Discover the Benefits of Switching to a Natural Wood Crib

When you are preparing to welcome your new little miracle of life into the world, there are numerous things you should be considering. From the types of diapers, you are going to put on your baby to the design of the nursery room.

In that nursery room will be one of the most important pieces of furniture to own—a crib. The crib is often regarded as one of the center pieces of furniture to have and they literally come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

So where do you start when it comes to picking the perfect crib? Well, first it is important to know the differences between your options. And next, it is important to consider switching to a natural wood crib for all its numerous benefits.

First, let’s get into the different hardwoods that cribs are made of and why it matters.

What are Cribs Made From?

In general, cribs are made out of various hardwoods. This includes maple wood, oak wood, cherry wood, mahogany wood and birch wood. Even pine has become popular for baby cribs as of late—specifically for the softer wood option it provides. Some of the best pinewood cribs use pine that is actually sustainably sourced from Brazil!

From here, the cribs are usually stained and pained with various finishes. But it is super important to try and get a crib that does not use any toxic materials. Instead, the natural wood cribs provide a much safer bed option and let the natural wood work its magic.

What are the Different Types of Cribs

There are not only various woods that cribs are made with, but equally numerous designs. Here are some of the various designs to consider that come made with natural wood.

1. The Standard Crib

This is the most common crib design that you will find. The standard crib consists of a design that allows for a standard crib mattress to fit within and is quite basic. There are guard rails so the baby does not fall out while sleeping and are designed to be high enough that the baby also can not climb out of it.

2. The Transformational Crib

While there are many benefits of a standard crib, wouldn’t it be great if a crib could also grow with your kid? The great news is that some of the best natural wood cribs are also designed to be transformational. This means that it is literally an all-in-one crib that will grow with your child.

The crib starts out in the size of a miniature for your infant and is great for their naps or evening sleep. From there, the mini crib can grow into a full-size traditional crib. This means that then the mini crib will be able to fit a full-size crib mattress as your infant grows and grows. Finally, the full crib can also then transition to an actual toddle-sized bed. This means that your two or three-year-olds can enjoy their more sophisticated bed as they conquer their bedtime routine.

How great is it that there is a crib that can actually grow and fit your child for a few years? Not only is it practical, but equally sustainable and cost-effective.

Benefits of a Natural Wood Crib

But the benefits of a natural wood crib do not just stop with the transformational crib perk. There are many additional benefits that come with this great pint-sized solution for nursery furniture too.

Here are just a few that will show you the shift to a natural wood crib is the right decision.

1. Made with the Upmost Safety Standards

One of the best reasons to get a natural wood crib is that some of the best brands to make these equally have the best safety standards. As caring parents, you want the peace of mind that the crib is designed to ensure your child sleeps both soundly and safely at night. The best natural wood cribs are JPMA certified and made by family-run businesses in Brazil—ensuring each detail is treated with care and craftsmanship.

2. Get the Best Warranty

Another great benefit of making the switch to a natural wood crib is that going through the best companies that make them also gives you a nearly two-month trial and up to an 18-year warranty. That means that the crib will not just be under warranty for the span of your first newborn’s childhood, but equally, for all the other kids you have afterwares.

3. No Nasties in the Crib

Finally, the natural wood crib means that there are literally no nasties that are coated over it. This means that the crib is free of toxins and is also phthalate safe. With eco-engineered wood, the crib does not get more natural than this!


So what are you waiting for? Why not make the sift to a natural wood crib today?

7 Baby Bath Must-Have Essentials for Your Newborn

Your baby will be ready for their first bath after their umbilical cord has fallen off. For the boys, if you choose to have them circumcised at birth, it would be best to wait till the circumcision site has fully healed. Ideally, bath time is closely followed by a nap, so making this process as soothing and relaxing as possible is essential. You don’t have to wash your young one every day as thrice every week will suffice. Here are a few must-haves during bath time for your newborn.

Cotton washcloth

It is essential to clean inside all the folds and rolls on your baby’s skin when washing your baby. A soft, cotton washcloth will help you scrub your baby down without hurting them. You could use whatever you have around the house, provided pure cotton.

