6 Ideas for a Self-Care Weekend

Many people look forward to the weekend as it allows them to rest and spend time doing things they want without worrying about their work obligations. Often, they also take advantage of this break from their busy lives to do some self-care activities. While different people have varying concepts of self-care, it fundamentally means taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

The reason people have different definitions of self-care is due to how they choose to practice it. It can be very subjective as self-care depends on what can make each person feel good and cared for. These activities can be simple and easy to do at home or may require some planning and a bit of travel Whatever form of self-care you decide on doing, it is important to make it a habit. Doing self-care activities allows you to better cope with daily stressors so you can do your job well, take care of others, and do all the things you need and want to accomplish.

If you are looking for new ways to spend a relaxing weekend, here are some ideas to maximize your “me” time and show yourself some love.

Set Up a Relaxing Space

In case you want to unwind at night, set up a space that encourages calmness and relaxation. It can be anywhere in your home, such as your bedroom or living room. Start with turning down the lights for a cozy feel. It will also give your eyes a much-needed break from the blue light emitted by different electronic devices. Then, light some scented candles and pick a soothing aroma like lavender or jasmine.

To help get you into a relaxing mood, wear something comfortable. If you are like most people, this means lounging in your sleepwear. While your old shirts can be the comfiest items you have in your closet, lounging at home can feel more special when you treat yourself to new clothes. Although you can go out and visit a store near you, buying women’s pajama tops online is easier. At times, online shops offer tops with matching bottoms at affordable prices, giving you an amazing deal. Depending on your preference, you can pick silk tops for a luxurious feel or cotton ones for something comfy.

Give Yourself Some Pampering

Pampering yourself is always a great idea to de-stress, especially during the weekend. If you want a spa-like experience without spending too much, you can always do it at home. You can take a warm bubble bath to help you relax and ease any muscle soreness from a physically-demanding week. Have a DIY facial too while you are at it. Put on a sheet mask to invigorate your skin.

Remember to give your hands and toes some love, too. Trim or file your nails to your desired length and use a wooden stick to remove any dirt under the nails. Buff your nails to improve the blood circulation on the nail bed. If you enjoy applying nail polishes, buff your nails for a smoother surface the polish can adhere to. Otherwise, you can add some cuticle oil and apply lotion to keep your hands and feet soft and well-moisturized.

Clear Out Clutter

Indulging yourself with little luxuries is just one way to do self-care. Some people find that cleaning their home is also therapeutic and may opt to spend their weekend clearing their space instead. When you have so much clutter lying around, it can add to your stress. It can also reduce your energy as well as affect your ability to think clearly. On the other hand, decluttering your space can improve your sense of well-being.

You don’t need to spend the entire weekend cleaning your home; just pick one area or a section in your home to tidy up. It can be as simple as going through the stack of mail, storing the pile of shoes by the entryway, or cleaning the kitchen countertops. Alternatively, you can devote 20 minutes per cleaning session. Set a timer for 20 minutes and dedicate it to decluttering a portion in your space. Once time is up, rest for at least 10 minutes before setting another 20-minute timer. Having timed windows can make the chore feel less overwhelming and encourage you to complete the tasks more.

Take a Walk in Nature

While it might be tempting to have a lazy weekend spent lying in bed or on the couch, moving around can help you feel good and stay physically healthy. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, you can just take a walk to a nearby park and soak in as much nature as you can. It can help boost your mood, reduce stress, and make you feel calmer. It’s best to go out for a walk early in the morning so you can get a healthy dose of vitamin D without overdoing your sun exposure. It won’t just promote bone health, but can also keep your circadian rhythm in sync—which can improve your sleep.


Meditation has long been considered an important self-care practice. It provides quality time to connect with your inner self and do some self-reflection. It also helps you unwind and improve your satisfaction with life. By being more in-tune with your body and your wants, you become more aware of what is happening in your life. Thus, you discover the things that can make you joyful.

If you find it difficult to sit still, listen to a guided meditation or some meditative music to help you during your sessions. Another option is to practice mindfulness by focusing on your breathing and observing your surroundings. Pay attention to the things you hear and feel to help you clear the mind of your worries.

