Sun Safety: Protect Your Family’s Skin This Summer

It’s summertime and everyone is just itching to get outside. And if you aren’t careful, they’ll come back burnt to a crisp. And then who’s responsibility is it? 

Sun safety is something that everyone needs to take more seriously. While some people are to be seen slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen and hiding indoors, others are reckless in regard to the sun and its damaging effects. 

And let there be no mistake, the sun is damaging. UV radiation is harmful to the skin. It causes all kinds of problems ranging from mild sunburn to cancer. Sun damage is responsible for accelerated aging of the skin, liver spots, and general sun damage. These are things nobody wants. Of course, even a sunburn is one of the worst things about summer. 

Fortunately, there are lots of things that can be done to minimize or eliminate the risk of sun damage this season. The solutions are a lot of common sense, but someone has to actually enact and enforce these measures to have the intended effect. Read on to discover some of the best ways to stay safe in the sun with this summer’s fun. 

Establish Lots Of Shade At Home

If you have the ability to make changes to an outdoor environment, then shade is the name of the game. At home, you have the ability to make the changes that you deem necessary for your family’s health. In this instance, that means shade, shade, and more shade. 

There are a few ways to improve shade cover at home. This article will talk about it enough to help you get some ideas about what is right for you and your home. 


One of the most effective ways to improve shade cover at home is to install a retractable awning. Retractable awnings are shade covers that are mounted in a tube on the eave of your home. When in use, the awning is withdrawn and extended. When fully outstretched, retractable awnings provide significant amounts of cover. They also protect from other elements, making your backyard suitable for use during rainstorms or snowstorms. 

Awnings are affordable and quick to install. They are fully retractable and are nearly invisible when not in use. They provide the shade of an umbrella or permanent structure while taking up virtually no space or storage. 


Trees are the best long-term solution. However, they won’t be helping you out anytime soon unless you have a tree company come and drop a massive shade tree in your yard. Trees also require some maintenance to keep them from damaging your home or becoming a risk to your family. 

Otherwise, trees are a great way to add beauty, shade, and perhaps even some fruit or nuts. Make sure to be mindful of the tree’s product as thousands of hackberries will make a mess of your yard, and hedge apples are likely to knock someone out. Not to mention the thorns. 

Trellis’ And Plant Cover

Another good option is to use a trellis with vine coverage or some other form of plant coverage. One of the more popular options is to install a wooden or metal trellis to cover the back porch. Then, vines or other viny plants are grown along the trellis, eventually covering the structure and providing shade. This kind of shade won’t protect you from the rain, but it’s beautiful and provides moderate shade when fully grown in. However, it takes a few months each season to be effective and it takes a bit of maintenance.

There are lots of other options to use plants effectively as shade covers. Anything of the palm variety is suitable for use as a shade. Palms grow best in tropical and subtropical regions. Anything cooler and the plant probably won’t survive outdoor. If in a temperate environment, evergreen palms will need to be taken in. There are some medium-sized palm varieties that can survive quite well in pots and are effective sources of shade. But they are still big enough to struggle to get into an interior doorway. 

Use Sunscreen

It goes without saying that sunscreen is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting your family’s skin from the sun. This should be the primary approach when not at home. Sunscreen won’t protect you from everything sun-related, but it goes a really long way towards protecting your skin, and it’s very convenient too. Make sure you apply sunscreen to any children before they go out. They can’t be trusted to do it themselves. Be ready with a tube in hand during cooldowns and water breaks so you can reapply efficiently. 

Invest In Various Coverings

Covering your skin with opaque cloth is the most effective way to protect yourself when going out. There are a lot of ways to do this. Everyone will essentially need a sunsuit for every kind of activity that they will partake in out in the sun. 

For example, when doing gardening, mowing, or some other kind of activity, long shirts, pants, shoes, hats, glasses, gloves, and face coverings should be employed. But that just won’t cut it at the beach. So it’s time to get creative. 

When doing some sort of sport that requires a more revealing outfit, there are other things to consider. An oversized sunhat would come in handy here. A sholl can be employed to cover the shoulders from direct damage. A sarong could be worn around the waist to cover the abdomen and lower body. Make sure you’ve got the essential summer garments on hand. 

Avoid Going Out At Peak Times

You can’t always get what you want when you want it. And that means dealing with reality. The truth is that it isn’t a good idea to go out at peak times. Most of the world takes a break at peak sun times because it just isn’t healthy. This is a wise approach. 

Whenever possible, avoid going out and doing outside activities on sunny days around lunch and into the early afternoon. If someone absolutely can’t avoid it, then make sure they’re covered from multiple angles. 

If you’re dealing with pent-up kids, it’s a good idea to plan some good activities to kill an hour or two before letting them go out in it. Delaying them even fifteen minutes is beneficial at peak sun. 