Baby bathtub

From the time your baby is a newborn up until they can use the shower, you will need to get a baby bathtub. This tub shouldn’t be flat and should be at an angle with a non-slip surface and little safety posts to keep your baby from slipping under the water and possibly drowning. You must never leave a baby in a bathtub unattended.

Baby shampoo

You might find that a bit of soap will find its way into your baby’s eyes while you wash their head. To prevent your newborn’s eyes from becoming irritated or watery, we recommend using tear free baby shampoo. These shampoos balance the natural moisture of your young one’s hair and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Soft hairbrush

Newborn babies are born with scaly patches on their scalp, known as cradle caps. You don’t have to worry if your baby has a cradle cap as it is regular. To get rid of it, use a baby hairbrush with soft bristles every day as you shampoo their head until the scalp is clear.

Unscented moisturizer

You must restore moisture to your newborn skin after they are done taking a bath. Though baby shampoos are mild and gentle on their skin, you will still need to apply a moisturizer to prevent dry and flaky skin. Ensure that the moisturizer you buy is unscented to avoid irritating their skin or causing allergies.

Bath toys

Not all babies enjoy getting wet and will throw a massive tantrum when you put them in their tub. An effective way to lure them in for a bath is to use bath toys. Opt for toys with bright colors and exciting shapes to stimulate their senses and make them look forward to taking a bath.

Hooded towel

While a regular towel is good enough, a hooded towel will keep their tiny heads warm after you have gotten them out of their tub. Ensure you get a hooded towel that is perfectly sized for their height so that every inch of their bodies is covered. It would be best to buy one that is pure cotton.

Wrapping Up

Ensure you start with wiping your young one’s face before you proceed to wash their body. Please don’t forget to clean their ears with a damp washcloth and dry in between their toes. Dress them up in warm and comfortable clothes and rock them to sleep.

How Many Newborn Baby Boy Clothes Do You Need?

Whether you are preparing a gift registry or shopping on your own, making sure that you have enough baby clothes is essential. A naked baby might be cute, but they can’t be naked forever.

Do you or a loved one have a baby on the way and are trying to figure out how many newborn baby boy clothes are necessary? Buying baby clothes is an exciting way to prepare for the arrival, and we’ll go over the details here.

Newborn Baby Boy Clothes

The baby boy is on the way, and his closet needs to be filled before he arrives. Newborn clothes come in all colors, prints, and sizes. So, whatever your style and whatever his size, you can be ready to dress him up to look cute and be comfy and warm.

As your baby grows in your tummy your doctor can estimate their birthweight which is a good start point as to how big they’ll be. Despite what the tag might say, not every baby is going to fit in newborn clothes.

Laundry Day

One major deciding factor for many parents when purchasing clothes for their children is how often will you do laundry. And, let’s be realistic here, no new parent is going to do laundry every single day.

Shoot for once a week, that seems pretty reasonable. So, if you change your baby minimal of once a day due to bathtime, or getting milk or other things on their clothes that is two outfits per day.

Two outfits per day times 7 days in the week, we are looking at a minimum of 14 outfits. For those who want their child to wear a wider variety of outfits, that bumps up the number even higher.

Always Pack an Emergency Change of Clothes

Every parent knows that accidents do happen, and they are never at a convenient time. If you are becoming a parent for the very first time you will soon find out what this means.

Babies have no control of their bodily fluids and therefore are unpredictable as to when they will make a mess. The mess might be minor as a small spot on their shirt, or as major as needing an entire outfit change.

The Changing of the Seasons

Depending on what time of year your baby is born, and how close it is until the next season, you will have to accommodate for weather and temperature fluctuations.

For instance, if your due date is in late summer you will want to have short-sleeved shirts, and possibly some shorts. But the next size up should be long sleeves and longer-length pants.

If you live in an area where it is warm during the day, but cooler at night you’ll need a mixed wardrobe. The same goes for those with busy lifestyles where the baby will be in and out of air conditioning or heated spaces.

Plan to fill the gaps with plenty of baby blankets of different weights.

