How to deal with termite infiltration in your home?

If you are having issues with pests at home, there is no need to worry because you are not alone. You may not need to worry about being alone in misery, but you do need to worry about the problem of pests because of the inconspicuous nature of these various types of assailants.

One can easily be fooled into oblivion because of the tiny size of pests, but in reality, smaller they are, harder they hit. Resultantly, termites being minuscule, have the potential to pose the biggest threat to homeowners, because they silently eat up all the valuable furniture and other wooden structures.

Therefore, in the face of this threat, you must be aware of all the necessary strategies required to deal with termite infiltration in your home.

1. Be Proactive

Do not wait for termites to eat away at your woody valuables; in fact, hound for these little naggers in every nook and corner of your home. Check out the hollowness of different wooden structures and test their strength by pushing the screwdriver into the wood. You can also physically see the termites by shining a torchlight on the potentially hazardous areas.

2. Find out the type of termites:

There are mainly two types of termites; one is subterranean, and the other one is dry wood. It is vital to identify their type because each of these species requires different exterminating treatments.

3. Create a cardboard trap:

Once you have identified an affected area, get a couple of pieces of cardboard, soak them in water, and place them adjacent to the affected area. It is a perfect trap for termites because they feed on cellulose. Moreover, when the adjoining cardboard gets infected, take it out and set it on fire. Repeat the whole procedure again and again so that all the termites are exterminated from the affected area.

4. Give your infected furniture a sunbath:

Like vampires, termites love to stay in the dark, therefore, take your furniture out of the house for sunbathing that should last ideally for at least two to three days. Coupling this process with cardboard traps can prove to be considerably useful in the extermination of termites.

5. Freeze your infected pieces of furniture:

Termites are unable to stay alive in extreme temperatures and therefore, can be frozen to death by keeping the pieces of furniture in the freezer. Although it can get tricky to put large pieces of furniture in the freezer, this method works fine with the smaller pieces.

6. Use Boric Acid:

Boric acid attacks the nervous system of termites and therefore acts as the most popular pesticide to kill termites. To apply, spray or spread the boric acid on the affected areas of the wooden bodies and let it do its job.

7. Hire a professional:

If you are finding it challenging to handle a termite infestation on your own, you can seek help from a competent professional to get O’fallon termite services.

In a nutshell, never take termites for granted because they can eat your household’s valuables inside out, and in case of termite emergency, use the strategies mentioned above to save your home from the wrath of these buggers.

3 Tips to Keep Your Home Well-Maintained this Winter

Winter might be the best time of the year, but it can be very harsh, especially where the temperature can reach below zero degrees. For homeowners, it is the time of the year to step up their home maintenance game as there is a lot to do in this brutal season. Even a single storm can cause over $1 billion in damages. If you want to avoid any expensive repairs, make sure you are all geared up for winters. However, it is not easy to figure out what exactly you can do to prepare and protect your house from cold weather. If you are here to learn about that, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. To protect and maintain your home, heed these tips mentioned below in this article.

Check Your Gutter and Drainage

Winter always comes with substantial rainfall, so you want to be prepared. While cleaning out gutters might not seem like a fun job, but it is definitely a must-do task as it can save you money in the long run. When you are keeping the gutter maintained, you are making sure that you don’t have to spend money again and again to replace them. Plus, well-maintained gutters also reduce the chance of roof damage. It is because a clogged gutters can overflow and sometimes break, which also puts the strain. Therefore, it is essential to clean and maintain gutters in winters so no ice is filled in them or they are not clogged.

Watch Out for Snow Accumulation

In winters, snow accumulation is one of the many problems homeowners have to face. If the snow is not removed quickly after the storm or when it builds on the roof, it is easy to lose control of your property. Residential snow removal service comes recommended as it can clear up snow build-up to the front of the house, exhaust vents, all air intakes, and any electrical appliance located outside. In addition to the removal of snow from your home, you need to make sure that you are removing snow from the sidewalks as well. For this particular task, you can call any Sidewalk Snow Removal service as they get the job done faster and easier.

