3 Reasons to Hire a Skip if You Are a Business

If you are a business, no matter what it is, there will be times when you need to dispose of large quantities of rubbish. For this, skip bins Sydney can help. To help us make the decision about how best to dispose of it, this article will discuss some good reason for a business hiring a skip. They are not just useful for the construction industry but play a vital role in dealing with the disposal of all kinds of waste.


A skip would seem be the best solution where a large quantity of rubbish is involved. You can have it taken away all at once in a timely manner and have the problem sorted without the hassle involved in dealing with it personally. Skips can also be useful to add to as you decide just what it is that you cannot re-use yourself. As builders will use them for rubble and when replacing whole interiors, other businesses can use them if they are replacing their equipment and machinery on mass.

A larger skip, or several smaller ones over time, can be ordered from the same firm. They can be co-ordinated so that none of them need to be hired for longer than necessary, helping reduce the expense. Different kinds of skips are also available for a business’s convenience. They come in different sizes and shapes. The most common types of skips include mini, midi, maxi, builders, lockable, and roll-on roll off. With heavier goods the roll-on-roll off are extremely useful, as are the lockable in areas with higher crime rates. Not only do you not want items going missing from the skip, when they are still technically your property, you do not want to find out that someone has caused damage by finding an alternative use for them.

Waste Type

The type of rubbish that is put into skips can vary from building rubble to garden rubbish. The waste, in some cases, can be potentially hazardous if let lying around. So, hiring a skip and having the waste deposited into a hide-sided skip and taken away soon after, protects young members who might play in the rubbish from getting hurt. That would be a business’s responsibility for not responsibly disposing of their waste.

A skip hire firm will know the regulations regarding certain kinds of waste. You should always check with them, if you are unsure, as to whether the type of waste that you want to dispose of is suitable for a skip. If not, they may have the means to help you dispose of more hazardous waste in a different way. That is, waste that is not dangerous because it is left lying around where young ones play, but because it is harmful to health. An example would be asbestos, a material whose particles must not be allowed to enter the lungs, or long term, health problems may result.


It can work out cheaper to hire a skip than to make numerous trips to a tip to dispose of the waste yourself. This will be due to the fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle that results from making several trips back and forth to dispose of large quantities of waste. In addition, if you plan to use your own vehicle for this, it can damage the insides of your vehicle when you try to pack too much in, and the waste is not desirable waste to be transported.

The cost of skip hire can be reduced by sharing it with a neighbouring business, who will more than likely have rubbish that they have been meaning to dispose of for several months. Perhaps storing it inside a warehouse at a cost in terms of the space lost for other things such as stock. Then, perhaps that fellow business will return the favour to you in the future, creating another shared expense.

So, at least three good reasons why a skip is the solution. There is no better way to deal with large quantities of waste. Where it is heavy, a roll-on roll-off skip excels, and skip firms are experts in dealing with different types of waste, making sure that it is recycled, where possible. In addition, skips work out a much more cost effective and convenient way of transporting waste than making numerous visits to a tip yourself, involving wear and tear on your vehicle, or the business’s, not to mention the fuel costs.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Weed Killers

Weeds can damage your grass and your garden beyond repair if you allow them to take over. They will feed on all the water and nutrients meant for your lawn and plants while they pale and die out due to starvation, which is why you need the best lawn weedkillers to ensure the longevity of your yard. However, not all weed killers are alike, and not all of them are safe. The herbicides will change according to the region you stay in and the type of grass you have on your lawn. Here are some points that will help you choose the best lawn weed killers:

1. Types of Weed

Not all weeds are the same. You have to identify the weed correctly before you buy a weed killer for it. Some varieties of weeds are more resistant to herbicides. If you do not buy the right sort, you would only end up spraying chemicals on your lawn for no good reason. If you are not sure about the types of weed in your lawn, you can also hire a professional to help you identify them. The most common weeds are crabgrass, foxtails, spurge, knotweed, and purslane, among others. Broadleaf weeds can be tough to kill. You need to know the weed types and their life cycles to get rid of them completely.