Hungry Little One

Of course, there is a minimum amount of weight that your baby should be gaining each week, and your pediatrician will tell you what that is. But, each baby is different and some may gain more weight than others.

In addition to weight, babies will also grow lengthwise so you may notice that pants can quickly become capri pants. Onesies should have growing room, as well or you will not be able to snap them after a growth spurt.

Don’t hesitate to pack articles of clothing away when they start to get too tight on the baby. Rejoice in your baby growing and update their wardrobe accordingly.

When in Doubt, Go Big As for sizes of clothing for the baby, the advice of many parents and professionals would be to buy big. When in doubt of whether something will fit the baby or not the clothes should be a bit too big rather than too small.

Babies grow at an alarming rate, so there is no doubt that they will quickly grow into anything loose on them. Something too tight will make the baby feel uncomfortable and make them fussy.

Remember that just as with adults clothing, different brands of baby clothes will run differently with their sizing. And, once an outfit is washed there is a chance that it may shrink.

The Wardrobe Breakdown

Let’s break down each article of the wardrobe into how many of each you will need:

● Bibs – a bunch (at least 7)

● Onesies – seven to ten

● Shirts – seven to ten (less if you will use more sleepers)

● Pants – seven to ten

● Shorts – seven (for summer)

● Sleepers – seven (less if you will use pants/shirts)

● Socks – seven

● Hats – a few

● Sweater – a few (for winter)

● Jackets – one

● Shoes – a few pairs

Newborn babies are often covered up with at least one blanket. So, as long as you can regulate the temperature inside of the home to be relatively warm the baby should not need too many layers of clothing.

There is no right way to dress your child and quite often, parents will let their baby be naked other than a diaper, of course. Or just dressed in a onesie.

Thinking Ahead

Eventually, your baby boy will grow out of these cute outfits. Do you have a plan as to what you will do with the organic baby clothes that your child grows out of?

For parents that plan on having more children, the obvious thing to do with the clothes would be to clean them and pack them away.

People who do not plan to have more children should make some sort of plan. Whether you will give them to a friend or family member that is expecting, donate them to a good cause, or plan to sell them at a yard sale or online.

Dressing the Baby Boy

Now that the details of newborn baby boy clothes have been laid out, it is time to lay out your top picks for outfits.

Put a few more on your gift registry than you originally thought you wanted, then come check out some of our other hot topics and stellar advice.

Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer Review

Disclosure: I received free product to help facilitate this posts. Affiliate links are included herein.

A good thermometer is an essential in any household, especially when you have kids!  We always had oral thermometers before Thaxton was born, but when we found out about his arrival we got a couple of thermometers for the forehead. (Because you can never have too many thermometers, in my opinion.)  Recently I had the chance to try the Exergen Temporal Thermometer.

This thermometer is #1 in proven accuracy by more than 70 published clinical studies.  Here are few quick facts:

  • It works as the gentle stroke of the forehead captures naturally emitted heat
  • red LED lights and soft beep indicate a correct scan
  • Arterial Heat Balance computes the correct temperature
  • Safe and easy to use

Why & How So Accurate?

Temporal thermometers are said to be more accurate than ear thermometers and at least as accurate as rectal thermometers.  (They are also safer than these two altneratives.)

And we all know that oral thermometers can be inaccurate if the person has eaten or drank something recently; not to mention, it is impossible to get a baby or small child to hold a thermometer in their mouth (or anywhere else).

The Temporal Artery is directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery and has the constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement.

Exergen Vs. My Other Temporal Thermometers

Other forehead thermometers I’ve tried required the thermometer to be placed on a certain spot on the head to get one reading. (I have one that you have to put between the eyebrows and another that goes in the middle of the forehead.  A simple mistake in placement could lead to inaccuracy with those.  Not to mention, I found myself doing 4 or 5 checks each time and getting different results, which is frustrating.) 

Meanwhile the Exergen thermometer is used by running it over the forehead randomly.  As you move it across the forehead it takes 1,000 readings per second, selecting the most accurate.  (I love that!)