Do Nothing

Sometimes, a self-care weekend does not involve any activities at all. It can be as simple as enjoying some quiet time for yourself without thinking about tasks or chores. Relish every single moment of the weekend and let your mind wander. Sip on that cup of coffee a little longer than you usually do or spend a few minutes simply zoning out to some music. Even if the activity isn’t productive, if it feels good and improves your mood, go ahead and do it.

Different people have various ideas or ways by which they practice self-care, so focus on doing the activities that work well for you. If you are running out of ideas or want to try something new, try the suggestions above but don’t feel constrained to them. As long as the activity can help you relax and de-stress, then do what feels good and comfortable for you. Remember, you deserve it!

A Guide to Creating a Bespoke Study Space for your Kids

Children tend to prefer going out to play or staying glued to gadgets than sitting down to read. Some even have short concentration spans, making it challenging to finish their homework. You can encourage them to complete their school assignments by creating a fun and comfortable study space that will make them hate their tasks a little bit less. The following article will provide you with tips on creating a bespoke study space for your kids.

Ensure adequate lighting Set their work desk next to a window where they can get ample natural light and avoid squinting. Ensure that the outside view does not shift your child’s focus from studies. Ensure that the overhead lighting is sufficient and place a table lamp to supplement the general lighting in the room. If your child needs an internet connection, ensure that the connection is strong without any disruptions.

Follow ergonomic rules

Your child’s work table should be at waist length and allow them to rest their elbows without hunching over. Ensure their feet can rest flat on the floor and place their computer screen thirty inches away from their face. Place a rolled blanket on their lower back to ease pressure and reduce soreness.

Avoid distractions

Please switch off the television during study time to prevent them from being distracted. Keep their noisy gadgets and toys away from their sight until they have completed their work. If your child works best in a noisy area, carve out a workspace for them in the living or dining area where you can control the noise to a manageable level.

Keep their space clutter-free

Ensure that your child’s workspace is neatly organized to enhance motivation and prevent them from being distracted by clutter. Invest in a kids desk with storage to stash their books and supplies. Help your child be organized and keep up with deadlines and reminders by creating a bulletin board or using sticky notes. If your teen uses a laptop or computer, ensure you arrange the tabletop to create space for paperwork.

Personalize their study space

Decorate your child’s work table with art they made themselves and add bright and colorful accents. Adding a personal touch to their workstation will give them a sense of ownership and brighten their mood. Assign them the responsibility of returning their books and supplies once they finish reading.

Provide the necessary supplies

Keep supplies such as pens, markers, paper, crayons and chalk in the same room and in a place where they are easily accessible. Schools nowadays encourage students to participate in DIY projects in posters, charts, and presentations to boost their creativity and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Set the right ambiance

You could opt for a makeshift black or whiteboard to facilitate tutoring sessions. Choose a seating arrangement that provides utility and comfort, but not too much comfort that they end up falling asleep. Create an ambiance that will let them know that it is time for serious business when they are in their study space.

Wrapping up

We hope that this article has been resourceful and that you will use these recommendations to help your child in their learning process. Spruce up their space to encourage them to study right from an early age.

Best Herbs For Hydroponic Home-Gardeners

As hydroponics becomes a gardening trend, most homeowners want to try their hand at it. Hydroponic gardening lets you experience the joy of growing plants even if you do not have a conventional growing space. Not to mention, these systems are resource-saving and eco-friendly as you can grow without soil. Herbs make an ideal candidate to grow hydroponically because they are small and fast-growing. Experts believe that they have a more potent smell as compared to their soil-grown counterparts. But some herbs do better with this growing system than others. Here is a list of the best ones for hydroponic home-gardeners.


Chefs acclaim basil for its freshest flavor and healthy essential oils that make it perfect for everyday cooking. It is also one of the easiest options to grow hydroponically. You can easily create ideal conditions such as a sheltered place and plenty of warmth and light indoors. It can be propagated by stem cuttings. The recommended nutrient solution pH for the herb is 5.5. Make sure you keep harvesting the plant and do not let it flower.