Seal Leaky Windows and Doors

You want to ensure that all the leaking doors and windows are adequately sealed. For checking whether or not they are sealed, you need to close and open them. If you notice any gap between the seals while closing the lock, then you know that they need to be repaired or replaced. For old windows and doors, you can add new weather-stripping, and the best one to choose out of other options is the bronze one.

Once you have done that, now you need to look for air leaks. If there are leaks, you can choose foam tape, felt, tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone to ensure a maximum seal.

5 Safety Tips for First-Time Parents

When you become a parent for the first time, it’s as if the world suddenly becomes a terrifying place. In one moment, everything is normal. But when you see that line on a pregnancy test, it’s as if the world around you changes.

So, what do you do to protect your children from this increasingly scary world?

Making sure your home is safe is a priority.

Well, here are five safety tips for first-time parents to get you started and set your mind at ease.

1. Baby-Proof Your Home

This is a basic first line of safety for any parent, but it’s an important one. And in all honesty, there’s not a lot of baby-proofing you need to do when you first bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital. It’s when they start crawling that you have to get to work on the baby-proofing. Round out any sharp edges, give the baby a safe space to crawl and explore, and get locks for the cabinets. You don’t want baby to get into anything that could be harmful.

2. Get Safe Crib Bedding

Much like car seats, trends in crib bedding have changed quite a bit in the past few years. Today, experts recommend that you either avoid bumpers or use mesh ones. Avoid blankets, pillows, and any other items in your baby’s crib. These measures are in an attempt to reduce your child’s chances of SIDS. Also, when it comes to your baby’s mattress, try to avoid anything that’s very plush. You want your baby to be comfortable, but a firm mattress is best.

3. Get a New Car Seat

There are many items we can accept as hand-me-downs. Car seats typically aren’t one of them, and there are two reasons for this. First, a car seat does expire. If you are using an older car seat, flip it over to check the expiration date. The expiration date will vary based on the manufacturer, but they typically last about 7 years. The second reason you should get a new car seat is that you can’t really know how that seat has been handled. For example, if the car seat was installed and the driver had a car accident, it’s integrity may have been compromised. Or, if the car seat was checked as baggage on a flight, it was likely compromised.

4. Set Your Water Heater to 120 Degrees

Bath temperature is something new parents stress about, and fortunately, this can be an easy fix. If you have access to your water heater, set the temperature to 120 degrees to prevent accidental scalding. You’ll certainly be careful, but this tip can set your mind at ease.

Bringing a new baby home is exciting, fulfilling, and nerve-wracking at the same time. But just remember that you aren’t the first parents to do it and you won’t be the last. With a few safety precautions, you can keep that bundle of joy safe and healthy. Whether you’ll get any sleep is another thing entirely — but as everyone always says, it really is all worthwhile.

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Garden Furniture Style Guide For Beginners

Perhaps the first thing you see before entering the front door of your home is your garden. Many homeowners take pride in the appearance of their front and backyards. You might even feel envious of looking at your neighbors’ beautiful gardens. Give your garden a makeover by reading the following three tips to help make your yard look professionally-designed with the right furniture, even if you’re still a beginner at designing lawns.

1. Plan and Create a List

Take a few moments and look at your front or backyard. Visualize the fruits of your labor after you finish adding the right outdoor furniture for your lawn.

But don’t let those ideas stay in your head. Otherwise, you might run the risk of forgetting what you’ve envisioned. Instead, create a list of furniture to add to your garden.

Next, start searching for a reliable garden furniture provider. One excellent place to start is to look at great outdoor furniture from Garden Centre Shopping. Here, you can select from different options like outdoor rattan dining sets, wooden garden benches, and aluminum patio chairs.

Always keep in mind to buy your outdoor furniture from a reliable source. It would help if you gained value from your investment. Otherwise, you would have wasted your money on furniture that won’t suit your garden.

