contraction from the hot, cold, wet, and sunny weather. Wooden windows, if sealed properly, don’t have these fluctuations.

● Easier upkeep. Wood windows made from high-quality materials and sealed properly are easy to maintain. As with vinyl and aluminum windows, as long as you clean them occasionally with a bit of soap and a cloth, they’ll last a long time. Over the years, you may have to reseal them if you notice telltale signs of damage. However, this won’t happen for a long time, and the same kind of upkeep is necessary for other window frame materials.

When you have to replace your windows anyway, don’t rush right in and grab the standard styles off the shelf. Instead, look for a window installer who can customize wooden windows for you. The benefits speak for themselves, and you’ll love the finished natural beauty the wood brings to your home.