2. Safe for the Grass

What makes many weed killers dangerous is that they also end up killing your beloved grass along with the weeds. The weed killer should only target the weeds and not the grass. If you are not sure, then it is good to apply the weed killer on a patch of weeds and notice its effect on the surrounding grass before you proceed to dew the entire lawn. In case you see the surrounding grass browning or wilting, you should immediately discontinue and look for other options. When choosing the best lawn weed killers, make sure to check for its safety so that it doesn’t deteriorate the lushness of your grass.

3. Safe for Pets and Kids

The weed killer should be safe for pets and kids who play on the grass. No matter which kind of weed killer you choose, it is ideal not to let your pet or the kids play on the grass for a few days after the application. Even then, it would be best if you opted for herbal

options as chemical ones can result in intense allergies in some cases. Also, you must take care of your eyes and hands by wearing protective gear at the time of its application. Avoid walking on the area you finished spraying as you might step on your lawn later, transferring the weed killer to your healthy grass.

4. Coverage

The coverage will depend on the strength and the concentration of the weed killer. Usually, the label will guide you on preparing the weed killer and the area it will cover. You need to measure your lawn to understand how much concentrate you will need per sq foot of your garden. Some weed killers might also require multiple applications to get rid of the weeds completely. You will need a powerful systemic weed killer if there are perennial weeds in your garden. A pre-emergent weed killer, on the other hand, is enough to take care of annual weeds.

Once you have found the best lawn weed killers, you will be able to get rid of all the weeds with consistent applications. Some weeds do not die with one application, and you might find them returning merely after a few weeks. But consistency is the key here, and with time, you will be able to clear out your lawn completely.

A Guide on Roof Repair and Interior Decorating

Being a homeowner can be a huge hassle sometimes when it comes to fixing up the house.  One of the scarier projects to take on could be roof repair. Discovering a leak in your roof after a huge storm can be nerve-wracking. Although, it does not have to be. Finding the leak and putting a bucket underneath it, is the first of the few steps. The second is to find a professional who will guide you through this stressful process. 

Also, know that a leak does not mean you will have to replace the whole roof. If the roof is still in good condition a repair can solve it. Ask for that free estimate on your repair, so that you can keep your peace of mind. Furthermore, take into account that a roofing contractor will be there to answer any questions or reassure any fears you could have about the project itself. 

 Discovering a leak

Believe it or not, not every leak can be found by following the dripping sound. Now finding a leak or the cause of one can be a frustrating and tiring process. One that is better left to a roofing contractor. These leaks can grow and manifest into huge problems when they are not taken care of right away. Here is a list of some signs that could point to a leak: missing or damaged shingles, moisture smell, or water spots in the ceiling.

 Roof damage

Big storms are not only causing leaks, they can also cause breakage from falling debris. Some signs that this could be the problem are piles of granules, missing shingles, or roof leaks from wind damage. Now do not be alarmed if this is the case with your roof. The Pittsburgh roofing contractor is experienced in any repair your roof could need. They know how to find and fix the problem. Also, their roofing contractors will be there to answer questions and lead you through all the steps.  

Beautiful roof, beautiful home

Now that the roof is no longer a worry, let’s focus on the inside. If you are looking for ideas on how to spruce up your home, look no further. Simply sweet home has helpful tips on easy DIY decor, holidays, recipes, and much more.  They also have some fun giveaways. 

There are tons of sections on crafts, decorating, party ideas, and even printables. You can also check out the Simply Sweet Creations  Etsy shop for some crafty finds. Then when it comes to fun recipes, there is the recipe of the week. That is sure to give you a new idea for dinner. 