2. Know the Pros and Cons of Furniture Materials

Reclining garden chairs, outdoor dining tables, and patio sofas may look excellent in outdoor spaces. It’s essential to know the materials used in the production of these pieces of garden furniture.

Here are a few of the materials used by outdoor furniture manufacturers to create their products:

● Metal

Metal furniture may provide a classic aesthetic when placed on your front or backyard. This vintage look channels an industrial vibe that offers a visual appeal for homeowners looking to mix traditional and modern outdoor design.

This material may offer high strength and excellent durability. Metal outdoor furniture might survive the harsh elements better than other outdoor equipment made from different materials.

However, metal can become a conductor of heat and cold, which means your skin might get cold when you sit on a steel patio chair. Conversely, you put your skin at risk of burning if you touch metal garden furniture during a hot summer day.

● Wood

Accent your garden with Mother Nature’s natural gifts by complementing your yard with wooden furniture. Wood presents lawns with organic texture and vibrant colors.

Opt to install pieces of furniture made from dense wood. The material helps the outdoor equipment withstand harsh weather. But many types of wood are susceptible to warping and rotting. Thus, wooden furniture might need more maintenance than other materials like metal.

● Rattan

Rattan furniture makers use woven palms or synthetic substitutes to create garden equipment offering casual beauty. Many household members and guests might find sitting or lying on this material to be a relaxing experience.

One advantage of using rattan furniture is its natural finish. Its design may go well with other existing lawn equipment. However, this material is susceptible to damage, especially from the cold. Adding upholsteries to protect rattan might become additional investments to property owners.

3. Follow a Budget

Albeit the garden might be the first thing to see before entering your home, don’t spend your life savings on buying expensive pieces of outdoor furniture.

Follow a strict spending allowance when shopping the market for garden equipment. But it doesn’t mean that you should buy cheap furniture to help you save a few bucks. Remember, inexpensive gear might help you save money, but the equipment might not last as long as you initially hoped.

Aim to buy quality furniture at a reasonable price. Take time and search around the market for excellent finds. Take advantage of sales from reputable companies. You can also search around your neighborhood for garage and yard sales.

After all, another person’s trash might be your treasure. However, make sure the piece of garden furniture that caught your eye is still in excellent condition. You don’t want to buy a couch only to fall on the grass after sitting on it.

Also, don’t add more items to your cart if you can’t afford it. That garden planter up for sale might look good in your yard, but consider using a DIY option if funds are tight.

Final Thoughts

Follow this garden furniture style guide made for beginners in designing yards. But if you already know a thing or two about designing gardens, consider this post as a refresher course. After buying the furniture you want, make sure to maintain it properly. The investment should last for years, and not a few days or weeks.

8 Features Homes Need When Selling

When people are buying a new home, they focus on a lot of things that determine how much they are willing to pay for the house. To make sure that your house can fetch good value in the market, you need to make sure that your home has some key features present. In this article, eight features that new homes should have in order to have a high selling price are discussed.

Work on your kitchen

You would need to focus on your kitchen if you want to make sure that you can fetch a nice price for your home. Many people who are looking for a new home check the kitchen first. It is helpful if your kitchen is spacious and well furnished. You can apply fresh paint to the wall of your kitchen to make your home look more modern. Add bypass door hardware along with interior bypass barn doors in your house to change the look in your home and make it more inviting. You can also make changes to your kitchen door using the hardware to make it look more stylish and elegant.

Provide the buyers with a home warranty

Providing buyers with a home warranty can increase the price of the home significantly. It is important to lay out the terms of the home warranty to the buyers properly so they have a clear understanding of what kind of free repairs they would get and what they won’t get. It provides buyers with a lot of conveniences. A home warranty is different from home insurance as it provides protection against any damage to the home appliances.

Work on minute small details

If you want to sell your house and attract the best buyers, you need to do some work on it that won’t cost much but would need a lot of effort from you. Clean the house properly and make sure that all the different furniture is placed properly in the house. You can keep the decor simple and elegant so people are more interested in buying the house.