A Comprehensive Approach

Like with most things, a single method won’t be adequate to deal with the problem. The best approach is to use all possible solutions when appropriate. Work on improving the shade coverage at home. Try to get as close to 100% as possible. When going out, make sure to have adequate coverings that are suitable for the activity at hand. And never go out, or let your loved ones go out, without an adequate layer of sunscreen. 

Helping Friends and Family Members Avoid Unnecessary Risks During an Active Pandemic

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone whose life hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year, the threat presented by said virus has dictated the way many of us go about our daily routines. From working to running errands to interacting with others, the novel coronavirus has influenced virtually everything we do. Fortunately, thanks to the wide availability of vaccines in the U.S., daily life has resumed some degree of normalcy. Still, it’s important to realize that we’re still in the middle of an active pandemic. With over one third of the country still not vaccinated, it’s imperative that we continue to make smart choices – and encourage others to do the same.

Set a Good Example

Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from getting vaccinated, you have no excuse to avoid getting one of the readily available COVID-19 vaccines. The sooner the vast majority of Americans get vaccinated, the sooner a true return to normalcy can take place. So, if you have any friends or family members who are currently on the fence about getting vaccinated, you owe it to them – and yourself – to set a good example and step up to the plate. In addition to helping keep you safe from COVID-19 and its growing number of variants, getting vaccinated make you less likely to spread the novel coronavirus if you contract it. At the end of the day, if you want to encourage your loved ones to get vaccinated, you’ll need to lead by example.

Steer People Away from Misinformation

Misinformation has been a widespread problem throughout every phase of this pandemic. Certain public figures, news outlets and media personalities have downplayed the threat presented by COVID-19 and have actively encouraged members of the public to avoid getting a free, easily accessible and highly effective vaccine. As this pandemic has illustrated, some of us are far more susceptible to disinformation than others. While some people are able to instantly identify bad-faith arguments, conspiracy theories and other weaponized dishonesty, others won’t hesitate to completely buy into it. In many cases, this is because certain pieces of misinformation fit in with what they want to believe or support opinions they already held.

So, if people you care about have been failing to protect themselves and others against COVID-19, attempt to steer them away from the misinformation that pollutes popular social media platforms and news outlets. Instead, direct them to the websites of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, advise them to consult licensed medical professionals if they have any questions or concerns about vaccination.

Run Errands for Immunocompromised Individuals

If you have any friends or family members suffering from compromised immunity, do everything in your power to make their lives easier during this troubled time. Although the past year has been a scary time for all of us, it’s been particularly frightening for people whose bodies are ill-equipped to fight off sickness. In the interest of lending a helping hand to elderly and/or immunocompromised individuals, volunteer to do their grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions and run other essential errands for them until such time as they’re able to safely do so themselves.

Encourage Virtual Appointments

Visiting a medical facility during an active pandemic can pose a significant risk to people with compromised immunity. If you or someone you care about is hesitant to visit their doctor in-person, consider looking into remote options. Because of the safety risks created by the novel coronavirus, many medical and mental health professionals have begun providing remote appointments and consultations for patients. So, if you’ve been searching for a virtual doctor, you’re likely to find a plethora of convenient options at your fingertips.

The last year has been among the stressful periods in the lives of countless individuals. Among many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to preventable death, sickness and a plethora of mental health issues. Although the wide availability of vaccines in the U.S. is undeniably a good thing, it isn’t quite time for us to let our guard down – particularly those of us with friends and family members suffering from compromised immunity or vulnerability to dangerous misinformation.

4 Benefits To Seeing the Dentist Twice a Year

Believe it or not, many people don’t see the dentist as often as they should. It seems as if seeing the dentist twice a year is something everyone would be rushing to do, but alas, it is not. From keeping your mouth free of germs to giving your mouth a deep clean, here are four reasons to see the dentist every six months. 

Dental Work

Only a dentist can tell if something is truly wrong with your mouth. Sure, you can feel discomfort when you eat or when you drink, but that can be something minor and easily fixed. Bigger problems can sometimes go undetected and need to be discovered by a dentist. Cavities are one of those things that sometimes go unnoticed, and your tooth may require a filling. A dental filling cost can vary from dentist to dentist and how severe your cavity is. By seeing a dentist, you can stop a cavity from getting deeper or ruining your entire tooth. 

A regular cleaning will also help you see if you have any gum sensitivity or if you need further dental work like crowns, caps, or root canals. Catching a problem early will prevent tooth loss.

Deep Oral Cleaning

A lot of germs and diseases can be born in your mouth.  If you do not properly clean your mouth, a buildup can form and you can potentially swallow that build up when you eat or drink. By going to the dentist regularly, you will receive a deep clean where everything that is bad for you can be removed from your mouth. Your dentist can also give you an update on how well you are cleaning your teeth, which will give you an indication of what level of work you need to add to your oral health regiment. 