Furthermore, there is a helpful blog entry about how to choose the right furniture. It takes you through the style, quality, color, space, and helps you match it all to your budget. This is great for people who are not sure where to begin. Looking at all the different styles, and colors can seem a little overwhelming. 

Hi-Tech Fittings to Update Your Bathroom Design

Anything to do with a hi-tech bathroom cheers me up as I love to luxuriate in home technology. Nowadays I am too connected to my personal space, taking my bathroom as a sacred place to escape my day-to-day bustles. I don’t want distractions while relaxing in the bathtub let alone phone beeps when looking in the mirror. A few hi-tech features in my bathroom have been so useful and luxurious that I couldn’t help but share today. However, much like how you should seek professional help when mounting your tv anywhere else in your home, so too should you seek professional help when installing these features into your bathroom.

Wireless Speakers

I love listening to soul music while taking a shower in the morning. It has a curing and relaxing effect, giving me the energy and motivation to start my day. In the evening, I switch to rock music to elevate my mood. Thanks to wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, my dreams have come true. I simply connect my TV or smartphone to the speakers and my shower time turns into a thrill. The small, sleek, yet powerful speakers offer high fidelity, sounding as clean as I feel when coming out of the shower.

Digital Faucets

When I hired a bathroom designer for a remodel, we took some time to talk over the sink and faucets. I didn’t know how advanced the latest faucets are until I got to see several models. Surprisingly, my newest installs are touchless so I don’t need to turn them on and off. They come with motion sensors inside. How convenient for the Coronavirus period! Immediately I put my hands below the taps, they automatically turn on so I can wash my hands. Then they turn themselves off when I take my hands off the sink. Certain faucets come with temperature control settings so we can choose to run normal or warm water. The greatest benefit of digital faucets is water control. At the end of each cleaning session, I use less water than I would with regular taps. This is a good thing for my pocket and the environment too.

Smart Shower

A smart shower is remote-controlled anywhere in the bathroom to set the spray patterns or the water temperature. Some advanced designs come with customizable profiles, light, scents, and extra sound. Chromotherapy showers offer color therapy. Here, the LED lights in the shower or bathtub revolve in different color shades, allowing us to bathe in exciting colors and tranquil settings to balance our energy. This type of tech, sometimes regarded as pseudoscience, makes a showstopper bath or shower. Other incredible features of a smart shower are adjustable presets for temperature and water flow. The ability to adjust water temperature before stepping into a shower spray is indispensable. This protects young kids from scalding while reducing the time it takes to wait for the water to heat up. Some freestanding baths use pressure sensors to prevent overflow since they can detect the weight of the water. The electronic control releases the drain if the bath is abou to fill, saving water and preventing accidental flooding.

Sensor Mirror

The human sensor mirror is like normal glass, but only shows my face when I get in front of it. I find it unique as it also comes with an inbuilt LED for natural illumination. My appearance in the mirror is the same way I look in the sunlight.

Smart Scale

Tracking my body weight is critical to my health. I want to know all the details from body fat, lean mass, and weight. A Wi-Fi body scale allows me to check my BMI anytime I want. It is a sleek and elegant design that takes little space in my bathroom. Since the smart scale connects to the internet, I can record my fitness data and share it with my gym trainer or health professional.

I have learned from sophisticated bathroom fittings that it is not always about being connected. Rather, it’s about improving my personal space to my needs. Being able to maintain hygiene and save utility bills is a huge plus. And so I have been on the lookout for furnishings that will be most useful to me and my family. I don’t know about you but at the end of this year, I want everything luxurious and smart in my shower room.

How to Choose the Best Rental Property for Your Needs

Are you considering renting a property as your next home? For many people, renting a house is a practical housing solution reflected by the fact that rental properties are in high demand. Since the mid-1970s, the number of Americans renting residential properties has steadily risen, and the latest figures from 2019 show that property rental is at its highest level. These figures from 2019 reveal that there are 43.28 million renter-occupied homes in the United States, compared with 25.66 million renter-occupied homes in 1975. The statistics show a vast uptick in the number of households renting accommodation rather than purchasing a home.