Another herb that thrives in a water-based growing system is parsley. You cannot imagine cooking without its fresh flavor, so make sure you have it in your gardening checklist. Like basil, it requires a nutrient solution with pH 5.5 for healthy growth. The best part is that it is a low-maintenance herb, and the warm temperature and plenty of light are enough to keep it thriving. Parsley can even survive freezing temperatures, making it a sturdy one to grow.


Surprisingly, hydroponics make an excellent option for cannabis home growers as the system lets them grow indoors. It also offers a hygienic environment for organic plants. Not to mention cannabis plants grow a lot faster when you cultivate them hydroponically. All you need is a proper kit to get started. It is a good idea to invest in Centurion trimmers as you will need them down the line. The machine works for trimming both wet and dry material. So you can prepare your stash at home and even sell it, provided you are in a legal state.


Mint is a strong herb that grows fast and is almost disease-free. It is as good with hydroponics as with conventional gardening. Growing mint indoors is all about ensuring it gets adequate light because it requires 12 and 16 hours daily. The pH range should be between 5.5 and 6.5. Fresh air and high humidity during the rooting phase are some other factors you need to ensure.


If you are a herbal tea lover, growing chamomile at home is a good idea. The herb does well with hydroponic gardening, and you can go ahead without second thoughts. While this plant loves the sun, it can do well even with only 4 hours of light every day. If you use grow lights indoors, you need not worry about long bills. Warmer climates are ideal for this aromatic herb.

Experimenting with hydroponic gardening requires the choice of the right plants. Follow this list, and you can have a thriving garden at home.

5 Winter Hacks That The Happiest People Rely On

Winter is about food, family, and family get-togethers. When there is so much to indulge in, you will probably expect it to be the happiest time of the year. But it seldom is because winter blues are not just a phrase; they happen for real as people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) when temperatures dip and sunshine wanes. The holiday workload can make things even more stressful as you have to juggle between guest lists, shopping, and party planning. But you can beat winter blues with the right attitude and some simple wellness measures. Here are the secrets that the happiest people rely on to cruise through the harsh weather.

Soak up the sun

Soaking up the sun can do wonders for your body and brain in the season. It is a natural source of vitamin D, which is essential in more than one way. Natural light perks your mood and makes you more productive. Studies show that exposure to sunlight also helps you sleep better at night by releasing serotonin in the brain. Just make sure to step outdoors and get plenty of sunshine when you can.

Play your favorite music

Create a playlist of your favorite tracks when the sun isn’t around. You will definitely feel energized even on the darkest and coldest days. Music elevates your mood, enhances cognitive performance, and reduces stress levels. Your brain responds to music by releasing dopamine, which curbs anxiety levels and promotes a sense of well-being. Moreover, upbeat music keeps your workout motivation levels on top.

Indulge in cannabis

The happiest people often rely on natural stress relief for staying a step ahead of winter blues. Cannabis can be your best friend as many people see it as a wonderful wellness aid that is legal as well. You can pick a CBD-high strain and buy a simple-to-use pipe from fat buddha glass to get started. A small session every evening soothes your muscles and relaxes your mind, making you happy even after a stressful day at work.


Happy people meditate for fifteen minutes every day. Consider it a mental exercise to keep your brain fit and healthy. All you need is a quiet corner in your house and some practice, and you can get a positive energy flowing. Making meditation a part of your daily routine may be tricky, to begin with. But you will soon want to make a conscious effort to do it after a few sessions.

Declutter your living space

Another winter hack that works for keeping you happy during the season is a weekly declutter for your living space. Purge the stuff you no longer need, be it furniture, clothes, books, or toys. You need not wait for things to be old and forlorn to eliminate them. Just pick anything you do not need and create more vacant space. Even better, giving away stuff to someone in need will bring festive cheer for you and them.

Happy people do not work hard to feel good during winters. Just follow these hacks, and you can have a lovely season just like them.

Four Florida Beach Destinations Near Alabama

You might think a fabulous vacation requires traveling to another region of the US or another country, but sometimes you just don’t have time for that. You still need to get away, maybe for the weekend. Alabama’s neighboring state of Florida offers many great quick vacation spots, and you don’t have to fight the crowds in Miami for a lovely trip.