Mouth Cancer Checks

Your dentist does more than just clean your teeth. Your dentist will survey your entire mouth and check under your tongue and all around for cancer or any potential bumps or marks that may be cause for concern. By going to your dentist every six months, you will get this check along with your normal cleaning. 

A Healthy Smile

Your smile is seen by everyone you come in contact with, and when you have a healthy smile, you are more likely to have self-confidence and more desire to be around other people. By going to the dentist, you can discuss cosmetic options in a confidential space to improve your smile if need be. If you are happy with your smile as it is, regular dentist visits will keep your smile bright and white. 

It seems like quite an easy task to show up to the dentist, but many people dislike the idea of having their teeth cleaned. Although there may be some discomfort involved like sensitivity or a little bit of pain, going to the dentist twice a year will help keep you healthy and your mouth healthy, and that’s enough of a reason to make that appointment.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Healthy Habits Into Your Life

When you want to improve your health, you may not know where to start. Luckily, there are many small changes you can make in your life that can add up to big benefits for your body and mind. Here are a few tips to help you get healthy without completely upending your life.

Ditch the High-Calorie Alcohol

A drink in the evening can help you unwind, but the calories in alcohol can really add up fast. You don’t have to eliminate alcohol, though. Instead, you can opt for lower calories alternatives such as light beer and vodka. For example, you can trade high-calorie beers for cranberry vodka drinks made with sugar-free juice.

Get Some Extra Walking In

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but you may wonder if you can fit an extra workout into your busy schedule. One great way to incorporate more activity into your day is to find ways to walk a little bit extra. When you drive somewhere, you can try parking in the back of the parking lot to increase the distance you need to walk. Additionally, you may want to opt to take the stairs over an elevator. These little ways of adding more exercise to your day can have a big impact.

Turn Off Your Screens an Hour Before Bed

Getting a full night of restful sleep can make a significant difference to your health. If you have trouble sleeping well at night, your phone screen may be at fault. Turning off your screens at least one hour before you go to bed can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.

Try a Standing Desk at Work

If you sit all day at work, you know how hard that sedentary activity can be on your body. Sitting too long may be associated with various other health problems, as well. Standing desks allow you to work comfortably while staying on your feet.

Avoid Grocery Shopping While Hungry

One important part of eating better is to avoid bringing unhealthy food into your house in the first place. That way, when you feel a rumbling in your stomach, you only have better alternatives to reach for.

Avoiding unhealthy food starts at the grocery store. If you go to the grocery store with a full stomach, you are less likely to overestimate how much food you need and less likely to give in to cravings for.

Stick to Black Coffee Many studies suggest that coffee, in moderation, can be good for you. However, if you add other ingredients to your coffee, like cream and sugar, you may be negating any benefits. An easy way to get a little healthier is to discard the sugary additives and stick to black coffee.

Incorporate More Fatty Fish Into Your Diet

For fans of fish, eating more fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel, can have a ton of benefits. These types of fish are full of essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins. Loading up on these nutrients can decrease any inflammation, increase your energy, and lower your risk of heart disease.

Swap Sugary Snacks for Fruit

If you have a sweet tooth, you know how difficult it can be to deal with sugar cravings. One option that can help you manage cravings is to trade sugary foods for fresh fruit. You will curb your sugar craving while eating a healthier alternative full of nutrients.

Living a healthier lifestyle can be challenging. However, you can incorporate better habits into your life in manageable ways that may help you achieve your wellness goals.

CBD Products: Benefits, Risks, And Applications

After the approval of former president Donald Trump of Farm Bill 2018, the market has made a large and loud buzz about CBD products resulting in a rise in demand. These products are now displayed or sold anywhere you go – from social media, websites, beauty salons, cosmetic brands, restaurants, grocery stores, and a lot more. People today are seeking safer methods to relieve their pain, stress, and insomnia, after all, and CBD just happens to be a great and sustainable option!

Often, CBD products were assumed to give miraculous and magically healing effects that are too good to sound for us to believe. But does it really work? What is CBD, exactly?

This will be a general overview of CBD, what it can do, how it works, and what you need to know about the possible side effects and risks that it may bring with its use.

What Is CBD?

If you’ve heard about the medicinal properties of marijuana (read more), then you’ve most probably heard about Cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound that naturally exists in Cannabis sativa species, mainly cannabis and hemp. This is one of the 113 cannabinoids present in the said plant and is proven to be non-psychoactive. This compound will not cause you to be intoxicated, nor will it make you high when isolated from the other components.

