Pumpkin Wall Hanging

During the summer I shared a couple of projects made with embroidery hoops.  And here’s another! This Pumpkin Wall Hanging is very easy and very budget friendly!
I made with it with a couple of sheets from scrapbook kit that I got at the Dollar Tree and (believe it or not) the fabric from an old shirt.

What You Need:
One embroidery hoop (mine was 12 inches)
Fabric (14 x 14 inch square)
2 pieces scrapbook paper or fabric scraps if you prefer
Glue Stick or Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun
Directions: Cut fabric square into a circle (to fit hoop). Wrap fabric around the outside of the inner hoop. Put the outer hoop in place. Make sure the fabric is pulled and stretched tight. Then tighten the hoops to secure the fabric in place. 
Apply hot glue to the inner frame of the embroidery hoop and wrap and press down the excess fabric.
Using a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric, cut out a pumpkin shape and a pumpkin face. Use glue stick or mod podge to add a face to your pumpkin.  Then use hot glue or mod podge to place the decorated pumpkin on your fabric.
Cut out a 6 inch piece of ribbon, loop it through the top of the hoop and tie for hanging.


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Free Halloween Printables

Halloween Party Printables from Party Planning Center

My Free Fall Printables post was my most viewed post last month, so for this month I’ve got some Halloween printables for you. As always you’ll find links to the sources where you can download these beneath the photos. Happy Downloading!

Halloween Versions of “Keep Calm and Carry On” Wall Art from A Southern Accent

Halloween Drink Labels from It’s Written on the Walls

Halloween Subway Art From That’s What Che Said

TREATS Sign from Dittle Dattle

Witch Sign from RainyButterfly05 on Photobucket

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Harvest Halloween Sponsor #2 Paramore Art Works

It’s time to spotlight another Harvest Halloween sponsor.

Paramore Art Works is a unique Etsy shop, which offers handmade gift tags, word banners, potion bottles, and witches’ wands!

This is a fanstastic shop! The items have a sort of vintage, shabby-chic appeal, which I love! A couple of my favorite fall items are these cute tags, although I also love her Halloween garlands!

The thing that really makes Paramore Art Works stand out is their line of witches’ wands and potion bottles!  

What a great decor idea! Each bottle is adorned with cute tags and embellishments, making them perfect for a Halloween themed mantle or buffet. So fun!

The shop also has a lot of non-Halloween items which I wanted to highlight.  I really like their word banners like this one:

And they some very cute vintage and primitive tags featuring everything from from Wizard of Oz to Fleur de lis.  This set is one of my favorites:

Please go by Paramore Art Works and take a look around!

Giveaway! Beth at Paramore Art Works is offering a potion bottle of “Moon Dust” decorated with crusty gauze, twine, moss, and a spider. Perfect for a witches collection of potions!
How to Enter: The Harvest Halloween Giveaway will be posted and open for entries on Oct 14.


Harvest Halloween Sponsor #1: Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe

As some of you may know, I’m participating in a Harvest Halloween Blog Hop. By the way, If you’d like to participate in the hop, you can still sign up over at Savey Spender.

For this event, I will be giving away a prize pack of items from 4 different sponsors, and each week leading up to the event I’ll be spotlighting one of these great sponsors.

The first sponsor I have to introduce is Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe. This etsy shop offers adorable invitations and party supplies. Kelly has a variety of party themes available for boys and girls, and these can be used for birthdays, baby showers, and more!
All your party supplies will be customized to fit your party details and then delivered to you via email in PDF files. And you can order everything from banners and cupcake toppers to thank you cards, tags, and ice cream cone wrappers.

Since this feature is especially for a Halloween event, I wanted to start by sharing some of Kelly’s  fall and Halloween items. I just love her Fall Festival party pack (top picture).  It’s so cute and festive and perfect for Halloween or the whole fall season!

She also has some of the cutest invitations….so fun and whimsical! And I really love her fall invitation selections.  The designs are so simple and sweet!

Even though the giveaway is fall themed, I also wanted to share some of my other favorites from Kelly’s shop. I have to admit, they are all so adorable, it was very hard for me to choose, but here’s a few: 

Connect! Follow Kelly’s blog: Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe Designs and follow on Facebook.

