Choosing the Best Furniture for My Home

Furniture is among the first things that come to mind every time I want to redesign my home. It makes my space feel complete, even though it’s a bit small. I also use pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and sofa suites to define my standards and express my unique, admirable sense of style.

When I’m buying furniture for my home, whether it be with help from this guide or anywhere else, I’m extremely selective. This allows me to pick only those pieces that add value to my space and satiate my individual needs. Considering the factors below before making any choices has always guided me in knowing the best furniture to take home.


The market is full of fantastic furniture styles that range from modern, traditional, and minimalist to antique and Scandinavian. The pieces of furniture I purchase for my space depend on the type I want. More often than not, I do my research and have a particular look in mind before I leave my house. This way, not even the most talented salespeople will convince me to pay for furniture that doesn’t fit my style.


I prioritize the quality of the furniture I choose for my home at all times. I don’t particularly appreciate spending my hard-earned cash on low-quality items that don’t last. To get the best quality, I visit top-rated furniture stores near me. I also scrutinize the pieces before I pay for them to ensure they are perfect. If the furniture squeaks, I avoid it at all times. Lately, I’ve been selecting couches with fifth legs because it offers more support.

When I’m looking for furniture at online stores, I read their reviews to know the services to anticipate. On top of that, I ensure that the piece I want comes with a warranty before making my order. If the delivered furniture is not the quality I expected, I know where to start to get my money’s worth.


I once worked with a professional interior designer, and they taught me that the color of my furniture matters. That’s why I consider it before purchasing a couch or any other piece. If the furniture I’m buying is for décor purposes, I go for bold colors. When obtaining big pieces of furniture, I gravitate towards neutral colors, especially when I plan to keep them for a more extended period.

The lighting in my rooms also affects the colors of the furniture I invest in. If, for instance, a lot of light gets into my living room, I have no problem choosing hot or bright pieces, as long as they complement the space’s theme.


I measure the space of the room whose furniture I’m buying before I head to the market. This helps me buy pieces that can fit in there and help me attain the style I desire. I never viewed this as an issue until I bought a bed that was too big for my child’s bedroom. I had to return it to the store and get a smaller size. It was a bit tedious.


Great timing has allowed me to find some of my most valuable furniture pieces at a cost-effective price. The prices of different types of home furniture keep changing throughout the year. The secret is to identify when they fluctuate and go down.

I bought my favorite coffee table during the Christmas season, and its price tag was unbelievably friendly. Was I lucky? No. My timing was just perfect. Then, the store I visited was offering crazy discounts because they were dying to do away with their last pieces. It’s also possible to get fantastic home furniture deals on Independence Day (July 4th), Veterans Day, or Memorial Day.


Budget affects everything. When searching for home furniture to buy, I try my best to choose pieces that fit my financial plan. Sometimes, I can get inspiration for these online, and other times I get lucky at thrift shops. This, however, doesn’t mean that I’m ready to leave a precious item. If I have some savings, I use them up; but I never borrow money.

My objective has always been to design my home in the classiest way possible. That’s why I take my time to select the ideal pieces of furniture for my place. Considering the factors I’ve elaborated on above helps me avoid mistakes, and instead, I get precisely what I need.

The Ultimate Guide to Redecorating Your House

Beautiful interior of modern room decorated with fairy lights

Decorating your home is harder than it looks. Most people are not professionals when it comes to creating a pleasing aesthetic while also retaining the functionality of a home. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, especially if you are redecorating your entire home. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then here are some tips to help you pull together an amazing design that will make you feel right at home.


One of the very first things that you need to decide is what color palette you are going to use in your home. This will affect all the other decisions that you make, so it is important to decide early and make sure you are happy with the decision. The wrong color palette can make your home seem disorganized, even if everything else is perfect.

The theme that you want to convey with your home decor will greatly influence the colors you choose. A woodsy theme is going to have a much different color scheme than a modern theme. If you aren’t sure what theme to go with, think about a central piece or painting that you want to use in a room and then build a color palette around that signature piece.