Improve the look of the house

Make sure that there are no personal items in your home while you are showing the clients your house and also make sure that your house has enough lighting. You can also get rid of the furniture that is gigantic and bulky. Keep your closets organized. Make the bathroom look like a spa for the guests.

Make sure that your home runs on less electricity

Electric bills are a big concern for the buyers and all the buyers want to make sure that they buy a house the electricity consumption is very low. Keeping the electricity cost of your home low is a major selling point for your house. It has been found that the homes which have a higher cost of electricity might drive people away who are interested in buying the home. You can use LED

lights in your home to save electricity and smart appliances that run on lower power and have the ability to save electric energy. It is also helpful for the environment as well if you can reduce the use of electricity.

Work on the outdoors

Make sure that the outdoor area is used as well. Many people forget to make use of the outdoor area they have at their home. Even if there is little space outside, you can make good use of that space. You can make a nice area by adding some chairs and tables for the guests to have a conversation. Add some lighting to the outdoor as well to make it look nicer and more elegant. You might want to throw in an outdoor heater or fire pit.

Use smart technology in your house

Add smart appliances in your home to make your home look more attractive. Smart appliances can replace the old and bulky appliances that are now outdated and old. The smart appliances take up a lot less space and can provide a modern look for your house. The smart appliances are also more useful and add a lot of value in the life of the people.

Paint is important

It is important to paint your house before you can show it to the clients. Paint makes the house look new and fresh and can attract the customers to buy your house at a higher price. Choose colors that are modern and elegant.

Top Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout Winter

Winter can be a very difficult time when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, especially over the festive period, but it’s important to try and keep certain elements of health and fitness going even when you break for Christmas. Finding the motivation to be active when it’s dark can be a nightmare, just as eating fresh fruit and veg can be hard when there’s warmer, comforting temptations out there. Continue reading to find out how you can maintain a healthy, happy and active lifestyle throughout the winter.

Kick the Carb Cravings

Trying to ignore carbs in winter is almost impossible, with so many comfort foods, treats and gifts packed full of them, but it is possible to try to kick the cravings slightly. Try to start your day with plenty of protein to keep your body going and prevent you from craving unnecessary foods, as this will keep you going until lunchtime and stop you from snacking in-between. Similarly, when you start to crave chocolate or sweet treats, try to switch your focus to something slightly healthier such as fruit or herbal tea, as this will tide you over until your dinner and stop you from consuming too many extra carbs.

Get into the Garden

It may be cold and often wet outside during the winter, but your garden still needs a little TLC at times. We’re not suggesting you head out with the lawnmower and get to work on the grass, but there are certain tasks that you can do (which will keep you active at the same time) that you’ll be grateful for in the new year. One of the easiest tasks to carry out in the garden during the winter months is to simply rake away any unwanted leaves that are gathering up and causing slippery, cluttered paths and walkways. Invest in some quality garden tools to help make the job slightly easier and dedicate an hour a week to tidying up your garden, as being outdoors is also great for keeping your healthier!

Eat the Right Things

There are certain foods that you can add to your diet during the winter to ensure you stay healthier and keep your immune system strong. One of the best foods to eat throughout the winter is mushrooms. Mushrooms are packed full of immune-boosting health benefits that will see you through the cold, wet months. Mushrooms will help you to fight off certain types of illnesses, as well as provide you with plenty of nutrition at the same time.

Try Home Workouts

Getting out of bed in the dark, putting your gym clothes on and heading out in the cold to the gym is never a motivating experience, but what if you could work out from the comfort of your own home? Trying a home workout routine could revolutionise your fitness regime, with so many options available to keep you active and healthy whilst at home. It’s a win win situation!

7 Things to Make Your Home a Peaceful Retreat

When it comes to our homes, most of us are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our most treasured space. However, functional doesn’t always equal comfortable and that’s where these items step in to help. Whether you are looking to spend a lot or a little, these simple items are sure to turn your home into somewhere you can truly relax.