THC, on the other hand, is also one active component of the Cannabis sativa species that does the opposite. It is the cause of euphoria, which makes users primarily high. But distinctively, it has high concentrations in marijuana but low in hemp plants. In federal law, hemp-cultivated CBD products are only allowed for the market, and THC should be less than 0.3 percent at all times to avoid the side effects that are associated with it.

Therapeutic Benefits

Several researchers have been doing an extensive study about the pain-relieving effects and anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol. A review from PubMed Central reports that CBD may help with chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction, but the results vary from condition-specific. In fact, the statistics of current CBD users who use the product for both pain relief and inflammation accounts for 64%.

Additionally, it can also help people experiencing mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. More than its relaxation and calming effect, one study from Permanente Journal reports that 79% of their participants have experienced less pressure and anxiety, which shows that CBD is an effective product in improving mental wellness.

Different Applications Of Products

Sublingual: It is the most direct route to the bloodstream, allowing compounds like Cannabidiol to meet the bloodstream with the least amount of effort. You will just have to put the product (oil or tincture)

under your tongue to let it sit for at least a minute or two. Then, you can swallow it directly or wash it down with a drink.

Topical: It is the application of CBD-infused products that are primarily used for skin care regimens or for pain sensation. You will just have to apply it directly to your skin and wait until it absorbs. This works best if you have a specific concern in your body. In fact, a clinical trial way back in 2016 found that CBD topicals may help with swelling and inflammation.

● Lotions

● Salves

● Lip balm

● Creams

Oral: This administration is the best option if you’re a newbie in CBD. Products such as capsules and gummies come in pre-measured dosage and size, making it the best choice if you are still in the phase of knowing the amount of concentration your body needs.

Inhaling: It is a quick action best for users who want to experience immediate results. Moreover, it can be suitable for heading off stress and anxiety by which it provides fast pain relief and relaxation to its users. It is also very concentrated, resulting in the more effective use of CBD because this administration is potent. But do not worry, as according to one research, CBD is low in toxicity, so it won’t harm. Just make sure not to purchase a product with more than 0.3 percent of THC, so it won’t get you high.

● Vape pens

● Vape cartridge

● Pre-rolls

See yourself what will work best for your routine. More than the products mentioned above, there are also products with CBD made by some creative and innovative brands. This includes honey sticks, candies, bath bombs, wax, hand sanitizers, and many more.

You can also try checking out for samples to try the products first before going all out in a large jar of a CBD-containing product.

Risks Along With CBD

Generally, products that are CBD-infused are safe. In fact, a report made by a reliable source—the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…and CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.” Then, it is an excellent alternative to improve both your physical and mental wellness. However, when are taking other supplements or maintenance medicines, there may be a possibility of drug interactions causing the following symptoms:

● Drowsiness

● Change in Appetite

● Dry mouth

● Diarrhea

● Fatigue or Restlessness

There is a chance of differentiating symptoms above if the product does include preservatives, additives, and more than it claims to ( Given that more manufacturers are taking into the saturated market, it is possible that mislabeling may occur. To avoid that, you should do thorough research before purchasing and always look for the best and reputable brand for the product you desire. You can always check for reviews or feedbacks from real-time users.

4 Reasons You Should Start Cooking With Grass-Fed Meat

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of how they prepare and eat their food. Meat, in particular, now comes in different cuts and grades. If you want a higher quality of meat, you should also consider the animal’s diet and how they were raised. This is where grass-fed meat comes into the picture.

Typically, grass-fed meat refers to bison and beef. Poultry and pork also feed on grass but they’re called ‘pastured,’ although both names are essentially the same in meaning. Since the animals only eat grass, which is their natural diet, they’re expected to be healthier and of higher quality. The type of grasses that they graze on depends on the region and climate they’re in.

The Benefits Of Cooking With Grass-Fed Meat

With its growing popularity, grass-fed beef seems to be overtaking supermarkets and groceries today. If you’re not in any way familiar with this unconventional meat, you need to note that it’ll look different from your regular beef at the market. Since grass-fed meat tends to have more marbling because of its leanness, you can expect its color to range anywhere from deep mahogany brown to bright red. That being said, its color will no longer be a useful indicator when trying to determine its freshness. 

Cooking with grass-fed meat can be slightly different from how you usually prepare your conventional beef. Grass-fed beef producers, such as Silver Fern Farms, highly recommend cooking the meat closely to make sure not to overcook it. A meat thermometer is also needed to check the doneness of the beef. The price can also be quite expensive but if you’re already aware of the benefits you can get from grass-fed meat, you’ll know it’s worth the price.

If you’re looking for reasons to convince you to start cooking with this highly special meat, here are some you can ponder on:

Cows grazing on farm yard at sunset. Cattle eating and walking outdoors in countryside.