Giveaway! For the Harvest Halloween Event, Kelly is offering a set of Halloween items (pictured above) which includes cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, and a banner.
How to Enter: The event and giveaway will be open for entries on October 14.


Disclosure: I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this post.

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Fall Letter Craft Tutorial

I love fall crafts and decor!  I made this shabby style fall craft the other day.  I guess you’d call it a wall hanging (even though I’ve hung it on the fridge).  But the concept behind my little fall letters could also be applied to banners, cards, place mats and more.

What You Need:
Black Felt 
Brown Paper or a paper sack
Faux Leaves
Sand paper (or scrapbook paper)
Black Marker or Alphabet Stickers for lettering
Hot Glue
Magnets (optional)
1. Cut 4 squares of black felt.  Mine are 5 inches by 5 inches. 
2. Then cut 4 squares of brown paper. (I used a paper sack).  The size of the brown pieces will depend on how big your black pieces are and how big you want your black border to be.  For example, my brown squares are about a 1/4 of an inch (or so) smaller than the black squares.  But if I was using 10 inch black squares, I probably would make the brown squares about 9 inches.
3. Next crumple the brown squares to create the textured/wrinkled effect.  
4.  Use hot glue to affix the brown squares to the black felt squares.
5. Next position your leaves on top of the brown paper, and affix using hot glue.
6. Next cut out pieces of sand paper (or scrapbook paper) for your FALL letters.
7.  With a Sharpie draw a letter on each piece of paper and place them on top of the leaves using hot glue.  Or you can add stickers or chipboard letters if your prefer.

Directions and Methods for Display/Hanging
The next step depends on how you wish to use the letters.  Here are some options:
1. You could place your letters inside a frame.
2. Another option is to place the letters in a vertical or horizontal row and attach a piece of twine to the back of the letters using hot glue. (Or poke holes in the felt and weave the twine through to connect the letters). And then tie a piece of twine at the end(s) for hanging. (as in the very first picture)
3. As a third option you can attach magnets to the back of the letters for refrigerator hanging. (or you could even use tape).
4. Or you can do a combination of #2 and #3, which will allow you to hang this of the fridge (or somewhere else) in  a variety of ways.  (See examples below)


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Sweet Thursday: Halloween Edition

sweet Thursday

Time for this month’s edition of Sweet Thursday! If you’re new here, this is my monthly dessert round-up, where you’re invited to link up a dessert that falls under our current theme.  This month’s theme was Halloween/Fall.  Thanks to all you great bloggers for sharing your sweets with us!  I just love Halloween, and seeing all your great ideas makes it all even more fun!

For next month’s event, there will be no theme per se, but I will more than likely try to highlight some Family Favorites, Thanksgiving, and Holiday Desserts. So feel free to send in anything that you think would fit in well with that.  You have until November 16 to send in any submissions.  And then the linky event will go up on Wednesday night, November 17, for those who’d like to link something up.  I realize that’s not really a whole lot of time, but towards the end of November I’ll be working on a lot of Christmas stuff (both on the blog and at home), and I want to make sure I can fit everything in to my schedule.  (Plus, the following Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I know people will be busy with family at that time.)

On a side note, I’m sponsoring my first giveaway over at Just Sew Sassy this week.  The giveaway post is supposed to be up some time on Thursday, so if you have a moment, please go over there and check it out!

Hope you enjoy this month’s round-up!

Pumpkin Cupcakes from Mommy Topics
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from The Domestic Engineer
Jack-O-Lantern S’mores from Recipes for Moms
Halloween Pizza from Singing with Birds
Halloween Suckers from How Does She?

Chocolate Dipped Cookies from Nina’s Recipes

Halloween Pops from Lisa’s Recipe Cards
Witch Hat from Nap Time Journal

Halloween Tea Cakes from Simply Sweet Home

If you have a Fall or Halloween treat to share with us, please link it up below.  And I ask that you please link up the URL to your actual post, so it will be easy for us to find your submission.  Thanks!


Halloween Kitchen Decor

This post should prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or be very crafty to create a super cute table setting.
We have an antique sewing machine, which belonged to my grandmother, in our dining room.  I always keep a cover over it to protect from potential cat jumpers, and every few months, I try to change it up a bit.  This month I decided to make it a little more festive for Halloween.