You want to feel at home in your house, so it is important that the decor matches your personality. When someone walks into your home, they should automatically get a feel for who you are as a person. You can reflect your interests by the things that you have in your home and the decorating emphasis you choose. Colors, art, and other decorative items will show your guests a lot about what you value.


The lighting you use in your home will have a drastic influence on the mood and atmosphere. Appropriate lighting will give your home a beautiful and functional feel. Even if your home is beautifully decorated in every other sense, bad lighting will make it seem messy or cramped.

There will be different lighting needs for different rooms of the house. In areas like the kitchen and bathroom, you will want to make sure there is a lot of bright light. Those are areas in which you will need to see details and will want a lot of light to make working in those rooms easier. You may even want to consider several sources of light like the main light and over-the-counter lights to make this even better.

In other areas like the living room, you may want a variety of light options for different reasons. During the day or during game nights, you will want the room well-illuminated. During a quiet night in, you may want to be able to dim the lights to offer a softer setting. You may even want a floor lamp to put by your favorite chair to help you when you read in the evening. Having several different light source options is a good idea.

Dead Space

Be aware of any “dead” space in your home. Dead space refers to a place in your home that seems empty or bare. This may make your room seem incomplete. You can turn bare spaces into functional spaces depending on their size and location.

You may be able to turn the area into a small study area or a place to display artwork. You could use the area as an extra storage place. You can also use these spaces to show more of your personality by hanging items from places you have traveled or places you would like to travel.


Don’t be afraid to use white in your decorating. White is versatile and will fit with any theme and color palette that you choose. It also adds some sophistication and a sense of cleanliness to any decor style.

Especially if you are a fan of darker colors for your walls, adding in some white elements can help brighten up your room and make it seem larger. You can also choose white as the base color for your room and use pops of color to accent and add personality.

Rule of Three

One of the easiest and most important design rules is the Rule of Three. Objects that can be grouped together like accessories, fabric, or shelves look more visually pleasing when grouped according to odd numbers.

When choosing items to place on shelves or walls or a mantle, you should be very aware of using odd numbers. A tray with small decorative pieces should hold odd-numbered items. You can also do this when hanging a collage wall or decorating shelves. Try to avoid even numbers and opt for the odds instead.

Energy Efficient

While you are redecorating your home, you may also want to think about small ways you can make it more energy-efficient. This can be as small as getting thermal curtains that will help keep in the warm in the winter. You can also switch to a more energy-efficient light bulb in your lamps and other lighting options. If you are upgrading appliances, look for ones that will help reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Don’t Forget the Details

Sometimes we can get so focused on the large items in a room that we forget the small details are what really pull it all together. Small pieces like decorative door hardware & accessories can add more personality to your home and give your guests more to discover during their stay.

Other details like family pieces, portraits, or vacation items will make it feel like your space. You should take care to decorate your room carefully, but be careful not to give it a cluttered feel. You want the space to feel decorated, not cramped.  

You may also want to consider getting some plants to add to your space. Owning plants has been shown to increase positive moods and make your home a healthier place to live. Some plants will purify the air while you take care of them. They also add some extra flair to any space and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your design.

The Entryway

When decorating a home, sometimes the entrance can get overlooked. It is usually a small space, so that is understandable, but don’t make that mistake. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the entire experience. It needs to be both inviting and functional.

Entrances can also get very cluttered easily since it is where most people are taking off their coats, jackets, hats, and shoes. Having a system to keep all of this from piling up is going to set a better mood for your entire home. If the entrance is cluttered, then that is how the rest of your house is going to feel, even if it is not.

Furniture Arrangement

When you are deciding on a layout for your home, it is important to think about functionality as much as design. You want your home to look nice, but you also want to be able to use it. Arranging furniture to accommodate your lifestyle is your best bet. If you entertain a lot for dinner, then you are going to want a bigger dining room table that takes center-stage. If you have regular game nights, then you will want the couches and chairs to be facing each other and central to a flat surface for the game. If your family does regular movie nights, then you will want to make sure that everyone has a good view of the TV from where they will be sitting. The key is to make it the best fit for your needs.