Packed With Several Nutrients And Vitamins

Meat, whether grass-fed or grain-fed, is a good source of nutrients and vitamins, such as B6, B3, and B12. However, grass-fed meat specifically contains higher amounts of certain vitamins like Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects your cell membranes from oxidation. Aside from Vitamin E, grass-fed meat also contains higher amounts of selenium, iron, and zinc. It also has less fat, which translates into fewer calories. 

If you want to buy quality grass-fed meat, read the label carefully before deciding to put it in your cart. To avoid buying artificial meat that claims to be grass-fed when they’re really not, the label should clearly indicate ‘grass-fed’ or ‘pasture-raised.’ Legitimate producers and farms should have the proper label in their grass-fed beef range to guarantee authenticity.

Promotes Heart Health

As mentioned earlier, grass-fed beef has lower fat content than conventional meat. Reduced levels of saturated fat may help lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathy or heart muscle disease. This is because lean meat has been shown to positively affect the body’s cholesterol levels. 

Prevents Other Diseases

Aside from lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases, grass-fed meat may also help prevent and may even treat several diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, lupus, stroke, and even cancer. This is because pasture-raised beef contains up to six times more omega-3 fatty acid content than grain-fed meat. 

Omega-3 fatty acids have been scientifically proven to provide several health benefits, including fighting inflammation by reducing the production of substances and molecules that can cause inflammation. They also serve as the foundation of every cell wall of your body. 

Helps Build And Maintain Muscle Mass

Grass-fed meat is packed with amino acids, which are necessary for forming proteins. Both proteins and amino acids are essential in building and maintaining muscle mass in the body. If you’re leaning toward a healthier lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and a good diet, the high amount of proteins in grass-fed beef can highly benefit you.

Furthermore, the beta-alanine in beef can contribute to the formation of carnosine, a compound in the body that aids in muscle function. As a result, you might be able to increase your performance and capacity during exercise.

Making The Switch

Given the nutritional benefits that grass-fed meat can provide, it’s really a sensible idea to switch to this healthier meat option. For instance, it’s packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients, may promote heart health, prevent other diseases, and also helps build and maintain muscle mass. 

Now that you know about these reasons to start cooking with grass-fed meat, you’ll be able to make a better decision the next time you’re in the supermarket and looking at different meat options. 

5 Ways To Prevent Digestive Problems As You Age

The photo of internal organs is on the women’s body against gray background, Concepts of health problems

As you get older, you’ll experience several changes in yourself, particularly concerning your health and wellness. Your body may become less able to carry out functions that seemed more manageable in earlier years. For instance, your joints, muscles, and bones can possibly become weaker and, therefore, more prone to fractures. Also, your brain could be impaired by unhealthy activities you’ve been used to all throughout the years, leading to memory loss or lack of focus. There’s also a possibility of having cataracts, declined hearing, heart problems, and other health concerns if you won’t adhere to a healthy lifestyle. 

Additionally, digestive system issues may develop for several individuals. In most cases, the normal processes of the gastrointestinal tract could become slower. Also, your gut muscles might become frail, less effective, and rigid. Your body tissues may be at a higher risk for damages because cell formation has most likely slowed down, too. Consequently, you may encounter digestive complications such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach aches, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), heartburn, and gas, among others.

Aging can’t be prevented, but at least these digestive problems can still be addressed if you’re determined to do so. Read on to find out how you can keep your digestive system healthy.

 How To Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy

Besides aging as a significant factor that causes gut issues, there might be other aspects contributing to your gastrointestinal tract’s poor condition. Some of these may be destructive lifestyle habits such as the following:

Not exercising regularly 

Not drinking enough water

Eating unhealthy diets

You could also be experiencing digestive tract problems due to certain maintenance medications you’re taking or because of existing health conditions like diabetes. 

To ensure good digestive tract health, you have to make some changes and adjustments in your lifestyle. Also, it’s good to research gut issues that may be new or unclear to you. For instance, several resources could help in understanding LPR, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and other concerns associated with aging and your digestive health. However, ensure that your source of information is a credible site or an experienced physician. Also, consider talking to your doctor before trying out any recommendations that you find online.

Some ways to prevent digestive problems as you age include:

Eating Healthy Meals

It’s said that as you get older, the sense of taste may not be as heightened as it was in your earlier ages. Also, your general body energy may decline, too. With that, it’s highly likely for you to have little energy for or less interest in preparing balanced diets. However, poor nutrition could cause a lack of essential minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C, or B12. These are some of the necessities that the body needs to improve your immune system, boost your digestive health, and enhance your general well-being.

Therefore, consider cutting on high-fat dairy products and meats, which may cause constipation. Instead, ensure you eat low-fat foods such as lean meat, white fish, and skimmed milk. Increase your intake of high-fiber foods as well, like whole grains, vegetables, nuts, peas, and fruits. It’s also recommended to reduce intake of salt and sugar, as well as caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Taking Probiotic Foods Often

Probiotic foods contain good yeast and bacteria that are both beneficial for your health, especially the digestive system. It’s believed that naturally, your body has good and bad bacteria. And probiotics may help reduce any excess harmful bacteria, balancing both microorganisms in your body.

