The Reasons Why Every Family Needs Quality Time Together.

We lead such busy lives and it has actually gotten to the point where family members pass each other in the hallway because one is coming home from work and one is leaving for work. This leaves very little time for families to be together as one group and so many families are suffering all across country and indeed the world. It didn’t help that we were restricted with regards to our movements over the past three years and now finally that there seems to be some light at the end of that very dark tunnel, you as the head of the household need to take some real steps to bring your family members back together again.

One of the first things that you should do is to book your family members into a family hotel in Phuket because this will be the only way to get everyone to agree to be together over the course of a week or longer. It can be extremely difficult convincing your kids to take a vacation with you in the first place but if you tell them that the whole family is going to this beautiful tropical island then it will definitely make your life a little easier. If you’re thinking to yourself if this is the right move or not then you need to understand why it is that every family needs quality time together in order to stay together.

· It strengthens the bond – People often forget that at the end of the day if you lose your job, if your relationship ends or life just isn’t treating you very well, you have always your family members to turn to and they will always be there for you. This is why if the family bond gets weakened that we need to take steps to strengthen it again. Getting yourself away to a family hotel that puts a smile back on their face and that will provide you with everything that you could possibly need under one roof is the first step.

· It reduces stress & anxiety – This applies to both hands and children and children nowadays are under an incredible amount of pressure to conform to be cool. They are constantly bombarded with messages on the numerous social media websites and so their stress levels are through the roof. Adults experience the same kind of stress but they get it from work and in their social circles as well.

· For better communication – The Internet is a wonderful thing but it has driven a wedge between families that need to be removed. Children can no longer talk to their parents and when they need something, they just send a message or if the parent is lucky, maybe some face time. This is no way for any family unit to be and so you need to take steps as the adult to strengthen the family bond and suggesting that everyone goes on holiday together is something that should really work.

It’s likely that you and your family members have not been able to take a proper vacation for up to 3 years now so there should be lots of holiday money saved. Why not treat the family group to somewhere exceptional this year and plan a trip to Thailand and specifically to the island of Phuket.

The Best Ways to Bond as a Family

Whether you have a small or large family, having a strong bond is desired by everybody. No matter what the situation, you want to be able to band together to feel as though you can accomplish anything as a team. Sometimes, getting the whole family together can be hard, especially if your kids are getting older and spend time in afterschool clubs, or participate in extracurricular sports. Luckily, there are some timeless tips that any family can follow if they are looking to build on the bond they already have between one another, which will also be fun ways of teaching your kids lessons for life.

Cook together

Cooking is something that every child should learn about from an early age, as it is not only fun but is also a great way of letting children unleash their creativity. It is easy to find lots of recipes that you can cook with your partner or kids. Cooking together can create the perfect opportunity to catch up. Working as a team to make something tasty for everybody to eat will allow you to gain a better understanding of people’s taste preferences as well. Further, it will teach your kids the importance of working together as a team; in this case, to cook something wonderful. On the days where dinner is pre-prepared, you can always try baking as a way of showing kids a variety of healthy and fun treats they can make.

Make mealtime family time

It might be the case that not everybody has the time to cook together. It may be the case that your partner could be late home from work, and your kids may have lots of homework to catch up on. In any case, you should always try and reserve meal time as family time. Set the table so that everybody can see each other and keep voices friendly so that dinnertime tensions don’t spring up. This is the valuable time you can spend getting to catch up on everyone’s day, where any worries your kids may be having can be talked about and resolved, if possible. As a time where stress shouldn’t be present, the calmer the atmosphere, the more everyone can wind down. Despite its immeasurable bonding benefits, eating together has several other aspects that will contribute to the overall health of your family.

Listen to everyone

Everybody may have their own dilemmas, and the best thing you can do as a family is to be there for each other when you are having a bad day. No matter what the subject matter; listening to how well their test went, or about the subjects they are learning at school will make them feel as if you genuinely care about what they are doing. If you act like this around your kids, then they will, in turn, be more likely to do this when they grow up, to you and anybody else around them.

Support one another

A large part of listening well to someone is their cheerleader on a bad day. Your child may be feeling down after a bad day at school, or your partner may be stressed after a hiccup at work, but either way, you can act as their rock if needs be. Support is a constant entity; it doesn’t just come on bad days, but in times where your kids may need their dreams to be encouraged. If your child wants to do something they love, you should encourage them to pursue it, if doing so will make them happy. Sharing their success with you will be a bonding experience.

Go on fun days out

Families who have fun together are those who create the best memories. No matter where you live, be it an urban setting or in the countryside, there are options available. Theme parks are a preferred choice, however, if your kids are too young, then going on a trip to the zoo is an excellent way for them to learn about wildlife and see new, exciting things. To get your minds racing, you can always try Escape Games, which are a great opportunity to work as a team to unlock the clues and solve the mystery.

Learn together

Learning together can be a great way of gaining common ground with one another. If you are usually strapped for time with a job, then it might be a nice change to learn a new skill or hobby with your family. Taking the time to learn a new language, taking up a crafty hobby like knitting, or trying out a new sport together are all great ways of spending time together. Through the peaks and the troughs of learning, you will be able to help each other through the challenges, which will prepare you for those you may face together in life.

Make the most of vacation time

Vacations can be rare, so when you get time to go on one, you should make the most of it. Vacations are sometimes the only time a family can spend quality time together, where you can go exploring together, and relax away from work and school. Book a trip which has lots of activities in, like camping in the great outdoors, or going on a beach holiday, where swimming in the sea and relaxing are paramount. If you are having a break from the kids to bond as a couple, cherish the time you have by reconnecting through activities you used to enjoy.

Give each other space

One of the most important elements of ensuring a family bond is knowing when to give someone space. Living with people is natural; people thrive in social settings, but occasionally this can bring with it the stresses of spending too much time in one another’s company. If you take opportunities to have your own space and let your family have theirs too, then the next time you see each other, it will feel less pressured, with new things to discuss and talk about.