Where to Vacation for a Long Weekend

Here are my local knowledge recommendations for the best options for a quick getaway. Each one provides little travel time to maximize the time you get to spend enjoying sightseeing, sunning, and dining out.

Pensacola, FL

You can drive from southern Alabama to the Florida beach city from Pensacola, FL. If the weekend proves too chilly for a swim, you still have plenty to do, including exploring historic neighborhoods, canoeing or kayaking, visiting the museums, Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site, and two amusement parks. Other fun options include the prowl scavenger hunt at Pensacola Beach and the city’s multitude of inshore fishing charter options. Take an organized tour of its landmarks or the ghosts and graveyard tour of the city, which includes its spookier history. You can drive to this destination

from Decatur in northern Alabama in a little more than five hours. You can fly there in just 34 minutes. Many hotels on the beach offer vacation packages or weekend getaway rates. If you have a few days, you can find accommodations on the beach for $400 to $800 for a five-night stay.

Tallahassee, FL In Tallahassee, one of Florida’s best family vacation spots, you can explore museums, historic homes and plantations, and two major parks. Explore Cascades Park and Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. The city offers diverse museums, including one devoted to classic cars, the Tallahassee Museum, devoted to the history and culture of the area. A few don’t miss sights include Piney Z Bridge, Mission San Luis, and the Apalachee Council House. You can plan your own trip or purchase a package. The latter option typically designs its package for two adults but check the details because many hotels let children stay in the room or suite for free.

Gainesville, FL

I know from my Etsy store, Simply Sweet Creations, that my readers love college football and not just Alabama. (Roll Tide!) Many fans of the Florida Gators, Arkansas Razorbacks, and Tennessee Volunteers also shop there. It so happens that Gainesville makes a terrific vacation spot during other seasons besides football. You can vacation on the shores of Lake Newnans, staying in an Airbnb, hotel, or rental home. The lake offers water sports, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing and photography opportunities, biking, and horseback riding. While it’s a roughly eight-hour road trip from Decatur, AL to Gainesville, FL, you can fly there in less than one hour. That leaves a lot of weekend time to enjoy. If you’re one of the many Alabamans who now have a prescription for medical marijuana, you won’t have to worry if you run out or forget to pack enough. Florida also offers dispensaries, and you can find three Florida dispensary locations close to the lake using WeedMaps on the web or its Android/Apple apps.

Jacksonville, FL

Florida’s largest city in total area and population, Jacksonville, offers gorgeous beaches and 80,000 acres of urban parks. Driving there takes an eight and a half hour road trip, nine in bad traffic, but you can fly there from Decatur with a flight time of 51 minutes. During the fall, you can catch an NFL game since the Jacksonville Jaguars call the city home. Even if you go on a road trip to this fair city, park your car at your hotel or Airbnb and take the city’s water taxis instead. You can travel the city’s 1,100 miles of navigable waters via the St. Johns River Taxi, which offers multiple downtown stops on its 30-minute loop. If you bring your family with you, visit Huguenot Memorial Park, where you can drive on the sand. It offers parking on the beach, which makes it easy to unpack your sand and surf gear. Don’t miss Big Talbot Island State Park, with its maritime forest a mile-long driftwood collection called “Boneyard Beach.” You can fish from the pier at the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier. You have plenty of hotel options in Jacksonville, and they cost little for vacation. According to Tripadvisor, you can find hotels for less than $75 per night among the city’s top ten hotels as ranked by consumers who stayed there. These hotels offered lovely rooms, great amenities, and terrific customer service.

Start Planning

While all of the other cities in Florida remain a bit out of driving range, you can find a weekend getaway in any of these four cities. If you choose Gainesville, the only spot that’s not in the Panhandle, you can choose to stay in the city or nearby Lake Newnans for a countryside feel.

You’re not stuck with one standard vacation when you choose a Florida getaway. You can plan something nice for just the weekend or nab a week-long vacation for just a few hundred dollars.

Great Paper Mache Ornaments You Should Consider Buying

If You Think Paper Mache IS Simply Something That Children Use At School, Think Again. These paper Mache Ornaments Will Amaze You

What Is a Paper Mache?