By taking medications such as antibiotics, the body may lose essential bacteria. However, probiotics are known to help in replacing the lost good bacteria. Therefore, this could ensure that your body remains healthy and works efficiently.

Some probiotic foods you could take to help promote gut health may include kefir, kombucha tempeh, miso, pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt. Probiotic supplements may also be available in the market. However, these may not be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, consider talking to your doctor before buying any. 

Reducing Stress

Stress may also cause problems to your digestive system. It’s pretty normal to experience stressful situations as you age. When you’re stressed, excess mental pressure could happen. This may cause heartburn due to increased gastric acid in the stomach. If not treated, too much gastric acid may result in gastrointestinal bleeding and diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux or peptic ulcer.

To reduce stress, try getting enough sleep regularly and practicing yoga for relaxation. Physical activity may also help improve your mood.

Doing Regular Exercises

Exercising could also be effective in improving digestive health. Workouts are believed to improve oxygen and blood circulation in your body, which may help enhance digestion and reduce constipation. Allocating at least 15 minutes each day or a minimum of 150 minutes for physical activity every week could help. This practice may not only improve your gut health but also your overall wellness. 

Considering Regular Health Check-Ups 

Regular health check-ups might help identify any serious diseases or conditions that may affect your gut health. As a result, you’ll have a chance to seek early treatment, cure, or prevention before it’s too late. Additionally, these examinations may help monitor any existing ailments you have, thus reducing the risk of further complications. 

In some cases, you may encounter side effects such as constipation, upset stomach, or diarrhea caused by medications prescribed by your doctor. If you experience any of these side effects, reach out to your doctor immediately so they can replace the medication or look further into the underlying reason behind such reactions. 

Also, talk to your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medications to prevent the risk of any serious complications. Additionally, if you experience severe gut issues, seek immediate help from your doctor.


Aging may be associated with several health issues such as heart, sight, hearing, or general body problems. One common concern that most aging individuals may suffer from could be the deterioration of digestive health. Some gut concerns you may encounter include upset stomach, gas, heartburns, diarrhea, and constipation, among other digestive issues. Therefore, it would be wise to consider factors that may help improve the wellness of your gastrointestinal tract.

Some of the practices you could use to boost digestive health include eating healthy meals and exercising for at least 150 minutes each week. Consider taking probiotics more often, and try to avoid stressors. In addition, aim to visit your doctor regularly for checkups, which may help assess your health, identify emerging health concerns, and reduce the risk of further complications if you have an existing health issue.



10 Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect

Portrait of sad child

Child abuse is never acceptable. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly uncommon either. It’s estimated that at least 1 in 7 children in the United States has experienced some form of child abuse or neglect in the past year alone.

As an adult, you can do your part to help stop and prevent child abuse by being more alert and empathetic to potential issues—whether it’s might evaluating your own child’s behavior after spending time away from home or becoming aware of a dangerous situation that involves a child you know.

Children will often exhibit symptoms that indicate when something is wrong. Knowing how to identify these symptoms is the first step towards ensuring the safety of the child and taking legal action to defend a victim of child abuse.

1. Running away from home

Although popular culture has normalized the idea of children running away from home, the reality is that most children value the security and provision that loving parents and safe homes offer.

For this reason, running away is typically a last resort. When a child knows of no other escape than to run away from home, it’s possible that he or she has been a victim of child abuse.

2. Not wanting or needing to be home

Similarly, children who experience abuse at home may be reluctant to spend time at home. They will cling to other children and parents, often preferring any environment other than their typical home environment.

Children who are neglected are often left unsupervised as well. They won’t check in with their parents or suggest that they need to be home at a certain time. 

3. Changes in mental health

One study showed that of a group of 21-year-olds who had experienced some form of abuse or neglect during childhood, 80% of them developed psychological disorders.

These kinds of disorders, such as depression or anxiety, can manifest in various ways. Children may be reluctant to get out of bed, have trouble sleeping, become increasingly fearful, or become irritable.

4. Delayed development or social withdrawal

A child’s sudden inability to develop, whether it’s academically or socially, is often the result of a traumatic event.

Children who have been abused or neglected will often have very little desire, motivation, or ability to perform in the classroom. Similarly, abuse victims may withdraw from social circles, and those with typically outgoing personalities may become unusually unsocial.

5. Lack of food, clothing, or proper hygiene

Neglect, occurring in 74.9% of cases, is the most common form of child maltreatment. There are a handful of ways to identify a child who may be a victim of neglect at home.