I also like that it beeps and lights up when you scan, so you know you it is working.  The light up feature is also great for checking your little one’s temperature at night.  The thermometer also features a silent mode, which is a big plus if you are checking on a sleeping child.

It’s also very easy to use, and again, I love that you scan over the entire forehead and it gives you an average for the reading. This is way better than than touching it to one spot and hoping you hit it right.

Take a lot at the Exergen Temporal Thermometer to learn more!

Boppy Side Sleeper Maternity Pillow Review

A few months ago I wrote a review for Boppy.  Their infant nursing pillow and positioner is a MUST HAVE for any new mom!  I can’t say enough about how much I loved that product!  And today I am talking a little bit about their maternity pillows, specifically their side sleeper pillow, because I received one for review. BUT they have a variety of pillows available, and I encourage you to check out the Boppy brand and see what they have to fit your unique needs.

Now let me back up for a bit…

When I was pregnant, I started researching all the pregnancy must-haves.  I wondered if I even needed a maternity pillow (especially since some of them are a little expensive).   My mattress, Purple, was doing an excellent job for sure. There was no better option. I did my research and comparisons on and a few other review websites. Anyway, back to the pillow talks. So finally I decided to order a maternity pillow around the fifth month (I think it was). Around the fifth month (I think it was) I decided to order a maternity pillow.  In my case, I did not get a Boppy.  I found a “no-name” brand with an inexpensive U-shaped pillow, and it worked very well for me! (The downside to that pillow was that it did take up a lot of room, and my husband wasn’t a big fan of that!) [Read more…]

Orangeheat Review

Disclosure: I received samples to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.

If you’re looking for unique kid’s clothing ideas for this Christmas, I invite you to check out Orangeheat.  The clothing company offers cute shirts of all sizes, starting at 3-6 months onesies and going all the way up to adult sizes.  The shirt designs are vintage inspired, featuring artwork reminiscent of kid’s drawings.

I personally like the variety of designs available.  The have something for everyone!  My son loves trucks and construction vehicles, so I was really excited when they sent him shirts featuring a firetruck, a Volkswagon, and an excavator.  Thaxton was excited when he saw the shirts too.  When they came in the mail, he said, “Trucks!” [Read more…]

Boppy Review (And How I Used it Every Day!)

Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

As a mom, I can’t say enough about the Boppy Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner.  After you have your “baby basics” (diapers, bottle, crib/bassinet, car seat), it should be next on your list!  When I was pregnant, I knew I had no plans to breastfeed, so I honestly wasn’t sure if I needed a Boppy.  Right after Thaxton was born I realized it was a MUST!  I used the product multiple times a day, every day during Thaxton’s first year!  Today I’m going show you some great ways to use the product and show you why every expecting mom needs a Boppy! [Read more…]

Rookie Humans Fitted Crib Sheet Review

  Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate this review. The post may contain affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

Before my son was born I shared our forest friends nursery reveal with you guys.  Unbelievably that was 2 years ago!  Even though he is almost a big two year old, Thaxton still has the same nursery theme, and we’ll be keeping it in place for the next year, if not the next two years, or longer…

Today I’m sharing a new cribsheet that we got for his room.  It is from Rookie Humans. They offer sheets that are soft and breathable; they are 100% soft cotton sateen with a 230 thread count, and they feature the most adorable scenes for your crib or toddler bed! [Read more…]

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover Review + Other Summer Infant Products We Love

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

I was a little slow to take Thaxton out places.  With this daily cycle of naps and bottles, it never seemed to be an ideal time, and I just don’t want to be the person at the store with the fussing baby.  It would have stressed me out, and I know it wouldn’t have been fun for Thaxton either.  I know people take babies out all the time; I’ve been shopping myself and have seen people with their sleeping newborn in the cart or in a carrier.  It’s just not my thing!  So for the most part, my husband did the majority of the shopping last year.