Paper mache is often a great way to keep kids amused. It is made using old newspapers which are soaked in a mixture of flour, salt, and lukewarm water. It’s worth noting that the salt is added to help prevent the finished object from going mouldy.

Of course, making the paper mache is only part of the process. You then need to carefully stick it to a structure in order to create the desired shape. It’s possible to leave the frame inside the finished object or to create a design that allows the frame to be removed.

Once the paper mache has dried and set into position it is possible to paint it. As you can appreciate, this process can be done by anyone. But, to make stunning paper mache ornaments you’ll need some experience and plenty of imagination, as well as a steady hand!

The Professional Touch

If you are looking to get stunning paper mache ornaments then the secret is to choose a supplier that cares passionately about the ornaments they are creating and the creative process. Fortunately, this is easy as the Original Venice Shop offers an array of stunning paper mache ornaments that will appeal to anyone and everyone.

You simply need to spare a little time to see what they can produce and how they are made. It really is an art.

The Paper Mache Ornaments Available

You’ll find an array of items made with paper mache. In fact, you may be surprised by what is on offer.

Venetian Face Mask

The Venetian face mask is always a good choice for a masked ball. But, it can also be a stunning ornament, simply choose the one or ones you want and hang them on your wall! These Venetian face masks are handcrafted using paper mache and paint. That’s a labour of love.

Hot Air Balloons

Perhaps one of the best paper mache ornaments you’ll find is the hot air balloon. These structures are made entirely of paper mache and look stunning. All you have to do is choose the colour and size that you like.

Hanging Ornaments

Paper mache is the perfect material to make hanging ornaments from. It’s light and can be painted in a variety of colours. This allows you to create a personalized paper mache ornament that can be used over and over again, transforming your home every time you use it.

Final Thoughts On Paper Mache Ornaments

Above is simply a small sample of the paper mache ornaments you should consider buying and

adding to your home décor. The range is virtually limitless as paper mache can be used to create virtually any shape. It is surprisingly strong when set and incredibly light, allowing you to purchase unique and beautiful paper mache ornaments that will last for years.

Can a roof vent be installed outside the house?

Installing a roof vent is often done to help alleviate problems with moisture buildup inside the house. A roof vent should never be installed outside the house, as this will cause major problems with moisture, snow accumulation, and ice dams. This blog post will teach you the common mistakes people make when installing a roof vent so you can avoid making them yourself.

What is a roof vent?

A roof vent is an outer cover that is installed on the top of your roof. It’s designed to relieve an attic space of excess heat and moisture. Installing a roof vent is often done to help alleviate problems with moisture buildup inside the house. The vent should never be installed outside the house, as this will cause major problems with moisture, snow accumulation, and ice dams.

Can a roof vent be installed outside the house?

Installing a roof vent outside your house can cause major problems. For example, snow and ice will accumulate on the vent, and it will likely become clogged with snow and ice. This can cause ice dams and eventually leaks.

It’s also important to note that a roof vent isn’t intended to let cold air in your house during the winter. Installing a roof vent outside your house will cause your furnace to work harder to keep the home warm.

A roof vent should be installed at the peak of your roof, not outside the house. If you’re experiencing moisture buildup inside your home, installing a roof vent is a good option for you. But it should never be installed outside the house.

Choosing the right location for the vent

The first step of installing a roof vent is choosing the right location for the vent. If you choose the wrong place, you may find yourself having to remove the vent entirely.

One common mistake people make when installing a roof vent is installing the vent too close to the roof’s edge. This is a bad idea, as snow accumulation can clog the vent, leaving it unable to work correctly. Even worse, snow could fall into your house due to this mistake.

A second common mistake is putting vents on the same side of the home. This will cause ice dams to form on one side of your house. Ice dams are essentially large chunks of ice that form on your roof and effectively prevent water from flowing away from your home.

To prevent any of these mistakes from happening, it’s important to take measurements of your roof before installation. As well as consider what type of shingles are on your roof. This will help you determine the best location for your roof vent.

Using window opener and window closer

Aside from installing a roof vent, it’s also essential for you to have a window opener and a window closer so you can easily access natural and fresh air to add to better air circulation. With window openers and window closers, you can conveniently control your windows and let the air in without relying too much on roof vents.