You may find that the child is frequently sent to school without lunch, appears increasingly malnourished, tends to wear the same clothing repeatedly, or exhibits consistently poor hygiene.

6. Lack of passion for hobbies and activities

Most children cling to at least one or two hobbies from which they draw a certain level of enjoyment and fulfillment.

When a child suddenly loses his or her passion for not only one activity but multiple activities, it is often a warning sign that circumstances have changed at home.

7. Premature understanding of sex

All children develop an understanding of sex over time. However, this typically occurs during puberty or as the subject is taught at school.

If a child exhibits a premature understanding of sex or a disturbing fascination with the subject, it might point to the potential of sexual abuse.

8. Inappropriate contact

Children who have endured sexual abuse will often attempt to mimic what they have experienced with other children.

While the initial reaction may be to step in and discipline the child who is exhibiting this kind of sexual behavior, consider whether or not the child’s behavior may point to an underlying issue.

9. Inexplicable injuries

Every injury has a story. If you notice a particular injury on a child, ask about how it occurred.

If there is no explanation, if the explanation doesn’t make sense, or if the explanation seems highly improbably, the child may be hiding the real reason for the injury—perhaps in fear of the person who inflicted it.

10. Self-harm or suicide attempts

Perhaps the most horrifying symptom of child abuse is self-harm or attempted suicide. There may be physical signs of self-harm—such as cuts, scars, or bloodstains on clothing; or there may be verbal indications—such as discussions of suicidal thoughts or accounts of suicide attempts.

If you observe this kind of behavior in a child, it’s critical that you protect the livelihood of the child by getting them immediate help.

How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Beauty Routine

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become a major trend in the past few years, and judging by the rate it’s going, it’s only going to become more popular in the coming years. This trend isn’t limited to a particular industry either. Healthcare, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and sports are just a few examples of industries that have been developing CBD-based products. Now, the personal care and cosmetics industry has also jumped into the wagon as they start to create beauty products with CBD as one of the ingredients. 

As a result, consumers are now looking forward to incorporating cannabidiol into their beauty routine, especially since many experts believe that CBD products may treat skin imperfections and the likes, such as acne. If you want to incorporate CBD into your beauty regimen, here are some tips to get you started. 

Choose The Right Products 

There are all sorts of CBD products in the beauty care industry. Lip balms, face masks, and bath soaps are just a few examples. 

While you may be tempted to buy all the products and apply them as soon as possible, it’s worth noting that certain CBD products might undo the results you’re aiming for. For example, certain CBD oil brands increase oil production, which is the complete opposite of what moisturizers do, so it’s not recommended to use CBD-infused face masks since the CBD oil will only counteract their moisturizing effects. 

Simply put, you have to choose the right products before starting your shopping spree. Here are a few pointers on what kind of CBD product you should buy for each cosmetics problem: 

Dryness of skin: A 2017 study has found links between CBD and reduced dryness of skin, so a CBD-infused face mask would do a great job at making your skin feel rejuvenated. 

Flaked lips: CBD oil also has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, so it’s possible to treat chapped or dry lips and prevent excessive flaking with CBD-infused lip balms. 

Eyebrow growth: If you’re having trouble growing your eyebrows naturally, you’d be glad to know that CBD improves cerebral blood flow, which is responsible for hair growth. In short, CBD may improve the natural growth of your eyebrows. 

Eye bags: People develop eye bags due to the weakening of tissues and muscles around the eyes. One way to prevent this is by minimizing oxidation, and CBD just happens to be rich in antioxidants. Hence, applying CBD might help treat or eliminate eye bags. 

Once you’ve decided which products to buy, you have to look for a CBD product seller. For starters, you can navigate to this site since they’re most likely have a selection of CBD-infused beauty products.  

Administer Patch Tests

Although the chances are slim, the possibility that you’re allergic to cannabidiol or marijuana isn’t zero. Furthermore, there’s also the possibility of you having an allergic reaction to the ingredients of certain CBD products. So, before incorporating CBD into your beauty routine, remember to administer patch tests.

Patch tests are what we call a diagnostic technique often used to determine whether a specific substance causes allergic reactions to an individual’s skin. Patch tests are usually done by applying a dab of the CBD-infused beauty product into a small patch of your skin, hence the name. The substance will then be taped in place and left for two days. 

If there’s an abnormal reaction, perhaps a rash or swelling, then you’re most likely allergic to the product. If that’s the case, you’d have to pass on the opportunity of incorporating CBD into your beauty routine

Take It Easy 

Although a CBD allergy will bring some health concerns, there are also other cases resulting in health risks. For instance, if you apply the cannabidiol substance into your skin in a volume more than it could take, you’re highly likely to experience some mild side effects, such as rashes, itchiness, and swelling. In other words, you can’t go all-in on CBD-infused beauty products overnight. 