3 Home Décor Ideas for Gifted Kids

Choosing the right ambiance and décor for your child’s bedroom can encourage him or her to sleep better and study more. Even if your kid is gifted, he or she may need a little assistance to reach their full potential. Here are some helpful home décor ideas for kids with capabilities for high performance.

1. Let Your Child Make Some Decorating Decisions

Along with being unusually intelligent, gifted kids often have a wide range of interests. If yours wants to display their rock collection, paint a mural on one wall, or get furniture in their favorite color, help make that a reality. When they can choose the décor they want and pick out comfortable furniture, they’ll feel less distracted and more at home. Better yet, if they enjoy studying in their room or another part of your home, they’ll do it more often and learn faster.

Some gifted children are sensitive to sounds or the textures of certain fabrics. For example, a creaky chair with rough upholstery could keep some from focusing on their work. There should also be plenty of lighting and enough soundproofing to eliminate distracting noises.

No matter what decorating style your child chooses, make sure there’s plenty of storage space for toys and other items as well. That way, keeping things neat and teaching your child to put away their toys will be easy. Just put storage spaces for younger kids close to the ground where they can reach them. If they use their room to express their personal style, then they will no doubt be more motivated to keep it looking great.

2. Add a Desk to Your Kid’s Bedroom With access to a comfortable desk, computer and good chair, your child will be able to focus on their schoolwork without worrying about back pain, neck pain or aching wrists. Having a dependable place to do homework will make learning to type, doing research and learning about new subjects easier. Gifted kids can take online courses, help their classmates through video chats, email their teachers and more.

Look for desks and chairs with adjustable heights to make sitting more comfortable for the child in your life who still has some growing to do. Some models also come with cupholders, hooks for headphones and more. Make sure the monitor is at your child’s eye level, and look for one with an anti-glare filter or coating to reduce dry eye and fatigue.

3. Make Enjoying Hobbies Easy

Even if your child has a desk they love, they shouldn’t need to spend all their time there. Instead, they should have some multipurpose space where they can relax, try out new hobbies and have fun when they’re done studying. Many gifted kids get bored easily, as they don’t need to spend as much time on homework as most children.

Giving them the opportunity and space to try new activities will keep them from acting out because of boredom. With that in mind, add a bean bag chair for reading, an easel for painting, a telescope to look at the stars, or other useful things to their bedroom or hangout space.

Allow Your Gifted Kid to Shine Brighter

Letting your gifted child make some of their own decorating decisions, getting them a comfortable desk and providing easy access to supplies and resources for hobbies will help them perform even better in school. These ideas can also help them relax and prevent boredom and stress.

8 Tips for Holiday Home Décor

One of the best ways to make Christmas more special is to decorate your home. Whether you are inviting guests over or you are having an intimate dinner with the family, learn from the tips we’ll share below. Let’s explore some ways to make your home holiday-ready with the right décor.

Before we talk about the basics of decorating your home, check out this guide from Shutterfly if you need help with your Christmas list.

1. Go Natural For rustic holiday home décor, it is best to go natural. Stay away from fake Christmas trees. Instead, buy an authentic tree. If you are putting up garlands or wreaths, it is also best to use natural ones. To make them stand-out, add real pinecone, poinsettia, and succulents.

2. Make It Sparkle

Nothing spells Christmas better than things that shines and glitters. Whether it is mercury glass votive, glittered cards, or crystal balls, consider decors that will add sparkle in your home. This is sure to make the mood more festive.

3. Decorate with Candles

Use candles to make the home ready for Christmas. Choose white, red, green, and gold candles. These colors are perfect for the season. Pick candles with scents that will be reminiscent of Christmas, such as pine and cinnamon. If you are looking for holiday candles to display at your place, check out the selections available at Shutterfly.

4. Set the Table An excellent way to decorate your home for Christmas is through holiday table setting. From red ribbons to fir branches, there are plenty of accents that can add a festive mood to the dining table. Scented candles will also make excellent centerpieces. As for the colors, choose those that are associated with Christmas, especially red and green.

5. Hang a Wreath

Welcome your visitors with a wreath hanging at the door. Like the Christmas tree, go for something fresh and natural. The unique scent will surely make the visitors feel the holiday spirit as soon as they step in your home.

