Potato Salad Sandwiches + Arnold Bread® Giveaway

Today’s post is brought to you by Arnold® bread. The opinions are my own.

Lunch with Arnold Bread

Today we’re talking lunch! When it comes to lunch time, there’s nothing simpler than making sandwiches!

 This spring, you can make a “better for you” sandwich with Arnold® bread.  Made with 100% whole grains, Arnold® Whole Grains 100% Whole Wheat Bread is better than ever. With a whopping 23 grams of whole grains per slice, no grain gets left behind.  A hearty 3g of fiber and 100 calories per slice, Arnold® Whole Grains 100% Whole Wheat Bread is packed with wholesome goodness, turning your favorite bread into the best version of itself. [Read more…]

Mother Teapot & Cup Combo Review + Giveaway

Pavilion Teapot

Today I’m featuring the second prize included in this week’s Friday Favorites giveaway.  The giveaway opened Thursday night and will close this Thursday at midnight.

The prize pack includes this fun Mother Teapot & Cup Combo.  It is one of many high quality products available at Pavilion, a gift shop featuring a variety of home decor, knick knacks, collectibles, coffee mugs, and even jewelry & fashion accessories! [Read more…]

Gabrielle Handbag Review + Giveaway

Gabrielle Handbag

If you’re a Friday Favorites linky party participant than you’ve probably already seen our current giveaway!  If not, please continue reading.  One of the prizes featured in the giveaway is this Gabrielle Navy Handbag.

The bag is one of many high quality products available at Pavilion, a gift shop featuring a variety of home decor, knick knacks, collectibles, coffee mugs, and even jewelry & fashion accessories! [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Week 305 – With Pavilion Gifts Giveaway + Raspberry Recipes

Happy Friday! And welcome to a very special edition of our Friday Favorites party!  Recently Friday Favorites had its 300th linky party!  To celebrate, the hostesses of Friday Favorites are partnering this week with Pavilion to bring you guys an awesome giveaway with 2 prizes!  We’d especially love it if you do the first couple of entries, which are linking up a post to the party and sharing this party and giveaway with your friends and followers!  But there are other entry options as well. Prize details and the entry form can be found at the end of this post, right after the linky!

But before we get to our giveaway, we have some yummy features!  This week I have Raspberry Recipes to share!  These would be perfect for any upcoming Valentine’s Day plans you may have, and they’re also great for everyday eating!  Hope you enjoy. [Read more…]

Chili Tacos and Game Time with Progresso Chili

Progresso Linqia

Game time with progresso Chili

We’ve been watching some big games on tv, and there are still a few more big one to go!  And with the winter weather finally upon us, there’s no better time to celebrate game night with a nice bowl of Progresso Chili.  Stews and chilis are some of my favorite comfort foods, and that’s just one reason I love serving them for game night!  They are also foods that you can serve to most anyone, and if more people show up to your get together, there’s usually enough to go around!

Progresso Chili comes in convenient pouches and can be whipped up in minutes using your microwave or stove stop. And they are thick and feature large chunks of meat and beans!  It’s a great way to to dine on a dime! It’s also goes great on a buffet of appetizers and other game night foods, and is the perfect take along item for pot lucks! [Read more…]

Protecting Your Lips with ChapStick® and a Giveaway

Disclosure: The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Winter weather is finally here, and it often takes a toll on us!  For example, you may have noticed that I have not posted since Friday! This is because I’ve been battling a terrible cold and cough.  This combined with terrible migraines made it a rough few days for me!  The winter weather can also be quite rough on our skin and our lips.  One way to ensure your lips are always protected is by using  ChapStick®.

Protecting Your Lips with Chapstick

Anytime you have a migraine or a cold it’s very easy to get dehydrated, and one clear indication that you may be dehydrated is by looking at your lips.  If they are dry, chapped, and cracking, then you should definitely drink some water. [Read more…]

Planning Your Days with Progresso Light Soups and a Giveaway

Disclosure Progresso Progresso Light Soups

A few days ago I talked about some of my goals for 2016, and part of those goals centered around the word focus, as in focusing on the tasks I have to do each day and staying on track.  The best way to do this is to be organized and to plan out your days.  As with most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to plan your day.  A lot of people thrive on order and having each hour of the day mapped out on their planner, and a lot of people have jobs that actually depend on a schedule like this, but if you work from home, or if you’re a homeschool mom, this type of scheduling may not work for you.  That is why I am trying more of a Goal Based Schedule. [Read more…]

Rock Someone’s Holiday – Rockwell Tools Giveaway – DIY Room Building Tutorial

Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Review and Giveaway

If you are a DIYer or have a handy man spouse, than today’s post is definitely for you! If you read my blog enough, you’ll often hear me refer to my husband as my Mr. Fix It!  Anytime I need something fixed or improved, or I want to build something, I just tell him my idea, and he puts a plan in to action.

Most recently we’ve been working on a new “Project Room” in our outbuilding. I would call it a craft room, but my husband will be working in there too, and “craft room” just doesn’t sound like a very manly place to be. (Haha!)  So it’s a project room, or workshop, if you will.

As with any project we take on, we need tools to fix up the room.  One tool that has been very helpful with this project is the BladeRunner X2 from Rockwell Tools. [Read more…]

VERA Premium Dog Treats Review and Giveaway

Vera Dog Treats review and giveaway

Each year I look forward to spoiling my furbabies with treats and toys for Christmas.  (And okay….I also enjoy shopping for them all year round!)

Santa recently brought some early presents for my kitties and puppy.  Our dog, Shadow, received some Vera Premium Dog Treats.  The treats are products from a brand partner of the great folks at True Science.  I’ve been so excited over the last couple of months to work with the folks at True Science and share their wonderful treats and flea medications with my animals! [Read more…]

Peanut Butter Ritz Balls + The Ritz and Southwest Airlines $5000 Sweepstakes

Today’s post is brought to you in partnership with RITZ and Southwest Airlines through the HireInfluence Networks. The opinions are my own.

Ritz Contest Graphic

What do you get when you cross Ritz crackers and Southwest Airlines?  You get great food, travel, and a fun sweepstakes, of course!

Right now Ritz and Southwest Airlines are teaming up to bring you a fabulous sweepstakes.  The prize is $5000 in Southwest Airlines Gift Cards. [Read more…]