Final Thoughts

Installing a roof vent is an easy DIY project for homeowners. However, not all homeowners know how to install a vent correctly. The wrong installation could lead to major problems in the future, like moisture buildup and ice dams. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you feel confident in your ability to install your very own roof vent.

What Is The Best Way To Clear A Bathtub Drain?

Hair and dirt can clog the bathtub drain. Often, they reach deep into the drain and get stuck, creating a foul odour as well. Usually, long hair wraps around the cross on the bottom of the drain body. But you need to install a strainer to catch shorter hair.

If you have a hair catcher assembly and yet cannot clear the drain all by yourself, you may have to call a plumber. In that case, try contacting several companies as you might not find someone available on the spot. Not every professional offers emergency unblocking to clear drains London on a Saturday night.

The Best Way to Clear a Bathtub Drain

You can use special tools to remove the blockage of hair that is clogging the drain. In detail, there is a metallic stick with a little brush on the end that works wonders. Just stick it down the drain to grab the hair and pull it out.

Stores sell different versions of hair clog remover tools. But you can also use a wire laundry hanger and cut it with pliers. After you bend the tip in the shape of an L, your homemade tool is ready to go down the drain and remove the blockage.

When removing hair from a blocked drain, keep a mask on to avoid smelling what is below. As any BDS drainage expert will tell you, even professional plumbers with over ten years of experience can start dry-heaving when exposed to such smells.

Other Methods to Unclog Your Bathtub Drain

The Plumbing Snake

Plumbers use a drain snake to unclog the bathtub drain. That is, a tool that you can feed deep into the piping system. Here are the instructions:

1. Turn the tap on and put a little bit of water in the bathtub to test for drainage.

2. Wear gloves and use the hair clog remover tool to clear the space underneath the drain.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver and take the top part of the bathtub off to access the overflow.

4. Insert the drain snake inside the overflow and keep pushing and twisting it with the dial

5. Once you get in, you may have to loosen up the locking system before feeding the snake inside. Some models come with a safety lock.

6. Keep feeding the drain snake into the pipe until you feel it stop because of the blockage.

7. Lock the cable in place

8. Rotate the dial and push the snake for a minute or until you feel the blockage coming off.

9. Pull the snake back. Use a paper towel to avoid muck splatters as you remove the cable tip from the overflow.

10. Use a box cutter to cut twisted hair around the tip of the drain snake.

Chemical Drain Openers

Drain cleaners use acid to unblock or corrode the blockage. Given that these products are readily available in most stores, people tend to use them. But while they might work, they are known to cause long-term damage to your pipes. So, use them sparingly and strictly follow the instructions.

10 Ways to Deal with Divorce When You Don’t Want It

“I just found out that my husband filed for divorce. I don’t understand anything; we’ve been so happy together! Is there anything I can do that stops divorce?” this question we’ve received from our reader Kathy this morning.

An unwanted divorce hurts a million times more. It breaks your heart, destroys your self-esteem, and knocks the bottom out of you. But, Kathy, stopping it might not be the best option. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t want you anymore? You may try different sneaky tactics to force your spouse to stay with you. But it’s likely to leave you high and dry.

Instead, learn how to cope with a divorce you don’t want. And let the faith decide.

Avoid Rash Decisions

When your heart has been ripped out, taking revenge on the offender is so tempting. Unfortunately, rash actions can only hasten the unwanted process.

How to deal with a divorce when you don’t want it? First, keep yourself under control. A one-night stand or a spree can really be effective in changing your partner’s mind. But not in the way you’d like it to be. Cry it through, drink it through, talk it through with your BFF. But then, pull yourself up.

Find Out the True Reason

Divorce never comes out of nowhere. They may be not that obvious to you, but there are always signs of the coming up storm. Your job is to see them.

Don’t accept the cheesy “the love is gone”. Ask your partner what the real reason for their decision is. You may not like the answer. But knowing what really drives your spouse can help you fix the situation. Or at least try.

Tell Your Partner About Your Feelings

Once you regain control over your emotions, try to talk with your spouse openly and honestly. Tell them how you feel. It’s not the time to appeal to their conscience, blackmail or blame them, or try to affect their decision in any other way. This will only make them even more uncompromising.