6. Display the Gifts

If you have already started shopping for Christmas, use your presents as holiday decors. Wrap them in colorful and shiny wrappers. Stack the gifts under the tree. If there are kids at home, hang stockings and stuff it with small gifts.

7. Add a Glow

Things look better with a little glow, which is possible by adding lights. Wrap your tree, wreath, or garland with a string of lights. Complete your holiday dinner table décor with Christmas-inspired candles for a more elegant set-up.

8. Fake a Fireplace

If your house does not have a fireplace, this Christmas season is the perfect time to build a fake one. You can use candles or string lights in jars. This will make any room look cozy even if it does not generate heat like a real fireplace.

Take your home to the next level this holiday season! Consider our suggestions above to make your house ready for Christmas!

Decocrated Decor Subscription Review

I love being a homemaker and I have so much fun coming up with new ways to make our home look better.  One way I like to keep things fresh is by using seasonal decor. It brightens my day and just gets me in the mood the season. Recently I had the chance to check out Decocrated. They are a subscription that sends out a curated box of seasonal decor four times a year. [Read more…]

Simple Christmas Decor and Traditions

Simple Christmas Decor

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  If not, don’t worry!  In no time at all you can turn your home in to a winter wonderland without breaking the bank.  Today I’m going to share some simple ideas and tips for decorating your home this Christmas and any season, and I’ll be talking about a few Christmas traditions I like for the family.

Christmas Wreath


I got his wreath a couple of years ago; it was in a set with some garland and trees.  It was pre-lit but very plain looking, so I just spent a few dollars on some Christmas balls and ornament hooks, and attached them to the wreath.  I chose all red to match our door and shutters and also just to keep things simple and clean.

And one thing I love about this is that I can easily remove these and add other balls or ornaments for a totally different look.

Of course, Christmas stockings are a must!  Even before having any kids I always put our stockings for the dog and cats.  Atop this shelf, I also  have a cute little Christmas sign; you’ll notice as I decorate I’ve got some kind of Christmas sign sign or signs on each shelf.  I get a lot of these from the bargain section at Target, and I’ve also gotten some at the dollar store.

I also enjoy getting things like jars, lanterns or other containers and placing Christmas balls inside.  During other seasons, I like to use similar containers and fill them with fall leaves, Easter Eggs, flowers, or anything else that fits the season.  It is an easy and cheap way to decorate, and you can often use items you already own.

Christmas Decor

For this shelf, I just added a few items in front of my already existing decor.  As you can see, we have more signs and a container of Christmas balls.  There’s also a Santa Hat; since taking this photo, I’ve added another Santa hat on top of the lantern on the left side.  Again, the Santa hat is something cheap, and yet it is very festive for this time of year, and quite often you may already have a Santa hat on hand.

We also have a Christmas Countdown.  I think these are so fun for kids.  I’ve had the one pictured above, but I may get another when Thaxton is bigger.  Here is a great collection of Christmas Countdowns.  This one from Melissa & Doug is very cute and inexpensive.

I’m also considering doing a Jesse Tree as part of our Christmas traditions for advent and am currently looking at resources for that.

You’ll also notice that we have an Elf on the Shelf here.  Thaxton got this for his birthday, and I’m looking forward to doing this tradition with him as he gets older.

And of course, we have our Christmas tree. (Here’s a great deal on a Christmas tree if you need one.  And Target has a great selection of shatterproof balls.  I got a box of 50 for just $15.) The Christmas tree is my favorite Christmas tradition.  I’m actually planning a post on ornament traditions.  I have a ton of Christmas ornaments, some of which I’ve had since childhood, and I always have a good time selecting which ornaments will appear on the tree.

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of our Christmas decor!  I’d love to hear your comments and any ideas you’d like to share!


Fall Decor on a Dime

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

I absolutely love the fall season! And I love decorating for fall almost as much as I love decorating for Christmas.  As I shop I see so many cute finds at great prices.  There’s so many great deals out there that there’s really no good reason not to decorate for the season.  Today I’m going to show off some of my fall decor and tell you some of my favorite places to find fall decor on a dime!