Just like with the coffee table I posted on a couple of week ago, I simply used a piece of fabric as a table runner, and I created another set of these easy coasters to go alongside the pumpkin. Very simple, yet festive!

Here’s a close up picture.  I just love this fabric, featuring a pumpkin, ghosts, purple bats, and little yellow eyes.
And to add a little more pizazz, I just added my little Halloween treat box and this little Halloween snowman figurine. Very fun and festive! (And Easy!)
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Halloween Treat Box

We were grocery shopping the other day when my husband picked up a big box of cupcakes. This was the same weekend that I broke out all the Halloween decorations for outside.  I find that if we don’t keep snacks like cookies and cakes out on the counter, they will  be forgotten in the cabinet and will eventually have to be thrown out. I was deciding which bowl or jar to the put the cupcakes in  I got inspired to create this cute little treat box. 
To make your own treat box, just take any box or other container you find around the house.  Then get a couple of coordinating scrapbook papers. ( I purchased the packet which included 8 sheets of Halloween paper from the Dollar Tree! I actually bought it a year or two ago and had totally forgotten about it.  Big surprise when I started hunting through my paper drawers!)
Next cut your paper to fit your box.  Since I’m not the craftiest person in the world I find it helps a lot to trace the shapes you need with a pen or pencil.  For this particular project I found it easier to cut each side individually but whenever possible, I try to wrap the paper around the item I’m decoupaging.
Finally apply mod podge to the back of your paper and stick the paper to your container.  Make sure it goes on smooth.  If you’re using a cardboard box like I did, you could alternatively use a glue stick.  After you’ve completely covered your container, you can finish all the project by giving it another light coat of mod podge.
After it dries, your ready to fill the box with your favorite Halloween treats!

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Halloween Coffee Table and Coaster Craft

I finally got my Halloween stuff out this past weekend.  In the past I’ve only decorated outside, except for some fall garland over the cabinets in the kitchen, and some fall leaf window clings on our back door, but this year I decided to brighten up the indoors a bit.
I created this cute arrangement for our coffee table in the living room.  Usually I like to be very elaborate and “busy” with the decor, but in certain areas, I tend to keep it a little more minimalist.  One reason is because stuff can get in the way in certain places, and secondly my cats would be too tempted if I covered the tables with too much stuff.  In fact, in the photo below you’ll notice a small set of gray ears just to the left of the pumpkin. (That’s Rebel.  He loves to decorate, and his style is, well…very unique!)

Easy Table Cloth:
For the coffee table, I simply used a few yards of cute Halloween fabric– no sewing or crafting involved –and it’s much cheaper than any table runner you could buy.  Of course, the jack-o-lantern was added to the center.  I thought about getting a couple of smaller ones to go beside it, but here again, I’m keeping it simple.
Making Your Own Coasters:
And finally I made these cute little coasters just to have something else to set on the table.  For these, I simply took a couple of old coasters that we weren’t using.  Then I used them as a stencil to trace two circles and I cut them out.  For the next step, I’ve seen a lot of people using mod podge to stick the paper to the coaster, but since we won’t really be using these coasters, and since they’ll only be out for a month I came up with an idea to help me change up these coasters any time I want.

I had some magnet strips with adhesive on the back.  And I just took my scissors and cut a very small piece of magnet off, and stuck it to the coaster.  Then I cut off another small piece and stuck in on to the paper.  Put the paper and the old coaster together, and you’ve instantly got a new coaster!  And after the holiday, you can either throw the paper away or save it for next year.  Meanwhile you can create a new set for the next holiday.

Next week I’ll be sharing a Halloween mod podge project that I did over the weekend and another table decoration, so please come back and see!

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Sweet Thursday: Halloween/Fall Edition

I hope everyone has a great Halloween this weekend! If anyone out there is still looking for a sweet treat to make for the holiday, or if you’re already making your Thanksgiving plans, here are some yummy creations to choose from.

Join The Round-Up: If you have fall/Halloween dessert that you’d like to have included this round-up, just leave your link in the comments section, and I’ll add you.

November Round-Up: The next round-up will be on November 19. The theme will be Family Favorites. So anything goes!

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