Instead, say straight: “I don’t want a divorce”. And ask your partner if they’d like to try marriage therapy. Often, it’s not the person people don’t love anymore, but the kind of relationship they have.

Avoid Living Separately

Separation is the first step to divorce. If you want to save your marriage, don’t agree to live separately when your spouse offers you this. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop them from moving out of your family nest. But at least, your own decision won’t facilitate a sooner divorce.

Stop Being an Open Book

It’s hard to stay a mysterious stranger for your partner after a few years of marriage. Unfortunately, it may play a dirty trick on you – from simple “got bored” to a literally staged divorce. You may not even know that everything you say or do has been carefully planned by your spouse to make you guilty of divorce.

Try to be less predictable. Think about how you could have reacted in a specific situation and do differently. Such brain-teasers may even awake the long-gone passion in your spouse.

Don’t Cave in

Avoid “I would do anything for you” attitude. First, it won’t save your marriage for long, if at all. No one likes spineless people. Second, it will make you so unhappy that you yourself will start begging for a

divorce. No relationship is worth breaking yourself and denying what you love. If your partner issues an ultimatum about either you change or else, think twice whether you really want to be in this relationship.

Nurture Yourself

If it’s still happening, how to deal with a divorce when you don’t want it? Start caring more about yourself than you do about your pain. Feeling insecure and lost is normal when you’re abandoned. But don’t make pitying yourself the sense of your life.

Left alone is a great time to bring in shape your body, mind, and lifestyle. Start serving delicious meals for yourself, exercise, dress up, visit fun events and meet people. Your life really doesn’t end with divorce. On the contrary, it may be the beginning of a new fantastic adventure!

Keep Yourself Busy

Burying emotions deep is a bad idea. So as crying months and years on end. Find yourself a fascinating activity and your heart won’t have time to hurt anymore. Is there anything you’ve always dreamt of? Now, when nothing holds you back, you can make this happen. Try new hobbies, get a second education, change a job, pursue your boldest ambitions – just don’t sit idle. Time heals, they say. It might be good to make the most of it, too.

Try to Find Benefits

It has nothing to do with being optimistic, thinking positively, or using affirmations. Just naked facts. We know it may be hard to think objectively, but try to analyze everything that happened during your marriage and after. You may suddenly realize that your affection for your partner is nothing more than a mere habit – a fear to change anything. And if you think, there may be more benefits than losses.

You didn’t like your in-laws? Great! Now, you are free from their company. You always wanted to live abroad? You can have it now. You’ve been hurt by your partner always criticizing you? Now, you won’t give them such pleasure. Building a list of pros and cons will help you look at the situation from different angles. You may even see that your partner isn’t worth your tears.

Make Peace with It

Finally, accept the situation and move on. There’s no point in suffering if it changes nothing. If your partner’s decision is final, the best what you can do is let it go. Advice: don’t contest out of spite and file divorce online. This way you’ll protect yourself from financial and bureaucratic stress.

5 Surfaces That Are Suitable For Epoxy Coatings

The versatility of epoxy and its chemical qualities that allow it to attach (stick) to a variety of surfaces continue to amaze us. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, hard-wearing finish like epoxy coatings, you’ll be pleased with the results of JDL surface coatings epoxy.

In spite of the fact that epoxy coatings are quite adaptable, the adhesive qualities of epoxy coatings do have a few restrictions on which surfaces may be used without fear of delamination.

Many businesses rely on epoxy, notably in the flooring and resurfacing sectors, and it is expected to stay so. Surface bonding material or commercial coatings, such as epoxy, can be used to resurface existing surfaces by placing them directly on top of the existing substrate. Using epoxy coatings for resurfacing has been demonstrated to be a reliable material due to its excellent performance as well as its long-term durability. In the foreseeable future, epoxy coatings will continue to evolve.

In this post, we’ll go through the many sorts of hard surfaces that our epoxy experts suggest for epoxy coatings, as well as the ones they don’t. As long as you know which surfaces are suitable with epoxy, you can avoid a lot of waste and reduce any worries about the application not adhering properly.