Renting a home is a favorable choice across the world, which could be due to ever-increasing house prices and the rising cost of living. Whether you plan to rent or buy a property, both options are significant decisions to make, so it is best to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Here are some of the factors that you will need to consider to help you select the best rental home:

Choose Your Property Type

Your first step on the journey to find yourself a new home is to consider the type of property you will be happy living in. When you start your search for a new home, you will find that almost every imaginable property style of property is available to rent. Whether you are looking for a single-occupancy rent room with shared facilities, or you would like to rent a luxurious executive home, you are sure to find an option to suit your requirements. 

As well as deciding on the size of the home you are looking for, it would be best if you also considered the building type. Would you be happy living in an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), a private home, or an apartment building? Deciding which option best suits your tastes will help you to narrow down your property search. You will then be able to make a clearer decision about the kind of home you are looking to rent.

Pick The Right Location

Location is one of the most vital considerations to keep in mind when selecting a property. You may find a property that looks perfect on the inside, but if the area doesn’t suit your needs, it can impact your lifestyle. Real estate experts often cite location as the single most crucial factor influencing a property search, as it is one of the only variables about a home that you cannot change.

No doubt living in a location that does not suit your way of life can cause significant issues. Selecting the wrong area can cause many inconveniences, so you may want to think about factors such as how long your daily commute will take and whether places that you like to spend your free time are close by, such as restaurants, shops, etc. Choosing a rental home that is way out of town can add hours to your working day. If you have to commute through rush hour to get there, you will also need to consider the cost of traveling to work from a greater distance. You may find that your longer commute causes your transport costs to rise significantly.

If you plan on relocating to a different area, you may find it helpful to research the different neighborhoods to decide which best suits your needs. Looking for statistics such as the area’s crime rates will help you to get a better feel for the location. If you have kids, you may also want to consider how good the local schools are and whether there are child-friendly facilities close by, such as play parks.

Calculate Your Budget

Figuring out how much you are able to afford to spend on rent will have a strong influence on the type of property that you decide to choose. It is essential that you can comfortably afford your rent. Otherwise, every month will become a stressful race against time to get enough money together for your rental payments. Knowing that you can afford your rental costs without pushing yourself too close to the limit will give you peace of mind.

Before you begin looking for a rental property, don’t forget that as well as affording the rental costs, there are other costs to consider. If the rental agreement includes bills within the monthly payment, then you may be able to afford a better property. However, if bills are extra, you will need to calculate the property’s expected running costs to ensure that it is affordable.

Rentals with additional facilities usually command a higher price than those without, so it is worth checking to see what is included with the property. For example, if you choose to rent an apartment, you may be able to access the building’s gym or pool as part of living in the apartment block. The same applies to properties with outdoor space, don’t forget to check with your landlord or real estate agent to see if you are able to use these facilities during your tenancy.

Long-Term Rental or Short-Term Option

Thinking about whether you plan to rent a property for the long-term or short-term is a crucial consideration. Some property owners are only looking for tenants that will commit to a long-term rental, whereas others only offer short-term contracts. Thinking carefully about whether renting is something that you plan to do for just a few months or many years will make it easier for you to narrow down your property search. Viewing properties that match your criteria is essential. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an extended tenancy agreement when you were only looking for temporary accommodation.

When it comes to renting a home, it pays to do your research and to have a clear idea in your mind of your requirements before you even begin to view properties. Knowing what you want will make it far more likely that you will end up in the best rental property for your needs.