I’ve had my scarecrows for several years, and I love setting up this porch so these guys can greet our guests.  Just add some faux leaves, pumpkins, and a few other pieces, and you’ve got a great scene for family photos.

My mom bought me this wreath.  It came from Home Depot.  I think if you don’t do any other decorating this fall, you should at least have a nice wreath in place.  (I LOVE wreaths!)

I also love wall signs.  I got this one at Target for a whopping $3.  I also saw a ton of awesome fall signs at Hobby Lobby.  (I only wish I had a place to hang more signs!)

The bird and flower stay on this shelf year round, but I originally bought them during the fall season.  Those, along with the pumpkin, in this photo came from Family Dollar, and the Hello Fall sign was another $3 Target find!  This wall shelf also came from Target.

I had no intention of decorating this bookshelf.  Most of the items shown here are there year round, including the birds which were another fall find at Family Dollar.  I believe the pumpkins on each side came from there as well.  The fall star in the back came from Oriental Trading, and the Happy Fall pumpkin is from the Dollar Tree!

I’m most excited about my new floating shelf.  I used to have a China cabinet and an entertainment center.  Both of these had shelves that I could put my decor on, and I miss that!  Finally I broke down and bought this shelf.

My favorite things on this shelf are the plaid pumpkins.  They came from Target.  The little black and white pumpkins and the subway art came from their as well.

The wooden pumpkins that say things like “grateful” and “give thanks” came from the Dollar Tree.  And most of the other decor came from Family Dollar.

This Thankful & Blessed sign also came from Dollar Tree.  (And it’s actually wooden! No flimsy plastic/poster material here!)

Where do you shop for fall decor?  Do you have a favorite decor item or trend?

3 Tips to Define Your Interior Design Scheme

When you buy a new home, you are given the opportunity of starting a fresh start. It’s an exciting time, and to help you on your way, here are 3 tips to ensure that you make the right interior design choices.

Your Lifestyle

How you live your life should dictate how you present your home. You need the choices you make to help you to achieve your lifestyle, and not hinder it. An example being if you enjoy watching television; you will want to create a cozy snug to watch it in that has comfortable sofas to lounge on. Or, perhaps you like reading? In which case, you will need a lighting solution that enables you to illuminate the pages of the book clearly. Think about how you want your home to work for you before you make any big decisions.

Your Furniture

Furniture that may have worked well in your previous home, may not quite hit the mark in your new one. You will have several key pieces that you are keen on, or may even have sentimental attachment to, but there will be others that no longer fit the bill. It may be a case of upcycling furniture that you have – paint them, change the handles, or reupholster chairs in a different fabric to suit your new scheme.

Just remember that sometimes less is more; you do not want your home to become filled with too much of one style. Intersperse modern designs with your older pieces to create a homely yet contemporary feel to your home; furniture stores such as YLiving feature contemporary classics that will inspire your style, and help you to develop your interior’s scheme intentions.

Consider the Orientation of Your Home

Depending on where you are buying your property, your preferences for how the property is orientated will change. For example, a location like Michigan is prone to long cold winters, so you would ideally have a south-facing property, while a home in hot Texas would benefit from being north-faced to reduce the effects of the summer heat. You may be wondering how this affects your interior design scheme, but the orientation of your house affects the amount of daylight that will enter each room, and the choices of color that will work best in your space.

Choose paints that will be complemented by the light – a color that looks great in a bright room will not achieve the same results in a dark one. It is best practice to avoid cool colors in notably dark rooms, and choose warm options to bring life into it. Paint the ceiling and the area inside the window white to reflect light into the rest of the room. Light rooms are far easier to choose a color for, so this is your chance to get creative! Finish off your rooms by painting the woodwork a crisp white to set off the colors that you have chosen.

Moving to a new house is an exciting time, and while you will want to make your mark on it straight away, it is always a good idea to live in it for a while to get a real feel for the property before you make any big ticket purchases or modifications.