The epoxy may adhere to a variety of surfaces, but not all of them are suitable for everyone.

When it comes to spaces where there is minimal space for error without squandering time and materials, enthusiasm alone can only go you so far. Resurfacing jobs might be a challenge for some people who aren’t skilled enough to do the more demanding chores that need professional knowledge and expertise. All hard surfaces may be adhered to epoxy coatings, each with its own benefits and limitations, without a doubt.

However, not all of the following hard surfaces are suitable for all epoxy coating applications:

Recommendation #1: Concrete

When applying epoxy coatings, bare concrete surfaces are the most common and preferred option. Before applying epoxy, the concrete must be completely cured (and prepped). Make sure there are no old coatings or previous surface applications left.

Concrete preparation gear, such as concrete floor grinders, should be used for concrete flooring assuring proper surface preparation. To grind and profile concrete surfaces, concrete floor grinders use a mix of power and aggressive concrete equipment to achieve the desired results.

Recommendation #2: Granite or Marble

Whether it’s in your home or business, a marble or granite surface adds a sophisticated and luxurious feel to your surroundings. Epoxy coatings may be applied to these surfaces since they are formed of a combination of rock components, crystals, and other minerals.

Because of their high-class appeal, these beautiful surfaces are usually not covered up. Surface scratches and weathering are unavoidable, even with their imperviousness to the elements. In the long run, this will dull the sheen on your surfaces, making them less desirable. Thus, the epoxy coating can extend the overall life expectancy of the floorings.

Recommendation #3: Tile

Tile surfaces have been around for a long time, compared to many of today’s more modern flooring alternatives. It has also emerged as a new need for attractive, long-lasting, and seamless epoxy coatings as a result of the modernization of flooring materials.

Epoxy coatings can be applied to tile surfaces, although this isn’t always a good idea. The majority of tile surfaces may be coated with epoxy; however, we do not always advocate it for everyone due to the task’s difficulty. This is especially for those new to the profession who may be inexperienced.

More than that, the resurface coating itself is required in huge amounts. The contractor should have extensive experience in the field to handle the project efficiently.

Crack and grout fillers, as well as cementitious overlays, are known as micro-toppings, are among the additional supplies you’ll need. This application requires the use of fillers and engineered cement components.

In order for epoxy coatings to adhere correctly, the surface must be flat, consistent, and homogeneous. Crack and grout filler materials must be used to fill up all the gaps between each tile BEFORE the application achieves this uniformity level. When epoxy coatings are put to the surface of the existing tile, a thicker substance known as engineered cement can be used as an alternative.

Recommendation #4: Ceramic

This combination of hard, brittle, and sturdiness makes ceramic an ideal material for creating a hard surface alternative. Inorganic, non-metallic, frequently crystallized oxide, nitride, or carbide minerals are also commonly used to make ceramics.

Resurfacing materials with severe characteristics, such as those found in ceramic, can endure chemical erosion. It is also known as “porcelain” because of its ability to endure extremely high temperatures.

Epoxy coatings can be applied to ceramic surfaces after they have been cleaned using a chemical solution designed for this purpose. Using a sandpaper or angle grinder, softly sand your ceramic surfaces until they have a contoured surface that epoxy can chemically connect with, then wipe them down with a damp cloth. After that, apply the epoxy coating and wait for it to dry.

Recommendation #5: Wood

In theory, epoxy can adhere to wood, however some varieties of wood can cause the epoxy to fail to adhere effectively. It’s possible to get better results by using a specialized product like wood primer on the surface, but there are no guarantees.

When it comes to epoxy coatings, wood surfaces may be a real wildcard for individuals who are new to the field or just untrained. There must be no loose panels, gaps, or evidence of buckling on the wood surfaces in order for the epoxy to bond correctly. For the application to operate, the whole sub-surface beneath wood surfaces must be solid, non-expandable surfaces.

Summing Up!

Epoxy coating performance depends on the cleanliness and preparation of the surface and the surrounding circumstances during preparation, application, and curing.

Temporary climate control solutions are used when a regulated environment such as a factory is not accessible for the epoxy surface painting procedure. We hope that this guide has helped you make the final decision whether you should opt for epoxy coatings or not.