The Advantages of Renting Essential Household Appliances

If you have just moved into a new house, you would have already spent a good amount of money on rent, security deposit and such. Therefore, buying household appliances can add up to your mounting expenses. This is where you can consider renting essential home appliances at a fraction of the cost. You can rely on leading furniture and appliance rental companies in Sydney like RentaCentre, from where you can rent appliances that you need according to your requirements. Here is why renting household appliances can save your day:

It Is More Budget Friendly

At only a small fraction of the actual rate, you get the opportunity to take home essential household appliances and treat them as your own. Who can say no to this? For example, you can get appliances that typically cost 20-40k for less than 1-2k for a month. It is an excellent option for people who have just landed their first job.

Everyone will not have enough cash to buy new household appliances right after getting a job, yet they will need those appliances. In such cases, renting them is the best solution.

Best Option for Short Term Use

If you are working transferable jobs, you will know the difficulty of hauling around appliances and furniture every time you shift to a new place and a new home. So if you are going to stay at a place only for a few months or less than a year, it is not a good idea to spend money on buying new household appliances.

So when living a nomadic life, renting appliances will give you the freedom and choice to choose appliances for any duration of time as required. You need not worry about shipping or relocating them and the maintenance costs.

Convenient and Flexible

When you rent essential household appliances, you don’t have to worry about long term commitments. You can use it for as many months as you require. Once the time is up, you can call your rental service provider to book a pickup date and time.

It saves you from the hassles of disposing of the appliances after using them. Selling can be a strenuous and time-consuming process with not much profit most of the time. From advertising to negotiating and settling with the potential buyers for lower prices is just a waste of time, money, and energy. Renting appliances saves you from all these hassles.

Free Delivery and Installation Services

Many rental service providers like RentaCentre offer fast and free delivery services. All you have to do is choose the appliances and process them online; the delivery and logistics will be taken care of by the service provider.

They will carefully pack the appliances and ship them to you safely without any damage during transportation. Some rental providers tend to take up the responsibility for installing and setting up the appliances too.

Feed Your Exploring Mind

If you are fascinated by electronics and are an electronics enthusiast when it comes to appliances, renting them will be a fun ride. As you get the opportunity to change the aesthetics of your house regularly, you can also explore innovative appliances in economic deals.

Don’t Worry If It Malfunctions

If you buy a new household essential appliance and it breaks, you will be in a position to spend a fortune for replacing or repairing it. But if the same happens with a rented appliance that you get from rental providers, they will get it fixed without second thoughts.

You will be provided with a replacement. And it is essential that the appliance broke or malfunctioned through no fault of your own or provided it broke under the conditions of the agreements you had with the service.

From college students to people who have moved to a new place, rented appliances will be of great use from both a financial and comfort point of view. Renting appliances is both a short term and a smart investment.

Create a Perfectly Cozy Reading Corner at Home

We all lead busy lives and if you have some spare time, then it can feel like a real luxury. However, if we have a dedicated space in the home that is set up to relax in and to spend that precious downtime, then it will make it easier to enjoy that time, rather than think about fifty other things that you need to get done. If you have a corner of the home that can become a dedicated reading nook, then this could be just what you need. With a book and a chair, you can read anywhere. But with a reading nook it can be a corner of the home that is dedicated to relaxation and downtime, and a perfect cozy corner to lose yourself in a book. What are the best ways to design a space like this, though? Here are some things to think about and get you inspired.

Soft materials

There isn’t a lot more that says cozy, than a soft chair to relax in, covered in soft cushions and throws. When looking for a chair or a bean bag for the reading nook, then look for one that is soft and comforting, in a material that you love. Add throws, pillows, and cushions, and other texture from decor, and it will be a place where you can instantly feel comforted. 

Add a bookshelf

Having a bookshelf in a reading nook is kind of a no-brainer. The style that you choose will totally depend on the space that you have, though. For example, if you have a reading nook by a bay window, could you use some of that window space to create a built-in bookshelf? You could also choose floating shelves and bookends, or you could choose a bookcase on https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/, for example. Make it fit the space you have, fill it with your favorite books and personal trinkets, and then you can easily get cozy and reading whenever you have the time.