Decor Ideas That Your Teenage Kids Will Adore

Furniture and decor changes can be appreciated by all ages–not just adults! That’s why we’ve decided to put together a short list of decor improvements and ideas that your teenage kids will absolutely love. Whether they’ve been good kids that recently scored well in an exam or if you just want to treat them to a new and improved bedroom, here are a couple of ideas for teenage decor changes that are both easy to do and can completely transform the way they see their bedroom.


Source: Pexels


Adding their own fun and functional furniture


Including a large bean bag from Sack Daddy or a bunk bed can be a fantastic choice for adventurous kids that love fun and functional furniture. Bean bags make trendy alternatives to seats and bunk beds usually come with desks and plenty of storage. If you’re feeling extra generous and want to indulge your kids, then consider designer furniture that is targeted specifically towards children. It might be expensive, but it will certainly wow them when they see it.


Allowing your kids to express their desires and passions


When your kids were toddlers, they probably loved certain comic book heroes or cartoons and wanted wallpapers or bed linen to represent that. However, as we upgrade their rooms, we can often default back to basic patterns and colours that don’t allow our kids to express their desires or passions. If they love art, consider adding some artsy wallpapers and pictures. If they still love games and cartoons, then adding a couple of posters will be a great idea. Whatever they currently enjoy, allow them to customize their room as they see fit so they can personalize it with their own interests.


Creating a multi-functional room for everything they need


It’s important to understand that your kids want a bit more privacy and freedom in how they use their room. That’s why it’s important to give them a desk of their own for their computer, and you might want to consider adding something like extra chairs and a small table for when their friends come over. Allow them to add their own television as well so they can watch things or play video games with their friends when they come around to visit. This also means they won’t be hogging the family television!


Giving them fun and unique storage spaces


To follow the theme of giving your children more independence, consider adding unique storage options for your kids to store everything from books to their toys. Unique storage spaces include fancy-looking wall shelves or small boxes to keep things such as toys and make-up. There are also bags that can be used for things like dirty laundry, and colour-coordinated shelves are a fun idea as well. Most furniture stores will have some sections for children’s storage, and these can often be a great source of ideas for DIY projects or just purchasing ideas.

Home Decorating Tips Worth Reviewing

You spend a lot of time in your home, and so it only makes sense that you want to turn it into a haven with you in mind. The obstacle is that many homeowners don’t know where to start or what to do to make it look right; they also don’t know how to budget for such a project.

However, decorating your home doesn’t have to be such a chore. While home decorating isn’t everyone’s forte, there are many valuable tips on how to create the home of your dreams with minimal headaches. For ways on how to decorate your home, consider the following:

Shop the Sales & Discounts

Hold out for the sales and discounts, especially if you’re on a tight budget for your home decorating project. They’re out there, but you have to be patient and wait for certain times of the year. For instance, Lumens currently have a sale on discount lighting and other home accessories. You can go online for up to 50% off top-brands that’ll transform your home from okay to chic and stylish.

Less is More

Part of the home decorating process is to go around and remove what’s not necessary. Your goal is to reduce the amount of clutter and only display your best items. There’s no reason to overdo it in your house, and a cluttered home can cause stress and anxiety to many homeowners. Less is more, and the items you decide to keep and have on display with only become center stage. Start by going through what you already have before you start adding more to your rooms.

Be Picky

Don’t buy all you see and display all you own; instead, be picky about what you highlight in your house and make sure it’s adding value. If you want your home to look striking, then you have to pay attention to the details and only decorate with what’s going to contribute to your home’s overall atmosphere. Be picky when you’re shopping, and don’t assume that because an item is on sale or looks good in the store, that you need it or it’ll look right in your home. Take your time and think about each decorating move you’re making before following through.

Don’t be Afraid of Color

Black and white looks beautiful in a home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to add color. Instead, think about ways you can add a splash of color or different hues to your existing palette. Color has the ability to brighten up a room, lift your mood and add character and charm to your home, while black and white can become monotonous after a while. However, work color into your home slowly, and add more as you get more comfortable with the way color looks in your space.


If home decorating were easy, then everyone’s house would look like it was out of a magazine. Take the time to teach yourself particular tips and tricks that will help you succeed. Go slow and give yourself a chance to increase the attractiveness of your home.