Now that Thaxton is 15 months old and only takes one nap a day, we have plenty of time to go shopping and do other activities with him.  Last fall I purchased the Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover, and we love it!  I actually spent a lot of time looking at cart covers.  In fact, I looked at cart covers more than almost any other baby item.  One day I was looking at Instagram, and I saw someone had posted a photo of this lovely blue cover, I clicked and found out it was the same cover I’d been looking at for months, only in a different color. (The one I had saved in my cart was grey and green.)  I made up my mind and decide to purchase it!

[Read more…]

6 Baby Must-Haves for Cold and Flu Season

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

6 Baby Must-Haves for Cold and Flu Season

My baby boy just turned a year old.  So far we’ve been pretty lucky in the doctor visiting department.  He got his first case of the sniffles a couple of months ago, and right now we are currently battling an ear infection and virus at the same time…but considering the fact that he’s already a year old, and I hear about so many people going back and forth to the doctor that first year, I am considering us very lucky!  Today I am talking about some items that I consider to be must-haves for the cold and flu season if you have a baby.

Before we get started I have a couple of disclaimers: First off, I am not a doctor.  The medicines discussed in today’s post were recommended by our pediatrician, and I’m just passing along the information.  Second, if your child is ill, always call your doctor for medical advice and to find out if you need to bring them in.


Nose Frida

Nasal Aspirator

First off, we have the NoseFrida. Before having our son, I saw this product and was very intrigued by it.  I watched a number of videos and read reviews before buying it.  A lot of people, including my husband are grossed out by this product, but once I tried, I realized you’re not going to get any actual baby snot in your mouth.  (And let’s be honest…even if you did, I’m sure you would live, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing that every happened.)

It DOES work!  My son doesn’t like having his nose sucked out; he cries, and so it can be a little difficult for me to use it on him, but he doesn’t like the bulb syringe either, and this works so much better than the bulb syringe.

We also have the Oogie Bear. It is also a nose cleaner and an ear cleaner.


Pain Reliever / Fever Reducer

Next we have Infant Tylenol. This is no brainer, I’m sure! I always keep this on hand, along with Infant Motrin. Our doctor explained that a lot of people like to rotate between these two, but she just recommends going with what works.

Thaxton takes both medicines well. He likes the taste, and both appear to help with his fever and pain.  I often choose Tylenol, because it can be taken every 4 hours, but depending on the situation and time of day, I might go with Motrin.  (Again, be sure to read labels and consult with your own doctor for proper dosing instructions.)


Cold Medicine

For running noses and coughs, our doctor recommends Zarbee’s Cough Syrup + Mucus. This is an all natural product.  Thaxton is too young to have other cold medicines, including children’s medicines, and so an all natural product like this is really our only option.  Our son loves the taste of this, so it’s very easy to give it to him.  If you’re buying, I do recommend getting a couple of bottles.  Our son had a stuffy nose for about a week, and the first couple of days we were giving him regular doses of this, and the dose was 4 mL each time, so about midway through the week, we had to go out and buy another bottle.

The main ingredients in this medicine are agave and ivy leaf.  You can go look up the benefits of those.  I should also caution you to be sure you get the product that says, “Baby” on it if you have a child under two.  Zarbee’s does have other products on the shelf alongside this one, which contain honey and should not be given to children under two.


Chest Rub

We also Zarbee’s Baby Soothing Chest Rub.  This is also an all natural product with eucalyptus, lavender, and beeswax.  It has a nice scent to it, and it definitely opens you up.  I usually rub in on Thaxton’s chest and on the bottom of his feet before bedtime, and he’s slept very well when he was sick, so I’d like to think it helped with his breathing.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oils

We love our Essential Oil Diffuser.  We have all of the oils in this kit, and anytime someone has a cold or is congested, we use Breathe Easy. from this kit.



Finally we have a Safety First Cool Mist Humidifer. I know a lot of people swear by these and actually run them all the time. We only run one when Thaxton is congested.  Again, I like to think that it helps.


I really hope you guys stay well this winter and can avoid the cold and flu season, but if not, I really hope that you find these tips for baby helpful!

And as always, I’d love to hear from you!  If you have a tip or product you use during cold and flu season, especially sometime that can help, babies, toddlers, and small children, I’d love to hear about it.  Leave your comments on this post, and also join the conversation on social media!