Complete with pops of color

The colors that you use in a home can be very powerful, and can be just the things that you need to create some instant happiness, as described here: https://mymove.com/room-color-and-how-it-affects-your-mood/. If you have a reading nook that is designed to be your little retreat or happy place, then make it feel like that, with all of your favorite colors, or just inject a shot of your favorite. It could be using color on the walls, in artwork, in furniture, rugs, throws or cushions. Whichever you choose, just make sure that you love it so it helps to bring a smile to your face.


The lighting is important in a reading corner, because you could be there late into the night when you get reading a compelling book. If you are going to be by a window then natural light will be helpful in the day, but what about at night? Having a floor lamp that can be angled or moved easily is a good idea, as well as smaller fairy lights, strung around the area. Creating mood lighting and having different levels of light will be nicer than just one big harsh bright light.

Pool Deck Repair- Fix The Concrete Around Your Pool

A cracking or sinking swimming pool patio is always easy to overlook until you are jolted by the pain of hitting your toe on the raised slab. A cracking patio not only looks ugly but also provides room for the growth of moss, weeds, and piling up of dirt. There are many reasons for the cracking, sinking, or lifting of a swimming pool deck. An example is the growth of trees that extend their roots under the concrete slabs. Shifting soils and the freeze-thaw events are also responsible for raising the slab and widening existing smaller cracks. Follow these steps to repair your swimming pool deck.

How to fix the cracks

1. Clean Out the Crack

Start by widening the crack. Hold a concrete chisel and tap it lightly with a hammer. Widen to about 1/4 inch width. The V shape will help the filler material stick better for a long time. Brush the crack thoroughly with a wire brush to remove any bits of loose concrete. Impurities such as debris, dry leaves, and even dust will prevent the filler from sticking to the healthy concrete. Vacuum the crack with a shop vac as well as you can.

2. Fill The Crack With Repair Cement

Start by putting solid crack filler into the crack if the crack extends a depth of 1/4 inch.

Trowel a fair amount of the concrete mortar into the crack. Use the sharp edges to push the cement as far as possible into the gap. Put more concrete mortar until it forms a mound on top of the crack. Scrape excess concrete and use a trowel to level the repaired surface. Leave the concrete to dry.

3. Coat with Epoxy Sealant

An epoxy-based sealant will protect the concrete mortar repair as well as make the surface watertight. Spread a thin coat of an epoxy sealant over the surface. Be sure to cover the joint in between the pool deck and the repair area. You should fill any remaining gaps using the epoxy. Leave the epoxy sealant coat to dry.

4.Inspect the Seal

The epoxy seal is meant to prevent water from soaking into the repair surface. It is time to test the Seal. Pour water on the sealant and leave it for some time. Observe. If the water remains on the surface, then the Seal is good. If the water seeps into the concrete, you’ll have to seal the surface again when the water has dried. Leave the patch to cure.

How to Repair Sinking Concrete

1. Inspection

The first step is inspecting the deck to determine how to best approach the repairs.

2. Install a three-pier system

Install the three-pier system under the slab to lift it. The pier system below the slab will allow for smaller holes to be drilled in your concrete slab. A slab bracket also reaches across a large area of the floor, which allows for even weight distribution so that the slab will not crack.

3.Install Steel Tubes

Drive steel tubes down through the slab bracket into the firm souls beneath. Hydraulics will be helpful in this step. You should choose steel tubes made up of galvanized steel since they’re resistant to corrosion, which ensures the slab pier system’s quality and longevity. These steel tubes transfer the home weight to the firm soils below, which is the pier system’s real strength.

4.Move the slab weight to the soil

The piers will transfer the concrete slab weight to the firm material under your swimming pool deck. The concrete patio’s sinking movement will permanently stop as the system lifts the concrete slab.