One way to avoid this risk is by using the products on alternate days. So, if you used it yesterday, wait until tomorrow before using it again, and so on.  

Use One Product At A Time 

Just like how an individual can be allergic to the cannabidiol substance, some may have a low tolerance to CBD. As a result, any effects the substance has will become a lot weaker. So, even if a particular CBD-infused product is deemed the best by many users, there’s a chance it’d only display minimal effects for others. 

Furthermore, since CBD products are relatively more expensive than general beauty products, it’s worth testing if you’re actually getting value for your money. Hence, experts suggest using one CBD-infused beauty product at a time. 

Generally, it takes two to three weeks to see whether a particular beauty product makes a difference, so you’d have to wait that long before using another product. If you feel like the product isn’t doing anything worthy of its price, you’re better off forgetting about the said product. 

Incorporate CBD To Your Diet 

By now, you should be aware of the fact that your diet significantly affects your health, and your health is linked with your appearance. For starters, having high levels of vitamin C and minimal carbs and fats reduces your chances of developing wrinkles and skin dryness. Hence, if you want to up your beauty routine game, consider taking a healthier diet. If you decide to establish a healthy diet, you might want to use CBD oils for several reasons. 

For starters, multiple studies have found that CBD oils can potentially stimulate metabolism. With improved metabolism, your body can quickly eliminate excess fats and carbohydrates, which would help prevent skin-related issues. Enhancing your metabolism also means you can burn calories much faster, making it easier to develop a healthier weight. 

CBD cosmetics concept. Beautiful woman with a cannabis leaf on gray background

Final Words 

Cannabidiol is indeed quite popular among consumers of beauty care products, but you have to remember that this product is still in its experimental stages. It may not make as much difference to your aesthetics for now, but given a few years of development, there’s a good chance CBD-infused beauty products will become a revolutionary idea in the cosmetics industry.

7 Satisfying Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Treatment

People seeking help from general physicians for chronic back pains and migraines often end up feeling disappointed. The inability to look outside the standard ways of curing such ailments fails to open the door to some other time-tested pain relief methods, such as chiropractic treatment.

It uses spinal manipulation or adjustments for proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure to fix different parts of the body without medication. The adjustment is used to restore mobility restricted by some accident or stress. Chiropractic treatment is primarily used as a pain relief alternative to medications.

Read ahead to find out reasons to choose chiropractic treatment for yourself or anyone you care for:

No side-effects!

Non-medication treatment by a certified and professional chiropractor has zero side-effects. This eradicates the fear of trying a time-tested alternative treatment with no risks of accompanying aftereffects. For this very reason, some general physicians encourage their patients to first try non-medication treatments before opting for medication or surgery.

Highly Affordable

When compared to conventional treatment by a general physician, chiropractic treatment is a cheaper alternative. The financial benefits are more pronounced when you don’t have to spend thousands on medicines or steroids. Studies have shown that an overall chiropractic treatment costs way lower than conventional treatment. The treatment duration is also comparatively shorter.

Reduces opioid usage

Research has shown that adults who visit chiropractors are less likely to get their prescriptions filled with painkillers/opioids than when they visit their general physicians. When you search back pain chiropractic or “migraine chiropractic” on Google and see the top chiropractor with your past medical records, he first examines you thoroughly to identify the root cause of the problem. He may use his hands or certain suitable instruments for a proper examination of the patient. He may suggest some diagnostic tests, such as MRIs or X-rays, only when in doubt. 

Aims for long-term recovery

Unlike the use of opioids to relieve pain temporarily, a chiropractor plans a series of sessions to deal with the root cause so that it doesn’t reoccur. A chiropractor uses hands-on manipulation to adjust the ailing body part. He plans a series of sessions to realign your spine and eradicate the root cause. The chiropractor can also suggest sitting positions to deal with your postural problems that cause the neck or back pain. Research indicates that in most cases, spinal manipulation is more effective than some pain-modifying drugs or opioids.

Relieves chronic back pain and headache

A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation to relieve some chronic neck or back pain. He can also deal with tension headaches that can originate from your neck. Studies have shown a great respite from all these issues in people with chiropractic care.

Helps poor posture

Apart from the scheduled chiropractic sessions, a chiropractor can prescribe you some sitting positions. Some people working for long hours, commonly end up sitting in a hunchback position that can misalign the spine and lead to other problems, like back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Improves mental health

Is your mind always occupied with pain and discomfort of stiff muscles? Is your quality of life getting affected, consequently?

Do not think twice before consulting for chiropractic care. They can fix any interference that may be causing the pain by manipulating your spine. A chiropractic massage helps improve the blood flow to your brain and relieves stress.


The benefits of chiropractic treatment are salient and without any side-effects. So first discuss your wish to see a chiropractor with your general physician, and if he suggests, book an appointment right away!