Dreamy Master Bedroom

Your Mattress

According to researchers, the average person spends about 26 years of their life in bed. That is by far the most amount of our life we spend in any one place. This is why it is so important that your master bedroom be as comfortable and peaceful as possible. The most obvious way to achieve that is to ensure you have a comfortable mattress. Like many things in our life, everyone has their own opinion on what makes a mattress comfortable, or what is the best mattress. Knowing the key factors to determine what you will find comfortable is imperative when selecting a mattress.

Mood Lighting

While the master bedroom is definitely used for sleeping, we also use it for other relaxing activities as well such as reading and watching television. Each of these activities requires a different light preference which is why lighting is such an important aspect in making our master bedroom more comfortable. Bright lights are often brash and are not needed for a task such as reading. Instead, consider investing in a lamp that has different brightness levels that you can adjust to your needs.

Comfy Seating Another option to consider is seating in the bedroom. This is important if you don’t like to sit in bed while relaxing. Some seating such as bench seats can also serve as storage which can help in reducing clutter and improving relaxation in your home.

A Soothing Environment

White Noise Machines

White noise machines are often thought of as being helpful to only children or people who live in noisy cities. However, all of us can benefit from a white noise machine. Not only can these machines improve our sleep, but they can also improve our mood when used as background noise when you’re unwinding from a long day at work. Most white noise machines include pre-loaded sounds such as a river flowing, rain, static, or a quiet night with insects chirping. Choose the noise that best suits your mood and don’t be afraid to play around and try out different noise options. You might be surprised by the sound that is most relaxing for you.

Oil Diffusers

Although they have become more popular in recent years, essential oils have been used for hundreds of years. There are many different uses for essential oils, but their effectiveness is often questioned. Whether you believe that essential oils can heal ailments or not, studies prove that certain scents such as lavender can reduce the production of stress hormones thereby allowing your brain to relax. If you are completely skeptical of essential oils and diffusers, you can always invest in a traditional candle. When selecting a candle to help you relax, it is important to ensure that it is created with true lavender.

House Plants

Another item that can dramatically increase the mood in your home is a houseplant. Not only do houseplants create a relaxing atmosphere in a decor sense, but they also have health benefits as well such as dramatically improving the air quality in your home while also reducing stress levels. Worried about your not-so-green thumb? Faux houseplants can have the same relaxing and soothing effect albeit without the air improvement qualities. Another option is succulents or even air plants if you prefer a plant that is low maintenance but still cleanses the air.

Paint Colors

Last but certainly not least, change the paint colors in your home. Natural tones such as beige, grey, and brown can dramatically increase the mood and relaxation quality in your home. Brighter colors such as red, yellow, and green can be hectic and thus make it hard to relax or focus. Some popular neutral colors are Repose Grey and Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams, and Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

Soil Erosion By Numbers: What You Need to Know

Homeowners have many considerations to keep in mind when maintaining their property. Soil erosion is one concern that is easy to overlook, but it is an important issue to understand to protect your property. Erosion occurs when the topsoil on a property loses its connection to the underlying soil. This loss presents a significant risk for the homes located on the soil as loosened topsoil shifts at a higher rate, a situation which can result in structural instability for your home. If your property also contains farm land or garden topsoil, erosion poses additional risks since it can reduce production levels on your property.

Many factors contribute to topsoil retention on a property. While natural effects such as extreme weather cannot be controlled, you can still work to improve your property’s soil stability. Activities such as excessive vegetation removal or overtilling the soil increase your risk of soil erosion. When you identify the problem, you can plan for natural events such as flooding or droughts.

The more informed you are about soil erosion, including its causes and effects, the more prepared you’ll be to protect your property. Understanding fixes such as improving drainage or planting additional ground cover plants to protect loose soil is crucial as a homeowner. Learn essential information for combating soil erosion with the following infographic. When you understand the causes of erosion and the negative effects it can have, you’ll be ready to work on your property to make its soil more secure and protect your home and yard.

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