5.Inject Grout Filling

Lifting the slab will leave a void underneath the deck. If the deck has been sinking due to washout or compacted soil, a gap was present before the installation. You should pump grout carefully under the slab to fill all the voids present.


Finishing is the final step. It involves all the finalizing operations. Now, fill the holes you drilled into the concrete slab with cement. Level it properly so that the patches look uniform with the rest of the slab. Sweep all the dirt and debris generated by the process.

Top Tips For Giving Your Bathroom An Upgrade

bathroom of the hotel rooms, with a shower and a few washbasins.

Your bathroom is a room that gets a lot of use and therefore it is natural that over time it can become tired and worn. Bathrooms can be expensive to get re-done, but due to their nature, it is important that you get them done properly. The last thing you want is for it to leak or break not long after you have got it renovated. That being said, you don’t need to break the bank to get it done, you just need to do your research and look into reviews of products and items. You can also shop around and see if you can buy the same item cheaper from a different shop. The cost of your bathroom will depend on if you are doing a complete renovation of everything from your team poly septic tanks to your lighting, or if you are looking to give it more of a cosmetic upgrade. Here are some top tips for giving your bathroom an upgrade.

  • Decide on a budget

This is the most important thing you need to consider when looking to get your bathroom done. The costs of a bathroom upgrade can quickly rack up, so you want to ensure it fits into what you are looking to spend. Some of the main things that you will need to think about are if there are elements that you can do yourself, what are the things you place the most value on in the room, and if you are looking to sell soon or if you are looking to stay in the house for a long time. The best way to do this is to make a spreadsheet, list out everything that you will need to spend on from the items to go in the room to the labor costs, and work out what you want to spend on each area.

  • Think about the usage of your bathroom

How are you going to use your bathroom? Is it going to be a family bathroom with young children getting plenty of use, will it be a luxurious wet room for you and your partner, or will it be an en-suite? When it comes to deciding how you want your bathroom to be designed, you will need to consider all of these factors. A family bathroom will get a lot more wear and tear as it is being used by so many people, whereas for a more luxurious bathroom for just your partner and yourself, you could (literally) splash out a little more on it. If your bathroom is smaller you could also spend more on items such as tiles as you won’t need so many as if you were re-doing a large bathroom. 

  • Consider the lighting you will use

Lighting can have a considerable impact on a room and this is the same for your bathroom. Consider what sort of lighting you will want as soon as possible as bad lighting can really have an impact on the room. Natural lighting is usually the best choice and if you can, try to get a skylight or large windows fitted in somewhere. If you are planning on having a vanity mirror, it is a good idea to put this where you will be facing the window so you can make full use of the natural lighting. You will also need to remember that artificial lighting will be used a lot and this is just as important. If you want more of an ambiance, you could consider spotlights with a dimmer switch, or low-level lighting. Try to avoid bare bulbs or harsh light sources which are not very relaxing! 

  • Choose materials that are made to last

As we’ve already said above, bathrooms get a lot of use, so you will want materials that are built to last. It can be tempting to go for something based on the aesthetic, but you want to make sure that it is just as sturdy and practical as it is nice to look at. Be sure to look at reviews online and also speak to your builder if you have any doubt. They will have experience in this and be able to advise on what is best! You want tiles that are non-porous (porcelain is often a good choice for this) and if you are getting cabinets fitted, stay away from cheap particle-board materials. These can quickly become damp, swell, and chip. When it comes to your plumbing fixtures, it can be tempting to opt for plastic as they are cheaper, but it is better to spend more on something such as brass that will last forever.

  • Add in some luxuries

Once you have decided on your budget and how you want your bathroom to look, it is time to think about any added luxuries that you will want to add in. Some good ideas for this include underfloor heating and heated towel rails. These could be a bigger upfront cost, but you will be much more comfortable – particularly during the winter months! You could also get a more luxurious shower such as a rain shower or a bath with jacuzzi jets. These are things that you can look out for when you know what you want to spend! Consider how much you will treasure and actually use these features before becoming swept up in the excitement of it all!

These are just a few things to think about when you are looking to redo your bathroom. It is important to keep your budget in mind throughout the project and get upfront costs wherever possible. If you just say yes to different things as you go along and then add it up at the end, you are likely to lose track and go way over your budget. Make sure to take before and after photos of the project for you to look back on too! What are some top things you have considered in the past when doing up your bathroom? 

3 Tips For Setting Up A Garden Fountain

Does it seem that your front or backyard garden might be missing something?  Maybe, a few tulips, but you feel that it’s more than just flowers. Probably, a grapevine to crawl up the fence, but that’s not exactly it. You want something that makes a garden a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life just by looking and listening to it.

In that case, you’re probably missing a garden fountain.

The mere sight and sound of water endlessly flowing from pond to pipe is a great way to add some ‘oomph’ to your home. You can have one indoors, but placing it in your outdoor garden allows you to unwind better. And, regardless of what everyone else thinks, fountains aren’t necessarily a waste of water.

Before you go and buy your fountain, you must understand a few things first. Setting up a fountain requires a bit of scrutiny on your part, from considering the size of your garden to the type of pump needed to ensure steady water flow.

Here are a few tips on making sure your fountain works to the benefit of your garden and, more importantly, your well-being:

  1. How Do You Like The Water To Fall?

This factor determines basically everything you want in a fountain, namely the design and type of water pump. There are five ways water flows in fountains. These include:

  • Running – The water flows while hugging the smooth fountain surface (e.g., urn or wall). It loses less water to splashing, but more water to evaporation due to the thin flowing layer.
  • Bubbling – The water flows out of the basin’s center, creating a water column high enough to generate a puddle. It loses less water to splashing, but it may be too quiet for noisy areas.
  • Raining – The water drops from holes on the top, creating a veil of falling water. The sound gets louder with the fall height, but also loses more water to splashing.
  • Pouring – The water leapfrogs from basin to basin, adding to the sound with each landing. Fountains that allow water to flow like this can either be soothing or distracting to people. 
  • Cascading – The water is allowed to spill over from basin to basin. The splashes it generates are loud enough, but forces more water to splash.

Once you’ve determined how you want the water to fall, you can find out more about the rest, such as the type of water pump suitable for the task. The types of pumps available range from external pumps to solar-powered ones.

  1. Consider Local Noise

You’d want to hear your fountain at home despite all the noise outside. In most situations, choosing how the water flows won’t be enough. If you need your fountain to be quiet since refilling them is too tedious, the garden surrounding it will have to absorb outside noise.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average residential area maintains between 45 and 55 decibels, with 70 decibels being the threshold for a person’s well-being. Of course, this isn’t always the case as the neighborhood also has its share of rowdy parties, passing police sirens, and occasional roadworks.

Soundproofing a garden is all about redirecting or absorbing sound waves. One common solution involves fencing the garden with stone masonry, hedges, or acoustic materials. With the right water flow, the fountain can mask any noise that does make it through.

  1. Splashing Isn’t The Only Problem

A properly-built garden fountain can reduce water loss due to splashing, but that isn’t much of an issue. There’s no way to prevent the fountain from losing water because evaporation is a thing, so it’s better to focus on other problems.

Choosing the right location brings good fortune to the household and also mitigates problems that may arise. For example, placing the fountain under the shade prevents algae from growing (algae requires sunlight to thrive). However, this way, the fountain is at risk of falling leaves and debris that can clog the system.

A clogged pipe or pump is unavoidable (although not as inevitable as evaporation), as it will collect debris over time. The fountain should come with tools to help you maintain it when needed. Have a skimmer ready to remove floating leaves and branches.


Imagine going home after a hard day at work to the soothing welcome of trickling water. A garden fountain can be a boon to you and your family, given proper planning and setup. It can also be a lovely addition to your plethora of plants.